Stuck at Work
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My name is Tom and I work as a car salesman. The
dealership I work at is a smaller one, and affords me a
lot of free time at me desk. Aside from the long hours
and tons of down time it’s not too bad. The slowest
night is Friday nights. NOBODY shops for a car on a
Friday night. You would think I would dread Fridays,
however they are not too bad considering the fact that
there is a girl I work with named Miranda.

Miranda is 22 years old, gorgeous face, cute smile and
her body… well. I am not normally a “breast man” but
as far as Miranda is concerned you have no choice but
to be! She sports a pair of the most perfect DD’s known
to man. Round, full and daring you to stare. Add to
that one of finest tushes and you have a reason to have
to sit at your desk hiding your hard on. All together
she is a knockout! Not one of these super skinny chics
that looks like a bag full of antlers, but the perfect
image of a woman with curves in all the right places.

The only drawback. She refers to me as “old”. I am 37.
I like to think of myself as a young 37, however that
does not matter to Miranda. Old is old. I am six foot,
180 pounds, and in decent shape. Sure I don’t have
chiseled abs, or bulging biceps, but at least I am not
sporting a gut.

Over the years I have been very lucky in the “scoring”
department. I worked at a restaurant for 10 years, and
was lucky enough to never be without a waitress,
hostess or bartender in my bed. More or less if I was
interested in a woman, I got them. Maybe it was luck,
maybe it was charm who knows. All I know is that I have
found in Miranda a woman who not only is great to talk
to and makes me have to check to make sure I am not
drooling while looking at her, but a woman that has
said no to my advances more times than I can count.

Granted I never seriously came out and asked her for a
hook-up, but all my attempts at flirting or ideas of
“things” we can do have been always met with the same
response. No. No. No. No. We talk at work. Exchange
texts here and there. Instant message now and again.
Also for some reason or another she has seen fit to
sending me a few emails with pictures of her in very
little, or nothing, but covering the “naughty” bits.
Not sure why she sent them (more than likely just to
torture me), but let me tell you this. They are some of
my favorite emails of all time! If I thought she had an
incredible body while dressed at work, I had no words
when I saw that body undressed. Lets just say that one
of the pictures of that beautiful ass caused a hard-on
that I had no choice but “relieve” right then.
(destroyed my keyboard with that orgasm)

So this brings us to my story that I would like to
relay to you.

The day was (you guessed it) a Friday. It was January
and winters over the last few years were pretty tame.
This year though it seemed like the snow never stopped.
We had just gotten 8 inches the night before. The roads
were now clear and the sun was out. Miranda walked in
the showroom around 4 o’clock. She would work the rest
of the night with me until 8 o’clock when we closed. As
it turns out we would be the only people in the
dealership from 6 to 8 once the service department
left. The manager left early to head off to the
mountains, and the finance manager was off. Not that it
mattered though, it was Friday. We would sit and talk
for a few hours, eat some snacks, smoke a couple
cigarettes and then at 8 leave.

Well, at least that is how I thought the night would
go. It was 6:30 when a fellow employee called from
their house and said the roads were covered in ice. The
sun that was out all day melted some of the snow and it
re-froze on the roads from the cold. Add to that the
freezing rain that started to fall it went from bad to
worse. Two cars hopped the curb in front of our
dealership alone. We decided to close early and head
home before it got any worse. What we found was that
our cars were useless in this weather. Her car just sat
there while the tires spun, and mine didn’t do much
better. We went back in the dealership, shook the ice
out of our hair and warmed up.

Miranda said she couldn’t call for a ride since her
parents were traveling at the time so I offered to
drive her home. Of course after remembering how well
our cars failed at even getting out of their parking
spots I just laughed . It was then I half jokingly said
we might as well spend the night since we both worked
the next morning. She just stared at me and hunched her
shoulders. We decided we would just hang out talking
through the night and try and not fall asleep at our
desks the next day.

