My New Passion
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School had just left out for the summer and my friend Tammy asked me to stay the weekend with her, and our other friend, Katie. I knew Tammy’s parents were divorced and thought we would be staying at her mother’s place, so I was a little surprised when we drove in to an apartment complex on that Friday afternoon. Tammy explained that her father is usually out during the day and the apartment complex has a pool, so we can spend the day working on our tans. I had to admit, it did sound like fun. I then I realized that I had not brought a swim suit along and told the others. Tammy said not to worry, I can borrow one of hers.

We all went in to the apartment, it was very small, it only had 2 bedrooms, one bath, and a little kitchen area which adjoined a living room. I thought where are we all going to sleep. Both Tammy and Katie said “lets go to the pool.”

We dropped our things in Tammy’s room and immediately Tammy and Katie stripped off their clothing, neither were wearing any underwear. I could not help but to admire Tammy’s large breasts, I would be satisfied with half that size.

Both were now naked as we talked and then Tammy pulled out some swim suits and threw one to Katie, one to me, and got one for herself. Katie asked me “what is taking you so long,” as I still had not undressed. I was slightly embarrassed, as I had not been naked in front of them before, but I did not want to seem like a prude, or make them think I was afraid to be naked, so I quickly pulled off my clothes.

While we were dressing, Katie began teasing Tammy about her father. Katie said “he is so handsome, she would not mind fucking him.” Katie then asked Tammy if her father had a big cock. Tammy of course said, “I don’t know.” Looking at me, Katie said “you will want to fuck him also, once you see him.”

When we finished dressing, Tammy looked at Katie and said, “If you want to fuck my father go ahead. I don’t care, he would probably enjoy it, especially if you double teamed him with Zoe.” Then gave out a laugh. Tammy continued, “he would probably expect the two of you to have sex with each other.” Katie said, “I wonder what that would be like,” then moved closer to me and rubbed my shoulder with her hand. Katie then said “kiss me” as she leaned in to me. I was unsure what to do, I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not. Katie puckered her lips, I couldn’t move and then Katie’s lips touched mine, just for a second, then she pulled back and began laughing. I gave out a nervous laugh and just like that, Katie and Tammy forgot all about it, but I didn’t. I can’t say I ever thought about sex with another girl, but now that is exactly what I had on my mind.

We got some towels and began walking to the pool. I was still thinking about what just happen as we walked. Then I took notice of Tammy’s bikini. It was a thong, her ass was on full display with just a little piece of cloth going between her ass cheeks. Katie’s bottoms were also a thong. I watched them both and was sort of staring at their asses, as they walked, their ass jiggled with every footstep. I had not even thought about what I was wearing, due to the earlier distraction. I looked at myself and I had on a white top, with some logo on the little triangle that covered my nipples. I really don’t have any breasts to speak of, I am as flat as can be up top. My bottoms, were also white, I felt the fabric, it seemed a little thin. I bent over slightly and looked at my crotch, I had a camel toe. I reached my hand back to my butt, and I also had on a little thong. I began to wonder how my butt looked. My butt and legs are the best part of my body, as I am on the track team at school and have long shapely legs and a nice round ass. I was surprised at what I was wearing and thought I need to snap out of the sexual thoughts running through my head. I got embarrassed about what I was wearing. I have worn thong panties on occasion, but I had never worn something so small in public before and just the thought of it gave me a thrill. I caught up to Tammy and Katie and walked beside them, hoping to deflect any attention to them. I looked over at Katie, I could see her puffy nipples pushing out her top. From the side, I could see most of her breast in that little top.

I then looked to Tammy, her big breasts were barely covered by her top. She had side boob, inner boob, under boob, her nipples were poking out, and her areolas were visible. I did not want to be prudish, but I thought I should say something to her. So I told her, “your areolas were showing.” Tammy said “yea, I know. With tits this big it happens all of the time, I am pretty much use to it now. I don’t really care if anyone sees me. Well that is not exactly true, actually, I like to expose myself and tease the men.” Then she pulled her top to the side so her breast was completely uncovered. I imagined what it would be like, walking around exposed like that, I was beginning to get turned on and flushed. When we got to the pool gate, Tammy covered herself up. She saw me watching and said “I don’t mind people seeing me, but there may be kids around with their mothers, I don’t want the mother’s to get upset with me.”

