Training Carrie – my dirty sex-slave
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I walked her up and down the room on the leash to cool down further. We
made two circuits, then I took her to the weight bench again to take off
her shoes and socks. When she stood, I reattached her wrists behind her
back and removed the leash.

I asked her how she felt about the workout, and she said it felt good.
Then I asked how she felt about her talk today, and she said some of the
things she said really surprised her. I thought, “Tell me about it,” but
out loud I asked her what she meant. She said that, as her Master had
pointed out, she was coming up with some pretty heavy imagery. She was Ok
with the memories of the family, she understood where they were coming
from, and that it was a cleansing experience to remember them. But the
stuff like the Carnegie Hall performance, she didn’t know where that came
from and frankly, now that she thought about it, it concerned her as much
as it concerned the Master. I told her that the best thing for us to do was
keep talking about everything in our lives, and that she should be careful
of any ideas she had about surprising her Master or doing things in secret
she thought would please her Master when they were revealed. She said that
considering some of the imagery she was coming up with, that was sound
advice, and she would watch for those kinds of tendencies. I told her that
the absolute most important thing for her Master was to have her in his
life, and that anything she did that might jeopardize her health or well
being would not be in the interest of their partnership. She said she
agreed 100 per cent.

I told her she should have some water after her workout, and she
agreed. I took her up to the toilet area, and had her kneel before the
penis faucet. She took six discharges of water before indicating she had
enough. Need I say she didn’t spill any? Hell, I hadn’t even picked up the
crop, it still lay where I dropped it that first day. When she was standing
again, I asked her if she needed to use the toilet. She shook her head No.

I hugged her, then we kissed for long moments, then I let go and told
her to lead me to the harnesses. When we got to the drawers, I told her
that speech would be informal so we could talk about this stuff. She said
Ok. I asked her if she had worn any of it, and she said she had tried some
of it, but she had a hard time figuring out what it was for. I said that
most of this stuff was referred to as fetish equipment, because it turned
people on who had specific fetishes. A fetish is a fixation on particular
parts of the body or specific bodily functions. Specific fetish equipment
was designed to assist them with their fetishes.

She laughed and said “Ok, could you give me an example?” I said I
could, and pulled out a leather harness that looked like a brassiere with
all of the cup material removed. I put it on her, and after I adjusted it
to her form, it looked stunning on her. I had her look at herself in the
mirror, and she said “Wow!”

I said that if I had a fixation on breasts, and wasn’t interested in
anything but breasts, this would be a big help for me in focusing my
attention on her breasts and ignoring the rest of her body, and I would be
salivating right now just looking at her breasts framed by this harness.
Then I said, “Wait a minute, I am salivating just looking at those breasts.
Oh my God, I have a breast fetish. No, wait, anyone with a pulse would
salivate looking at those breasts. I’m Ok, I’m normal, Thank you God.” She
was laughing so hard tears were running down her face. I took it off of
her, and said, “Ok, this is a definite keeper, you’re going to be wearing
this a lot, maybe even to bed. But if you keep it on now, there’s only one
thing we will do all morning.” She asked it that would be so bad, and
pointed out that we missed the pre-breakfast orgy today. I didn’t reply,
because I didn’t want to tell her that I was going to run an experiment
today, to see if we could make it past our afternoon visit without sex.

I rummaged around some more, pulled out a big plastic bag of stuff,
laughed, and said, “What are you doing with this?” She said she just bought
a bunch of stuff, she didn’t understand what most of it was. I took it out
of the bag and shook it until it was pretty much oriented the way it would
look on the body. There was a plumed hat, something that looked like a
horse’s bridle with a bit, a body harness, cuffs for the wrists, and butt
plug with another plume on it. That gave me an idea, I told her we would
get back to this crap later, and dropped it on the floor. I rummaged around
some more, and finally found what I was looking for. I went to the dildo
drawer and got the lubricating jelly, then told her to go over to the