The only good part of the whole situation was that I
had planned on heading over to my buddy’s house that
night so I had a case of beer in the car. I slid back
out to the car, grabbed the case of Miller Lite and put
it in the fridge in the break room. Over the next 30
minutes we had a couple beers, talked, and smoked. I of
course had to mention being alone together for the
night while winking at her, which caused the classic
Miranda response of EW. We laughed and I promised to

Everything was going well until half of the case of
beer and a couple hours later the lights went out. At
first I thought they were on a timer but after looking
out the windows I realized the power was out to the
whole street. Oh well we thought, the emergency lights
clicked on so at least we had light. Thirty minutes
later though we started to notice that the showroom was
getting pretty cold. The building was over 80 years old
and didn’t really hold heat that well do to all the
windows. Once the wind started kicking up it started to
get down right frigid! Add to that the sound of the
freezing rain hitting the windows and our minds started
to trick us into thinking it was 20 below zero.

We moved to the rarely used upstairs since it was in a
more central part of the dealership away from the
windows. We drank some more and started to feel that
warm fuzzy feeling you get with a good buzz. We were
both telling stories and cracking up at ourselves. If
we were at a bar we would have been thrown out for
being too loud and slurring. She talked about going out
with her friends and she mentioned a couple times about
the guys she hooked up with. A lot of our conversations
strayed into that area. As much as I liked hearing her
stories I was always a little jealous of these guys
that got to be with her. Oh how I always wanted to show
her just how a man can treat a woman. That lasted for a
while until we noticed the cold creeping into the room.
We both started to shiver a little.

I was wearing a thin oxford shirt, khaki pants, and my
coat. Miranda was wearing a shirt, sweater, coat and
pair of not so thick cargo-like pants. (My favorite
pants she wears, they show off that flawless ass
great!) Between the shivering and the buzz we had, we
both started to get a little tired. Figuring that sleep
might be a better idea then trying to stay up all night
we discussed our options.

Having figured out that there are no blankets in a car
dealership, we thought that we would just have to curl
up in little balls and try to sleep. Luckily though I
remembered that I had a sleeping bag and large pillow
in the trunk of my car! I had borrowed them from a
neighbor a week ago when I was going to crash at a
buddy’s house and forgot to return them. I ran out to
my car, gasped at just how cold it was out and came
back in. I headed back upstairs to find Miranda sitting
there shivering with a drunken smirk on her face.

She looked at me and said “Aw, how nice. You brought me
a sleeping bag.”

I just looked at her, laughed and said.

“I hope you have a sleeping bag in your car to use. She
gave me a cute pout, and I just tossed it at her. She
opened it up and grinning ear to ear and said it was

“Too bad you are a creepy old dude, or I would let you
share it with me.” she said. I just grumbled, sat down
against the wall and tried to get warm.

Miranda took off her shoes, coat, sweater. bra (with
that amazing bra through the shirt sleeve trick) and
pants. She then slid into the sleeping bag. The brief
glimpse I got of her rear end in a thong, and her
bouncing tits in just a t-shirt was enough to start me
warming up. It also was enough to cause my cock to
start to harden. Ugh, here I was, stuck at work in a
freezing building, buzzed and starting to think about
the gorgeous body not 3 feet from me. I sat there
shivering for a couple minutes.

Then everything changed. Miranda turned her head
towards me, gave me this funny glare with a furrowed
brow and a hint of smile.

“As long as you promise not to try anything perverted,
you can get in here with me,” she said.

My jaw dropped. I closed my mouth fast hoping she
wouldn’t notice. I hopped up took off my shoes, oxford,
and started to take off my pants when I realized that
hardening cock was done hardening and was now tenting
out my pants. I asked her to look away while I was
getting in. She laughed and turned her head. I dropped
my pants and looked down at my boxers that now looked
as if I was trying to hide half a football in them.

As I was climbing in I told her I would face the other
way so we were back to back. That way I could avoid
jabbing her with my now painfully erect cock. I am here
to tell you that you cannot lay back to back with
someone in a sleeping bag made for one. Impossible!

I told her this was not working and she told me to turn
around so I was facing her back. Uh Oh. Being friends I
let her know that seeing her get into the sleeping bag
just in a t-shirt and thong had caused me to ummm, get
excited. She gave me another of her patented Ews and
said “Just try not to poke me too hard with it,” and
laughed. I could tell by her voice that the beers she
drank were still affecting her. This was going to be a
long night!

