Marsha, Greg and Jan enjoy an afternoon together
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It was a beautiful Summer Day. Marsha Brady and her
Sister Jan, were out in their back yard sunbathing.
Their Step Dad had had the good sense to have a very
high privacy fence, built around the back yard. The way
the yard was set up. There was a small section behind
the garage that was especially private.

The kids had used this as a special, ‘secret’, play
area when they were kids. Now that they were teenagers,
they used it for adult games. Mike had even installed a
fence and a gate. The excuse was, to contain the kid’s
toys in one area. Now the gate made for an ideal

Mike and Carol Brady, knew about this secret spot. But
chose to let the kids go on with their games. At least
they knew where their kids were . Which was a lot more
then some of their neighbors did, besides, anything
that went on back there was all harmless fun.

The two teenagers were stretched out on lounge chairs.
It was late in the morning; and they had finished all
of their choirs. Both of them were wearing bikinis.
Marsha was going to be a senior this year, while Jan
was going to be a sophomore. Both girls had been
wearing bikinis for a while now. Usually when the
family went to the beach. Their Mom would insist that
they wore those ugly one piece suits. They both hated

Carol Brady knew her girls were quickly becoming women.
The stares that they got from men at the beach; made
that, very obvious. But she was trying to teach her
girls about modesty. So they all wore the one piece

All the same. The suits hugged her teenage daughters
like a second skin. She couldn’t help but notice, that
Marsha looked absolutely stunning; in her suit. Jan
still looked like a young girl. But her oldest
daughter, was already a gorgeous young woman. So, Carol
came to the conclusion. No bikini on her daughters,
when they were at the beach, with her.

But the girls were at home. Nobody else was home but
them. Actually, they had the house to themselves for
the next couple of hours. Tanning in the back yard. The
girls heard their step brother Greg, arrive home. He
came to the back door and called out.

“Any body home?”

“We’re back here.” Jan called out. Greg walked back
into the yard and opened the gate. The sight that
greeted him was a familiar but decidedly different one.
He locked the gate behind him. Time for some privacy.

“Hi Greg.” The girls said practically in unison. Not
lifting their heads. Just waving their hands at him.

“I bought out some sodas. Here.” He placed the sodas on
the table between them. He took a seat at the chair at
the ends of the lounges’ by the girl’s heads. He hadn’t
really noticed the change until recently. But his two
oldest step sisters were really turning into babes.
Marsha was wearing a brand new dark blue bikini. A thin
strap went across her back, holding up her top. His
eyes wandered down her back to her ass. The bikini had
a thong type bottom to it. Both of her ass cheeks were
open to his gaze. He could see that she had begun to
work on her tan already. Her ass and legs were just
beginning to show the signs of a nice tan.

Then he looked over to Jan. Jan was just beginning to
flesh out into a good looking girl. She was also
wearing a thong bikini. Hers was a floral print that
highlighted her very blond hair. Her legs were fleshing
up nicely and she had a tight little ass ; that was
going to look great in a tight pair of jeans. Then his
concentration broke. One of the girls was talking and
he hadn’t heard a word she said.

“Well?” Marsha asked.

“I’m sorry. I was day dreaming, what did you say?”

“I said, would you put some more suntan lotion on us?’
She asked, a little pissed off.

“Yeah, sure.” He couldn’t believe his luck. Sure, these
were his step sisters. But Marsha and him had already
made out a bit. Jan and him had been close. But he had
made out with Marsha.

One time, after a party they both went to, last year.
They came home and ended up making out, on the back
porch. She even let him put his hand on her tit. Then
she started rubbing the crotch of his pants. Of course
he shot a load right there in his pants. They both
laughed about that, for a long time.

From time to time, after that, their make out sessions
had become more frequent. They would tell each other
about dates they went on, and what happened. Then into
some heavy making out. But nothing beyond the
occasional feel or grope.

But here they were. Marsha and Jan were practically
naked. And he was wearing cutoffs and a T-shirt.

“Who’s first?” He didn’t want to seem too anxious. Jan
spoke first.

“Me first. I don’t want to get sunburned.”

“Jan?” Marsha looked up and said with a pout.

“Well it’s true. Besides, you’ve already started
getting a tan. I have some catching up to do.” Greg
broke in.

“How about I start with both of you.”

“That sounds fair.” The girls returned their heads to
resting on their arms. And Greg got down to the matters
at hand. He took the bottle of lotion off of the table
and opened it up. Squirting a generous amount on each
of the girls back. He sat between them and rubbed in
the lotion with each hand.

Jan’s body was much firmer then he was expecting.
Marsha’s back was already slick with oil.

“You might as well start on Jan.” Marsha said. “She
really does need it more then me.” He welcomed this. It
was tough concentrating on both of them. Jan smiled in
appreciation. Greg directed his attention to his
younger step sister.

He worked the lotion into her shoulders and back of her
arms. Then he moved down her back. Stopping at the top
of her butt cheeks. He resumed his duties at her feet
and worked his way back up her legs. She spread her
legs slightly apart to make sure he got all of her

Greg squeezed some more lotion on the back of her
thighs. Jan shivered in laughter.

