Work in a Doctor’s Office
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I’m a 23 year old medical assistant. I work for one of the leading urologists in a major city. I know it’s unusual for a female to work in the urology field but I graduated with honors and was highly recruited by all the leading urologists in the city.

I chose the field because I have a fascination with the penis and although the majority of out patients are older, we still get enough young virile men to keep things interesting for me. To be frank, it’s difficult for me during an exam where a young man’s penis is exposed. My doctor usually includes me in most exams even though this would be considered somewhat irregular. But the doctor is fully aware of my desire to learn as much about the field as possible.

I say “somewhat difficult for me” because as I watch the doctor examine the young man’s penis, I really want to pitch in and do some close-up exam work myself.

After a couple of years on the job, the doctor started allowing me to participate more actively in various examinations and procedures. As a result I was able to handle a few penises. It always amazed me how different they all were. I never got tired of discovering new shapes and sizes. Although most of the time, they were flaccid, sometimes guys would get erections. It didn’t hurt that I am a very attractive woman with a very nice rack. When a guy got hard most of the time they were extremely embarrassed and I would always tell them not to worry about it. But sometimes the younger guys seemed quite proud to show off their erect cocks. And I was always quite happy to view them, but I couldn’t let them know that.

My urologist also specialized in erectile dysfunction. This was for men who had trouble getting an erection. Usually a prescription for Viagra or Cialis took care of the problem, but not always. Then the doctor would turn me loose with the patient for the next round of treatments.

After a lengthy consultation, I would have the patient partially disrobe. I would tell the patient it was up to him how comfortable he was with disrobing. Some would just pull their pants down to their thighs while others would completely remove their pants and underwear. A few guys would take off all their clothes. Then I would ask them to lie back on the examination table and relax.

I then would tell the patient that I was going to masturbate his penis for a few minutes so the degree of his dysfunction could be determined. Some guys could get partially hard and others could not get hard at all. Sometimes I could bring a guy to a full erection. If that occurred I would go ahead and masturbate them to orgasm just to make sure that everything worked. I always suspected that the word had gotten around among patients and some guys came in claiming ED but were really there just to get a handjob and let their health insurance pay for it.

The next step would be for me to grasp the patient’s penis with my thumb and two fingers and with a fairly tight grip, start to milk his penis from the root right up to and past the coronal ridge. While most guys were circumcised a few still had a foreskin and I would manipulate the foreskin up over the glans. After several vigorous strokes I could usually tell if there was any possibility of an erection. If it looked like the patient might get hard or partially hard, I would keep milking his cock. As I milked and stroked the patient’s penis I would maintain a running commentary. I would ask them how it felt, did it feel really good, did they think they might cum, what a nice penis they had, and so forth. Sometimes even when the patient’s cock did not get fully hard, they would beg me not to stop and of course I always heeded the patient’s request. I would continue to stroke the half hard penis until cum would start shooting out.

I remember one guy in particular. He was fairly young. Late twenties as I recall. Nice looking with an athletic build. The reason I remember him so well is he had the largest penis of any patient we had ever had. Even flaccid it had to be about six inches long and so thick I couldn’t even get my hand around it. His complaint was that while he could get a partial erection, his penis would never get to a rock hard erection state. Unfortunately this can be a common complaint with men who have a very large penis. It takes a large volume of blood to fill a penis sufficiently to get fully hard. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he may not ever be able to get a rock hard erection due to the size of his member. I figured after I gave my evaluation to the doctor, I would let him issue the bad news.

In the meantime I was having a lot of fun stroking his big cock, which was actually pretty hard. Certainly hard enough for intercourse. After a few minutes of stroking him, I told him that to get a full evaluation on his condition that I wanted to continue on until he achieved ejaculation. He had no problem with that. He was one of my patients who had elected to completely disrobe. I continued to masturbate his giant cock and rather than just limit myself to the standard stroking, I also massaged his cockhead and fondled his equally large balls. I also told him that to fully evaluate his condition I would have to massage his prostate while masturbating him. This actually was not part of our standard procedure but the doctor had given me wide latitude in attempting to evaluate a patient’s condition. While it wasn’t likely, there was a remote possibility that inserting my lubed up finger in the patients anus could help achieve the full erection he was looking for. While the hand I was using to stroke his cock was ungloved, I did put on a rubber glove to go up his ass. I applied a generous amount of lube to both the glove and his anus. And I slid my finger right up his anus and stroked it in and out to the same rhythm my other hand was applying to his penis. I seemed to detect a slight additional hardening to his penis when my finger went up his ass. But the main result was I felt his body tense up and he started groaning. I knew his orgasm was imminent.

