Cheerleader for Hire 3.
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When Kathy left Mrs. Johnson’s class the next day, her teacher
smiled radiantly at her and motioned her to her desk. When the
other students had filtered out of the room, Mrs. Johnson spoke.
“I heard you were quite a hit last night, Kathy,” she said.
Kathy blushed.
“Yeah, I guess…” she murmured.
“Well, I’ve got another guy who wants you tomorrow night.
Mrs. Johnson pushed a slip of paper into Kathy’s hand:

Room 107
8:00 PM

Mike and Brian
2 hours


Kathy laughed.
“Two guys?” she asked.
“Yep. You think you can handle that?”
“Sure, I guess.” They want me to dress up like a schoolgirl?”
she asked.
“Yeah,” Mrs. Johnson smiled. “A lot of guys get off on outfits
like that. Just go to Thompson’s Uniforms downtown and get
yourself an outfit.”
She slipped Kathy two hundred dollars in cash.
“That should cover it. You know what to get, right?”
“I think so,” Kathy answered. “A white blouse, vest, necktie,
plaid skirt, kneesocks and saddle shoes?”
Mrs. Johnson nodded. “Perfect, Kathy. Don’t forget to fix your
hair up really cute, too.”


Kathy arrived at the Hamilton Hotel, already dressed in her
little schoolgirl outfit. She got some curious looks from people
in the lobby, but she really didn’t care. After ducking into the
restroom briefly to fix up her hair, she quickly made her way to
Room 107.
She knocked on the door, and a man was quick to answer it.
“Hi, I’m Kathy,” she said shyly, and the door opened with a
“Hi, Kathy. Wow! I’m Brian… Come on in!”
Kathy walked into the room as Brian closed the door and bolted
“Hey, Mike!” he called into the bathroom. “You’ve got to see
this girl!”
Kathy blushed as Mike walked into the room.
“Holy shit…” Mike muttered.
The two men gawked over sweet young Kathy, dressed in her little
schoolgirl outfit.
Kathy wore a crisp, long-sleeved white blouse, with a
red/black/yellow plaid necktie. Her torso was caressed by a
matching buttoned-down red/black/yellow plaid vest, which fit
snugly, accentuating her firm teenaged breasts and flat tummy.
Kathy’s skirt was made from the same plaid fabric, layered in
tiny knife-pleats, riding high on her lovely thin thighs. Her
white cable-knit kneesocks and black-and-white saddle shoes
completed her sweet outfit nicely.
Kathy’s lips shined with her red lipstick, and her hair was
swept to the sides in two ponytails, with bangs draping across her
She enjoyed playing the part of an innocent little girl, and she
swayed from side to side slightly, like a nervous youngster.
“Do you like my outfit?” she asked, then spun around for the
guys. Her flimsy, lightweight skirt flared out its pleats and gave
the horny men a fleeting glimpse of sweet white cotton panties.
“Shit, yes!” Brian blurted.
“What did you guys want me here for, anyway?” she asked,
Mike smiled at her, then stepped up to her. He patted her ass
lightly through her little pleated skirt.
“It all depends,” answered Mike. Are you a good little girl,
or a naughty girl?”
“Well, most of the time, I’m good, but when I’m naughty, I’m
even better…” Kathy replied, with the wink of an eye.
“Well, now, my little sweetheart,” Mike answered, “let’s see
just what a naughty little schoolgirl you are…”
The radio in the room was playing a very sensuous song, and
Kathy decided to use it to enhance her teen charms. She sat in a
chair across from the bed.
The men sat on the bed, watching her intently. Kathy put a
saddle shoe up on an armrest, and cocked the other leg wide to the
other side. Her little school skirt draped down across the gap
between her legs.
Mike and Brian were mesmerized. Kathy was simply delightful in
her little uniform. As they watched, Kathy slowly slid her plaid
pleated skirt up over her tight white panties, showing them her
lovely panty-covered crotch.
Kathy loved every minute of this. She slowly slid a finger in
through the legband of her panties, probing her wetness, moaning
softly to add to the effect. She could see their jeans begin to
bulge ominously.
Kathy continued to finger herself, her fingers moving in and out
of her teen cunt under the panties, her knuckles stretching out the
fabric. Her other hand slowly unbuttoned her vest and began
massaging her breasts through her soft white blouse.
“Would you guys like to see my little pussy?” she asked.
“Oh, yeah…” they both muttered, horny as hell.