I followed her over, and told her to take hold of the front rail and
bend over. Then I asked her if she had ever worn a butt plug, she said she
hadn’t. I told her this should be interesting for her then, and I greased
it up and slowly shoved it in her asshole. When it was in almost all the
way, it was opening her a little wider than I had ever opened her, and I
saw her wince in the mirror. “Almost there,” I said. In a second the widest
part was in, and her asshole closed around the narrower neck. I turned it
so the two fingers sticking out to each side would nestle in the crack of
her ass. I wiped off the excess lube, then told her to stand up. She was
smiling. I told her to walk to the bed and back, and she did. She was still
smiling. I asked her how it felt, and she said “Filling. … And nice.” I
asked her if she wanted to keep it in for awhile, and she shook her head
Yes. I said maybe she could keep it in while we visit Beverly this
afternoon, she blushed bright red, and said “Master, you wouldn’t make me
do that!” I agreed I wouldn’t make her, but she could if she wanted to,
plenty of time to decide. It would be really sexy if it were our little
secret, under that very proper skirt with no panties. She grinned, and said
it might be at that, what was the stuff I had dropped on the floor?

I took her back to the pile on the floor, and explained that it was a
pony girl outfit. Some men liked to dress women up like a pony and have
them pull a cart around in an arena or outside. She asked why, and I told
her it beat the hell out of me, seemed totally pointless. I told her it
gave me the idea for the butt plug, because it had one. I picked it up and
showed it to her, and pointed out that when it was in the butt, there was
something like a tail sticking out. She laughed and said I was right, it
was pointless, let’s get rid of it. I agreed and bagged it up. I threw it
into the Master’s area for later disposal.

Throwing the bag into the Master’s area gave me another idea, so I took
her over there and led her onto the carpet. I told her to try sitting down
on the couch to see if the plug hurt her when she was sitting. She said it
didn’t hurt at all, it still felt really good to have it in. I had her get
up and sit down again on one of the chairs, which were much less padded.
She said, no it still didn’t hurt, she liked it. I winked at her and said
she would like it even more if only she and I knew she was wearing it in
“proper company” this afternoon. She smiled and said she was giving it
serious consideration.

I told her to come back to the drawer area with me while I rummaged
around some more. I took out a bunch of nipple clips and threw them on the
floor. She asked what they were, and I said they were nipple clips, but
they were designed just to cause pain and bruise or cut the flesh, and that
she would never wear crap like that. I finally found the ones I was looking
for, walked over and put them on her. They wrapped around the base of the
nipple, then could be tightened as much as desired to squeeze the nipple.
Of course they could be used for torture if over tightened, but I just used
enough pressure to keep them from falling off, and they forced each nipple
into a spherical shape. I pointed out the small chain and attach point at
the end, then told her to wait. I went back to the drawers, and returned
with a small pair of jingle bells. I attached them to the end of the
chains, then told her to walk down the room a ways and then walk back. She
tinkled down and back. She was laughing, and said that was silly, what was
the point? I told her I would always know when she was coming, so I could
stop masturbating and she would never know she wasn’t satisfying me
sexually. She laughed, and said Ok, that was fair, could I give her another
use? I said it would drive Beverly and Philip crazy if she was also wearing
them this afternoon. They would never figure out where that damn ringing
was coming from. Now she was laughing hard, and she said that was for sure
not going to happen. I told her it was just an idea, but I did want her to
wear them a little while longer for me.

I went back to my exploration, and soon I heard her tinkling again. I
looked up to see where she was going. She was still standing where I had
left her, grinning and tapping on the bells with her fingers. “Play me a
tune,” I said.

“I am,” she said, “don’t you know which one?”

“If it’s not the One Note Samba, I don’t have a clue.” She laughed, and
said that wasn’t it, but she could understand my confusion.

“Aha,” I said, pulling a chrome plated chastity belt out of a drawer. I
walked over to her, holding it up and turning it for her to examine. “Now,
the last thing we want from this Slave is chastity, but I’ve got to see how
this looks on you.”

She clapped her hands and grinned. “Oh boy, something to keep you off
of me for a while. I could really go for that.”

It was secured with a tiny padlock like the one I used for her leash. I
found a key that would open it, then held the key up to her. “Before I lock
this on you, Slave, swallow this key. When you pass the key in your stool,
you can take the belt off again.”

Her smile turned to a look of surprise. “Master, you wouldn’t do that,
would you?”

