Picnic After Dark by Milky Aunty
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After a hard day at work I decided to walk down to the
candy store a couple of blocks from my home. I was
walking through the store when I came across a magazine
rack. I spotted Penthouse and figured that since my
wife would be away for a couple of days, I would buy it
and bring it home.

As I was walking down the street paging through the
pictorials, I saw a beautiful woman coming my way. I
had never thought of cheating on my wife before, but
after seeing all those beautiful naked girls in the
magazine, I had some pretty wild fantasies about the
live one in front of me. (I quickly suppressed these
ideas so I wouldn’t get too excited).

When we were about to pass each other, she flashed me a
smile and asked me what I was reading.

I shyly replied, “Penthouse.”

I must have turned red in the face, because she just
smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I like to read it
myself. The ‘Forum’ section is great, don’t you think?”

By know, my rod was starting to perk up and pay
attention. After a little small talk she asked me what
I was doing for dinner, and said that her boyfriend was
crazy, but what the heck! It meant that I didn’t have
to cook dinner. We headed for the park, picked a spot
by the pond under the tree away from everybody else,
and started to eat the dinner she’d brought along.
After some food and a couple of beers, we both were
getting loose and hot.

She moved over close to me and said, “Boy, does it get
hot around here late in the evening,” as she undid two
buttons on her blouse.

I now had the picture of what else was on the menu. I
leaned over and gave her a passionate kiss that she
very willingly accepted. I slid my hand down her blouse
and started to play with what seemed like half-dollar
nipples. She was moaning with pleasure, so I went for
it all and slipped my hand down her shorts, where I
found the moist hot folds of flesh.

Without a pause, she undid my fly and began giving me
the best head I ever had. First she licked my flesh
until it was as hard as marble, then she took my purple
head in her mouth and sucked furiously. As she was
doing this, I had taken her pants off and was wildly
licking her now-sopping wet pussy.

Then she stopped sucking and mounted me. I slid inside
her right away. She began to do a little dance with the
lower half of her body as well as her twat, which made
me go crazy. Then she got off me and moved into the
doggy position, saying, “Fuck me like a horse with that
dick of yours!”

I jumped up and began sliding my nine inches into her
hot pink moistness. She rocked back and forth and then
she tightened up and had an orgasm that must have
lasted two minutes. After that was over, she
immediately sucked my straining dick with intense,
sensuous motions.

I came quickly.

She swallowed every drop of my semen.

Both of us were spent after those heart-stopping
orgasms. We packed up and went to her house for some
rest (and a lot of sex of every shape and form, which I
had missed with my conservative “no-imagination” wife).

After that night when I fucked had the opportunity to
fuck a perfect stranger, I’ll never again doubt those
“unbelievable fuck-stories” again.

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