Pure adolescent male fantasy 2.
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“I don’t know why I did this with you,” she worked in between licks,
“But you better not tell anyone or so help me…”

“Come to my house after work tomorrow.” He answered. He simply added
this as an unconscious command rather than justify himself verbally.
This could be real fun. I gotta do Fran today too, he thought.

“No fuckin’ way, bastard,” she continued to lick. He was up again and
pulled her face into his prick. She opened her mouth and took it in
again with a little maneuvering. Her tongue felt good working the
seam on the bottom, and before he knew it, the come spurted into her
mouth, and as he pulled out, all over her face.

“Now look what you’ve done!” she snapped.

“Hard to avoid with your pretty little whore face. Before you leave
hadn’t you better get dressed.” She snarled in his general direction
as she pulled on her pants. He walked up behind her while she snapped
them closed, and took the opportunity for another grasp at those lovely
little tits. “You also best admit you are my whore to use, or everyone
in the office will hear, and maybe several others will take turns

She blanched. “I,uh,I…” She realized she couldn’t let anyone know
she’d done this. She might lose her job. How could she have allow Bob
the liberties he’d just taken with her?

“Come on slut, you can say it. Tell me you’re my property and you
really want to be my whore.”

“Fuck you!” she was confused still over her bodily responsiveness.

“Tut tut, you could be in the sack with someone really repulsive if
you keep that up.”

“I’m your fuckin’ whore, goddamnit”

“Not good enough, bitch.” He waited, brutally twisting her nipples now
to stress the point. He could see the shot of pain/pleasure rise
through her chest to her throat. To her astonishment the humiliation
was beginning to excite her too. She couldn’t tell this had been Bob’s
doing also.

“I’m your whore, your personal slut.” she finally got out in a demure,
half seductive, half aroused voice.

“Fine, I’ll expect you at seven tomorrow. Come dressed nicely.” She
slipped away finally and Bob pulled his own clothes on. He relished
the thought of having Randi and Fran at his beck and call.


He stopped by Purchasing that afternoon. Randi had been avoiding his
eyes since this morning, but he knew she’d show up Friday night. It
was time to get Fran in line as well.

This time the blond was sitting at her desk. Her lovely lips moved as
she spoke into the phone. He could make out her nipples through the
blouse and bra she wore. He slipped up behind her and leaned across
her shoulders. Her cleavage was unstable as she moved her shoulders
back so he’d get a better view. She smiled up at him and licked her
lips as she spoke to someone apparently chasing a Purchase Order.

He could easily make out his control symbols imposed on her
personality. Yesterday, he’d been pretty clumsy with the process,
but today he could see more subtle paths to manipulate the responses.
He spent a few minutes adjusting her view of him as her secret lover,
and her assumptions about what he was entitled to do. Of course, he
left the control that she’d forget about all this when not with him.

He looked around. Her low cubical walls wouldn’t hide much, but no one
was around. He slid his hand inside and down the back of her skirt,
slipping a finger into the crack of her ass. She frantically looked
around to reassure herself no one was watching, but kept talking on the

After fingering Fran for a moment, with the delight catches in her
breath while she spoke on the phone, Bob decided they should retire to
a more private location. He scribbled a note, ‘when you get free,
call me’. Before he left he gently palmed both of her breasts and
tweaked the nipples, this elicited a moan she had to cover the phone
to conceal. She looked at the note and nodded.

He wanted to take her right there while she was on the phone, those
big tits were so damned tempting, and the idea of putting her through
the paces while talking on the phone really turned him on. He would
wait though until she called. He went back to his desk.

Shortly the phone rang. Fran for certain.

“Hiya,” nope it was Betty. “I need to you remember to get some glue
for that project I’m working on.”

“Right, uh, Betty could you come by on Saturday instead of tomorrow
night,” he had completely forgotten their date, “something came up.”

“Well, if you say so, what’s doing?”

“Um, I gotta see Ben,” yeah that’s it, “He’s going to help me rebuild
the speakers for my stereo.”

“Oh.” the pause wasn’t too long, “Okay, be there in the morning then.
Ta!” Click!

Before he could pin down when she’d come by, she’d disconnected. Shit.

He wasn’t sure he wanted to adjust her to conceal knowledge of his new
pets. He was beginning to suspect the adjustments should be much more
subtle than he’d managed so far… then the phone range again.


“Bob, this is Fran,” she didn’t sound too busy to provide the service
he needed now. “Why am I supposed to call you?”

Ooops, he thought.

“We’re supposed to meet this afternoon.” he waited with concern.