“Of course not, Carrie, do you think I’ve gone crazy? I was kidding,
sorry if I scared you.”

She grinned again. “Sorry Master, I was the crazy one, not to know you
were joking. Let me try it on, please.”

I helped her put it on then found the right adjustment to set with the
lock. I told her it had to be snug enough so she couldn’t get a finger in
and stimulate herself, but not so tight it hurt. I told her a small pain at
first would turn to agony in a few days, but of course some men might be
going for that effect. She asked if it wasn’t taken off when the Slave used
the toilet, and I said I didn’t think so, it stayed on all the time. I
pointed out that the main purpose, assuming it had any valid purpose except
humiliation, was to prevent the Slave from receiving pleasure when the
Master wasn’t around. If it could be removed for toilet breaks when the
Master wasn’t around, what good was it? She said it must be awfully messy.
I told her that would be easy to verify, all we had to do was remove her
butt plug, put it on her, then take her for a toilet trip. She shook her
head, and said she didn’t really want to do that unless it was the Master’s
wish. I said No, it wasn’t the Master’s wish, I was just giving her the
opportunity to answer her question. She shook her head No again, and I said
Ok, I would lock it on over the butt plug and let her model it for a few
minutes. It did look stunning on her, but what wouldn’t? She could walk
down the street in a burlap bag, and every woman who saw her would want a
burlap bag of her own. It goes without saying that every man who saw her
would want to remove the bag.

She walked back and forth a few times, and I asked her how it felt on
her body. She said it was heavy, she could feel the weight on her hips, and
that it chafed her legs when she walked. I had her spread her legs wider
and took a close look. I said we had the parts between the legs snugged up
to her crotch as far as they would go, but I could see that they would rub
her legs while she walked. Perhaps the things came in different sizes and
this one was just too big for her. I admitted to not being an expert on
chastity belts. She said No, she didn’t imagine I would know much about
chastity. When I looked up at her, she laughed.

I left her standing there in her bells, butt plug and chastity belt,
and went back to my rummaging. I soon came up with a pair of compound
action nipple clamps, the kind that get tighter the more tension they are
under. I walked over to show them to her. I told her I had always regarded
them as torture devices, but in caring hands they might have their uses. I
removed her nipple clamps, and gently clamped one of the new ones to her
left nipple, supporting its weight in my hand to prevent it from hanging
down. To put it on her I squeezed it open, put the clamp jaws around her
nipple, then gently relaxed my squeeze. It was spring loaded, and it
automatically clamped down on the nipple. I asked her how that felt. She
said it was not pleasant, but it didn’t hurt, either. I told her not to
worry, it would after a few hours.

Still supporting the weight of the first one in my hand, I gently
attached the other one to her right breast and supported its weight also.
“Now, watch this,” I said. I began to gently pull the clamps away from her
breasts, holding each clamp at the back. As the tension on the clamps grew,
because I was pulling and she was resisting, the clamps’ grip automatically
tightened on each nipple. I could see the nipples flattening as they were
being squeezed harder. At the same time of course, they were being pulled
outward by the force of my hands. Soon she winced, and said “Ow, please
stop, Master.” I immediately backed off on the pressure, but didn’t let the
clamps relax totally.

I told her it was easy to think of numerous scenarios where these would
be excellent torture devices, or they could be used to condition a Slave to
only enjoy sexual pleasure when it was accompanied by pain. But she would
never be tortured, or conditioned to enjoy pain, so there was no need to
worry. Then I gave her a scenario where they might be useful for us. I told
her to suppose that the Slave had been an extremely bad girl, so bad that
the Master was forced to respond with a severe punishment. Then suppose
that, for whatever reason, the Master didn’t wish to whip the Slave, what
could he do to provide the needed punishment? Well, he could put the Slave
in the learning machine overnight, but since it wasn’t the proverbial cold
day in hell, that would never happen in this Master/Slave scenario. Here’s
an idea: put the Slave in her Slave bed, adjust the bed until she’s all
comfy and cozy, then put these little clamps on her nipples. Suspend the
clamps by strong string or wire from attach points above the Slave’s
breasts, then put some tension on the clamps. Not much, just enough for the
Slave to feel discomfort. Then turn out the room lights and say “Goodnight”
to the Slave. How do you think the Slave’s nipples would feel 8 hours
later, and do you think the Slave would have gotten much sleep?