As we entered the pool, no one else was there. Katie, said “good, we got the place to ourselves.” Katie dropped her towel and jumped in the pool. Tammy jumped in after her, and then I jumped in. When I came up, I went to adjust my top and as I looked down at myself, the top was totally see-through. I left out a gasp and brought my hands over my nipples. Katie asked me what is wrong and I showed her. Katie laughed and asked why I was covering myself, no one else is here. Tammy heard us and came over. I asked them about going back to the apartment to get another suit. Tammy said “oh, look who is teasing now, too bad no one else is here.” Then she said, “How about this, we can make a game out of it.” “How?” I asked. We all take off our tops and set them on the edge by the pool. If someone comes in the gate, which we will be able to hear, we each grab a top, first come first serve. Oh, by the way, that top could be dried out by then, so it will not be transparent, but then again if we get a few cute guys come in, I may just put it on myself to tease them.

Katie said, I am in. I was apprehensive, but Tammy said, “look no one is here now and your top is see-through, so what is the big deal with being totally topless. We will have plenty of time to put on a top if needed and you can always just duck under the water. I started to rationalize in my head the options. Keep on a see-through top or have a chance to wear another top or have mine dry out and be available when I need it. I also thought about how exciting it would be to be topless. I saw Katie pull off her top and set it on the edge. Then I watched as Tammy pulled off her top.

Surly if anyone comes in the pool, they will be looking at Tammy’s tits, before ever looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders and with a slight mischievous grin, I took off my top. There I was only a few minutes ago wondering what it would be like to be topless, and now I am.

My nipples became hard and I was becoming more excited. I never had felt this way before, between the nervousness and the excitement, it felt like my senses had been heightened. I could feel the hot sun on my nipples and then as I swam, the cool water flowing over them. I was beginning to like being topless.

A few minutes later, Katie stopped Tammy and myself. Katie said, “Zoe, if your top was see-through then your bottoms might be also.” My heart just about stopped. Tammy said “get out of the pool for a second and lets look while no one is here.” I climbed out of the pool, now worried about my bottoms, and forgetting all about being topless. I looked, so did Katie and Tammy, my bottoms were see-through. I quickly jumped back in the pool. Tammy said, “do we want to up the game, with our bottoms also.” Katie was unsure this time, but I wanted another suit badly, so I pulled off my bottoms and said “come on Katie.” Tammy pulled off her bottoms and then Katie reluctantly agreed and removed hers.

We talked for a few minutes and as I was standing there I had to consider the situation I found myself in. Completely naked in a public pool, with the sun on my breasts and the cool water over my pussy, and I should say my now very hot and excited pussy. We swam for a while and then Katie dared Tammy, to get out of the pool, walk to the diving board and jump in. Tammy said “if I do it, then both of you must do it.” Katie and I looked at each other, then Katie said “ok.” I didn’t want to be the odd one out so I gave in and said “ok.”

We watched Tammy as she climbed out of the pool, walked to the other end, then jumped off the diving board. She swam over to us, then asked “who is next?” Katie and I looked at each other and we both climbed out of the pool. I was hoping Katie would run to the other end but she walked slowly. I did not want to seem afraid, so I walked with her, but my heart was pounding, and I was shaking, I was so nervous. However it was the most thrilling thing I had ever done. Katie jumped off the board first, and then once she got out of the way, I jumped in. I was relieved being back in the water, but oddly enough I missed the sensation I was having when completely exposed.

We all got together and talked, we all agreed that this is exciting and we were all giddy. Katie then posed the question, “what else can we do?” We took turns walking around the pool, then Katie said she was getting wrinkly from being in the water too long, so she suggested we get out and lay on our towels naked. We all agreed and put our swim suits beside us, mine was now dry.

As we laid there, we were talking. After a while Katie asked if we have, you know, experimented with another girl. Tammy said she had thought about it. How about you Zoe? I only thought about it recently. Did you think about it after I gave you a kiss earlier. I immediately said “no,” but Katie said are you sure, I saw that look you gave me and it seemed like you enjoyed it. I was becoming more excited, now that we were talking about sex.

Tammy said it is ok, we are all friends here and we should all agree whatever happens this weekend, just stays with us. After a few hymn and haws, I said I had thought about it when you kissed me. Then, Tammy surprised everyone and said, “since we are being honest, I have done more than thought about it. A girl and I after gym class, she had felt my breasts and sucked on my nipples, but only a couple minutes, we were interrupted, but I must say it was hot.” Katie said “with those big titties of yours, I have to admit, I have wondered what they feel like.”

