A wife gets ganbanged by prison gang
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My wife is 55 years old, I married her when she was 36. She was 5’5” a 150 lbs. Reddish brown hair. She is a nurse in a prison infirmary. Now she is almost 300 lbs. My wife has always been very conservative. Her first marriage ended because he beat her, and basically would ass fuck her on the bathroom counter against her will every time he got the chance, if she refused he would just beat the fuck out of her.
When we met she would not even consider ass fucking, and missionary was about the only position we would use. Her clit is way up under the hood and it is hard to stimulate her. About 2 years ago she started to prefer ass fucking to getting fucked in her pussy,which made me wonder if she was not getting it somewhere else.
When she started at the prison 6 years ago, the inmates always would have their cocks out so the nurses could see them, at first some of the sizes would shock her and she would come home and say,”how can any woman take that?It’s impossible!’ Then she would fuck the hell out of me. Now she knows to of my biggest fantasies were to watch her get fucked by a black man, and to watch her eat and get fucked by another woman.
The prison warned the nurses that they should remove all social media references because there had been intel that members of some of the gangs of the inmates may take advantage of them.
My wife has 44DD tits,a nice round ass, whose asshole is still tight after a few years of fucking, and a very hairy tight pussy.
She was working the 12 hour middle shift (7a-7p) in January, so it was dark by 5pm here. From what she could remember, she was just about to her car when a van pulled up ,and she heard the door slide open,after that it was all a blur. She remembers waking up on a mattress, to someone grabbing her tits and trying to pull her scrubs off. She tried to resist but found her hands tied to two eye hooks on the sides of the van. “Relax bitch, no use struggling, as her pants and underwear were ripped off exposing her cunt to them.
One of them took out a knife and sliced her shirt and bra off, her tits laying against her chest jiggling with every bump. “Look at these milkers! We are going to have some fun with these momma!’
She knew there were three in the van, and the driver said, “were here!” It was an old farm,with a barn. They slid the door open,untied her hands and dragged her bare ass across the ground.”Go ahead ,and scream bitch ain’t no one going to hear you out here!’
She said they hung her by a big hook hanging from a beam, bent over a sawhorse with her arms behind her, and legs tied to the sawhorse. She said she begged them not to hurt her, that she would do whatever they wanted. The leader said, “Bitch you are going to do what we want anyway!”With that hey all stripped, showing cocks as big as she had seen at the prison. “time to test you gag reflex bitch,and if you have one I’ll just slit your throat,then he put his 10 inch cock in her mouth and forced it down her throat until her nose was in his curly pubic hair, he pistoned her throat, until he came making her aspirate his cum.
Just then she felt the head of a cock pressing into her pussy. She started to protest, but felt the huge cock stretching her cunt to the tearing point. Then it was pulled out only to be shoved in until she felt as huge pair of balls slapping her ass. “That’s it bitch ride this big black cock until you make me come in that hairy pussy of yours! She said the fucking went on for hours. She almost passed out, when they said it was time for a change and let her down off the hook, and onto a mattress on the barn floor. There was blood ,and stains on it so she knew it has been used before.They untied her because they said there was no where to run and if she did they would kill her, and no one would ever find her.
She laid on the mattress with come and blood coming out of every hole.
Now, whore your going to tell us who you want to fuck you next! “I don’t want to!” With that one of them kicked her in the stomach. Look bitch I said,”Who do you want to fuck you. She chose the one with the smallest of the cocks which was about 10 inches. “OK whore time to play cow girl! Get on this cock and ride! Already stretched out she slid down the cock and began rocking back and forth,tits slapping against her chest. Then the guy she was fucking pulled her down to him forcing her to french kiss him. Just as that was starting she felt another cock forcing its way in on top of the other one, she tried to scream, she knew her pussy could not take two monster cocks, but the other man kept forcing his cock into her pussy she could feel her cunt begin to tear.”O my god,stop!”
The man grabbed her hair and pulled her back whispering,”I’ll stop when your white cunt is full of black seed. After 10 minute she felt what was a firehose hitting the inside of her gut, as both men came time after time filling her pussy to the limit.
“Tell me you love black cock bitch!” “I love black cock” she said. She thought the ordeal may be ending, surely they could not do anymore.”
Then she heard a car pull up. “Hey the girls are here”,she heard one of them say.
O god……..to be continued.

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