While I was telling her this scenario, I was doing my best to hold a
constant, moderate tension on the clamps. By the time I finished the story
she was wincing again, but she remained quiet. I ended my story by saying,
“And then the next day, the Slave could go about its normal day like this,
and I let go of the clamps and let them hang from her breasts. She gave me
another “Ow!” but made no move to relieve her pain.

After a few seconds I removed the clamps, and said “What do you think,

“Let’s keep them, Master, that will make the Slave think twice about
ever being an ‘extremely bad girl.'” I smiled, put her jingle bells back
on, and went back to the drawers. After rooting around awhile, I didn’t
find much more that interested me, I decide we would continue exploring
another day. I checked the clock in the Master’s area, and saw that it was
10:45, time to get back back upstairs.

Returning to my Slave, I told her that the chastity belt had to come
off, and asked her if she agreed that we had no use for it. She agreed,
saying that chastity was not something that interested us, and besides that
we would never be apart, so what would be the point? I took it off and
tossed it on the trash pile. I said that the jingle bells were a keeper, I
suspected that she would be wearing them a lot in the training room. They
would be wonderful accessories to her breast harness. I took them off and
put them back in the drawer with the breast harness. That left the butt

I asked her if she wanted to wear the butt plug when we went upstairs,
and she said that she did. I warned her that she must never insert or
remove it herself, that was her Master’s job. I said every time her Master
removed it, he would hand it to her and it was her job to immediately wash
it off with soap and hot water. I asked her if there was any lubricating
jelly upstairs, and she didn’t think there was. So I grabbed a tube of it
from the dildo drawer, told her “Formal Speech,” then attached her wrists
behind her back and escorted her to the door.

In the mural room, as I was taking off her bonds, I asked her how the
plug felt now. She said it was wonderful, it was like her Master was always
with her, always filling her. I asked her how many times she had come since
the plug was inserted, and she hesitated. She didn’t think I had noticed.
Finally she said, “about half a dozen times, Master, usually when I’m
walking, and once when you were demonstrating those clamps for me. Does it
bother my Master that the Slave is coming without him?”

“You’re not coming without me, my beautiful Slave, my Carrie. You said
yourself that the plug was like always having me inside you. And I control
whether or not you wear the plug. I am in complete control of your orgasms,
and I want you to have as many as you find it pleasurable to have. I do
have one concern, though. I’m sure that by now you have decided to wear the
plug this afternoon during our visit. I am concerned about the effect if
you are noticed having orgasms. Of course, I guess we could say that we are
so much in love that you come just thinking about me. Do you think that
would be a satisfying explanation to Beverly?”

She gulped. “You’re right Master, I had decided to wear it. But I
hadn’t thought about having orgasms right there in their house. That would
be horrible, I couldn’t do that to Beverly. I won’t wear the plug.”

“Don’t be so hasty, Carrie. Of course, the choice is still entirely
yours, but your Master suggests that you keep the plug in until, oh, say
12:30, half an hour before we leave. During that time, see if you can
prevent your orgasms from occurring. If you are able to prevent any more
orgasms between now and then, I believe you could also control them for the
few hours you will be with Beverly. I still think it would be fun for you
to wear the plug, if you think its safe. Still your choice, what do you
want to do?”

“Great idea, Master,” she said. “We’ll follow your plan.” I told her to
take the jelly to the bathroom, then wait for me. I told her I was going to
ask Philip for a small salad, a sandwich, and iced tea for each of us,
ready at 11:30, was that Ok with her? “Perfect,” she said, then grabbed her
blouse, shoes, and the jelly and went into the bathroom.

I tracked philip down and put in our request. I asked him if we were
still on for 1:00, and he said Yes, they were both looking forward to it. I
told him Carrie and I were, also, then went to join her for a shower.

I asked her if the plug should come out temporarily so she could
defecate. She said no, but she needed to urinate. I asked her if she would
have any problem doing that with the plug in, and she said of course not,
but she wanted to do it now, if I got her point. I jumped out of her way
dramatically, and she sat down. Before I could even kneel to watch her, she
had started. “Came close to an accident, did we?” I asked.