“That’s cold.” Greg continued. Jan spread her thighs
farther apart. He now had easy access to the inside of
her thighs. A small strip of cloth snuck out from in
between the cheeks of her ass. It snuggly fit over her
young pussy. His hands rubbed higher in between her
firm young thighs. They were now inches from her pussy.
But he lost his nerve. Then continued rubbing the
lotion liberally on to her ass cheeks. He swore he
heard her moan. Then Marsha spoke.

“Hey, don’t forget about me there.”

“No way. But, Jan you want me to put any more lotion on
you right now?” Jan was smiling into her arms.

“No, that felt great……I mean that was fine. You can
do Marsha now.” Greg directed his attention to his
gorgeous stepsister.

She was still lying on her stomach. He squirted some
more oil onto her back, and then got to the task at
hand. He started at her shoulders. She had pulled her
long blond hair around in front of her. So her back and
shoulders were uncovered for him. He quickly did her
arms then started applying lotion to the top of her

Marsha was lying practically motionless. Her arms were
under her head, forming a pillow. Her face turned
sideways, her eyes covered by some very stylish

Greg covered her whole back with the lotion then
started back at her shoulders. She spoke, almost in a

“Why don’t you unhook my top, so you can get my whole
back?” He was more then happy to oblige. He took the
fastener in his hands and with a quiet snap. The hook
came apart in his hands. He sat back for a moment to
admire his golden stepsister. Then back to work. He
started to really work the lotion in. Then Jan spoke.

“Isn’t it uncomfortable? Why don’t you sit on her legs?
You can get her whole back that way.”

“Sounds good to me.” Greg got up and then realized
something. All of this teasing. Had given him quite a
woody. All he had on was his gym shorts and a T-shirt.
The shorts fit really loosely and his woody was
stretching down his leg. The head was practically
sticking out already.

But the girls seemed to be in a frisky mode. So he
threw caution to the wind. He got up and sat down on
Marsha’s thigh. His erection nuzzled right down in
between her thighs and her exposed butt cheeks. The
head poking out of his pant leg. He placed his hands on
the small of her back.

“Greg?” Greg knew that tone of voice. Maybe he had
misread his step sisters. “What’s that I’m feeling?”

“Um, well it’s my umm….” Greg stammered. Jan leaned
up on one elbow.

“Marsha, you should see this. His dick is actually
sticking out of his shorts. “Greg was embarrassed
beyond belief. Jan continued. “Gawd Greg, just putting
lotion on us got you that excited.” Both girls laughed.
Then Marsha piped in.

“Well you might as well finish what you started. Come
on then.” Greg looked back at Marsha. The blue bikini
top was now draped over the table. Marsha was now
topless. Greg couldn’t believe his luck. His sister
seemed ready to go further then just playful teasing.
Now he was game.

He started at the top of Marsha’s back. Then ran his
hands down the sides of her chest. His oily finger
brushing against the sides of her firm young breast.
His cock grew another inch. Jan was now watching them
intently. Still just lying on her stomach as they
heated things up.

Greg brought his hands down to Marsha’s ass. He gently
kneaded her ass cheeks. Marsha groaned as his fingers
dug into her. Jan spoke.

“Why don’t you take those shorts off Greg? You’re going
to get lotion all over them.”

“Sounds good to me.” He replied. This would be the
first time a girl had ever seen him naked. What was
exciting him even more. Was the long time object of his
fantasies would be the one. Jan was leaning up on her
side as Greg striped. He threw off his T-shirt and
kicked off his sneakers.

Then the moment of truth was about to happen. He knew
from seeing other guys at school that he had a pretty
good body. Girls were always complimenting him on his
butt. He hoped he didn’t disappoint his sisters. Jan
was watching his every movement. Marsha was still lying
on her stomach. A contented smile on her face.

He put his hands on the waist and in one quick motion.
Pushed his shorts down to his feet. He looked over at
Jan. A big smile came to her face.

“Very nice.” He pointed his ready erection right at

“Thanks. Now let’s get back to that sun tan.” He sat
back down on Marsha’s thighs. His red, hot hard on,
nestled in between her ass cheeks. Marsha gasps in
surprise and pushed her ass back into his hard on. She
then reached down to her hips. She grasps the bows on
either hip and pulled. The bikini bottom pulled apart
and she pulled it out from underneath her. She was now
completely naked.

“We should take this inside, you guys. Before one of
the neighbors see us. ” Jan said. Of course she was
right. Marsha looked over her shoulder at Greg and

“She’s right, ya know!” Greg had never felt blue balls
this bad before in his life. “Greg, you go ahead of us
and make sure the coast is clear. Yell out the window
and we’ll follow you in.”

Greg quickly got dressed and ran into the house.

“Anybody home?” He called out. No reply. He ran
upstairs to his room in the attic and called out the
window. “OK !!” He striped off all his clothes and
watched as Jan and Marsha ran towards the house. They
had wrapped big towels around themselves and were
carrying a bunch of stuff with them. He listened, then
heard them running up the steps and into his room. Jan
locked the door behind her.

“Now where were we?” Marsha said with a big smile on
her face. Greg was sitting naked on his bed. His large
erection proudly swaying in anticipation. Big smiles
came over the girls faces. They threw off the towels
and jumped on the bed, giggling.

Marsha had put her bikini back on, for the run through
the house.

