First group encounter
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One night, when my wife was drunk she told me the following story. Later, she insisted that I had misunderstood and this was a story about one of her friends, but I still think it was about her.

At the time of this story, she lived with her parents in Tehran, Iran and went to high school there. One night she had a big fight with her boyfriend. She got real upset and stormed out of the house and went for a walk. She was walking down one of the major streets crying, when a car stopped to see what her problem was. The driver was a young Iranian man and was driving a newer Mercedes. He offered to take her home and since she was tired and not really sure of where she now was, my wife got in the car with him and they drove off together. She said the guy was a real good listener and they stopped at a small shop where the driver bought a couple of cokes. He had some rum and they drank a few rum and cokes while they continued to drive around and she told him all about her asshole boyfriend. The driver told my wife that his name was Reza and that he owned a small construction company. He said that he was on his way to pick up a couple of friends when he saw her walking along and if she didn’t mind, he was going to go get them and then take her wherever she needed to go. Theresa said ok, and off they went. They continued to talk and had another drink while driving to the friend’s house. When they stopped and picked up the two new guys, one of them started driving while Theresa got in the back with Reza. She said the booze and his friendliness made her let down her guard and then she allowed the guy to kiss her. One thing led to another and that one kiss turned into a make out session while the other two guys were in the front seat. The next thing that she realized, they were parked out in some dark park someplace. The guys in front were just talking and listening to music while Theresa and the Reza continued to make out. She said it was starting to go too far, Reza had opened her blouse and pushed her bra up exposing her breasts. While he was kissing and sucking on her breasts she saw the guys in the front seat turning around and watching them. She pushed Reza away and tried to close her blouse to cover her exposed breasts. Her new boyfriend yelled at the guys and told them to go for a walk. They opened the door and left, but when they opened the door the interior light came on and the other two guys got a good look at her still exposed breasts. After they had walked away, Reza resumed kissing her and she allowed him to free her breasts once again. While he suckled her breasts, he also began to rub her pussy through her jeans. Theresa was totally turned on and did not resist when he took her hand and placed it on his hard cock. She began to fondle him while he continued to rub her. She didn’t offer much resistance and quickly let him open her jeans and slip his hand under her panties and began to finger her. Once he got that far, it didn’t take long before opened his pants, freeing his cock. My wife began to jack him off while he started finger fucking her. She said that she had already decided to fuck him to get back at her boyfriend and when he began to try and slide her pants off, she did not resist at all. She was now in the back seat of a strange mans car with her pants down around her ankles and some strangers dick in her hand. When he pulled her head down towards his lap, she leaned over and willing began to suck his dick. She said that his was the first uncircumcised cock she had seen. (This was only the 3rd guy she had been with and only her 4th time to actually fuck someone) She said that she sucked him for a little while and then he had her lay down on the seat and he tried to fuck her. Theresa said that it was quite tight in the back seat and it was hard to get into a comfortable position. Then Reza pulled the seat back down and reached into the trunk and pulled out a blanket. He opened the door and stepping outside, spread the blanket on the ground. He then pulled her down next to him on the blanket and told her to take off the rest of her clothes. Theresa slipped her blouse and bra off of her shoulder and also took off her socks. She then lay down next to Reza and they rapidly got back into the spirit of what was going on. When he rolled on top of her, she willingly spread her legs and he began fucking her. She said that he was fucking her when she suddenly remembered that there other two other guys out there somewhere. Theresa said that she opened her eyes and saw that they were both standing there watching her being fucked. She got a bit upset and tried to get up, but the guy held her tightly so she couldn’t move and he told her to just close her eyes and pretend that they were not there. He kept fucking her and she knew that she was not strong enough to get loose from him, so she did as he suggested and just closed her eyes while he kept right on fucking her. She said that she was just about to have an orgasm when he pulled out of her and asked her to get on her knees. She started to turn over and saw that the other two guys were still watching. One of them had his dick in his hand and was masturbating. She got on her knees and bent over, hiding her head in her arms. The guy moved behind her and slipped his dick back inside of her. He started fucking her again, holding on to her hips and using his hands to set a rhythm to their fucking. Then she felt another hand rubbing her back. She knew immediately that it was one of the other guys but she did not want to open her eyes and see which one. She felt him continue to rub her back and then he slid his hands around her side and began playing with one of her boobs. She kept her head in her hands and let the new guy continue to play with her boobs while Reza kept fucking her. It was then that Theresa said she had her first ever orgasm from intercourse. (That’s what started this whole story. When did you first have an orgasm by masturbation, oral sex and intercourse?)