“Oh, don’t stop, don’t stop,” he moaned, “make me cum.”

And cum he did. It seemed like a quart of cum shot out of his penis. As soon as he started to shoot, I pulled my finger out of his anus. I knew that this heightened his orgasm even more. The first jet of semen shot straight up and splattered back on his stomach and chest. At least two more really powerful spurts of cum shot up. I know from experience that a big penis does not always mean a large volume cumshot but in this patient’s case, his ejaculations more than matched the size of his member.

I continued to pump his huge penis as the ejaculations begun to diminish somewhat but even the last few were more voluminous than most that I had experienced. Even as the last drops oozed out of the huge tip, I continued to stroke him vigorously. I only slowed down when his hand grabbed my arm and he told me that the sensations were so intense that I needed to stop. Despite what he said, I continued to very slowly milk his deflating cock. I pinched my fingers tight on the shaft and milked from the base up to the coronal ridge forcing a few more dribbles of semen out of his cock. The huge head was now a bright red and was literally the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Despite it being totally wrong and very unprofessional I could not resist. I leaned over and licked the last droplets of cum from the head and then gave it a wet, sloppy kiss. He had practically passed out from the force of his orgasm and his eyes were closed. I’m not sure he even knew what I had done. I hoped not.

My bare hand was covered in semen. I pulled the glove off my other hand and threw it in the disposal bin.

“Just lay there and relax,” I told him, “while I get you cleaned up.” I turned on the water faucet, washed the semen off my hand and arm, and soaked a couple of hand cloths in warm water. I then proceeded to wipe up all the semen that was splattered all over him. I quickly realized that two cloths was not going to be enough. Finally after going through four washcloths I was able to get all the cum mopped up. All the while I was doing this I continued to admire his huge penis. It had deflated a bit but was still very large and semi-hard.

“I really appreciate that kiss you gave me,” he said.

“Well, I should never have done that. It was very unprofessional of me but to be honest I don’t know what came over me. I just couldn’t resist kissing it.”

“It will be our little secret. You can kiss it any time you want.”

“I can do better than that,” I replied. Once again, knowing it was totally wrong, I leaned over and kissed the huge glans of his penis. But then I took the whole head in my mouth, which wasn’t easy, and began to suck him. I felt his whole body tense and he began to moan. And his cock started to harden again. I was now really into it and I wanted desperately to see if I could make him cum again. I am an extremely accomplished cocksucker as I have been told many, many times. After that huge cum explosion, it was a challenge to see if I could get him off again.

I applied all of my tricks. Licking and sucking every square inch of that monster cock. As well as his balls. I even inserted my tongue into his anus, which he loved. Finally, I could sense his orgasm coming again and I tried to get as much of his cock as possible down my throat. I doubt if even half of it was in there but as my head furiously bobbed up and down I felt a hot jet of cum hit the back of my throat and I started swallowing as fast as I could. Despite my best efforts and despite him already shooting out a monster load, the cum just kept cumming faster than I could swallow and it started to shoot out both sides of my mouth. Finally the cum stream began to slack off and I was able to swallow all of what he was giving me. After I was confident that I had sucked every single drop of semen out of his big penis, I let it slip out of my mouth. He was really out of it by now. He just lay there while I once again cleaned up the semen that had escaped my mouth.

Finally he stirred and I explained that as much as I would love to continue his “treatment,” I had already been with him way too long and the doctor would be asking questions as to what were we doing. I asked him to get dressed. I told him I would be submitting my report to the doctor and he would need to make a follow-up appointment to discuss the results with the doctor.

He begged me for my phone number but I told him that I needed time to think about whether to see him outside of the office. I explained that was against the rules but sometimes rules are made to be broken. I said I would be better prepared to give him an answer when he came back next week, knowing then that I wanted to see that big prick of his again.

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