She settled in, on his right side. Jan was sitting down
by his hips. Staring at his erect cock. Marsha smiled
broadly. She was running her hands up and down Greg’s
body. Greg had one arm around Marsha. His right hand
cupping Marsha’s firm teenage tit. Marsha spoke.

“Gawd Jan, you’re staring at his prick like you’ve
never seen one.”

“But, I never have seen one before. Are they all this
big?” Jan asked. They all laughed at that . Greg
proudly smiled. The first girls to ever see him naked.
And they told him he had a big cock. He couldn’t be

” No Jan.” Marsha replied.” Our Greg here is a very
special man.”

Marsha reached over and grasps his cock. Greg shivered
in her electric touch. “And it sure is a nice one.” She
slowly jerked him off. Jan’s mouth opened wide in
fascination. Her sister was so bold she thought.

“Go ahead Jan. Touch it. It won’t bite. ” Marsha said
with a mischievous grin. She turned to Greg. He was
staring at her with lust filled eyes. Their lips met
and then kissed. Like no other kiss he had ever gotten.
Greg Brady was in heaven. His sexy step-sister was
jerking him off and they were making out, like a couple
of teenage lovers.

“Marsha, let me try.” Jan said, with a smile. Marsha
let go of Greg hot cock and brought her hand to his
face. Tenderly holding him, as their tongues wrestled.
Greg was about to get bolder.

Jan was feeling left out. So she joined in. She lay
down on her stomach and propped her head up on her
hands. Her face inches from his cock. Slowly she slid
her hand to the base of Greg’s cock. It twitched when
her fingers touched it. Then she wrapped her hand
around it. Greg groaned in response. She looked up, and
what she saw amazed her.

Greg had Marsha’s bikini top off. His lips were wrapped
around a very firm, pink nipple. Marsha looked to be in
ecstasy. Marsha had told her that she had only given a
guy a blow job once. It sounded kind of icky to Jan.
But she was in a hurry to be like her sister. She
positioned her face over Greg’s firm cock. Then in a
gulp. Slid the head in between her pursed lips.

Greg suddenly sat back in response. Releasing Marsha’s
nipple from his embrace. He groaned in appreciation,
then stared down at his lap. His young step-sister was
crudely, sliding her hot lips, up and down his raging
hard on. It felt fucking great. Marsha looked on in
surprise and pleasure. She was disappointed Greg had
stopped with their sex play. But she was also glad that
Jan was in the swing on things.

“That feels fucking great!” Was Greg’s response. Marsha
had an idea. She whispered something in Greg’s ear then
got up off of the bed. Greg watched with pleasure as
Marsha walked around behind Jan. He just could not get
over Marsha’s tits. They were perfect. Firm, full; like
any he had ever seen in a magazine. But these were
real. These were in his bedroom. Erect nipples slick
with his saliva. This was fucking great.

He watched as Marsha walked around the bed. She had a
gorgeous ass too. Firm, but with just enough jiggle.
She stopped behind Jan. Jan was lying on her stomach.
She was really into sucking him off. Her tongue, found
all of the magic spots on his raging hard on. He
watched as she pulled up till just the head was in her
mouth then plunged back down, taking as much as her
young mouth would hold. Only about half. But she was a
quick learner.

Marsha stood behind Jan and reached for the clasp
holding her bikini top on. With a twist of the wrist.
The top came off in Marsha’s hands and she threw it
across the room. A smile came to Jan face. She stopped
sucking on Greg’s big dick and said.

“Well, it about fucking time.” They all got a big laugh
from that one. Marsha then put her fingers on Jan’s
bikini panty. With a push, they were on the floor. Jan
was now as naked as Greg. She stopped sucking and ran
her tongue erotically up and down his shaft. Marsha
stepped back and stood at the foot of Greg’s bed. His
eyes were riveted to her.

She stood like some sexual siren. Hands on her hips.
Her hips slowly swaying. Her tits flushed with sexual
excitement. Two proud, pink nipples . Pointing right at
his sexual soul. She took the two bows on her hips in
her fingers, and pulled. The back of the bikini, fell
from her body. She held the front up over her sweet
young pussy.

She spread her legs a little further apart. The heady
aroma of her sex, filled his senses. She watched him as
he stared intently at her snatch. Then, after what
seemed like an eternity. She dropped the bikini to the
floor. She was now as naked as the day she was born.
And she was ready to fuck her step brother.

Greg stared as this sex machine that had appeared in
his room. Jan had stopped and was now also staring at
Marsha. Marsha just reeked with sexual energy. Her body
was perfection. A gorgeous face, framed by shining
blond hair that hung practically to her waist. High
firm breast, topped by very large pale pink nipples.
Erect with sexual pleasure. A thin waist, with a flat
stomach. A little inny of a navel. That led right
towards a full blond bush.

Of course she had to trim it, to fill her new bikini.
But still, her pussy lips were just peeking out from
the forest of her bush. Fine trim legs that supported
one of the tightest butts he had ever seen. Well maybe
other then Jan.

She hoped on the bed opposite Jan and they took turns
sucking on his cock. Jan was on one side of the bed and
Marsha on the other. They were working as a team on his
cock. Marsha whispered something to Jan. Jan started to
finger her pussy. Greg felt like he was about to burst.
The girls then began to work on his teenage prick

Marsha ran her lips up and down one side of Greg’s
cock. While Jan ran hers up and down the other side.
Their lips met at his dick head . Which they rolled
around between their lips, with their tongues. This was
just too much for Greg and he came.