“Why?, I don’t handle purchases for your group any more. And there’s
nothing on this note to indicate we were to meet.”

Bob suppressed a rising panic. The symbols had failed to hold! Wait!
the instructions she was given were valid when they were together! She
just didn’t see them being together right now, so of course she was
forgetting everything. He tried to reach out over to her through the
phone. All he could sense was a wisp of the symbols, and even that
wasn’t over the phone, it was through the building… What to do?

“Tell you what, I’ll come to your desk and explain it to you.”

“That’ll do, bring the paperwork for whatever this is about, and we’ll
figure out who should really be taking care of you.” click! He’d show
her who should take care of him!

“Hey Randi,” he called across to the brunette. She looked up, somewhat
apprehensive, remembering her unwilling pleasure that morning. “Look
after my phone for a while, I’m going to see someone in purchasing.”

She nodded. For the sake of the leisure fun of it he inserted a
suggestion in her to slip off to the woman room to masturbate again,
thinking of course of him. He stopped at her desk a moment, long
enough to see her eyes pick up the lustful droop and her nipples
harden up in response. She looked up at him.

“Oh no,” she had a bit of panic as well as lust in her voice, “Bob,
its happening again” this last she whispered, but followed with a

“Maybe you better go to the can for some privacy this time, whore.”

She scrambled to her feet and started down the corridor. He could
see her buns squeezing together in spasms of anticipation.

When he got to Fran’s desk, she had on a pair of glasses and was
gripping a pencil between her luscious lips as she typed at her
terminal. Seeing him, her eyes widened, the pencil dropped, and she
reached up to take off the glasses.

“Leave them on,” he told her, “they look sexy. Now, why don’t you get
us a nice private conference room for the next hour.” She smiled,
nodded and started calling the secretary that booked the conference

While she did this Bob concentrated on another problem. He needed to
implant some code that he could use on the phone to get her attention.
He did so, using a phrase that would seem to make sense to anyone
that overheard, “purchase order 002x”. Fit her job, somewhat, but bore
no resemblance to a real PO number.

He saw several other people working in her area now, so he would have
to wait until they reached the conference room to play. Bob clasped
his hands behind his back and waited patiently. Soon Fran’s phone
calls came up with a private site.

“Mr Gunderson is out of town today. His secretary took the day off
and his office is listed as available to the end of the day. I took
the liberty of reserving it for the rest of the day…” She looked to
him for approval.

“I’ll meet you there in 5 minutes.” as he walked away, she cleaned up
the task she’d been working on before he’d gotten to her.

The walk to Gunderson’s office took him past the women’s room. He
paused and listened. He could hear Randi clearly making herself come
again. She was talking to herself though, “fuck that bastard, how dare
he use me like that, uhnng! uhnnng! uhnng!, who does, uhnng!, he think
he is?…unhhnhg!! God he was good!, nnnng unnggg innna aaaaah!”

He pulled open the door and called in, “Only a whore makes so much
noise, right Randi?”

“uhnhhg!,” came the response.

He continued on.

When he got to Gunderson’s office one of the other secretaries
unlocked the door for him. She was familiar, but he’d no idea who she
was. Nice legs, he thought, I like the twinkle in her eyes. Behave, he
told himself, Fran will be here soon.

As if to make the point, he saw her down the hall now. She’d left her
glasses on, nice touch. Her legs were visible from the knees down.
Today she had on a short skirt, a fairly flimsy white blouse, and the
nicest red high heel shoes. He reflected a moment on how nice Fran’s
legs looked while she wore high heels. Come to think of it, she had
some really attractive ankles too. Good choice of toy, even if he’d
selected her as much by accident as anything else.

She stepped into the office ahead of him, snarling a little. “yes,
this should do.” With a wave of her hand she dismissed the secretary,
who wandered down to the desk at the end of the hall as he watched.

“You can’t have both of us you know,” he heard her say. If only she
knew. Of course he could. But he was going to wait until he had this
power under complete control before he added anyone else to his toy

He stepped in and closed the door.

“Darling, I could hardly wait to see you again.” She stepped forward
assuming perfectly her role as secret lover. “Do you still like what
you see?” Her face smoothly adopted an approval begging pout. Her
tongue licking her lips, with anticipation. She brushed back a wisp
of silky blond hair and sulkily drew her fingers down her neck, along
her collar bone to the valley between her boobs. Then she traced a
path with her her palm over the right tit, finishing by drawing her
hand down the sleek side of her body to her hip.

