A hot wife gets banged on a Greek ferry
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The ferry was due to sail just before midnight. While
we were waiting to drive our hire car onto the ship, my
wife and I had sat in a taverna knocking back Metaxa
Greek brandy. By the time that we had stowed the car
and found the lounge I was shattered. Susan, my
beautiful but wanton wife, had consumed enough Greek
brandy to feel horny, so she told me to get another
round of drinks and then find somewhere quiet for us to

I had been driving all day and badly needed a few hours
sleep, so I told her to get her own drink as I was
going to lay down on the long seat and have a nap. I
remember her ordering another brandy at the bar and
then seeing her talking to five young Greek guys, who
were playing cards.

I must have dozed off for about twenty minutes and
awoke to find my wife and three of the card players
missing, leaving the other two guys still playing
cards. They told me that their friends were showing my
wife round the ship, and explained that they were
members of a five a side soccer team who were going to
the mainland to play in a competition. I was by now,
deeply concerned, because I knew what my wife was like
when she had had a drink, especially when in the
company of three good looking, young soccer players.

I searched everywhere on the open decks without any
success, when I suddenly heard laughter coming from an
area which was out of bounds to passengers. I climbed
up a ladder and found myself standing in the dark area,
looking down on my wife and her three youthful

She was sitting on a life raft and was surrounded by a
sea of wandering hands. Hands that were unbuttoning her
shirt and feeling her legs above her short skirt. The
laughter then stopped when she quietly asked the guys
to stop, but her voice sounded like stopping was the
last thing that she actually wanted the guys to do.

Susan is a great looking woman who turns male heads
wherever she goes, because of her red hair, legs that
go on forever and a large pair of natural tits that
men’s eyes become glued to. Despite her somewhat half
hearted protests the three footballers continued
removing her shirt and skirt, leaving her naked apart
from her bra, panties and heels.

Her assailants unclipped her bra, and when she tried to
stop her boobs being displayed, they used her confused
state to grab the waistband of her tiny red knickers
and virtually rip them off her. They laid her back on
the life raft now, one guy held her arms above her
head, whilst the others spread her legs wide. Although
she was still saying no, the fingers that invaded her
pussy were coming out very wet, a fact that was not
lost on the three young men.

I think she realised that she was going to get gang
banged now, and appeared to have welcomed the
situation. The only noises that she was making were
small groans, as the Greeks took turns sucking her tits
and fingering her pussy. I know that I should have put
a stop to it there and then, but I was so horny myself
that I just stood there in the darkness and let the
events unfold.

Without any warning, one of the Greeks stepped forward
and thrust his substantial cock into her. She started
making little gasping sounds every time he thrust into
her, but her ability to make noises stopped when
another guy held her nose until she opened her mouth to
breathe. He then pushed his rampant weapon between her
lips, she was taking cocks at both ends now, as if she
had been born to it. After about ten minutes solid
shagging the guy exploring her snatch emptied his cock
deep inside her pussy, followed a few minutes later by
his friend who had just received the best blow job of
his life.

The last soccer player lay on his back with his erect
cock pointing skywards, Sue was lowered down so that
her legs straddled him , and his waiting organ was
engulfed by her red hot vagina. It was obvious that no
one was forcing her, because she set about riding him
like a Grand National winner.

The first guy to take advantage of Susan’s charms then
went off and came back with the two remaining guys who
had been playing cards. One of them knelt behind her
and after lubing her ass with some of the jism that was
leaking out of her cunt, grabbed her waist and plunged
his dick between her ass cheeks.

My wife was not happy at this double assault, although
I have to say that this was not the first time that her
bottom had played host to the pork sword. Both cocks
were pistoning into her in unison, like some powerful
machine. Eventually both guys spurted hot cum deep
inside her and the only guy not to have fucked her
stepped forward.

He took her on her hands and knees. The other men
laughed aloud, because he was blessed with a truly
awesome cock, which stretched Susan’s well-used love
tunnel to the limit. Not only was he huge but he had
plenty of staying power and it seemed to take forever
for him to reach orgasm, with his cock buried deep
inside her.

I know that it is a terrible thing to admit, but
watching my wife taking all this abuse had got me so
exited that I jerked my cock, which erupted in record

The footballers looked up and saw, in the distance, the
harbour lights of Killini, our destination on the Greek
mainland. They then handed back Sue’s clothes, except
her knickers, which had appeared to have gone missing.
After they left, my darling started to dress herself.

I quickly left my secret vantage point and returned to
the lounge, so that I could pretend to have slept right
through my wife’s adventure. It took her nearly twenty
minutes to clean herself up before she came back to
supposedly wake me up.

As the ferry sailed into Killini harbour, one of the
other passengers pointed upwards. There flying from the
masthead, just below the Greek ensign, were Susan’s
little red panties.

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