“Pretty close,”, she said, “and I didn’t want to give Master the
satisfaction of watching me lick it up.”

“I’m pretty sure your urine licking days are behind you, Carrie. It’s
not healthy to drink your own, or anyone else’s, urine, I don’t get any
pleasure in watching you do it, I’m not thrilled about kissing you for
awhile after you do it, and it has no value as a behavior correcting
device, since your peeing will almost always be an involuntary action in
the first place.”

“She looked into my eyes, and said, “Oh, Master, every time I get a
glimpse of your goodness, your sensibility, and your deep underlying love
for your Slave, I tremble at the possibility of who I could have been
eventually owned by, if I hadn’t escaped. I was so stupid to go down that
road. Now look at what my friends have to go through to make up for my

“You’d be right to tremble, Carrie. Your odds of you finding anything
close to happiness in that scenario were zero.

“You weren’t stupid, Carrie, you were misled. You were seeking what you
needed for your happiness, and I understand perfectly why you thought you
had found the right place. Unfortunately, for the slave, the whole thing is
an illusion. As for your friends, I think I can speak for them all, even
though I don’t know any of them except Philip, in saying that it is a
privilege to be able to do anything at all to ensure your safety and well
being. From a perfectly selfish perspective, Carrie, if you hadn’t made
that big mistake, I wouldn’t be here today, so I’m glad you were
temporarily stupid, but had the intelligence and the balls to get the hell
out of there at what would have been your only opportunity.”

She smiled and said I was right, and my being here with her meant
everything to her. “To me, also,” I said. Then I took some toilet paper and
wiped her. She got up, and I raised the seat and opened my fly. She was
standing there, and I said, “I’m ready, but I can’t fire without the aim.”
She laughed, grabbed my cock, and proved that her aim had improved since
her first try. I showed her how to shake the dew off the lily when I was

We then soaped each other under the shower. At one point I gave her a
big wet kiss, but I didn’t want to go too far, because I knew she was
trying to suppress her orgasms. No fair putting more temptation in her way.
I broke the kiss, slapped her lightly on the butt, and said, “No sexual
activity until we return from our visit. Then we’ll make up for lost time,
I promise.” We finished bathing and got out of the shower. I handed her a
towel, and got one for myself. She asked why we weren’t drying each other,
and I told her that was considered foreplay in some cultures, and we would
have none of that today. She laughed, and said that made sense, damn it.

After we got dressed, we still had a few minutes until lunch, so we
hung out in the bedroom. I sat in a chair and watched, while she looked for
the gun. It didn’t take but a few minutes, then she said “Ta Da! Hold the
applause, please.” I got up to look, and there it was, behind the headboard
of the bed. She said it was too bad Philip wasn’t here yet while the house
was being remodeled, he could have had secret compartments built into the
walls. I told her not to bet he didn’t have any. She asked me what I knew,
and I said I didn’t know anything, I was guessing.

I asked her how many orgasms she had had, and she said one as she
entered the bathroom, before she had gained control, and none since. I told
her Ok, that one didn’t count, she was doing an excellent job. It was
11:30, so I followed her into the dining room and held her chair while she
sat. Philip wasn’t in sight, so she had no problem baring her ass to sit.
I scooted her in and sat down myself. She asked if I was not going to feed
her anymore. I said I would feed her any time I wanted to, but sometimes I
enjoyed watching her feed herself. She smiled and asked me if she did Ok at
feeding herself. I told her there was nothing she didn’t do Ok. I asked her
if she wanted to talk about anything I wasn’t Ok at. Smiling, she said
yeah, I was a bum lay and she had been meaning to talk to me about it. I
kissed my fingertip and touched it to her lips, and she kissed the finger.
I smiled at her and said to be patient, I would get better, I was just
learning. She said, “Hah! Just learning, my ass!”