Tammy sat up and said “see for yourself.” Katie tentatively turned towards Tammy and slowly reached out her hands and began to feel Tammy’s breasts. Watching them, my mouth became dry and I was becoming more excited, I could feel my pussy getting moist. Tammy let out a moan, and her nipples became hard. Katie pulled on Tammy’s nipples, and then Katie leaned in and sucked on one. I wet my lips, as I had the sensation that I too was sucking on her nipples, as I watched what was happening before me.

Tammy motioned for me to come closer. On my hands and knees I crawled, when I was close enough, Tammy pulled my hand to her breast. I began to squeeze her nipple and then felt her breast. She felt a lot different than when I touch myself. Then Tammy pulled my head to her breast and I opened my mouth and began to suck and lick her nipple. A few minutes later, we heard the pool gate slam and it jolt us out of our pleasure. Tammy, thinking quickly said, “just wrap your towel around you.” As we covered up, we looked up and there were two guys with smiles on their faces. I was embarrassed, excited, and thrilled, my pussy was dripping and running down my legs.

The guys said, “we have been watching you from our apartment and thought we would join you. My face turned red with embarrassment, but I was also so thrilled that someone was watching me, this sent a jolt directly to my pussy.

Tammy took the lead and said we were just getting ready to leave. Tammy bent down to pick up her bikini and phone, when her breasts fell out of her towel. She dropped everything and quickly fixed her towel, giving the guys a glimpse of her body. Seeing Tammy completely expose herself to them, gave me another thrill. I thought about how much of a rush that must of have been for Tammy.

Now Katie and I picked up our belongings. When we stood up, the guy’s said “nice ass” it did not occur to us, our asses were visible as we bent over. I could feel my face heat up as I blushed. As we started to walk away, Katie suggested we flash them. Tammy was all for it and it did not take a lot of convincing for me to say ok. I wanted the excitement.

We walked back to the pool were the two guys were sitting. Tammy said “oh, one more thing.” The guys said “what?” We all followed Tammy’s lead and opened up our towels and gave them a good look at us, before putting our towels over us again and then we walked away.

On the way back to the apartment, we were all giggling about what we did. It was the most fun that I ever had and told the others, they both agreed. In the apartment, Tammy suggested we get a shower. Katie said “we can all go together.”

We all looked at each other and no one said anything, but we all knew what was going to happen. Once we dropped our stuff in Tammy’s bedroom, we all walked to the bathroom naked and got in the shower. We started out accidentally touching each other, then progressed to washing each other, then caressing, then feeling up each other.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off and as we did, we started to make out. We were all hot and excited till we finished drying each other. We walked back to the bedroom. Tammy said there was something she wanted to try, then asked me to lay on the bed. I was more than willing at this point. Tammy got between my legs and after rubbing my pussy a few times, she lowered her head and I saw her stick out her tong, then felt it on my pussy. Oh god it felt so good. I never had someone eat me before. When I felt her nibble on my labia, I had an orgasm, when she nibbled on my clit, I had another. Tammy did not stop there, she kept eating me.

Katie came over to me and began sucking on my nipples, I have never felt so good and my head was thrashing from side to side as I moaned. Katie, crawled over me and moved up till her pussy was at my mouth. I have tasted myself before, but now I could not wait to taste Katie. I lifted up my head and stuck out my tong as far as I could and took a tentative lick of her pussy. She tasted sweet. I liked the taste and it felt so erotic and with Tammy eating me, I just went for it. I tried to get my tongue in her pussy as far as I could. I began to concentrate on eating Katie so much, that I almost forgot about Tammy eating me, until I felt her push her fingers in me, and rub my clit.

Katie’s pussy was dripping so much and then she had an orgasm. I felt her pussy spasm on my tongue. This put me over the edge and I had a huge orgasm, moaning in to Katie’s pussy. I took a few deep breaths and Tammy pulled away from me. I began to suck on Katie’s pussy again, then began rubbing her clit with my fingers. I gave her another orgasm, and then she got off of me. Tammy was standing beside the bed, watching us, I motioned for her to straddle me. Tammy mounted me with her ass towards my head. As she lowered her pussy to my face, I watched her asshole, it was at my nose. I began to lick and suck on Tammy’s pussy. Tammy started to squirm, and by accident, I ran my tongue over her asshole. I was shocked at first, thinking it would taste bad, but that was not the case. After it happen a few more times, I began to use my tongue and lick from her asshole to her pussy. I reached in front of Tammy and began to rub her clit, soon enough, she had an orgasm. After Tammy pulled away from me, we all sat together talking and kissing one another. I was physically satisfied and the three of us formed an emotional bond. I felt closer to them now than I every have with any other person.