I rolled over, making sure to keep my erect member away
from her butt. I laid my head on the pillow and closed
my eyes. This set up however was not destined to work.
With me trying to keep my still hard cock away from
Miranda’s ass it created a large gap in between us that
was letting cold air in. It chilled my front and
Miranda’s bare ass cheeks.

“My ass is freezing!” grumbled Miranda. “Just scoot
closer.” she said with a little “humph” at the end of
it that sounded like she was going to laugh. So with a
combination of nervousness and excitement I did just
what she said. She there we were, both wearing very
little and in the classic “spoon” position. I couldn’t
figure out what to do with my arm so I threw caution to
the wind and draped it over her, trying to avoid those
beautiful breasts. Miranda just made another of those
“humph” noises.

Now guys will understand this next part. When you are
in the position I am in at this point, almost naked,
pressed up against a woman as sexy a Miranda your dick
gets a mind of its own. Every few seconds or so my cock
would throb. The head enlarges, and your cocks “jumps”
a little.

“Ummm, Tom?” Miranda whispered.

“Yeah?” I said.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Sorry. It does it that on its own,” I said.

“Uh huh,” she said with a tone that sounded like she
didn’t believe me. “Well if you are enjoying yourself,
you can at least give a back rub while you are back

My mind was spinning. Not only was I pressed up against
a woman I found to be one of the sexiest I’ve ever
known, she was now asking me rub her back! Something
that I am sure I would enjoy WAY more than her.

It wasn’t easy but I backed up a little in the sleeping
bag and reached my hands up to her shoulders. I started
to firmly but gently rub her shoulders. She made little
noises that sounded like she was enjoying what I was
doing. Of course being a guy I had to say it…

“You know, this would be easier, and feel better with
your shirt off,” I said quietly in her ear.

“Oh jeez,” she replied. “Well the sleeping bag is
getting a little hot anyway,” she said.

Next thing you know she is shuffling around in the
sleeping bag and tossing her shirt out. She then laid
down on her stomach causing me to have to straddle her
back with my manhood still firmly wedged in between her
soft cheeks. I breathed out a sigh and resumed my
massaging of her shoulders.

“Mmmmm, this does feel better. Just don’t get any funny
ideas,” she said.

I worked on her shoulders for a few minutes and started
to rub lower. With my fingertips still on her shoulders
I pressed the middle of her back with my thumbs and
worked them out to the sides. Then I would run my
fingers down her shoulder blades and back up again.
Each time I would inch my thumbs just a little farther
down here back making sure to keep a nice steady
pressure. She started to make little humming noises
whenever I would apply a little extra pressure.

When I felt my thumbs reach the top of her thong, I
moved my hands more to the sides of her back. I then
proceeded to knead her soft back with my thumbs while
gently stroking her sides with my fingers. During this
her breathing got a little more steady, and deeper. So
did mine. I could spend hours rubbing her soft, hot

As I moved up her back my fingers stroking her sides
came in contact with the soft flesh of her breasts. I
was in heaven! Here I was touching (however slightly)
those beautiful breasts that crept into my thoughts
throughout the work day. I moved my hands up and
started rubbing her arms. She stretched her arms out
above her head into the cool room and relaxed again. I
leaned forward to rub all the way down her arm. This
caused the pressure my dick was putting on her ass to
increase and she moaned.

My mind swam. Was she moaning from the rubbing of her
arms? Or could she be moaning from the pressure being
applied lower on her body? Either way I knew I was
making her feel good and I wanted to do this forever.
Her skin was so soft, and we were both starting to get
hot. Me in more ways than one. I started to work my way
down her back again and asked her if I could unzip the
sleeping bag a little to allow me to sit up a little
more. She said she was still warm, so ok.

As I pulled the zipper down and sat up a couple things
happened at once. The light from the emergency system
allowed me to see that perfectly shaped tush with the
top of her thong dropping down in between those
beautiful cheeks. At the same time my boxers finally
gave way to the pressure that was building and my dick
sprang out the front opening. It slapped against her
ass and shot back up to its 45 degree angle. It was
still pulsing and bounced up and down in the dim light.