I said, “No, your ass was the first thing about you I became familiar
with.” Then I remembered that first fuck. I said that most women have no
interest in anal sex, and most of the rest only do it to satisfy their man,
and the number that come when getting it in the ass is real close to zero.
Yet she had a series of massive orgasms the first time she was ever butt
fucked. I asked her if she still believed it was because of that mental
image she had recalled, and if that story she told me was really true. She
said it really was true, and as best she knows, recalling that memory was
the cause of her orgasms. I asked her if she had any idea how that image of
the future got into her mind in the waiting room. She said no, nothing like
that had ever happened before, and hadn’t happened since. I shook my head
and told her she was weird. She said she wasn’t weird, she was special. We
both laughed.

I asked her if she knew why she came multiple times the second time I
butt fucked her. She said sure, it was because she knew she could, and she
knew I wanted her to, and she knew I was doing everything I could to help
her. We were finished eating, so I stood up, leaned down and gave her a
tender, loving kiss, and told her I loved her. Our eyes were locked as I
straightened up. She didn’t say anything, she knew it wasn’t necessary. I
pulled her chair back as she stood up. I told her that today, and today
only, she would change for the trip outside in the bedroom, because Philip
was working in the area of the side door. She thanked me, and I went to get
her clothes while she went to the bedroom.

When I got to the bedroom she was standing in the middle of the room
and smiling at me. I asked her what she was so happy about, and she said
everything, but especially me. I noticed it was only a few minutes after
noon, we had lots of time. I took her to the bathroom and told her to wash
her face, which she did. I brushed her teeth, she brushed mine, then I
washed my face. I told her she could put on some makeup if she wanted to,
but I thought she had the most naturally beautiful face I had ever seen.
She said she would like to use a little lipstick, and I watched her closely
as she put it on. She said she supposed I would want to do that for her
some day, too. I said she was right, I would do it next time. I asked her
if she wanted to do anything to her hair. I had just been combing it out
for her after our showers, and I thought it dried looking great. She said
it was pretty hopeless, but she supposed that a good brushing would help
some. I said that was great, she could show me how to do it.

We went back to the bedroom and she sat at her dresser in front of the
mirror. She told me what she wanted me to do and handed me the brush. I
worked on it for about ten minutes, following her occasional instruction.
She finally said that was about as good as it was going to get. I handed
her back the brush and said it was Ok if she wanted to finish it herself.
She said No, I had done a good job, it was already finished.

I saw that it was 12:37, and I told her it was decision time for the
butt plug, in or out? She said she had only had the one orgasm since we
came upstairs, and she felt she had it under control. She would leave it in
for her Master. I told her that was wrong, this was a very important visit
for her, whatever she did she should do for herself, not me. She asked if
she could do it for both of us, and I said yes, but in this case her
consideration came first. She said Ok, it stayed in, for she and her
Master. I kissed her, then took off her blouse and heels and dressed her in
the outfit we had chosen. She went to the mirror and made some adjustments,
then spun around and asked me how she looked. I told her she was a heart
stopper, and she smiled. I threw on a change of clothes and combed my hair.
I told her that from now until we returned to the house, we were two people
in love, and nothing more or less than that. Did she think she could pull
that off? She said she was certain we would both do fine.

I said we would wait for Philip in the living room. I took her there by
the hand, and found some music on the FM suitable for dancing. I took her
hand and led her to an area in the living room where there was a bare
hardwood floor. I kissed her hand and asked her if she would dance with her
lover. She said, “Is that you, Bill?” I answered, “Of course, Carrie, whom
were you expecting?” She said “Oh, my God, of course I’ll dance with you,
Bill.” As I took her in my arms, tears were forming in her eyes. I told her
this was a happy occasion, dry those tears. She said, “I’m just so happy to
see you, Bill. I never thought we would meet like this.” We started

When I noticed Philip, he was standing at the living room entrance
watching us. I didn’t know how long he had been there. He looked like the
cat that just swallowed the canary. I said, “Look Carrie, Philip is here
and waiting for us.”

She looked around at him, and said, “Excuse us, Philip, Bill and I
sometimes tune out everything else when we’re together. We didn’t mean to
make you wait.”

Philip said, “That’s perfectly Ok, Carrie, I could have stood here for
hours watching the two of you. You are so obviously made for each other.”

Philip turned off the radio, and we went out the side door and started
down the driveway side by side. Carrie and I had our arms around each
other, and Carrie was holding Philip’s hand. We made small talk as we
walked along.

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