A torrent of sticky cum exploded into my throat
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Friday. All I could manage was a quick goodbye to daddy for fear my
tension would betray me. I drove only a few miles to the local
shopping mall and waited in the parking lot for 20 minutes. I stared
at the digital clock on the dash the whole time. Each change of the
glowing minute digit brought a new lurid image of to my imagination.
4: daddy’s cock in my mouth 5: daddy mouting me doggy like a bitch in
heat 6: daddy’s face buried between my legs. I finally started the car
and headed for home once again.

I killed the headlights as I coasted into the driveway. Carefully, I
pushed the car door closed so as not to make noise. My knees almost
buckled from nervous tension as I walked to the side yard and slowly
crept through the back door. Inside, I stood still, listening intently
in the dim hallway. Between my own deep ragged breaths I could hear
the low din of the television from my step-fathers room. I slowly made way
up, step by step, certain that each creek of the stairs gave me away.
Finally, in the guest room. I closed the door but for inch, hurriedly
whipped off my skirt and blouse, and slipped between the covers. I was
naked except for garters and black stockings.

I lay frozen with fear for what seemed like hours. The sound of the
door opening sounded like an explosion in my own head. I closed my eyes
tightly. I heard three slow steps toward the bed and then stop. I
could hear him breathing. The slight smell of scotch and tobacco. I
could sense him looming over me.

“Are you really sure you want this?” he asked.

His voice sounded deep and ominous. Still frozen with fear, I couldn’t
manage to say anything. I just nodded my head yes while keeping my
eyes tightly shut.

“Show me. Show me if you want it.” he said. I still couldn’t move.
The fear had a strangle hold on me. I felt a hand slowly slide uder
the covers and between my legs. I parted my thighs slightly and felts
a finger enter in my cunt.

“That’s daddy’s good girl. Now show daddy how much you love him.”

Those words were like magic breaking me out of my paralyzed spell. All
the fear was instantly washed away. The bands of tension gave way to a
roaring wave of lust. I rolled to face him and my hand went to his
crotch. His cock was already hard. I looked up into his eyes as my
hand stoked his hard on through his pants.

“I want to be Daddy’s little whore” I said in my best little girl

I smiled and looked up at him batting my eyelashes “…datteez ‘lil
horny princess slut…” I said playfully.

I got on all fours and put my head into his crotch. His pants fell to
the floor and his cock was stuffed deep into my mouth. His hand
pushing the back of my head in rhythm with my sucking strokes. My lust
continued to grow with each pump of Daddy’s stiff cock hitting the
entrance to my throat. I gagged slightly as the head breached my
tonsils. The sound of me gagging seemed to excite him even more. His
passion grew and he bucked his hips into my head. Animalistic grunts
came from him in rhythm as he fucked my face.

“Suck daddy’s cock good. You little whore. Do it. pretty little slut.
suck it suck it.” His words drove me crazy with need. It was if he
knew exactly what to say, as if he saw into my deep primal libido, and
picking it’s most juicy sinful fruits for both of us to share.

Suddenly he held my head still firmly with both hands. My eyes looked
up into his with my mouth keeping wet sucking O grip on that fat daddy

“Start playing with your pussy as you suck you father’s cock.” he said
in a low growl between clenched teeth. “I want you to cum at the same
time when I cum into your mouth.”

Those words made me shiver with desire. My right hand went to my cunt
as daddy resumed a slow rhythm into my mouth. All the while I kept his
gaze looking up into his eyes as my fingers tugged my clit. Daddy’s
face was contorting into a strained grimace. It looked like pure
anguish and tension. I became aware of the wetness of saliva and
precum dripping from the sides of my mouth and forming on my cheeks and
chin. I knew daddy was looking down on that glistening mess on my face
through his squinted eyes. Slurping sounds came with each thrust. It
was pure erotic heaven. Nothing could be more lurid or taboo than
having my own daddy fucking my face. How wonderful.

Suddenly bucking hips picked up into a violent rhythm. I felt his cock
spasm in my mouth as the first salty spray hit the back of my throat.
I urgently jabbed at my clit to catch up to his climax. His back went
rigid and he pushed hard on the back of my head until his cock was
firmly into my throat. I started to gag heavily. One of his hands
awkwardly reached over my back almost knocking me over. I felt one of
his fat fingers coarsely thrust into my asshole. A torrent of sticky
cum exploded into my throat, blocking my airway, making it impossible
to catch my breath. The first wave of my own orgasm wracked me with an
incredible force. My body began to sway from it’s awkward tripod
position. I could hear daddy talking as if from a great distance “is
my little baby girl cumming? hmmm? you like that baby girl?” The next
wave followed immediately as I felt daddy rapidly pistoning his finger
into my tight asshole. Waves of ecstasy mingled with the stabbing pain
in my ass. My muscles tensed like steel coils and my face dropped from
daddy’s crotch. The third wave washed over me as I watched long
streams of cum drool from my mouth onto the sheets below.

“I love you, daddy.” I tried to say as I reached climax. The words
came out with a gargled sound from my step-father’s warm thick jizz coating
my vocal chords.

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