She stood in the middle of a large office with drawn blinds, a big
clean oak desk, and to one side was a couch suitable to the exercise
they would soon perform. The lush carpeting made the room very still.
He appreciated that immediately.

He walked around her slowly, admiring her large bust, and tight tush.
She stood posed for him, arms at her side palms out, elbows in. Her
long slender legs were only slightly parted, with her left knee bent
as though she was waiting for a photographer.

“Remain standing like that.” He felt somewhat inspired by this goddess
vision before him. Her tits thrust forward so the little points and
the surrounding circles of her nipples stood out through her blouse
and bra. With a single finger he reached out to the left breast and
flicked the tip offered to him. The nipple rose further against the
restraining cloth.

“ooohh,” she licked her lips again as her eyes faded to passion.
Whispering she uttered, “god, I love your touch.”

“Move an inch and I’ll have to punish you.” Stepping behind her, he
hiked up her dress to her waist. He could see the cheeks of her ass
twitching from the hairsbreadth contact he’d made. Her breath caught
as he traced circles lazily on her right cheek over her panties.

“I don’t like you wearing underwear when we meet.” She flushed red for
a moment.

“Yes, lover. I’ll remember to take them off before we meet next time.”
He smiled at her response.

“And perhaps you should refer to me as Master, rather than Lover.”

“But Bob,” he waved her to silence.

“NO buts!, what I say goes, do we understand each other?”

“Yes master.” She smiled but kept her stance as he had commanded

Pulling the elastic of her panties and stockings back, he slid his
right hand down along the crack between her ass cheeks. Standing at
her left shoulder he could see her chin quiver with excitement at his

“What do we have here, toy?” She shuddered at this description of her

“My ass…. master.” Her head started to droop to her chest, but she
remembered before he said anything. Her head snapped back up, but her
eyes remained faded away as he touched her. He began to work his
middle finger into her asshole. She squeaked.

“Master, no I, uh, I don’t like being touched there.” She remained
true to her instructions but a strong apprehensive look came over her
face. Bob reached out with the symbols to the stream from her ass. He
could see it in his mind, she was only receiving pain messages from
the pucker his finger had invaded. He adjusted the stream a bit so
the pleasant sensations, which were there but blocked, became far
stronger. The pain sensations ebbed completely on their own. For a
moment, Bob allowed himself to be pleased with what he’d learned.

“unhh, ooh!” Fran muttered as she began now to thrust her anus onto
his finger. “God! give me more, I beg master, fuck me, I need to

Still standing poised as though for a picture, Fran looked delectable
this way. All Bob had was two knuckles up her ass, yet she was visibly
shaking, having a hell of a time keeping her breasts jutting out and
hands open and out at her side. He could see her legs trying to raise
and drop her bottom onto his teasing finger, as she also tried to
squeeze her thighs together to get relief for her crotch as well. He
rather enjoyed the way her tongue kept trying to hang from the corners
of her mouth, and the bobbing motion her head had begun to make.

He withdrew his finger.

“Oh, pleease master, I want to come.” She panted.

“Well, I think you can wait.” He sat down on the edge of the couch,
and listened to her ravaged breathing as she stood before him, still as
he commanded. “Undress for me, slowly.”

She moved gracefully to face him and began by unbuttoning her skirt.
After this dropped to the floor, she undid the buttons on her blouse,
one by one, watching him the entire time. Standing before him in her
Bra, panties, stockings and high heeled shoes, she lifted one leg at a
time to remove the shoes. Turning away, and looking at him over her
shoulder, she began to remove the straps of her bra, then undid the
clasp, dropping it well to one side before turning. She showed him the
huge, fleshy breasts, holding one in each hand, pinching her own
nipples between thumbs and forefingers. Awkwardly, she stepped out of
the panties and stockings last.

“Now come over here, undo my pants and blow me.” She knelt down
between his legs and with both hands, with worshipful tenderness
unzipped his pants, pulling out his dick. As she held his cock in her
hand it became harder than it already had been. Now Bob leaned back as
she wrapped her lips briefly around the tip and licked the underside
of the head.

“Oh, yeah baby. That’s what I need, some tender affection to my prick.
ahhhh.” Her mouth began to engulf more of the object of her new desire
each time she leaned forward until he had struck the rear teeth. “Open
wider bitch, get it all down!” he commanded.

“MMMrgph!” was her only reply as her fingers worked the base of his
prick, and aroused his balls. She drove the cock into her throat. Wide
as his prick was, this was far less than an easy task. He saw her
determined look as her tongue finally started to wash his flopping
balls and upper lip reached the root of his cock. She began to pump
up and down, three, four time, pause, pump again.