Kathy hooked a finger around a legband and pulled the fabric to
the side, exposing her almost-hairless treasure. The soft curls of
pussy hair were glistening with her moisture, and the sight of it,
coupled with the school uniform and her provocative pose, were
enough to almost make the guys come in their pants right then and
“God, I could cum right now!” gasped Brian.
“Oh, no, don’t do that right now,” said Kathy. “You’ve got to
fuck me, first! Let’s see those cocks…”
The men quickly stripped before her. In seconds, their clothes
were thrown aside, with both men standing before her, their pricks
hard and lewdly wobbling in worship to the young princess.
The men pulled her up from the chair and brought her to the
“Hey, Brian, why don’t you let her suck you while I eat her
pussy?” Mike suggested.
“Great idea!” Brian quickly agreed. He lied on the bed, his
head propped up on a pillow.
Mike reached up under Kathy’s flimsy little skirt and thumbed
her panties down, tugging them over her precious ass cheeks, till
they fell to the floor. Kathy tossed her vest to the floor. She
crawled onto the bed, slowly moving her way up between Brian’s legs
to his waiting seven-inch schlong.
As she gripped Brian’s warm, hard cock in one hand, she felt
her little skirt pulled up high on the back of her ass, high in the
air as she knelt on the bed, and the wonderful sensation of a man’s
tongue on her pussy lips.
She knew she was going to really enjoy this night. She stuck
her tongue out and slowly licked his manhood, carefully cupping his
balls in her other hand.
Brian looked down at the young girl before him, taking in the
wonderful sight. Those cute bangs, the ponytails and ribbons, her
white school blouse, her plaid skirt flipped up on her ass…
Kathy licked his cock slowly, torturing Brian. She could see
the wedding ring on his finger, and knew that she was giving him a
fantasy that his wife could never fulfill.
“That’s it, little darling. Just like a lollipop…” he
At the same time, Mike was busy lapping away at Kathy’s hole.
Kathy groaned in delight as he softly sucked her clit, stroking it
with his tongue at the same time.
She finally put Brian’s cock in her mouth, sliding it down her
throat before clamping her lips around him. She pulled it out
slowly, sucking hard, then pushed it deep into her hungry mouth
again. Kathy worked him like a pro, sucking him hard, her head
bobbing up and down on him, her ponytails bouncing about.
Kathy knew she was going to have an orgasm. Mike knew how to
use his tongue well, and he was going to send her over the brink.
She popped her lips off Brian, just as she came.
“Oh, God! Awwwwwww!!!!! Oh shit!!!!! Yeah!!!!” she screamed,
her thighs trembling with the intensity of her climax.
Mike slowly stopped his tongue-lashing.
“Okay, sweetheart, time for a fucking!” he told her. “We’ve got
almost two hours with you, so we can fuck you a couple of times,
Kathy laughed.
“Hey, Brian,” Mike called. “Why don’t you fuck her first while
she sucks my cock?”
Brian crawled out from under Kathy, and Mike replaced him. As
Brian circled around behind her, Kathy reached down to a kneesock.
She pulled a condom out from under the cuff, where she had it
folded over. She liked wearing the kneesocks, because it gave her
a handy place to keep the rubbers.
Brian quickly slipped it on. He pulled her little pleated
school skirt up high on her ass, then fisted his latex-covered cock
between her pussy lips and drove it inside.
“Auggghhh!” Kathy yelped as the man speared her tight little
Brian fucked in slowly the first few times, grasping her waist
for leverage, then began jabbing her with short, rapid fuck-strokes.
Mike, meanwhile, was enjoying himself as the young schoolgirl
sucked him hard. He couldn’t get enough of the sight before him,
as Kathy’s ponytails danced about with her blowjob rhythm.
“Yeah, you little schoolgirl,” Brian murmured. “I’ll bet you
like getting fucked like this, don’t you?”
“Yeah…” Kathy murmured.
“Talk dirty to me, baby,” he said.
“Oooohhhh, yeah, mister,” she cooed. “Fuck me, mister…fuck
my tight little pussy…”
Kathy went back to her cock-sucking, working Mike up into a
“Slow down, baby,” he told her. “You’re gonna make me cum too
She relaxed her pace and popped her lips off, licking his cock
just enough to keep him nice and hard. She wanted to taste his
cum, but she knew she had to make the customer happy.