“Ummm, was that what I think it was?” Miranda asked. If
you could hear someone blushing, mine would have been

“Uh, yeah. Sorry.” I said. Miranda laughed and said
“Just keep rubbing.” So that’s what I did.

For the next 15 minutes my hands were in heaven.
Working the muscles of her back. Softly gliding my
hands up her sides. My heart would skip a beat every
time I gentled brushed the sides of those beautiful
breasts. At one point I looked down and realized that
the pre-cum was really starting to flow out of my dick.
I quickly used my shirt to wipe off the slippery
liquid. The whole time Miranda continued her deep
breathing and soft moans.

I leaned forward and asked her if I could rub her legs
for her next. She gave a quick and quiet “Ok.” It
almost sounded like she was falling asleep.

I opened the sleeping bag all the way and repositioned
myself by her feet. Her legs are terrific! Strong
looking and yet soft. I grasped her right leg at the
ankle and massaged my way up her calf. All the while
enjoying the view of her legs and uncovered tush. As I
worked my way up her leg to the back of her thigh she
moved her legs apart a little to allow me better
access. I worked all the way up to the point where her
leg and tush met. I rubbed her thighs deep hoping that
she was enjoying this as much as I was. After I had
worked my way back down to her ankle I repositioned
myself to work the other leg. Again as I reached her
thigh she shifted a little causing the spread between
her legs to widen.

At this point my eyes were transfixed on the thin strip
of cloth covering her pussy. The thong was tight and I
could see the outline of her mons. As I worked the
inside of her thigh I was only inches away from that
part of her body that I longed to please more than any
other. As my fingers ran closer to her sex she let out
a quiet moan. Was my massage making her aroused? A man
can only hope.

As I continued to massage her legs I started to wonder
where this was all leading. I know where I wanted it to
go. However Miranda had told me in the past in no
uncertain terms that her and I would never be lovers.
Might she change her mind? How long will she allow me
to massage her incredible body? I made a decision right
there to find out if the night was to proceed in the
direction I craved.

I leaned over again, this time my hard cock bumping her
on the thigh a little and leaving a little trail of
pre-cum that would just not stop flowing.

“Miranda?” I whispered.

“Yes?” She whispered back.

“Would you be interested in me working on the front of
your legs?”

There it was. I asked the question. From this moment on
I would know how the night would end. If she chose to
roll over, not only would I finally see those beautiful
orbs of hers in all their glory, but she would also
just need to glance down to see my hard cock that
longed to be inside her. Seconds seemed like minutes. I
think my heart stopped while I waited for some sort of

I got my response. She started to roll over. As she did
I didn’t know where to look first! That beautiful face?
Those unbelievable boobs? Her soft stomach? Or the
tightly stretched fabric covering her pussy. I settled
on slowly moving my eyes up her exquisite body,
enjoying every inch. When out eyes met she gave me
funny little smirk, and covered her face with her

She laughed a little, laid her arms at her sides,
closed her eyes and said, “Get to work.”

I let out little laugh and started to rub her legs. As
I worked my way up her smooth skin she again made sure
that her legs were parted enough to give me access to
the inside of her thighs. I massaged each thigh with
both hands to make sure she was receiving the pleasure
she deserved. As I inched closer to the outer edges of
her thong I could feel her tense up a little. I
massaged to within an inch of the stretched material,
and would work my way back down her leg. Even though
things had progressed far more than I thought they ever
would, I still wanted to make sure she knew that she
was safe with me.

After I had worked on her legs for a bit, I changed my
position a little and started to work on her arms.
Watching her boobs jiggle while I rubbed her was
incredible. Not only how full and round they were, but
set in the center of each was a nipple that would make
any mans mouth water. Not too dark. Not too light. Not
too big. Not too small. And the tip of each nipple was
raised about a quarter inch. I liked to think it was
the massage that caused this, but the cool air might
have had something to do with it also.

She noticed me looking and closed her eyes. The corners
of her mouth turned up with a knowing smile. Miranda
knew that I was putty in her hands. After some time
spent working her arms I moved to her shoulders. Having
to center myself a little more I straddled myself over
her legs. My still rigid cock was only inches from the
place it longed to be. Every minute or so I would move
my hands up to stroke her hair or curl my hands around
her neck and rub. It was so very hard not to lean down
and kiss her. Watching her head tilt back while I was
massaging her neck was just so inviting!!!

