Mrs Shepard goes to the doctor’s office
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Karen Shepard, an attractive but shy, somewhat self-conscious divorcée in her mid-thirties, had a personal problem. It was a by way of an intimate and embarrassing matter, and it troubled her no end. She was not in the least enthusiastic about going to see a doctor and discussing her quandary, especially as she had only just taken up residence in a new home in the country, and didn’t know any of the doctors in the nearby town at all.

Back home, in her previous life, she had grown up in a town where the doctor was a lifelong friend of the family. Doctor Stroud, whom Karen always called ‘uncle’had practised his profession in the same quarter since Karen was a just little girl, and everybody knew him and had confidence in him. Even as a teenager, when physical matters can be a problem, she never had any inhibitions about going to the surgery, and felt she could talk to Doctor Stroud about anything at all – about her changing body, her periods, her budding breasts, her vaginal infections, anything. It’s quite different, when you grow up with the familiarity of consulting your doctor from a very early age. And for Karen it was sometimes easier to open up and discuss her most intimate secrets with a doctor she’d known all her life, than to talk to her parents.

But now, here, in this country town, where she knew almost nobody yet, the idea of going to see a strange doctor for the first time struck fear into her; each time she thought about having to do it, palpitations started in her breast, her gut ached more than ever. She knew she would simply have to do something eventually; she couldn’t live with her little problem forever. But she kept putting off the next vital but important step, still hoping vainly that the issue would resolve itself naturally.

It didn’t. And so, the days and weeks passed, and Karen didn’t find the courage to surmount her timidity and call a doctor for an appointment. Not only was Karen shy, but she suffered from anxiety attacks sometimes, and this predicament was not helping her in her daily life. At all.

Karen Shepard reflected on all this at home alone one Spring morning, clutching her mug of tea in her two hands and gazing out of her kitchen window across the vast orchard bordering her new home. Feeling sorry for herself, she thought about how it was in danger of wrecking her newly-found and until now, fulfilling sex life, having this wretched complication every day. She had a good and caring lover, but she hadn’t dared tell Larry anything about her concerns. Her natural shyness and inherent inhibition, prevented her from finding the courage to explain to him, simply, why in recent times she had been so reluctant to commit herself to full lovemaking, like before.

Larry lived a few hours’ drive away, but she had started to invent reasons to avoid him staying overnight at her home. She nevertheless felt such a strong affection for him and loved the sex, the closeness and the warm comfort she experienced when he was there. Now, she inevitably had guilty feelings about this situation.

They had met during a two-day work conference, which Larry attended as senior representative of one of the supplier companies her employer dealt with. He had somehow spotted Karen’s shyness before even being introduced to her, and seemed immediately to know how to deal with it; ultimately he found her dark looks and shapely figure captivating. For her part, Karen, enjoyed Larry’s relaxed personality and good looks. He got her feeling relaxed in his company within a very short time.

They had dined together in the restaurant of his hotel at the end of the conference. It had been a very pleasant evening, and Karen had got to feel more unwound than for a very long time, thanks to Larry’s easy way of talking to her, smiling and entertaining her. But, against Larry’s secret hopes, there was to be no passionate night with Karen in his hotel room this time. She had not drunk much at all, and insisted on driving herself home, alone; Larry had to be content that night with a brief kiss as her walked her to her car, and then remain patient for another two weeks, before Karen allowed things go in a sexual direction.

The passion erupted, seemingly quite spontaneously one Saturday evening, when Larry had dined Karen again in the same restaurant, and she had invited him into her home for the very first time. She had prepared herself in advance; the house and especially her bedroom were neat and spotless, fresh sheets on her bed, lighting was dimmed in a way which Karen liked, intimate but allowing her to conceal her timidity. Over dinner, and later when they settled together into her lush sofa on her garden terrace, she had allowed herself to drink a little more wine than was her habit, and she felt well and truly ready now to commit herself to sexual intercourse with Larry, after two weeks of getting to know him.

Kissing seemed relaxed, tender and natural, becoming more fervent as the moments passed. Intimate caresses were exchanged spontaneously, and soon their glasses of wine were forgotten. Before long, they were fully stretched out on the sofa, partially undressed, Karen’s breasts bared to be kissed and sucked, and Larry’s penis released into the evening air to be stroked and squeezed by Karen’s timid fingers. By the time they stood and moved wordlessly, hand in hand to the interior and to her erotically lit bedroom, they were both more than ready for what was to follow; they fell upon Karen’s bed, mouths locked hard, tongues thrashing together, hands exploring everywhere at once, pulling at each others’ already deranged clothing.

Karen, partly naked, quickly pulled back the bed covers and slid underneath, tugging at Larry’s arms for him to join her, before hauling a sheet over them and slipping off her panty.

It was the first time that anyone had been able to steer Karen in the direction of a bed so soon after meeting her, and she discovered that night a new aspect to her sexuality; it was as almost as though she steered Larry, not the converse. After overcoming her own surprise at the speed of her submission and acquiescence, Karen began to realise there really was anxiety-free life after five years of sterile, wasted marriage. Her previously lonely divorcée existence took on a new dimension.