His semen shot up between them. Spraying come on both
of their faces. Jan went into action first. Taking
Greg’s dick into her mouth. Swallowing some of his red
hot come. Then she passed it to Marsha with her tongue.
Marsha finished Greg off. Jacking him off into her
mouth. Swallowing the very last drop of his hot load.
His deflated cock, slid from her lips. Then the girls
did something that shot Greg’s erection back up to full

They started licking his spent load from each other’s
faces. Ending with the lips. The girls got into a deep,
loving, spit swapping kiss. With his slowly erecting
cock, inches from their faces. It was a sight like none
he would ever forget. They broke the kiss. Smiled then
turned to him and laughed.

“We thought you’d like that.” Jan said.

“We’ve been practicing kissing, with each other for a
few years.”

“Besides,” Jan added, “Marsha’s got great lips.” The
girls giggled.

“And Jan’s got a great tongue.” Marsha added.

“Marsha!” Jan playfully slapped her on the shoulder.
Greg’s hard on was back to full staff. Marsha spoke

“Well now that you’ve had some fun. It time for you to
work on us.” Greg was happy to oblige.

“Oh Yeah! Who’s first?” He eagerly replied.

“Do Jan first. She’s been dying to be with a guy.”

“Marsha!” Jan again playfully poked her.

“Come here you…” He reached for his step sister. As
he lay back on the bed. He pulled Jan on top of him.
She was as light as a feather. Their lips met. Jan
plunged her tongue into Greg’s waiting mouth. Her hands
held his face in a lovers embrace.

Jan was about a half a foot shorter then her step
brother. Her rock hard nipples, stiffly poked into his
chest. Greg could feel her pussy hair scratch his
stomach. He reached down and held onto her tight young
ass. They were cool to his touch. He slid a finger in
between the cheeks of her ass and rubbed her tight
crack gently. Her tiny, tender ass hole slid across his
finger tips.

Marsha was not going to be left out of the action.
Greg’s quickly hardening prick stuck out from in
between Jan’s thighs. Jan had spread her legs widely
apart, so she could rub her lust filled clit against
Greg. Marsha started to jack off Greg with just one
hand. She then placed her other hand on his cock and
gave him a two handed hand job. Greg’s hips swayed in
appreciation. But Marsha needed more.

She crawled up behind Jan. And ran her tongue up and
down the crack Jan’s ass. Jan now shivered as an orgasm
approached. Marsha then moved her tongue down to Jan’s
juicy pussy. She could always set her sister off, with
just a touch of her tongue. Jan’s body gently shook in
orgasm. Then Marsha moved on to the matter at hand. She
was going to get Greg big cock in her pussy today. And
she could hardly wait.

She slid her mouth over Greg dick head.

Greg groaned . Then he once again put his hands on
Jan’s waist. He slid her up his body, until her tender
young pussy was just out of reach of his tongue. Then
he lowered her onto his tongue. Jan grabbed her tits as
Greg’s tongue dove into her. She came almost instantly.

Marsha was really starting to like sucking cock. The
feeling of the warm meat in her mouth. The way it
tasted the hot smell of his musk. On top of all that,
her pussy was really heating up, over all of this sex
play. She stopped blow him and took one of his balls
into her mouth. She didn’t like this as much as sucking
cock. But every slip of her tongue made Greg’s body
twitch. Then a thought hit her. She slid a finger into
her mouth and covered it in saliva. Then gently she
pressed this lubed up finger towards Greg’s ass hole.

Greg was also busy. This was the first pussy he had
ever tasted. His step sister tasted almost sweet. He
had his hands on her hips, pulling her towards his
tongue. Jan was rubbing herself against his mouth. Greg
was looking up the length of his young step sister’s
body. Her firm young tits, blocking his view of her

Jan took one of her hands and pointed to her clit.

“Lick me here.” She said in a soft voice. Greg tongues
easily found Jan’s love button. Her body begun to shake
in her approaching orgasm. Greg’ mouth, greedily
consumed the wash of girl cum, flooding Jan’s pussy.
Jan quietly cried out.

“Oh Gawd, Marsha. He’s almost as good at eating pussy
as you!”

Greg’s eyes lit up with sexual energy. He step sisters
had been having sex with each other. This was just to
fucking good to be true. Marsha had been sucking on
Greg’s fat cock. When Jan said that, Marsha stopped for
a minute.

Then resumed. Only this time she was snaking a finger
towards Greg’s asshole. Her saliva coated finger tip
met, stiff resistance at Greg sphincter. But Marsha was
nothing, if not persistent. And with a firm push. Her
finger entered Greg’s ass.

Jan and Marsha had been sliding fingers and vibrators
into each other, since they started having sex
together; a few years ago. Marsha knew what Greg was
experiencing. But her girlfriend Karen, had told her,
that guys were particularly fond of a magic spot up in
their assholes.

She said it was called a prostate. She couldn’t tell
Marsha where it was. She was going to have to feel
around in there with her finger. But when she found it
the guy would let her know. Marsha probed around
gently, till suddenly Greg’s whole body tensed up.