“Ungh!, Ungh!, Ungh!, ” he uttered with each stroke. As his come
started to rise in his balls he stopped her, “Up.” he commanded.

Staggering to his feet he arranged her on the floor, shapely legs
parted for his entry, and had her grasp her knees. He entered Fran
for the first time to the sound of her groaning pleasure.

“ooohhh, god, oohh, god, oh, god!” she moaned and made animalistic
guttural grunts as he thrust his meat as deep as he could manage. She
was tight enough for him to feel a grip to her. But her cunt was also
soaking wet by now.

Her pelvis was pulsing with his motions now as much as she could
manage without losing him. She clearly wanted to scream as she clamped
her teeth down on her hand. Bob could feel Fran’s orgasm come in a
shuddering quake that started at her crotch and expanded to encompass
her entire body. Once she’d come though, she kept moving, building
another from the ashes of the last… His orgasm started to build too,
and as she approached her second, his cock loosed a torrent of come
into her dripping hot cunt. He smothered her lips with his, forcing
his tongue past hers to explore those pearly teeth she’d been licking
to entice him earlier.

She came again squealing into his mouth as he finished, pounding
against the floor so hard, Bob was certain someone would hear and
investigate. But he was to far gone to care about interruptions now.
He rolled off and looked at this woman, glowing with joy and sexual
pleasure. She struggled, staggering a bit, to her knees and began to
suck him again, cleaning the fluids off as she went. To his surprise,
this made his cock rise from retirement. He enjoyed the sensations her
tongue, lips and teeth gave him until he was stiff as when he first
entered her.

“Now, you will remain kneeling but lower your shoulders to the floor.”
He moved to his knees and worked around behind her. Juices from her
cunt had dribbled down to her ass pucker, she wouldn’t need much more
moisture, especially since she’d lubricated his cock with her mouth.
He spread her cheeks and began rubbing her anus with his cock’s
tip. This aroused her a bit. Just as his finger had earlier, now that
he’d ‘adjusted’ her response. Bob grinned to himself.

As he pressed the head of his penis into her ass, she moaned into the
rug. It took work to move in, even with her help, but inch by inch he
slid into her ass. “no, aaahh, no, yessssss,” she groaned. “my god, I
can’t believe I’m getting it up up up… mmmmunnnngh, my, goddam ass!”

He finally drove the last inch home, she lifted her head in surprise
and pleasure. He started the first pull back and she started to cry
out “More, pleeassee fuck my ass, god yesss god yesss god yesss!” and
he built up the speed, little at a time.

She moved her hand to her clit and rubbed her pussy lips as well.
Leaning against her right ear, she used her other hand to pull and
pinch her nipple on the left side. She shuddered with orgasm, and
stifled the scream for another. Bob could tell another was
coming soon.

Bob had built up to his own release by now. The heat in his loins was
strong and rising. The pressure was pushing, and the tightness of her
butt was pure heaven. Coming in her ass with a stream of jism, he
grunted his own pleasure in thumping motions.

Pulling out was a sensation in pleasure too, his cock felt like it was
being milked for any extra drops left in the tip. He drew aside on the
couch, still panting, and admired the cum dripping down Fran’s legs.

Fran cleaned herself and sank into the couch beside Bob. She snuggled
in like an adolescent lover, and radiated an after sex joy he hadn’t
seen a woman display for quite some time. Bob just relaxed and
enjoyed her proximity, playing from time to time with her nipples.

Checking his watch, Bob realized the work day was at an end and
someone might interrupt at any time. Instructing Fran to get dressed,
he thought about his plans for the weekend.

“Fran, listen carefully.”

“Yes master!”

“Tomorrow evening, you will find an excuse to leave home. I want you
at my house promptly at 6:30 PM. Got that!?”

“Yes master.” She pouted for a moment, then grinned. “My girlfriends
are having a party. I’ll be gone most of the night I guess.”

“Very good. Do you have any good slutty clothing?”

“I don’t know what you mean, I don’t have slutty things.”

Of course she wouldn’t he thought. “Do you own any slinky seductress
outfits? Perhaps a french maid outfit?”

“Oh yes master!” She positively beamed, her pink tongue slightly
touching her lips in anticipation.

“Bring them with you tomorrow. Tidy this place up before you leave,
and remember we had a very productive meeting if anyone should ask…”
Silently, he reinforced his instructions underneath her conscious
mind and slipped out of the office.

He was delighted with the results of his new powers so far, now if
only it works as well on Betty. But Friday night was going to be
delightful, possibly exhausting as well.

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