Katie said, “well I guess that us having sex together as we fuck Tammy’s father is not an issue anymore,” than laughed. Tammy then said, “speaking of that, my father should be home shortly, we should get dressed.” Katie suggested that we tease Tammy’s father. Tammy told us to go ahead. But Katie said “Tammy you have to tease him also.” Tammy was reluctant, but I joined up with Katie until Tammy caved in, saying, “just a little teasing from me, after all he is my father.” We began looking for something to wear so I suggested we just wear our bikinis. Both of them thought that would be a good idea. This time I had no problem putting on the white bikini and I felt more confident in it. As we waited for Tammy’s father, Katie suggested that we all show more of ourselves as the night goes on. Again Tammy was hesitant, but Katie and I insisted. I began to ponder the thought of Tammy teasing her father and I envisioned them getting together, a fantasy started to form in my mind and it seemed very erotic and hot to me.

Once Tammy’s father, Bill, had arrived at the apartment, Tammy introduced me to him. I could only think what Katie said about him earlier, being so handsome, and he was. The idea of having sex with him made me blush and become flustered. When I pulled myself together, I noticed that Tammy’s areolas where showing. I saw Bill looking at her big breasts, but then again he was also looking at Katie and I, I saw him eyeing me up several times.

We ordered pizza for dinner and all three of us went to the door when it arrived. The delivery boy was quite happy to see us in our bikinis. After eating Bill went to use the bathroom, so as we cleaned up Tammy and Katie suggested that I show more of myself. Katie pulled my bottoms down, so the upper portion of my ass crack was very visible and pulled down the front also. This left the gusset fall away from my pussy. I was feeling more excited than embarrassed, but still nervous. Katie fixed her bikini in the same fashion. We wanted Tammy to do the same with her bikini, but she would not do it, so she allowed us to pull her top open more and show more of her areolas.

When Bill came back he followed us to the living room, Bill sat in a chair facing the three of us, Tammy was sitting in between Katie and I. Katie, pulled her legs up to sit indian-style. I then saw when Katie was sitting in that position, and due to the loose gusset, a portion of her pussy was exposed. I almost gasped but then thought she was so daring. I felt the need to do it also. So after a few minutes, I change the way I sat, till I was sitting indian-style also.

When Bill went to get a beer from the kitchen, the three of us checked each other out. I looked down at myself and half of my pussy was exposed. Katie shifted her bottoms so she was exposed as much as I was. We heard Bill coming back so I grabbed Tammy’s top and pulled it to the side, which exposed her nipple, just before Bill came back in view. She did not have time to adjust herself. We all sat there talking and watching tv for an hour or so. Bill’s eyes were roaming over the three of us the entire time.

I was getting use to my exposure and started to feel relaxed until Tammy’s said “Lets all go for a swim, you too dad.” It was then I began to panic, my see-though swim suit again. Bill went to change and then Tammy and Katie began to laugh at me, they had seen the panicked look on my face. Tammy said don’t worry about it, if you stay under the water, he will never notice, we will have your towel ready for you when you get out of the water. I was nervous, but also very excited at going to the pool again. I thought that since it was dark outside, no one could really see that well, it would not be too bad. Bill was ready shortly and we began walking to the pool. We were not going the same way as this afternoon and I asked Tammy “isn’t the pool over here.” Tammy laughed and said we were going to the indoor pool now. Here I thought the darkness was going to help hide me and now we are going to a well lite area.

When we got to the pool, there were a few other adults there, but they were hanging out in groups. We found an open area and everyone jumped in. When Bill came near us, I would lower myself down so my top was underwater. At first, I was very diligent in covering myself, but as time lingered on, I became lax and a few times, I forgot to lower myself when Bill was with us. Since Bill did not say anything about my top, I gave up covering myself and began to enjoy the situation. Bill then went to swim some laps and Katie suggested we show more of ourselves. I told them I was already showing everything of my breasts. We all came up with a plan to have “accidental” wardrobe malfunction when Bill gets back.

Bill sat on the edge of the pool after his laps, so we put our plan in to motion. We told Bill we wanted to see who can swim under water the longest distance. We all started from the wall and swam to about the same point and pulled on our tops to expose ourselves, as we surfaced. So now we were going to swim back again. This time when we surfaced it would be right in front of Bill. When we surfaced, my left nipple was uncovered, Katie’s complete breast was visible, and both of Tammy’s breasts were uncovered. We all gave an “oh” as we fixed our tops while Bill watched. Bill then left for the apartment.

