Month: August 2021

A story about voyeurism, wife-cheating and lust
By: Date: 2021.08.31. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

“Fuck me!”

The echo, the plea in my wife’s voice, the insistent
growl of her eager submission, those words excited me
hard, almost terrifying me as they cut my soul. I
loosened my grip, letting Andrea’s dark-golden locks
slip from the hard knot of my fingers. She moaned low,
with a melted wanton glare in her big brown eyes. I…

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Two female roomates indoctrinate a third into their horny games
By: Date: 2021.08.25. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

It Was A Night To Remember…

Before I begin, let me introduce the main participants
in this occurrence. First, of course, there is Sari, 19
years old and my girlfriend at the time that these
events transpired. Sari was outgoing and very
intelligent. She had a dazzling smile and lively, dark
brown eyes, almost as dark as her black hair. …

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Sweet Ass
By: Date: 2021.08.24. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Casey’s fingers skimmed across her stomach, delighting in the minuscule flinches his touch was causing, travelling down and ever closer to the top edge of Jess’ jeans. Jess shifted her weight slightly, whether intentionally or not, lifting her ass a touch and allowing Casey’s fingers to slip easily underneath her waist band. A small involuntary groan escaped Casey as he …

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Sinders, a bit of a fairy story
By: Date: 2021.08.21. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

Sinders was looking at herself in the mirror. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders as she painted her lips red and rouged her cheeks ready for the task ahead.

“Your twelve O’clock’s here Sinders,” the Madame shouted, “The fat bald deaf one with bad breath.”

“Which short fat bald deaf one with bad breath?” she asked.

“The one …

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My New Passion
By: Date: 2021.08.18. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , ,

School had just left out for the summer and my friend Tammy asked me to stay the weekend with her, and our other friend, Katie. I knew Tammy’s parents were divorced and thought we would be staying at her mother’s place, so I was a little surprised when we drove in to an apartment complex on that Friday afternoon. Tammy …

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Cindy Goes Black
By: Date: 2021.08.13. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

As we had discussed and planned, I am sitting silently
in the hotel room awaiting Cindy’s return from the
hotel lounge. The emotions racing through my mind and
many and varied. Among them are fear, jealousy,
excitement, disbelief and surprise… but most of
all… arousal. Fear that we have stepped headfirst
into a fantasy that would have perhaps been better …

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The beginning of my cuckold life
By: Date: 2021.08.09. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , ,

After 15 years of marriage I decided I didn’t want any more children so I have a vasectomy and at the same time I got diagnosed with high blood pressure. I then developed erectile dysfunction and couldn’t always have my weekly fuck with my wife. We started including sex toys to our relationship and I’m always very good at giving …

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A Big Catherine Bell Fan
By: Date: 2021.08.04. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , , ,

Another Saturday spent with my girlfriend partaking in her favorite activity, shopping at the mall. I loathe the mall, and try to avoid it at any cost. We were walking through the department store when I noticed someone in the lingerie section who I thought looked familiar. As she turned around I knew it was Catherine Bell from my favorite …

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One pussy, one cock
By: Date: 2021.08.03. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

“That was fun,” Kendra said to Dave. Dave, standing behind her, reached up her shirt and squeezed.
“I couldn’t wait for them to leave. I haven’t seen you in a week, and neither has my cock.” Kendra turned to face him and he touched her face, and she couldn’t help but feel her entire body moving closer to his. They …

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