Cindy Goes Black
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As we had discussed and planned, I am sitting silently
in the hotel room awaiting Cindy’s return from the
hotel lounge. The emotions racing through my mind and
many and varied. Among them are fear, jealousy,
excitement, disbelief and surprise… but most of
all… arousal. Fear that we have stepped headfirst
into a fantasy that would have perhaps been better left
as an erotic foreplay discussion for the sake of our
mutual arousal.

Jealousy knowing that tonight this fantasy is leading
my precious wife, Cindy into a sexual relationship
tonight and knowing that another man will likely soon
be enjoying Cindy’s body in ways that have been
exclusively mine for these fifteen years. Excitement
and arousal as Cindy and I have shared on numerous
occasions as we discussed the fantasy of my allowing,
yes even watching her have sex with another man and now
I am waiting for Cindy to return with that man who will
have complete liberty with her body tonight. I am in a
state of disbelief and surprise that we have come to
this point and that Cindy has agreed to actually go
through with the fantasy.

Let me explain how we have arrived at this point in our
sexual journey together. Two years ago, during foreplay
one night I shared my fantasy with Cindy. I told her
how exciting it was to me to think of her having sex
with another man and the fantasy of watching the act
excited me to no end. As we developed the fantasy over
the past two years we entered new territory of

We discussed everything that could happen. We talked
about group sex, we talked about sharing and swinging.
We talked about Cindy being gang-banged by a variety of
men and even included some bisexual fantasy in some of
the scenarios. In our fantasy, Cindy experienced it
all. I imagined all possibilities, or so I thought. I
imagined Cindy being ravished by men of all shapes and
sizes. My favorite was to see her being fucked by a
huge hung black man.

As I sat here in this partially darkened quiet hotel
room awaiting her return I wondered if we/I had made a
mistake in going this far with the fantasy. Should this
fantasy have just been left as that… fantasy? How
would we feel tomorrow, next week and next year as we
looked back on tonight, with excitement or disgust?
Would we feel arousal or shame.

How would I look at Cindy after she had shared her
lips, her smile, her hands and her body with another
man for the first time in fifteen years. Cindy was not
a virgin when we married. She had been sexually active
as a teenager. She was not a slut nor was she
promiscuous. She had had sex with five guys that she
dated from age 16 until age 19 when we became engaged.

I heard the key in the hotel room door and so I quickly
and quietly slipped into the closet leaving the door
slightly ajar as I had practiced and rehearsed so that
I had a clear view of the bed and the entire room. I
was about to watch Cindy have sex with Jack.

We had met Jack in the lounge earlier this month. He is
an auto parts salesman who travels the state calling on
auto parts stores. Jack is black and is a former
university football player, linebacker I think. We came
to the lounge posing as an out of town unmarried couple
in town on business. Cindy and I had sat at separate
tables in the lounge to allow Cindy to appear
available to the many out-of-town businessmen who
frequented that hotel and lounge.

I had watched as Jack approached Cindy and struck up a
conversation with her. I knew that his motive was
scoring with Cindy and he had charmed her with drinks,
conversation, and with charm. Jack was smooth! They
danced closely and Jack had been gentle and polite as
he carefully used his hands and body to entice and
arouse Cindy on the dance floor.

Cindy later told me that as they danced closely she
could feel his prick grow firm against her body. He
pulled her tight and Cindy said that he must be huge
based on the feel of his throbbing manhood against her
body on the dance floor. They agreed to meet again the
next time that Jack was in town and tonight was the

As Cindy and Jack entered the room they did not bother
to turn on the overhead light.

The single table lamp was dimly lighting the room but
was adequate for my viewing the action all over the
room. Jack towered over Cindy and his athletic body
filled his business suit with muscle. Cindy went to the
mini bar and opened the small bottle of Rum that was
there along with a coke from the refrigerator. Cindy
added ice to two glasses and prepared two drinks, rum
and Coke and passed one to Jack. They stood smiling at
each other and then Jack bent over and kissed my Cindy

He raised his glass and said, “To us, tonight.”

Cindy said, “Here! Here!” and they took a sip from
their small hotel tumblers of run and coke. Jack set
his on the table and began to loosen his tie and his
shirt collar. He removed his sports coat and dropped it
carefully across the chair. He sat on the bed and
reached for Cindy’s and who accepted the invitation and
moved beside him on the bed of their affair.

Cindy excused herself to the rest room from which she
emerged five minutes later wearing only a short silk
nightie. It was obvious that she had not bothered to
wear anything underneath… nothing. Jack looked at
Cindy and smiled as he stood up to reach for her hand.
Jack towered above Cindy.

