Erin and Samantha
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Erin dragged herself back to the dorm, exhausted. Every
inch of her 5’2″ frame cried out in protest, and her
wavy brown hair was matted to her forehead with sweat.
She’d gotten lost on the way to nearly every class in
maze-like campus. Erin was in good shape, with an
athletic, slightly stocky build from years of playing
rugby and moving stock in her parent’s store, but even
she had her limits.

“I’ve got to find some shortcuts around this place” she
thought to herself.

Unlike the rest of the students, she had just arrived
on campus yesterday, so she didn’t have any time to
settle in before classes had started that morning. It
would have been nice to get to know her fellow
students, but her parents needed the extra help around
the store during the summer, and it was the least she
could do to thank them for paying her way at such an
exclusive, private university.

Erin hoped to get better acquainted in the coming
weeks… she’d barely had time to get to know her
roommate, Samantha. She didn’t know much about her, but
it seemed like they had a few things in common:
Samantha was taller, but her tight, toned build
suggested an athletic calling… maybe volleyball or
basketball? She’d have to ask.

To Erin’s disappointment, Samantha wasn’t home yet.
Setting down her backpack with a sigh of relief, Erin
sifted through her still-packed luggage for a towel and
a change of underwear. In her tired state, she couldn’t
remember which bag had what, and soon she had made a
mess of the room just trying to find a simple towel.
She was so engrossed in her search that she didn’t near
the door swing open when Samantha entered.

Samantha could barely stifle a chuckle as she found her
shorter roommate seated on the floor, up to her waist
in wrinkled clothes, snacks, family photos, and sundry
things from home. It was more than Samantha could stand
to hold it in any longer. “Well, that’s one way to
unpack quickly,” Samantha said with a giggle. Erin
looked startled, her eyes slowly taking in the sight of
Samantha’s deep bronze skin, long legs, and smiling
face framed by light brown dreadlocks.

“Do you want a hand with those?” asked Samantha,
offering Erin a hand up.

Erin shook her head. “No thanks.”

Standing at full height, Erin just about reached
Samantha’s shoulder, and her eyes matched up directly
with Samantha’s breasts. They were round and firm,
about the size of grapefruits. Erin wondered why she
would think of such a thing at that moment. Fighting
the urge to blush, Erin stepped back and picked up her
towel and undies.

“I’m um… just going to take a shower. I couldn’t find
my… umm…”

“Panties?” Samantha offered helpfully. “Yeah, I can see
that. You look like you walked halfway around town

“I kinda did… I kept getting lost,” Erin said

“Well then, let me show you to the bathroom, before you
get lost on the way there too,” Samantha said

The two girls walked down the hall together, Samantha
leading the dead-tired Erin to the shower stalls and
waving as she walked back to their room. Erin felt a
lot better once the warm water hit her skin, and she
took her time letting the shower rinse the grit and
sweat of the day from her skin. Lathering herself down,
Erin was totally unaware that Samantha was still in the
bathroom, peeking at the stocky young girl bathing.

Samantha watched hungrily as Erin’s soft hands deftly
lathered her arms and chest, massaging her tired
shoulders for nearly a minute. leaving her breasts
uncovered. They glistened wetly under the harsh
florescent lights of the bathroom, but even the poor
lighting could not dim the beauty of her firm, modest
globes, each capped with a dusky rose areola and fleshy

All Samantha wanted at that moment was to rush into
that shower stall and taste that little rugby girl,
squeeze her breasts and feel the toned muscle beneath,
draw those fat little nipples between her lips and rake
her teeth across them just hard enough to make he
squeal. Samantha snapped out of her daydreaming and
crept out of the bathroom before Erin could notice her,
and headed back to their room.

Erin stayed in the shower for a long time. The warm
jets of water soothed her tired muscles and melted away
the stress of the day. She’d been feeling left out ever
since she arrived on campus. First she’d missed out on
all of the social networking from the weeks before
classes started, and all day today she was running late
with barely enough time to get a good look at her
classmates, let alone talk to them.

Samantha was the closest she had to an acquaintance,
and they two had hardly had any time to talk. Perhaps
tomorrow, Erin thought to herself, they could have
lunch between classes. She had a reasonable idea of how
the campus was laid out now… she probably wouldn’t
get as lost. Erin yawned and turned off the water,
stepping out of the shower. Her energy was fading fast.
She sleepily dried herself off and headed back to the

Samantha, meanwhile was busy on her computer, messaging
with her friends when Erin arrived. She pretended to be
busy while Erin changed into her pajamas, but she was
practically drooling as she watched the muscular young
freshman’s naked body in the reflection of her monitor,
sliding soft cotton panties over her thighs. Erin all
but fell into bed and was snoozing peacefully within
minutes of hitting the pillow.

She smiled to herself, still thinking about how she
could meet more people, or at least get to know
Samantha better. Then she dreamt of playing rugby
again, running across the field with pursuers only two
steps behind, desperately racing for the goal line. The
press of flesh during a scrum, the weight of the other
girls on top of her, pulling her to the ground and
holding her back.

It felt so real in her dream, she could feel herself
struggling to pull herself just a few feet further. But
as she pulled, she could feel something pulling on her
shorts, stripping her as she struggled forward. She
felt the shorts slide down past her ankles, but
strangely enough, there were no panties underneath. A
wave of embarrassment washed over her, and she
instinctively reached down to cover herself, when she
suddenly felt something warm and wet against her skin,
brushing between her labia.