She still had his dick head in her mouth. When she
pressed against that particular spot. She swore his
cock grew another inch. She pressed it again with her
finger and Greg’s body, once again shook as he came.
Her mouth was flooded with his cum. This load was even
bigger then the last one.

His cum leaked out of her mouth and slid down his rock
hard prick. Marsha released Greg’s cock from her oral
embrace and swallowed from was left of his load, in her
mouth. She looked up. Jan was slumped over Greg,
recovering from another orgasm. Greg had just come. And
Marsha was just a pent up ball of sexual energy.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha…

“Oh Jan….. Marsha quietly said. Jan had slid off of
Greg’s face and was lying on her back next to her step
brother. Her body was covered in sweat and sexual
juices. And now it was Marsha’s turn. Jan laid back to
catch her breath while her older sister climbed on top
of Greg.

They were about the same height. They were now lying
face to face. Greg was still catching his second wind
as his sexy step sister laid down on top of him. Her
heavy breast, pressing against his hairless chest. Greg
could feel Marsha pussy hair pressed against slowly
rising cock. Marsha pressed her cunt mound against him.
Greg placed his hands on Marsha’s red hot ass. She
smiled broadly, then spoke.

“So… This is it, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” He replied. She Bent her face
towards his lips and kissed him tenderly.

“You know, Greg. I always wanted you to be my first.” A
big smile came to Greg’s face. She continued. “Jan and
me, we took each other’s cherry, last year. But you’re
going to be the first guy for either of us.” She had
spread her legs widely apart. So that they were on
either side of his thighs. Greg had one hand on her ass
and the other with a finger in her red hot pussy.

He could feel her juices, flowing out of her pussy. Her
cunt lips were white hot and tender to his slightest
movement. His finger gently stroked her clit. She gasps
for air and then pushed against him, in her sexual
fervor. His other hand closed in on her butt hole. His
index finger gently rubbed against her anus. She
shivered again in pleasure. Then added.

“Maybe if you’re really good. You can put that big dick
in there too.”

He was instantly erect.

Jan was now leaning into them. She bought her face up
next to Marsha’s. Greg looked into her eyes; this was a
girl who was extremely happy. She looked at Greg then
looked at Marsha, with a big smile on her face. Marsha
turned to her sister, and then they kissed. Just for a
moment. Then they really kissed. Greg watched as his
step sisters tongues’ plunged into each others mouth.
He was amazed.

His left hand was on Marsha butt. His right was at her
pussy. Jan’s hand was also at on her ass. Jan broke the
kiss, then spoke.

“I guess you two are ready, huh?” Marsha looked at her
step brother with lust filled eyes.

“FUCK YES!! I’m ready!!” Jan reached to the night
stand. That was where she had left the pack of condoms.
Opening up the foil pack, she slid it down Greg’s
shaft. Greg was surprised at how quickly she had done
this. He was going to have to ask the girls, where the
got the rubbers. Jan rubbed his lust engorged prick
against Marsha cool, smooth butt cheek.

“All ready.” Jan said.

Marsha pushed against his chest with her arms. The she
raised her pussy up from his crotch. Jan grabbed Greg’s
red hot prick and held it steady as Marsha lowered
herself onto him. As her pussy lips touched his
sensitive cock head. Greg gasps. Then slowly Marsha
sunk down. Till just an inch or two of his cock was in
her .

“Oooooh…” She gasps. Closing her eyes and smiling.
Greg was in heaven. He put his hands on her hips and
just laid there. He wanted to savor this moment.

Then very slowly. She began to fuck him. Up, till just
the head of his cock was in her. Then down. WITH each
down stroke. Taking more and more of him in her. Until
at last, she sat down. She had taken him, all the way
to his balls. Marsha sat on his cock for a moment.
Reaching to her bush. She pulled the hair aside to see
exactly what they looked like. With a big smile on her
face, she began to ride him again.

Greg was in sexual heaven. The object of his sexual
fantasy was fucking his brains out. He was loving it.
Jan was sitting besides them, just rubbing their bodies
and talking really dirty. About how sexy they both
looked and how she could hardly wait till it was her
turn to fuck Greg.

He watched Marsha’s body twitch as she approached
orgasm. Jan hand her fingers on Marsha’s clit. Rubbing
feverously as her sister approached orgasm. Greg could
feel Marsha’s juices washing down in between his legs.

“Come with me Greg.” Marsha gasps out. Jan sat back and
watched. Masturbating As the two of them ground their
sex together in as erotic dance as she would ever she.
Marsha’s carefully combed hair was a sweat soaked
tangled mess as they fucked. Greg was holding back .
Till the last possible moments, to savoir this sexual
magic. Then it happened.

He felt her red hot pussy clench tightly around his
cock. He could take no more. His come shot out of his
balls. The condom the girls had so carefully applied.
Did its job. Holding back the flood of his spent load.
Marsha collapsed on top of her step brother.

Jan followed them with an orgasm of her own. Her juices
forming a small pool on the bed spread between her

After a few minutes. Marsha disentangled herself from
Greg’s loins. His cock slid out of her. Shimmering with
her juices. She sat back and just stared at the semen
filed condom. She then rolled it off of Greg and did
one of the sexiest things he had ever seen.