Reza then leaned across her, grabbed her shoulders and pulled from where she was sheltering her head on her forearms up to where she was on all fours. She was now on her hands and knees with Reza still fucking her from behind and a second man was kneeling beside her cupping her breast with one hand and jacking himself off with the other. The guy next to her leaned over and kissed her neck and then worked his way to her lips. Theresa allowed him to kiss her while Reza continued to fuck her. Suddenly Reza pulled out of her, leaving her on her hands and knees while the 2nd guy kept kissing her. He finished kissing her and pulled back leaving Reza in front of her on his knees with his hard dick in her face. Reza leaned forward and rubbed his dick across her lips and Theresa began to suck him off. She said she knew what was going to happen, but still jumped when she felt the second man move between her thighs. She felt him move his prick up and down her slit and then slipped it into her pussy. She said that she had not paid much attention when he was masturbating, but when he slipped inside of her his dick was considerably larger then any of the dicks she had experienced before. She said it was hard to keep sucking on Reza’s dick with the other guy fucking her. His dick kept slipping out of her mouth or going to deep, hurting her throat. Reza told the other guy to hold still and he stopped thrusting with his dick buried into her cunt. Reza told Theresa that he was getting ready to cum and to keep sucking. She did and he came in her mouth. Theresa said that she swallowed several times and managed to keep from gagging. Reza leaned back and the other guy resumed fucking her. She said that Reza kept looking into her eyes and telling her how pretty she was and how great she was and kept talking to her. He asked her if she was feeling good, and when she didn’t answer, he asked her again and again until she finally answered him and told him that it felt good. He kept talking to her and asked if it really felt good having a dick in her pussy. That’s when she learned the name of the guy fucking her. Reza asked if Ali was making her feel good. If his dick was the biggest she had ever felt. Theresa found herself talking back to Reza telling him how good Ali’s dick felt fucking her.

Ali slowed down and then told her to turn over and lay down. He pulled back and she rolled over onto her back. Ali moved up over her chest and told her to suck his dick. She said she had trouble getting his dick into her mouth as it was pretty big. She was able to get the head in her mouth, but that was about all she could do. Ali laughed and then slipped back down between her thighs. Theresa spread her legs wide and Ali once again slipped his big dick inside of her. Theresa wrapped her arms around Ali and pulled her knees up giving him total access to her soaking wet pussy. Ali began to fuck her in earnest. Pounding her pussy over and over and then Theresa had her 2nd intercourse induced orgasm. She said it was real intense and she pulled Ali as tightly to her as she could. Soon after she had her orgasm she felt Ali stiffen and felt his cock jerking inside of her as he shot his sperm into her pussy. Ali made a few more strokes of his cock and then lay heavily upon her. Theresa used her muscles to squeeze Ali’s dick, his thickness felt good inside of her.

Reza now leaned down and kissed her. He told her how great she was, how much they liked her. Theresa felt Ali shrinking inside of her and he then pulled out and rolled over next to Theresa. Reza pulled her into his arms and held her warmly. She was totally naked between two naked men she had just met and she felt very comfortable. She then remembered the 3rd guy. He was sitting on his heels about 10 feet away just watching. This made her uncomfortable and she began to reach for her blouse. Reza told her to just relax and he and Ali both began to caress and kiss her. Reza told her that the other guy was actually Ali’s little brother and that he was a virgin. It would be quite an honor for him if she were to take his virginity. He would probably never have such a sweet pretty girl willing to give herself to him for quite some time. They kept talking to her while they continued to kiss and caress her. Quickly she felt herself becoming aroused again. Reza asked her if it was ok and she just mumbled. Reza told her to say it was ok and Theresa mumbled ok. He told her that the boys name was also Reza and she had to call him by name and tell him that it was ok to fuck her. Theresa said that she was amazed to hear herself call out to Reza and tell him that she wanted him to fuck her.

Big Reza said something to Ali’s brother and he stood up and came to where the 3 of them were laying. He said something else to Reza junior and he began to remove his clothes. Once he was naked Theresa could see his hard cock pointing straight up against his stomach. Theresa was actually a bit disappointed, his cock was considerably smaller then his brothers. Theresa was hoping for that full feeling that Ali had given her, but it was apparent that little Reza was just that, little. He was just standing there and he looked so scared and alone that Theresa felt sorry for him.

Reza pushed Theresa away from him and she sat up. Little Reza shyly stepped forward when Ali told him to and then his dick was just in front of Theresa. She said that she looked up at him and smiled as she leaned forward and took his dick into her mouth. She saw the look on his face as he first felt a woman’s mouth on his cock. She said that his expression was beautiful. She reached up and fondled his balls and at just that time she felt his cock begin to pulse. She grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled his cock tightly into her mouth as little Reza exploded. For the second time that night she swallowed a load of sperm. Little Reza’s erection began to subside in her mouth and she sat back, allowing it to slip out of her mouth. She pulled him close to her and began to nuzzle and kiss his stomach and thighs and it wasn’t very long before she was rewarded by seeing his cock begin to rise once again.

