Hill’s the Boss : She Takes a Licking
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I arrived at the Hotel Z, half a mile from the
Capitol, promptly at 2 p.m. The Secret Service
ushered me discreetly to her door. They knew me by
now, as I am Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lover.

When I arrived, the Senator gave me a big
open-mouthed kiss and grabbed my already-hardening
cock through my pants.

“Same rules as before,” she said. “You will
call me Senator, not Hillary. And, it’s about my pleasure.
If you want anything, you will ask for it — nicely.”

The Senator meant business. She looked it,
too. She wore a formal pastel two-piece suit.

“Help me off with this skirt.”

I got down on my knees and did so, and to
my surprise, she wore a black garter and hose underneath.
I had to lean back and admire this view. From the waist up,
she looked like what she was: the most powerful woman in
America. From the waist down, she looked like what else
she was: a gorgeous older woman who enjoys sex and will
do what it takes to get it.

She sat down on a chair. “Take my panties
off,” she ordered.

I reached up to her hips, hooked my fingers into
the tiny straps of her satin panties, and slid them down her
lovely round hips and thighs, down her shapely calves, and
over her sexy black heels, which were not quite stilettos,
but still somewhat shocking on a politician.

“Lick my pussy!”

I didn’t need to be told twice! I dove into her
fuzzy bush. I inserted two fingers into her and found
that she was already wet. My fingers sopping, I
pulled them out, looked her in the eye, and licked up
every drop of her cum. At that, her eyes rolled up
and she let her head drop to the back of the chair. I
shoved my fingers back into her. My tongue soon
followed, flicking madly all over her clit.

She began to moan. I didn’t stop until
her hips were bucking and she was grabbing my
head and holding it down in her crotch.

My stiff cock was getting caught in my pants,
making me uncomfortable.

“Senator, may I take my pants off, please?”

“Yes, Joe,” she said. “I want to see if your
cock is as turned on as the rest of you seems to be.”

I did and it was. She seemed pleased
when she saw my cock spring free from my pants,
jutting out at her.


“Yes, Joe?”

“I’d really like to make love with you
this time.”

“But, Joe,” she said, pretending not
to understand. “We are making love. We make
love everything we’re together.”

“Senator, I’d like to fuck you, please.”

“Oh, Joe, why don’t you lick my cunt
some more and we’ll see?”

I did as I was told and began to lap at
her clit. As I did so, I couldn’t help stroking my cock.

She stopped me and pulled my head up.

“Joe, I’m disappointed in you,” she said.
“You don’t get to jerk off unless I give you permission.
Now stand up straight.”

She reached into an ornately decorated
wooden box with her initials carved on top. It had been
sitting next to the chair, but I hadn’t noticed it until now.
I certainly remembered it, though. This was the box
where she kept her toys, like the strap-on and the
bullet vibe we used the time she fucked me in the ass.

“Joe, since you’ve been disobedient and
haven’t shown restraint, I need to use some restraint on you.”

She pulled out a cockring and fastened
it tightly around my cock and balls.

“You’re not to touch yourself, you will
keep your hands where I can see them, and you’re
certainly not allowed to come.”

Furiously, I moved for her cunt once more.
My tongue was a like a racecar engine on her clit.
Soon, she was coming again. She threw her legs
in the air and almost laughed for joy.

I reached into the box, pulled out the
bullet vibe, and switched it on. In seconds, I had
her coming again.

Just as I had her in the palm of my hand
— or the tip of my tongue, as the case may be — her
cell phone rang on the table next her.

“Ye-e-es,” she said, a bit woozily. “I’ll
be there. I’ve got my speech all ready.”

It was apparently an aide asking her to
come to the Capitol. I was determined to make her
come — come right here, that is.

“I’ve lined — ah! — up the votes. We can
ma-a-ke this happen. We can do-woo it.”

I don’t know what the aide was thinking,
but I was surprised the Senator had as much control
as she did, because I was giving her the most
earth-shaking orgasm of a very earth-shaking day.

She reluctantly pulled my face out of her
cunt, stood up and put her skirt on.

She went downstairs and a waiting car
whisked her to the Capitol.

After she left, I stayed in the suite and
turned on C-Span, the political junkie’s friend. Soon
afterward, as I sat on the couch, I saw her making
a speech about health care. The other senators all
looked very impressed. They weren’t half as
impressed as I was, though. I knew something they
didn’t: while the Senator was talking passionately
about vital national needs, she was doing so with
no underwear. Her panties were still with me, as
I was taking care of my own vital needs.

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