She squeezed the contents back onto his softening cock.
Then she slid her mouth back onto his cock. He shivered
as his hyper sensitive dick head came in contact with
her red hot mouth. She pumped his cock once or twice
with her lips. Just to get every last drop of his load.
Then sat back down, with a contented smile or her face.

The three of them just laid there for about five
minutes. Catching their breath and the realization of
what had just happened, sank in. Finally Jan spoke.

“So when are we going to be able to do this again?”

They all laughed. Marsha looked over to the wall clock.

“We should get cleaned up before Mom and Dad come
home.” That said the girls gave Greg one last kiss.
Gathered up their bikinis and went to their room. Greg
thought, ‘Life’s going to be a lot different around
here, from now on.’ Then he drifted off to sleep; still
naked on his bed.

In his dreams, Marsha was once again fucking him. He
was about to come, when she climbed off of him and
jerked him off till he came. Suddenly his eyes opened
wide and he was wide-awake. His sexy, beautiful, hot,
stepsister Marsha had been jerking him off in his

She looked like she had just got out of the shower. Her
hair was wrapped in a towel and she was all covered up
in a big fluffy robe.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” Then she kissed him lightly on
the lips.

“Jan will be out of the shower in a few minutes.” She
still had her hand on his softening cock. His spent
load, covering her fingers. They both looked towards
her come-covered hand.

“I thought you’d get a charge out of me waking you up
like that. I had no idea, you’d get that big a charge
out of it.” They both laughed. Then they heard Jan call
up the stairs.

“All done. It’s all yours.”

“Better get in the shower, lover. Mom and Dad should be
home any minute.” Marsha then bent over Greg and their
lips met. Then she broke it off. “Just something to
remember me by. She then got off the bed and hurried
down the stairs. She was licking her fingers as he got
out of bed. He got into the shower as his parent’s car
pulled into the driveway.

When he got out of the shower, it was like the world
had changed. He wasn’t sure what it was, but everything
seemed different. His Dad had a barbecue going in the
back yard. They had a big summer barbecue, like they
always did, then back inside after dinner. Marsha had a
date that night. Her date picked her up about 7. They
were going to a movie. The Brady kids had an 11:00
curfew. So Greg watched, with a little jealousy, as
Marsha left on her date.

He was also going out that night. He had a date with
that cute little cheerleader, Judy. He picked her up
about 7:30 and he was home by 10:30. The whole night,
he had been thinking about his sexy stepsister. This
didn’t stop him from making out w. Judy, after the
movie. But he was on fire, to continue his sex play
with Marsha.

Everybody else went to bed by 10:00. Greg was upstairs
in his room. Waiting in his pajamas. Secretly listening
for Marsha to return from her date. About 10:45 he
heard a car pull up out front. Greg peeked out the
window. There she was. The guy walked her to the door.
They were out of his view for about a minute. That was
one long good night kiss, he thought to himself. Then
Greg watched as the guy walked back to his car, got in
and drove off.

About 15 minutes later, there was a light knocking on
his door. The door opened. Greg’s heart leapt.

It was Marsha. And she was wearing a nightie. Her erect
nipples pushed against the front. He had seen her in
this same nightgown many times. But this time, He saw
her in a whole new way. The only light in his room was
a small reading lamp, on his bedside table. She stepped
into the room, then closed and locked the door.

“Want some company?”

“Sure.” He tried not to sound too anxious. But his cock
was quickly rising. As she walked towards the bed, he
got a flash of the panties she had on. They were frilly
little things. That matched the top. Hardly as
revealing as the thong bikini he had seen her in
earlier today. But just as sexy.

She walked like a tigress. Her bare feet silent as she
approached his bed. She stopped at the side of his bed.
Bent over and kissed him hungrily. Their tongues were
instantly in each other’s mouths. Then, after a minute
or so. She pulled away, with a very big contented smile
on her face.

Then Marsha climbed onto Greg’s bed. Swinging a leg
over his hip she sat down softly right on top of his
crotch. Before she sat down she pulled the nightie away
from her body. This had the effect of placing only her
lace covered panties and Greg’s pajamas between them.
His balls lay tightly against her panty-covered pussy.
His very erect cock, half sticking out of his pajama
bottoms. Marsha rubbed her pussy against Greg’s balls
and then said.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Me too.”

Then she paused. As if thinking, then she said.

“Ya wanna hear about my date. The whole time I was
making out with him. I was thinking about you.” This
was a big charge to Greg’s ego. Of course He wanted to

“Sure.” He replied.

“Then I want to hear about your date.” She added. Then
wiggled her panty-covered crotch against his balls. She

“Tony picked me up and told me we were going to see a
movie. I snuggled up next to him in the car. He put his
arm around me as we drove.” Marsha reached down to
Greg’s pajamas and unsnapped the waist and crotch.
Greg’s lengthening crotch lay flat and throbbing upon
his stomach. Marsha ran her fingers up and down his
length. She continued the story as Greg put his hands
on her hips.

“We sat in the back row of the movie theatre, ya know.
In the make out row. Well, as soon as the lights go
out. We start making out.”

