Sweet Ass
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Casey’s fingers skimmed across her stomach, delighting in the minuscule flinches his touch was causing, travelling down and ever closer to the top edge of Jess’ jeans. Jess shifted her weight slightly, whether intentionally or not, lifting her ass a touch and allowing Casey’s fingers to slip easily underneath her waist band. A small involuntary groan escaped Casey as he relished the feel of Jess’ panties and just as quickly his thoughts registered the plain fact that what she was wearing was of such little substance that even with his fingers on top of them, he would get a good feel of her pussy.

Even now shifting his fingers along the seam of the panties identified them as nothing more than a few strands of elastic and a small triangle of lace mesh – a very tiny g-string at best. Which meant that the beautiful bump of ass Casey was admiring was separated only by the denim of her tight jeans.

Jess felt Casey’s fingers trace the seams of her g-string. G-strings were not a special occasion for her, but Casey’s fingers exploring her panties certainly was. She knew with certainty that should she let him continue exploring that he would find the lace mesh damp, moist with the wetness his gentle touches were causing.

Casey was watching Jess’ face as his fingers continued to explore. Her eyes closed, her breathing measured but only through effort, her lips pursed slightly. Giving an overall perception of intense concentration. He had waited months to get near her and now here he was, one hand in her panties and the other covertly readjusting his own shorts where his cock was beginning to strain against the fabric. Even if this were as far as she was going to let him get he just knew that the thought of lace mesh would immediately get him hard all over again.

How long had it been since Casey’s fingers had crept under her jeans, thought Jess. Frankly, she had nothing to do today so it wasn’t as if keeping track of time was a priority. What was a priority was working out whether or not to encourage him further or tell him to leave. Finding Casey physically attractive had never been an issue, and Jess’ body was making this particular side of the argument abundantly clear for her. She could feel the heat from her body rise with each passing second. It was rather that Casey had always been such an arrogant type that irked her, that curl to his lips that hinted at some kind of infuriating underlying superiority complex maybe? Or maybe he was just an ass. Right now though it seemed less of consequence but she had learned to trust her gut and she had been turning him down for awhile now.

His touch felt so good though…and the bulge in his shorts hadn’t gone unnoticed. ‘Fuck it,’ pushing the niggling doubts out of her mind Jess instead allowed her mind and body to tap into the increasing temptation that was Casey.

It was at that moment that Casey’s daring fingers traveled deeper into her jeans and found the spot where she had soaked her panties. Casey inhaled a short, sharp breath as Jess made an involuntary moan as his hand cupped her now very wet pussy. ‘You want it, don’t you?’ rasped Casey’s voice.

He waited for a response. To his pleasure it came in the form of Jess tilting her hips ever so much, pushing into his touch. Casey deftly moved the now soaked lace aside. He could feel her snatch in detail now, pert vulva, shaven, the small delicate mount of her clit and the wetness of her lips. He ran one finger down over her clit, and then further, gently parting her lips. In no time his fingers were slick with her wetness. He sunk two fingers easily into her wet pussy, eliciting a moan from Jess. Knuckle deep he made small movements inside of her, wiggling his two fingers this way and that, gently stroking, then gently stretching. Jess had her eyes closed and was panting slightly in rhythm with his touch.

Casey was rock hard now. Jess’ wetness had him well and truly turned on and now he was desperate to have more. With his free hand he wiggled Jess’ jeans and g-string down over her ass. Not long after both garments lay discarded on the floor but Casey’s attention was firmly on the magnificent sight of Jess’ soaked pussy.

Now, with much greater access Casey removed his fingers from Jess’ pussy, she whimpered slightly in protest but caught her breath sharply as Casey thrust them hard and fast back into her, his knuckles bouncing lightly on her clit when he hit full penetration. He then removed his fingers slowly, rotating his touch against the internal walls of her pussy. Again he paused as his fingers re-emerged before thrusting again into her. Again and again. Over and over.

Jess could feel her pussy building towards climax. And each thrust Casey landed was becoming firmer, pounding her pussy, bouncing off her clit. She began to mouth “I’m cumming.. ” only to orgasm before she could complete the sentence and instead it morphing into a strangled cry of pleasure. ‘Ohhhh.’

Jess’s climax was it for Casey. His cock needed this woman. His fingers were drenched in her juices, his cock dripping its own wetness. He waited for Jess to recover from her orgasm before pulling his long, strong cock from his shorts. “I need to fuck you.” he said.

Jess looked sheepish, explaining that she didn’t think she her pussy could stand another pounding quite so soon. A protest began to build on Casey’s tongue but it was silenced as he watched her roll onto her stomach, her tight ass offered to his hard, dripping cock. “Take my ass, Casey.”

Not needing to be told twice, Casey took to work on that tight ass. Taking both hands he spread her ass cheeks, lowered his face to her entrance and began to lick teasingly – circling her slowly. “Ohhh, yes, Casey, yes, yes, please.” she moaned. Drenching a finger in lube Casey began to bury his finger in her tight back hole, in, out, in, again with circles, encouraging her ass to give up some of its tight intensity, until he could sink two fingers into her, eliciting a squawk of pleasure mixed with pain. Working his way deeper until, just like her pussy, he was up to his knuckles in her.

It was time for his cock. The tip of his cock pressed up against her ass, so wet, dripping with anticipation. Casey uttered a groan as the tip penetrated, hitting a sweet tightness as Jess’ ass clenched and then released to allow him to drive deeper into her.

“More, more… umm yeah, deeper, Casey, deeper,” almost indecipherable, caught between Jess’ gasps of pleasure, as inch by inch he went deeper. He could feel himself on the edge now. So close to exploding, her ass holding his cock so tightly.

As his cock reached its ultimate depth in her ass and his balls slapped against her tight buttocks, Casey sunk his weight down against her, reaching his fingers around to find her soaking pussy. Finding the soft nub of her clit he began simultaneously stroking as he rocked his cock back and forth inside her.

Jessica’s pussy exploded, squirting her sweet cum over his fingers, the orgasm taking Casey over the edge, too. Jess’ screams of pleasure combined with his own guttural grunt of release as his came hard in her convulsing ass

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