Erin’s eyes fluttered open, shocked by how vivid her
dreams had been. But it wasn’t a dream… there was a
real weight sitting on her chest, and something was
obscuring her view in the darkened room. She started to
cry out, but before she could make a sound it was
muffled by something covering her mouth. Just then the
activity between her legs started up again, as
something rough and wet began to enter her, pushing
deep within her sex. Fully awake now, she realized that
someone was sitting on her face and going down on her.
The tongue flicked around inside of her, causing her to
moan softly. She wondered if this, too, was a dream.

* * *

“Are you awake now, sleepyhead?” asked Samantha, before
driving her tongue in between Erin’s labia once more,
exploring every inch of the young woman’s inner folds.
Erin shivered as she felt Samantha’s chin rub across
her engorged clit, and could only moan incoherently in
response. Above her, inches from her face, Samantha’s
warm, smoothly shaven vulva tantalized her.

Reaching up she took hold of Samantha’s ass and pulled
the taller girl’s pussy to her mouth, tasting her sweat
as she licked the soft, puffy lips of Samantha’s vulva.
The scent filled Erin’s nostrils, arousing her in a way
she had never imagined possible. Her tongue stretched
forward to push between those luscious, tasty lips, but
as she approached her breath was suddenly taken from
her as she felt her clitoris drawn tightly between
Samantha’s lips, teeth gently raking across the hyper-
sensitive flesh.

“Samantha, what are you..?” Erin rasped, struggling to
draw in breath and form the words with her mouth. Her
mind was swimming, her eyes barely able to focus as
Samantha mercilessly ravished her pussy. “Samantha… ”
she muttered again in a breathy whisper, her hands
clumsily reaching down to pull the girl’s face from
between her legs. Her limbs were still leaden from
fatigue, and her mind too addled with pleasure to
coordinate them properly.

“Hush, Erin. And stop being so selfish. Put your tongue
to work back there and return the favor. Just push your
tongue into me, and lick the inside. You’ll learn to
love the taste, I promise.” Samantha smiled to herself
as she felt Erin’s small wet tongue sliding across her
smooth mound again, slipping between her labia to delve
into her depths for the first time.

Her loins ached sweetly, and she had to suppress the
urge to grind her hips down on Erin’s face and ride her
like she used to back at home. Below her, Erin’s soft
brown pubic hair was sodden with her sweet juices, and
Samantha couldn’t resist slurping them loudly before
diving back into Erin’s snatch, driving her tongue
deeper into the soft young folds with abandon until she
could feel Erin’s hips thrusting up beneath her,
shuddering with the unbridled passion of her first
orgasm. Samantha smiled to herself as she came up for
air, her face soaking wet. She licked her lips slowly
and reluctantly puller herself away from Erin’s mouth.

Turning around to face her, Samantha eagerly tore off
Erin’s shirt. She perched herself triumphantly on
Erin’s chest, smiling down at the girl with a mixture
of affection and lust. “We’re going to be late for
class tomorrow.” She said with a smile as she pulled
Erin’s arms over her head and gently tied them to the
bed frame using the girl’s nightshirt. Climbing off of
her chest, she walked over to the closet and
disappeared from Erin’s view for a few minutes,
rummaging around for something.

Erin lay on the bed more exhausted than ever, her arms
feebly tugging at her bonds. Her hands were loosely
tied, and even in her weakened state she could slip
free if she wanted to, but she wasn’t sure what she
wanted. Her body felt alive with new sensation, her
skin hyper-sensitive and sticky with sweat and other
fluids. Her roommate had molested her in her sleep…
or had she? It felt like a dream, a dream come true. It
felt right, somehow, to give herself over to this
pleasure. She felt her body relax into a partial sleep,
her head turning to look at Samantha as she emerged
from the closet.

She was naked except for a long, black dildo covered in
small round bumps hanging from a harness strapped to
her hips. Erin’s heart raced with a mix of anxiety and
desire as Samantha approached the bed and mounted her
once again, penetrating her with one swift, fluid
stroke. Erin winced as her hymen broke, nearly crying
out when Samantha’s lips descended onto hers,
enveloping her mouth in a deep, sensual kiss.

The pain between her legs ebbed away softly as Samantha
gently made love to her, massaging her virgin womanhood
with soft affection. Erin could taste Samantha’s sweet
breath on her tongue, and feel every inch of her flesh
as the statuesque beauty rode her lustily. Curious, she
sought out her lover’s tongue and found it, embracing
in mouth and loins, pulling against her soft bonds to
feel the cotton against her skin.

Gradually Samantha’s thrusts grew faster, most
insistent, and stronger. Her mouth roamed across Erin’s
neck and shoulders, leaving a trail of kisses down to
her breasts. Her tongue flicked out against each
nipple, her teeth gently closing around those stiff,
vulnerable nubs, lavishing them with her attention. She
suckled lustily as her hips thrust the surrogate cock
deep within Erin’s depths, plumbing every nook and
cranny of her snatch.

Erin let out a wet cry of ecstasy so loud that Samantha
nearly jumped in shock, certain that she must have
woken up half of the dorm. She softly closed her hand
over Erin’s mouth and continued to ride the girl with
growing ferocity, their shared passion spurring them

Erin lost track of how long their lovemaking had
lasted, her only perception was that of the warmth
growing within her, the heat of Samantha’s body on top
of her, and the sweetness of her taste. They came
together, a long, passionate kiss silencing their cries
of pleasure, and Erin softly drifted to sleep, smiling
to herself.

When she awoke, she was in bed alone, naked. Samantha
had already gone to class. Pinned to the corkboard in
the room was a map of the campus, hand-marked with
routes to each of Erin’s classes, and a note.

“Hope this helps… see if you can make it home earlier
next time, so we can get to know each other. I hope you
had pleasant dreams.”

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