“Gawd, telling you about this has got me so hot.” She
took a hand off of his cock and slid it into her
panties. Greg watched as she slid her hand way down
onto her pussy. Marsha’s eyes closed, and she groaned
with the sensation. Then she pulled her hand out and
held it up. It was shiny with her juices. Greg took her
hand and bought it to his lips. He licked her pussy
juice covered hand. Then Marsha bought her hand to her
own lips and licked it also. Mischievous smiles covered
both of their faces as the tease continued. Marsha then
took this same juice covered hand and took hold of her
stepbrother’s very firm erection. Then very slowly, she
began to jerk him off, as her story continued. Greg had
never seen anything so sexy, in his entire life.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, the movies. Tony’s is trying to
put his hand on my tits or up my skirt. But I didn’t
want to go that far, in a movie theatre. After the
movie we get some pizza and then drive out to Lookout
Point, to make out.”

Marsha was really getting into reliving the situation.
She was rubbing her clit against Greg’s balls. Greg,
seeing this. Took his right hand and placed his thumb
over her very sensitive clit. Marsha gasp as Greg’s
made contact with her love bud. The panties, she was
wearing, were wet with her juices. Her panty-covered
clit was slippery against his thumb.

“So we’re making out. And Tony starts to feel me up. He
wasn’t as gentle as you. But it still felt nice, so I
let him. He starts to unbutton the front of my dress. I
was wearing one of my favorite bras. It’s that blue
one. Anyway, He’s fumbling with the clasp, so I unhook
it for him. Then he wants to suck on my breast. I let
him, but he’s starting to get a little messy. He went
from one breast to the other, just slobbering all over
them. He then put a hand on my thigh, slowly he slid it
up towards my pussy.”

Greg then slipped his thumb inside the leg opening of
Marsha panties. Now his thumb was making direct contact
with her clit and pussy lips. Marsha closed her eyes,
as the sensation ran over her. Then continued her

“The whole time he is doing this. I’m thinking about
how great it felt, when we were fucking, this
afternoon. And I think to myself. This guy has no idea
what he’s doing. When my sexy, step brother make me
feel so fucking good earlier in the day.”

“But I was feeling kinda sexy. But I didn’t want to go
all the way with him. So I put my hand on his as he got
inches from my pussy. And said, “I’m not that kind of
girl.” They both laughed.

“You must have left him with a terrible case of blue
balls.” Greg added.

“Well I couldn’t lead him on that far. And then just
left him hanging. So after some pleading on his part. I
agreed to give him a hand job.” Again the both
chuckled.” Tony was more then glad to get that. I left
my dress open the whole time, I was jerking him off.
Your cock was much bigger then his and when he came it
got all over his pants.”

“Afterwards I made him swear, not to tell anybody, or
I’d never go out with him again. And I’d tell all the
girls that he had a small dick. He was happy just to
get a hand job, some bare breast and a flash of my

Greg now had both of he thumbs inside his sexy
stepsister’s panties, rubbing either side of her juicy
young pussy.

“So what about your date?” She asked. “Ooops, before I
forget.” She then hopped up, off of the bed. And turned
her back to him. Marsha then flipped up the back of her

“Help me off with these would you?” She asked. Shaking
her firm teenage butt at him.

“Would I!” He put his hands on the waistband of her
panties and pushed them down. The squeezed past her
firm ass and the slid down her legs. She looked back
over her shoulders and said.

“That’s much more comfortable.” She then climbed back
on the bed. By now, Greg’s cock was standing at full
staff. Marsha sat down high on his waist. Positioning
Greg’s cock. Firmly between her ass cheeks. The cool
firm flesh of her ass felt like velvet against his
cock. Her silky smooth pussy hair scratched against his
stomach. He was in heaven. Marsha slowly started to
rock back and forth. Her firm ass cheeks gently jacking
off her step brother.

“So tell me about your date?” Marsha asked.

He put his hands on her naked hips and slowed down her
rocking motion. He wanted this fuck fest to last all

“I picked up Judy and we went to a drive in movie.”

“Judy, the cheerleader; you lucky dog. She’s really
hot.” Marsha added. “Word in the girls bathroom, is
she’s really easy.”

“She sure is,” Greg said,” But I just couldn’t get my
mind off of my sexy step sister.” Marsha grinned sexily
at him. She took Greg’s hands off of her hips and put
them on her breast. Her very aroused nipples stabbed
into the palm of his hands. He gently played with her
tits as he continued his story.

“We get to the drive in and climb into the back seat.
Judy was on my lap in a flash. She had on this great
looking little yellow mini-dress. So we’re making out,
she’s rubbing her panty-covered pussy against my
crotch. And I’m getting really fired up. So I but my
hands underneath her dress and grab her nice firm ass.”

“Your ass is so much nicer then hers’ Marsha. Yours is
nice and tight. Her was a little boney.”

“Thanks honey.” She bent over and kissed him. His rock
hard prick rubbed against her tender little ass hole.
Marsha rocked her hips up and down. Rubbing her rectum
against his very sensitive cock head. Greg almost lost
it and came. But he raised her up by the hips.

“You keep that up and you’re going to make me come.”
Marsha giggled and reached back and fondled his cock
and balls. Then she said.

“Well I guess we’re going to have to do something about
that. Won’t we?” She said with a mischievous grin. She
then bent over again and kissed him. Raising her hips
up again, then sitting back down with his prick
sticking up between her legs. She rubbed her very wet
pussy against his prick. Then said.