He was about 6’4 tall and Cindy’s 5’2 petite body
moved close to him. Jack began tasting Cindy’s lips and
exploring her mouth with his tongue. His huge right
hand moved to gently cup Cindy’s left breast. Cindy is
a tiny lady. 5’2 eyes of blue with dark brown hair and
perfect 34b breasts. Her firm heart shaped ass filled
the red silk nightie perfectly and her legs are shapely
and perfectly proportioned to her petite frame.

I think that her legs are one of her best features, no
her breasts. Well maybe it is her shapely ass or even
her eyes. The blue eyes contrast beautifully with the
dark hair. Cindy is beautiful. Am I crazy for allowing
this fantasy to progress further? Maybe I should burst
from the seclusion of the closet and call it off. What
would Jack do if I made my presence known.

Would he be disgusted or angry? Perhaps he would just
beat the daylights out of me. After All I could be not
physical match to his tall muscular body. My 5’6 frame
is small and would not have a chance if faced with his
physical wrath. No, I will stay quietly here and allow
this to continue. We had agreed and I had to follow
through. It had been my idea and initially my fantasy
and it would be wrong and unfair for me to stop it at
this late point.

Jack silently removed his trousers and then unashamedly
his shorts. Oh my, what have I done. As his manhood was
exposed it was truly a sight to behold it was huge,
thick as a cucumber and it looked to be 7 inches long
and was not even hard yet. As it hung there proudly. It
was black and proud and Cindy bent down and began to
kiss the huge head and then opened her lips wide and
attempted to taste the entire bulb of Jacks huge dick.
As she kissed and licked the shaft began to grow stiff
and firm. Slowly it became erect. My god it was huge.

I did not believe that there was any way that Jack
would be able to force that huge thing into Cindy’s
tiny pussy. And I knew that neither Cindy nor her body
would ever be satisfied with my measly six inch white
meat ever again.
Jack lifted Cindy and gently laid her on the bed. He
moved his face between her legs and began to probe her
with his tongue.

He gently kissed her most private parts and tasted her
womanhood completely. He flicked his tongue over her
clitoris and teased her vaginal opening with tongue
thrusts. The sight of that huge muscular black man
controlling my petite white wife made my tiny
insignificant cock grow hard and I began stroking it as
I watched. And then Jack moved his huge muscular body
between Cindy’s legs and spread them apart with his

He placed the head of his huge black dick at the
opening of Cindy’s tiny white pussy and kissed her as
he slowly pushed it in. I heard Cindy gasp as he
entered her body slowly one inch at a time. Cindy
whimpered a tiny cry as he pushed deeper. It was all
that I could do to remain hidden as that huge black
snake stretched my Cindy wider and deeper that I had
ever gone. Jack continued his push and Cindy continued
her gasps until he had completely entered her.

He asked if she was ok and Cindy said, “My god Jack, I
have never been so full in my life, please fuck me.”

That was all it took! Jack withdrew slowly pulling
almost out and then began a slow re-entry. This
continued for several minutes until Cindy had
acclimated to the enormous size of the member invading
her most delicate and private parts. And then Jack
began increasing the tempo of his thrusts. As he did,
Cindy began to moan and respond to his thrusts with
corresponding motion.

It became obvious that she was responding to the size
and motion of Jacks love thrusts. Their mouths were
joined at the tongue and their bodies were joined at
their sex. The thrusts became hard and rapid and
seemingly violent but Cindy responded more and more to
the pleasure of Jack’s love hammer. The bed seemed to
be moving across the room as it rocked.

Cindy was lost in ecstasy and then she let go with a
scream of pleasure as her body began to pulsate with
the beginning vibrations of orgasm. She screamed and
clinched her fingers in the muscular black back of the
gorilla that was pounding her into a state of
uncontrollable pleasure. She cried and she screamed and
then she opened her mouth wide in silent ecstasy as her
orgasm continued. And then Jack began to pump even
harder and he began to grunt loudly and from the deep
hollow of his huge chest and lungs and then he exploded
with tons of cum inside my tiny Cindy’s ravaged white

Jack pumped cum inside and it began to squeeze out of
her pussy lips as he stretched them and slid in the
well lubricated tightness of her newly lubricated
vagina. Cum ran down their genitals to the bed sheets
and socked them with the scent of their interracial
love feast. As they both began to complete their
ecstatic orgasmic journey the pace slowed. Jack held
his weight off of Cindy with his huge muscular arms and
then he rolled over pulling Cindy with him laying her
tiny body on top of his.

In silence they lay gently kissing and caressing each
other as the smell of sex drifted throughout the room.
And then they slept. Silently I slipped from the closet
and moved to the door and quietly made my exit
wondering, what have we done? Cindy has now been
loved in ways and places that I never could. Would she
ever be satisfied with my inadequate ability and
endowment again?

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