Feeling braver, we all dared each other to be naked. We took off our bikinis and swam for a little while longer and then decided to leave. Tammy and Katie got out of the pool first and made a quick dash for their towels. They talked quietly to one another and then laughed in my direction. They held up my towel and said “come on Zoe.” I quickly got out and got my towel. After I wrapped it around me, I looked around. I don’t know if anyone saw me, but no one said anything to us. When we got to the apartment entrance, we slipped on our suits again.

In the apartment, Tammy suggested to her father that he get a shower first and off he went. When he shut the bathroom door, Katie suggested we each get a shower separately. Also as we walk to and from the bathroom, we expose ourselves even more. The others would sit in the kitchen with Bill so he would have a clear view of us walking back and forth. We could not take any clothes with us in to the bathroom, just a towel. Each of us would show more than the last person did. I thought of how excited I would be seeing Tammy exposing herself to her father. I didn’t know why seeing Tammy and her father together excites me so much, I can only imagine because it is so taboo. Tammy was going to go first, then Katie, then me. I could not believe I was last, I had to show more than the others. I thought Tammy would not show to much, so I was only worried about what Katie would do.

Bill was done fairly quickly and we waited for him to come in the kitchen where we saved a seat for him, he would have a clear view of us as we walked to and from the bathroom. Then Tammy said she was going for a shower. Tammy went in to her room, left the door open and came out with her towel in front of her. When she went by, her complete backside was visible. I looked at the reaction on Bill’s face and I felt a rush of emotions, and a tingle in my pussy. When Tammy closed the bathroom door, the tension in the room was released.

I could not believe what she had done. Bill, Katie and I talked while Tammy was in the bathroom. I kept listening so I could tell when Tammy came out, I did not want to miss a thing. Then I heard the bathroom door open. Tammy came walking out with the towel in front of her again, holding it with her arm, just under her breasts. As she came closer, I could see her nipples just above the towel. When she turned in to her bedroom, she let the towel down to her side and because of the light in her room, we could see between her legs. I almost gasped, knowing that I had to show more than Tammy and Katie has not gone yet.

Tammy came back to the kitchen wearing a pair of thong panties and a tank top. I could see her nipples poking out. Katie got up from the table and Tammy took her spot. Tammy said “I left some towels for you on my bed.” I waited for Katie and very shortly she came out of the bedroom. Katie had partially opened the towel and held it to her chest, leaving the bottom of her towel just long enough to cover her pussy. After she walked by and once her back was to us, she left the towel go to her side and went in the bathroom. I was getting very horny now and was just waiting to see what she would do and on the way back.

About 20 minutes later, I heard the bathroom door open. I looked up and Katie had the towel much like she did going to the bathroom, but now she was holding the towel up to high and her pussy was visible to us and her nipples we uncovered. She walked over towards the table and told Tammy she liked her shampoo. Then as she turned around, she dropped the towel to her side as we watched her walk to the bedroom. I was nervous and excited for about what I was going to do. My pussy was dripping already. As we waited for Katie to dress and join us, I was getting more nervous. Katie finally came out to join us, she too was wearing a pair of lace thong panties and a tank top. Her cone shaped nipples were poking out which showed every detail of her nipples.

It was my turn now, and I was shaking with excitement. I went in to the bedroom and quickly stripped and picked up the towel, there laying on the bed was a pair of thong panties and a tank top, Tammy must of have left an outfit there for each of us. I know I was to be showing more than Katie did, and I thought I might as well go for it, I really wanted the excitement. I took at deep breath and came walking out of the bedroom with the towel at my side, not bothering to cover myself at all. I saw everyone watching me as I walked past. When I go in to the bathroom and shut the door, I finally exhaled. I was so proud of myself for doing that. I showed Tammy and Katie that I was willing to play their game. As I was getting a shower, I felt more confident. Once I was done, I walked back to the bedroom with my towel at my side, everyone was watching me again, and I saw Bill had a smile on his face. The thought of fucking Bill seemed more probably now. I went to put on the panties that Tammy left for me and they were sheer white. When I put on the tank top, white also, it was thin enough that my nipples were showing through. But now that I had just walked naked in front of everyone, I did not feel that I was too exposed and went out to join the others.

