A British school lad bravely accepts his caning
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They had known each other since the beginning of time. They even had the
picture of them together in the hospital nursery. They celebrated their
common birthday together every year. This year was hard for he was in
boarding school. He snuck out and met her in town. As was their tradition
since they were four, they went to the Capelli’s Ice Cream Parlour and
shared a large dish of several flavours. Now that they were older and more
mature, they went into the park to have a bit of privacy to snog a bit.
This was a new custom of only three years standing.

Unfortunately, they were interrupted in the activity. “Caddell,” growled
Bromley, “what is the meaning of this?” Bromley was a crotchety old master
at Caddell’s school. There was nothing to answer. “Return to the school
immediately and see Dr. Penick in the morning.”

“With all due respect, Mr. Bromley, I must see my young lady home first.”
said Caddell leading her away. “Good evening, Sir.” Bromley was
speechless at what he felt was an insult.

Right after breakfast, Caddell was sitting outside the Headmaster’s study
waiting for the red light to go off. It was a few minutes after Mr.
Bromley left that he entered. “Caddell, Mr. Bromley has charged you with
three offences for last night.” said the Headmaster directly.

“Three, Sir? Being out and snogging, yes, but what is the third?”

“Disrespect. He said you talked back to him.”

“No, Sir. I just reminded him that since a gentleman does not abandon a
lady in the park at night that I must see her home which I did and returned
directly here.” There was the faintest hint of a smile on Penick’s face.
“The prescribed punishment is six cuts for each. In accordance with the
rules, I choose to receive them now together which means just nine cuts for
the two; ten cuts if you add in disrespect.” Caddell knew that Mr. Bromley
would go to the governors if he was not caned for last evening and that
would be worse. He had already decided to double up to gain the reduction
for multiple punishments at the same time.

Even before Dr. Penick could respond, Caddell removed his blazer and
placed it on the chair. Then he handed the Head the cane he had plucked
from the umbrella stand and assumed the position as he had painfully learnt
in the past was the correct one.

“Ready, Sir.” he said. He knew that there was not any point in dragging
this out.

The Head knew exactly what the lad was thinking although he had gone
further than any of the others who knew the rules and the price for
breaking them. He walked around his desk and looked at the grey trousers
stretched tightly across the muscular cheeks of the athletic youth. He
yearned for the old days when this was always done on the bare. He tested
the flex of his cane and then recalled an obscure rule. “Caddell, are you
sixteen yet?”

“Since yesterday, Sir.”

“In that case, you may choose to get them with your trousers and pants down
for a one-third reduction.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Caddell stood up in order to drop his trousers and
pants. Then he assumed the position once again. “Ready, Sir.” He
clenched his teeth in preparation.

Again the cane was raised but this time was brought down — hard — on the
target. Caddell managed to keep still and quiet. A red welt formed
immediately. Four more times the process was repeated so that there were
five welts across the youth’s shapely backside. Then came the sixth cut.
It was at an angle and hurt doubly where it crossed each of the first five
cuts. The youth was definitely hurting and made noises of pain. “OK,
Caddell. You may get up.”

The young man stood and pulled up his trousers. He was most careful as he
pulled them over his wounded bottom. Dr. Penick quickly filled out the
punishment book and Caddell signed it. “You may go.” the Head said dryly.

“Thank you, Sir.” said Caddell leaving. He quickly made his way to the
bogs to inspect the damage.

He studied himself in the mirror and decided that he would be the centre of
attention in the showers in a couple of hours. He was also looking forward
to his date in two days. She would surely give him some TLC.

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