Theresa pulled little Reza down beside her and leaned forward and kissed him deeply. He kissed her back and she took his hand and placed it between her legs. Little Reza began to feel her pussy and slipped a couple of fingers inside of her. Theresa looked back at Reza and motioned for him to move and make room. She no longer cared that big Reza and Ali were watching, she only wanted to make little Reza’s first experience memorable.

Theresa lay back and pulled Reza on top of her. She reached between them and took Reza’s prick in her hand and guided him to her pussy. As soon as he felt the wetness of her pussy, he pushed forward and sank himself into her as deep as he could. He began to thrust quickly and Theresa had to slow him down by holding him tightly. She said that she looked up and his expression was really wonderful to look at. She leaned up and kissed him again and again. Ali began to say something in their language and little Reza looked confused. Ali told Theresa that Reza now had to learn to give oral sex. Theresa laughed and said that it was ok, he didn’t need too, but Ali was insistent.

He started talking to little Reza and he withdrew from Theresa’s pussy. He slipped down between her thighs and shyly began to kiss her inner thighs. Ali told her to show little Reza her clit. Theresa reached down and spread her cunt lips, showing Reza her clit. Ali said something, and Reza leaned forward and lightly licked at her clit. Theresa moaned slightly and that seemed to be the only clue that little Reza needed. He began to lick and suck at her clit with great gusto. Theresa held Reza by the head and began to guide his tongue. Theresa felt another orgasm approaching, but apparently both Ali and big Reza had noticed it as well. They talked to little Reza and he stopped eating her pussy. Theresa was right at the edge and really wanted little Reza to continue. Ali told her to turn over, that little Reza wanted to try ‘doggie” style.

Theresa turned over and little Reza moved between her calves and slipped his dick back inside of her. He began to move slowly in and out. Theresa closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on getting her orgasm back, but his lack of size and with no direct stimulation of her clit made it difficult. She sensed that both Ali and big Reza were moving around, but she did not pay much attention until Ali told her to open her eyes. She did and Ali was just in front of her, his dick in his hand, semi-hard. He directed his cock at her face and she obediently opened her mouth and began to suck on Ali’s dick. She was hoping he would fuck her after his little brother finished. She knew that she was not going to orgasm from little Reza’s fucking. She felt big Reza caressing her back and was really enjoying all of the attention. She said that she even enjoyed the feeling of Ali’s dick in her mouth. She didn’t know who was caressing what, but everything felt good. She then realized that either little Reza or big Reza had begun teasing her asshole. It felt strange, but not bad. She really did not want to be fucked in the ass, but decided to deal with that when it happened. She wiggled her ass trying to dislodge the finger that had slipped up her ass, but it didn’t go away. Big Reza spoke softly into her ear and told her to relax. He told her that little Reza had a small dick and that it wouldn’t hurt, but would feel real good to little Reza. Theresa said that she was scared, but didn’t pull away. She felt little Reza pull his dick from her pussy and slip it up towards her asshole. Between her pussy juice and some saliva his dick was very slippery. It slid all around her asshole. Big Reza reached down and began to finger her clit helping with her arousal. It didn’t take little Reza long to line his dick up and he slowly leaned forward pushing against her asshole. It began to hurt, but Theresa did not pull away. She groaned and then felt him slip inside of her ass. He stopped with his dick just inside of her ass and then slowly pushed fully inside of her. She asked him to wait and she began to adjust to the dick in her ass. In a couple of seconds little Reza began to slowly move in her ass. Theresa told me that it still felt funny, but no longer hurt.

Big Reza told her to make herself cum. He told her to rub her own clit and make herself cum while little Reza fucked her ass. Theresa reached down between her legs and did as she was told. She began to tweak her own clit and almost immediately she could feel her orgasm approaching. By now, little Reza was working his dick into her ass with great vigor. His thighs slapping her ass made quite a sound in the night. She continued to play with her clit and then once again felt a cock begin to throb inside of her. Little Reza’s little dick began to pulse as he again deposited his sperm inside of her. This time in her ass, not in her mouth. That was the impetuous that Theresa needed and she moaned with pleasure as another orgasm overcame her.

She fell forward and little Reza’s cock popped out of her ass. She only lay there on her face for a few seconds when she felt hands on her ass and heard Ali tell her to spread her legs. She spread them and when she felt Ali’s big dick press against her pussy, she pushed back and let him begin to fuck her once again.

Theresa said that she lost count of how many times the 3 guys fucked her. One of the guys would be fucking her and then he would withdraw and be replaced by one of the others. She said that both big and little Reza both fucked her in the ass, but that Ali did not even try. She said that if he had tried, she probably would have let him but was glad that he didn’t. She said that her ass was sore for several days. All in all she figures that she was fucked by the 3 guys for about 2 hours.

She got quite a scare a few weeks later when she missed her period, but it did come about 4 days late. She went out to a local Iranian pharmacy and started on the pill right after that….

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