I shared a seat with Katie, and as we were up against the table, Katie began to rub her hand over my pantie clad pussy. I was getting hot quickly. Soon enough, I had an orgasm and did everything I could to look normal, I did not see any signs from Tammy or Bill that they knew what was going on.

After a while it was getting late and we all decided to go to bed. Tammy said we can all sleep in her bed, I could not wait and hoped that we would have sex again, I was still horny. Bill left us for his room. When we alone in the kitchen, we all almost burst out laughing, we had to cover our mouths with our hands to keep quiet. We talked about what happen and both of them congratulated me on being so brave to be completely naked in front of Bill. I had to ask Tammy how it felt being naked in front of her father. She told us it was more exciting that she thought it would be. Tammy asked us, who is going to fuck my father. Katie said she would still like to, I also said I would like to fuck him, I am so excited and horny from exposing myself.

Tammy came over to me and kissed me. She then pulled off my top and panties. I asked what if Bill comes back out. Katie said he has already seen you naked and that is part of the excitement, someone seeing you or getting caught. So I pulled off Tammy’s clothes and said he has pretty much seen you naked. Katie then stripped off her clothes.

Tammy pulled me in to the living room and had me lay on the floor and got over me in the sixty-nine position. As soon as her pussy was close to my face, I began to eat her. Tammy sat up and I felt another tongue on my pussy, it had to be Katie. I then felt her fingering me. I was getting ready to have an orgasm when it stopped.

I then felt something begin to penetrate me, a dildo I thought, it had the shape of a cock. Once it was in me, I was being fucked by it. It felt so good, that I began to moan. Tammy pulled up off of me and as her pussy rose up, I saw it was a real cock that was fucking me, then I saw it was Bill. It surprised me that Tammy and Katie were there naked and so was Bill. I came and let out a moan. Bill pulled out of me and I watched as he eat my pussy. I had another orgasm.

Bill pulled away again and I saw Katie take his place. Tammy lower her pussy to my mouth and I did not hold back, I licked and sucked her. I then felt someone above me. Tammy pulled up and I saw Bill’s cock and watched as he entered Tammy. I could not believe what I was seeing, the fantasy that I had earlier in the night was actually happening. Bill pulled out of Tammy and feed his cock in to my mouth. The mixture of Bill and Tammy was a taste I will never forget, it was so good. Then Bill put his cock back in to Tammy. As I thought about Bill fucking his own daughter, I had another orgasm.

I heard Bill grunt and Tammy moan, then they both stopped moving as he held his cock in Tammy. When he pulled out his cock, I automatically pulled it to my mouth. It tasted different, it was his cum and Tammy now, which tasted even better than before. Bill pulled his cock from my mouth and Katie leaned over me and told me to eat Tammy. I began sucking the cum out of her pussy, it was the most erotic thing I have ever done. Katie pulled my head back after a few minutes and kissed me, while Tammy got off of me.

We all sat down and Tammy and Katie began to tell me how they had tricked me in to all of the situations that I found myself in today. They told me all about how they got started and all of the things they have done. They also said about out of all of their friends, they choose me to join them. After hearing all of this and all that had happen, I could only say thank you, I was grateful for everything they have done.

We all kissed each other and then Tammy said I can sleep with anyone I want tonight, it is your choice. If you want to sleep with my father, I am sure he would not mind. He would probably like to cum in you but we did not know if you were on birth control or not. I quickly said I am on the pill, you can come in me anytime you want, but I would like a big load of cum in me for Tammy to suck out when we are done, so for tonight, I will sleep with Tammy and Katie. Then tomorrow morning you can fuck me till I can’t walk. Tammy said “oh no, we have other plans for you tomorrow during the day. Tomorrow night he can all fuck you till you can’t take it anymore.

Over the next two days, I never wore underwear. We all went to the mall and Bill bought me a short dress to match Tammy and Katie’s. The three of us flashed in the mall and other places through out the weekend. I wore that transparent bikini to and from the pool, but now, it seems like I am covered too much when I wear it. Oh, I did fuck Bill again, and it was wonderful. I had Tammy sit on his face while I rode him, seeing that had me so excited and I had several orgasms. My pussy was sore till Bill came in me, then Tammy ate my pussy. Tammy and Katie taught me a lot that weekend, even anal. I cannot wait to do more on my own and with them. After spending the weekend with Katie and Tammy, I have a whole new passion. I need to have people see me, I am an exhibitionist. I don’t just want the attention, I need the attention.

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