This position while it offered me the ability to really
work her shoulders was causing the tip of my cock to
every now and then rub up against her pussy that was
hiding under that thong. This contact caused me to ooze
more and more precum. In just a few minutes time the
cloth covering her was soaked.

Yet another moment in this incredible situation was
upon me that would either end it all or take me one
step closer to making love to this gorgeous woman. I
leaned forward, placed my lips close to her ear and

“Miranda, I would hate to mess up your thong any more.
May I take it off you?”

Miranda turned her head slightly and said in an
unsteady voice, “yes.”

My heart pounded in my chest. I placed both my hands on
the side of her head and kissed her for all I was
worth. Her lips were soft, and when she parted those
lips our tongues wrestled. Fireworks went off in my
mind, and my body melted. Wow! She was an incredible
kisser. While we were busy exploring each others
mouths, the area below our waist was also busy. I
started to grind my throbbing dick into her causing
moans to escape both our lips.

I sat up a little, looked down at her flushed face and
smoldering eyes. As I lowered myself to her again I
nuzzled my face into her neck and kissed my way down. I
started just below her ear, and kissed a trail down to
her shoulder. My hands followed the same path my lips
had moments before and my heart raced as I reached the
nape of her neck. I slowly ran my hands down the front
of her chest inching closer to greatest set of breasts
known to man.

I trailed my fingertips along the outside of each boob.
When my hands reached the bottom of each I ran my hands
up the front of and lightly massaged her heaving chest.
The feeling of her hardened nipples on the palms of my
hands caused us both to inhale deeply at the same time.

I could have spent hours holding her boobs. However
like a starving man gazing his first meal in days, I
had to get those nipples in my mouth. I leaned down and
took one in my mouth. As I gently sucked and ran my
tongue over her hard nipple she ran her fingers through
my hair, holding onto my head as I tried to bring her
all the pleasure she deserved. My hand moved up to rub,
and gently pinch her other nipple. Small moans, and
quickening breath escaped from her lips letting me know
I was pleasing her. I nibbled on her tight nipple
wondering if I could ever bring myself to stop.

It was then I remembered that her thong was still on. I
had told her I would remove it for her. Being a man of
my word I moved my head to the middle of her chest and
started to kiss my way down. Her skin was smooth and
soft. I placed my hands on her boobs as I lowered
myself down her body. Kissing my way down her chest and
past her belly button, I reached the top of her thong.
Taking a deep breath I slid my hands down her body. I
grasped the sides of her thong started to slowly pull

More and more of her body was exposed. I paused for a
moment when the top of her pussy came into view. I
exhaled deeply and when my hot breath hit her uncovered
sex she cooed. That was all the encouragement I needed.
She lifted her behind as I pulled the thong the rest of
the way down her legs. Here she was completely naked in
front of me. Beautiful. I started to feel overdressed
so I quickly removed my shirt, and boxers.

I placed my hand on her knee and slowly ran it up her
thigh. As I inched closer and closer to her beautifully
shaved pussy I could feel the muscles in her legs
tighten. I caressed my way around her sex allowing my
thumb to make the lightest contact with her labia.
Making sure to avoided her clit, which was now starting
to harden and poke out from beneath its hood. Miranda
would wiggle her hips as I teased her, and let out
small Mmmmm noises.

Having teased her enough I ran the palm of my hand from
the bottom of that now hot pussy to the top. Applying
just enough pressure to stimulate her clit even more.
She spread her legs a little more making sure to give
me enough room. I took this as a sign to move forward
in my goal of pleasing this woman more than any man
before me. I placed my hands on her thighs and lowered
my mouth towards her waiting pussy.

I kissed her just above her clitoris, almost afraid
that I would burn my lips on her hot skin. Her smell
was intoxicating. I almost started to feel lightheaded.
After a few more light kisses I could wait no longer. I
placed my mouth directly over her pussy and started to
ravage her with my tongue. I was running my tongue up
her soft labia making sure to pay special attention
when I reached her engorged clit. I would dip my tongue
in her pussy coating it with her juices and swirl it
around her clit.