“Fuck me hard, Brian,” she coached.
Brian knew he couldn’t take much more. The excitement level of
fucking a cute little 16-year-old girl in a schoolgirl uniform was
just too much.
“God, Kathy, you’re gonna make me blow!” he gasped.
He drove his cock deep into her with one last thrust and came,
squirting thick wads of cum into the condom. She could feel his
prick spasming within her, and it felt good to her.
As he pulled his cock out, he unrolled the rubber and held it
“Look at this, sweetheart,” he said. “That’s a full load,
Kathy looked back over her shoulder at a condom filled almost
halfway with warm man-cream, and suddenly got an idea.
“Give me that,” she said, and Brian handed it to her, with a
curious look on his face.
Kathy turned over and lied down on the bed, smoothing her
little skirt out beneath her. As both men watched, she held the
condom a couple of inches over her face and turned it over, opening
her mouth. Thick strands of Brian’s jizz poured out of the rubber
and oozed down onto Kathy’s tongue.
Kathy dumped the creamy contents into her hungry mouth,
squeezing the condom to push out every bit. She swirled her tongue
around the sticky white ribbons of fuck-cream, lapping up every
“Oh my God…” Mike muttered.
“Holy shit…” Brian stammered.
Kathy tossed the used rubber aside, then looked at Mike.
“Your turn now, big guy,” she told him. She pulled her
kneesock-encased legs high and whipped another rubber from under
the elastic legband of those white kneesocks, then handed it to
“Wanna see my tits?” she asked, as Mike fumbled with the
“You bet,” he told her.
As Mike rolled the rubber onto his stiff cock, Kathy unbuttoned
her white blouse down to her waist. She pulled it open and
unhooked her front-fastening bra, pulling the cups wide before him.
Mike stared at the teenaged breasts before him. They weren’t
large, but they looked so tender, so virgin, so cherry…
Mike leaned forward and put one of her tits into his mouth. He
sucked it softly, and Kathy purred. She loved the feeling of his
warm mouth sucking her tits, but she wanted him in her eager pussy
even more.
“Well now, Mike. Are you gonna suck or are you gonna fuck?” she
Mike smiled at her and straightened up. Kathy spread her thighs
wide as he positioned his cock against her shiny, moist pussy lips
and drove it inside with one smooth stroke.
Kathy hooked her kneesocks over Mike’s shoulders as he pumped
hard into her. He drilled her intensely, pushing himself as deep
as he could into her.”
“Oh, yes…” she muttered. She put her fingertips on her clit,
wiggling them madly as he pounded her little pussy.
“Ohhh yeahhh!! Oh, God!” she gasped. “I’m cumming again!”
“So am I!” Mike yelled. “I’m gonna cum, too!”
“No!” she cried. “Do it in my mouth! I wanna taste it!”
Mike quickly pulled out and snapped the condom off, then
shimmied up to her head, straddling the young girl.
“That’s it, Mike… right in my mouth!” Kathy instructed.
She pointed to her lips and held her mouth open, watching his
hand as it furiously whacked away above her.
Suddenly, he groaned, and a long sticky white string of cum
shot out, hitting Kathy on the upper lip and splattering all over
her face.
Kathy laughed as Mike’s prick shot another load, aimed much
better this time, squarely against the roof of her mouth. It
trickled to the back of her throat, just as another stream ran down
her tongue.
“Eat it, baby!” Brian exclaimed.
Kathy loved the taste of Mike’s cum, and she could hardly
swallow before more creamy white juice came at her. She lapped it
up hungrily, just holding her mouth wide open for him as he filled
it with squirt after squirt.
When Mike had finally finished, Kathy’s mouth was full of man-juice. Both
men watched as Kathy closed her mouth and swallowed.
A little bit of cum overflowed her lips and trickled down her
“Aw, shit…” the men gasped.
“Wow, Mike, what a load,” Kathy said. “You must’ve been saving
that up for quite a while, huh?”
Kathy just smiled. She looked quickly at her watch.
“We’ve got another hour, you guys. I’ll bet I can get you two
off twice more in sixty minutes.”
She winked at them, lying there in her school outfit, her blouse
wide open, little plaid pleated skirt pulled up over her waist, her
white kneesocks cocked wide apart, with cum on her face.
Brian and Mike both knew that would be no problem…

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