“So what happened? Did you fuck her?” Greg loved it
when a girl talked dirty. Marsha leaned over and opened
the drawer on Greg’s nightstand. That was where they
had put the condoms earlier today. She reached in and
pulled one out. Ripping the packet open with her teeth.
The pre-lubed rubber dropped onto Greg’s chest. Marsha
picked it up with a sexy grin and slid in down Greg’s
very erect prick. He laid there fascinated, while she
carried out her little task. Then she asked.

“So you’ve got your hands on her ass. Then what
happened?” she lightly jacked him off to make sure the
rubber was on.

“So we’re making out. I’ve got one hand one her ass and
the other one on her tits.”

“Tits, Ewww! I hate that word.” Marsha said. Then she
took the bottom of her nightie in hand and very slowly.
Took it off. Her tanned, firm, teenage tits swayed
before him. She was rubbing her red-hot pussy, up and
down his rock hard cock. What a tease.

“A zipper ran up the front of her dress. So I pulled it
all the way down. She had on little polka dot bra and
panties. So I unhook the bra and I’m sucking away on
her T…. I mean breasts. She’s getting hotter then a
firecracker. And I’ve got a hard on that just wont

“So, did ya fuck her?” Marsha asked in the sexiest
voice he ever heard. Greg smiled broadly. He paused to
keep up the suspense. Then said.

“No.” Marsha smiled. Then rising up her hips she held
his dick head at the entrance to her pussy. Her juices
were dripping onto his cock. Her pussy lips enflamed
with passion.

“Put it in me would ya honey?” He was happy to comply.
Holding his cock steady she slid onto him. A long gasp
ran out of both of them. Marsha set the pace of their
fucking. Slowly rising up then back down. Taking a
little more of him in each time.

“Ya wanna try something different?” Greg seductively

“What?” Marsha replied as she fucked him.

“Did you ever hear of doggy style? It’s suppose to feel
great for the women.”

“Sure, lets try it. I’ve seen pictures of it.”

They hopped up off the bed. “Where do you want me?”
Marsha asked. This was new to both of them.

“How about you stand next to the bed and lean over.”

“Like this?” Greg almost shot his load right there.
Marsha was gorgeous. She was standing there naked;
leaning over the foot of his bed. Her Very fine ass
thrust out towards him. Greg pictured Marsha naked so
many times, in his fantasies. And here she was. Posing
like a women in Playboy. This was fucking great.

He stepped up behind her and put his hands on her hips.
Then rubbing his cock back and forth between her legs.
He found the opening for her pussy. He slowly pushed
in, when she suddenly pushed back against him. Sinking
his entire length into her cunt. He was in heaven.

Then they started to fuck.

His balls were banging against her thighs. This was
incredible. He could feel the muscles of her pussy
clamping down on him, as she seemed to have one
continuous orgasm. He was very close.

“Want to try something else?” Marsha asked in a muffled
tone of ecstasy.

“Hell yes!”

“Stick that big dick up my ass…” He couldn’t believe
his ears. His prim and proper little sisters wanted him
to fuck her in the ass. She didn’t have to ask him
twice. He pulled out his cock from her pussy. Then he
slid two fingers into her. Her juices covered his
fingers. Then he took them and rubbed them against her
rectum. Smearing them all over her butt hole.

“Are you ready?” He asked. She reached back and spread
her cheeks wide.

“Fuck me, Greg!” She sexily snapped at him. Her tiny
little ass hole winked at him. He positioned his
condom-covered cock. At the entrance of her sphincter
and gently pushed. Then pushed a little harder. He
watched as her ass hole slowly spread around his
invading prick. Then with a soft fart. He sank balls
deep into her.

Marsha gasps for air at the rectal invader. Greg ran
his fingers up and down her back to relax her. Then she
started to fuck him back. He had never felt anything
like this before in his life. She seemed to be really
enjoying the whole experience. She was masturbating
herself as Greg fucked her ass. He knew he couldn’t
hold out for much longer. Greg looked at the back of
his gorgeous sex machine of a stepsister. She was
covered in sweat. So was he. Her sphincter clamped onto

He pulled against her ribs and pulled her body towards
him. Their sweat mingled together. She took his hands
and placed them on top of her tits. Her entire nipple
was erect with lust. When she stood up her sphincter
twisted against his cock. They both gasp out loud at
the sensation. He slid a hand down to her pussy. Her
juices were running down her legs. As soon as he
touched her engorged clit. Marsha’s whole body shook
with the sensation. She groaned. Their lips met in a
lust filled kiss.

“Oh man, this is so good.” Marsha whispered into his

He groaned in agreement. This felt so ‘fucking good.
Then he felt his balls quake.

“Bend over, would ya, honey?” He managed to gasp out.
She happily obliged. Greg held his stepsister by the
hips and really started to bang into her. Marsha fucked
back against him. Her body shook again as she orgasmed.
That was all he could take.

“I’m going to come.” He said in a gasp. Marsha pulled
off of him and knelt at his feet. She quickly pulled
off the condom and took his cock in her mouth. Just
that quickly. He shot a huge load into her waiting
lips. She swallowed every drop. And he collapsed back
onto the bed.

Marsha fell into his arms. After a few minutes, she

“Jan wants to fuck you tomorrow night. Are you game?”

You’ve got to love those Brady Girls.

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