I felt Miranda’s hands grab the back of my head and she
arched her hips up to meet my mouth. This helped me to
get my tongue farther in her hot pussy. It only took a
few minutes before I felt her start force my head into
her harder and hers moans increased.

I took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it while
flicking it with my tongue. Next thing I knew the world
was quiet as she clamped my head in her thighs and
proceeded to shake as her orgasm washed over her. I
spend the next few moments working hard to pull every
ounce of pleasure in her through her pussy. I felt my
face and mouth warm with her juices as the world around
me melted away.

When she finally released her hold on my head I looked
up to see her eyes closed, mouth open and trying to
catch her breath. I placed my hands on the floor,
raised myself up and climbed up her sweating body. The
feel of her soft breasts , and hard nipples dragging
down my chest on my way up made me want her all the
more. When my face reached hers she lifted her head and
proceeded to kiss me. I propped myself on my elbows and
ran my hands through her hair. I kissed her like a man
that had been waiting for this moment for years. The
feel of our tongues intertwined, her wet, hot lips and
her soft hair in my hands was a feeling I would never

I was so lost in our kiss that it took a minute for my
brain to register a new feeling. There was something
hot and wet on the underside of cock. Then my body
froze when I realized that my still rock hard dick was
rubbing up against the outside Miranda’s pussy. Without
a second thought I started to rub my shaft up an down
Miranda’s over stimulated sex. The heat and wetness now
being applied to my dick sent my mind into a swirl. I
would switch between rubbing the head of my dick on her
clit and sawing my manhood along her swollen pussy
lips. Miranda started to moan again and I was dribbling
pre-cum like a forgotten faucet. The wetness from her
orgasm moments before and my newly added lubrication
made the feeling all the more enjoyable.

We continued this mutual this masturbation while I
would take turns kissing her and sucking those nipples
now salty with sweat. Then while I was lifting my head
from her breast to her mouth I felt something that was
a cross between an adrenalin rush, and that split
second you get when someone scares you. The head of my
dick had just popped into the opening of her vagina. I
could feel the tightness of her pussy gripping me just
below the head of my dick. I froze.

I felt paralyzed from the combination of the incredible
feeling that was now being applied to my cock. And the
fear that I had done something wrong. Miranda let out a
soft “oof” then a sound like “Hmm.” Not knowing what to
do I just continued to allow the incredible feeling of
almost penetrating her to envelope me. I felt her pussy
tighten around my dick and Miranda let out another
small moan. I felt her moving her arm, and the next
thing I knew she was pulling my cock into her. If there
ever was a sign to continue, this was it.

I leaned down and kissed her. At the same time I
started to slide my dick farther up her channel. I
worked a couple inches in before pulling back, and
repeating my inward thrust. Feeling more of my cock
being gripped by her hot, tight sex caused me to groan.
On the next withdrawal and penetration I knew I was all
the way inside her. We both grunted together in mutual
satisfaction. It took no time to for us to match our
body movements and start full on fucking. I felt her
wrap her legs around my waist allowing me to enter her
even further. I could feel just the tip of my dick
touch her cervix. If I was already a man possessed with
pleasing Miranda, this new feeling only made me want

We continued panting, thrusting, moaning and kissing. I
have no idea how much time passed, but I wished it
could have lasted forever. Then I felt her pussy walls
start to twitch and grip me tighter. She was on the
verge of her orgasm, and I was about to join her. I
felt her legs tighten around my waist. Her groans got
louder. She reached down and started to rub her
engorged clit. Just then I started to feel the familiar
feeling of my balls tightening, and the first bursts of
pleasure race up cock. Miranda let out one last moan
and held me deep inside her with her legs.

I started to climax and felt burst after burst of my
semen launch out of my dick and into her pussy. I might
have screamed, I honestly do not know. All I know is
that I left what might have been a gallon of my cum
inside her. I left myself deep inside her as I leaned
down to kiss her hard on the lips.

I would never have believed it if you told me that
there was still an ice storm raging outside. In my mind
the world was made up of two people lying on an
unzipped sleeping bag wondering what tomorrow was going
to bring.

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