Once Larry had stripped off the rest of his own clothes and thrown them carelessly on the bedroom floor, nervously fished out of his trouser pocket a condom and rolled it onto his throbbing curved erection, their coupling was fast and furious that first time. Karen, lying on her back, opened her thighs willingly and pulled Larry to her in the darkness of the sheet covered bed. His mouth was soon glued back onto to hers, their tongues entwined, and Larry was pressing his naked body down onto Karen’s. He paused only long enough to suckle both her nipples briefly, then return to nibble her hot lips, seek her willing tongue again. Feeling for the first time the joy of flesh against flesh, overwhelmingly impatient to be inside her, Larry raised himself up onto his knees, slipped his stiff, bursting, rubber covered hardness far into Karen’s moist depths and ejaculated quickly with a grunt of pleasure. Such was his overwhelming excitement at this initial and long-awaited penetration of his new partner’s soft and welcoming body.

Karen, enjoying the moment in her own way, did not climax, but was not totally disappointed; after all, she was used to intercourse without orgasm. She moaned quietly throughout, lubricated freely, kept her thighs pressed tight against Larry’s waist. She savoured the intensity of this hard, curved, pulsating organ inside her pussy as it spurted its semen into the condom, relished that she had been able to give pleasure to Larry with her body, enjoyed too, the weight of his body afterwards, as he pressed down onto her, momentarily drained, panting hard into her mouth.

As his penis shrunk away and slipped out of Karen’s pussy, the semen filled condom barely intact, Larry was slightly embarrassed by his hasty ejaculation, though Karen said nothing on the matter, just holding him close affectionately, without speaking, savouring this moment of initial intimacy. He managed discreetly to dispose of the condom, duly knotted, and after a suitable moment of relaxation, kissing and mutual caressing under the sheet, he found his erection returning quickly enough. At the right moment, he was able to reach for another condom without any more uncertainty, and this second time, to luxuriate in the soft moistness of Karen’s hot inner sanctum. Her legs hooked over his, pulling him into her, as though seeking to absorb Larry’s penis into her womb. He slowed his pace this time, allowing Karen to feel the intensity of his desire for her, pausing in his energetic thrusts to kiss her generous breasts, suck her hard nipples for long moments, then her mouth, as he resumed his journey towards orgasm once more. Karen was carried along by Larry’s energetic pace, skill and rhythm, felt something happening to her for the first time.

Minutes later, Karen had her very first penetrative climax. Seconds after she came, Larry spurted a second load of seminal fluid into his condom, inside Karen’s soft, warm, welcoming moistness. She was taken by surprise by the speed with which the climax came over her, trembled and shook as the jerking of Larry’s throbbing penis increased the sensation of pleasure inside her climaxing vagina, gradually calming, until Larry’s hardness became softness and he slipped away from her once again.

This time, Karen held Larry much tighter to her breast, loving the smell and feel of his hard, slim body, as they both breathed hard, cheek to cheek. This was quite new for Karen, and she trembled with the joy of it, feeling the safety of Larry’s arms around her, his gentle heat and power.

They were not finished. They slept in each others’ arms, and found each other again and again during the night. They were more than a little reluctant to part on Sunday evening, after an intensely close night and long day, during which they only left Karen’s bed to use the bathroom or to eat, and only when hunger took over briefly.

Sex with Larry had been exceptionally good during those weeks after they became lovers, and they began to spend most weekends together, either at Karen’s home or Larry’s. When they were not shopping or strolling hand in hand in the country, they filled every waking hour with abandon, discovering each others’ bodies; in Karen’s case, a controlled abandon to the extent that she able to relax into the relationship. She discovered that it was possible to achieve very intense penetrative orgasms without having to reach for a plastic penis, a vibrating tube, and to share them with a caring partner for the first time, a totally new experience. For during her marriage to a self-centred man and a selfish lover, her only complete release had been through furtive and lonely masturbation and fantasy.

Larry was a patient and attentive lover, and unhurriedly helped Karen to achieve heights of passion she had never felt before in her last, her one and only previous intimate relationship. Although he knew that she was using the contraceptive pill, he was more than aware as well that risk of disease still made Karen anxious. He was careful and considerate to use extra protection in the early days of their lovemaking, until Karen felt reassured and relaxed enough to allow skin against skin in the most intimate orifice of her body, and receive his seminal fluid into her. She didn’t know if it was love that she felt for Larry, but at the end of two months she was very comfortable indeed in her relationship with him, and hoped that it would last. Her old bouts of anxiety came upon her less often than before.

Karen’s natural inhibitions in matters of sex showed early on, though, and Larry realised that she was far from ready to hurry into the more taboo areas of adult lovemaking. He was always patient, and Karen certainly appreciated his qualities of gentleness and understanding. For a long time, though, their lovemaking was straight forward, in the dark or semi-dark and under the sheets; always intense and ultimately satisfying, but Larry’s longer term, higher desires were thwarted by Karen’s reluctance to experiment. He would have liked to move forward in their intimacies, to taste and share the more forbidden zones of the kingdom of the flesh, enjoy oral sex. But he had to measure his pace; any pressure on such a reticent and potentially anxious woman as Karen could be fatal to their relationship at this early stage. Larry was already in love, and would do nothing to scare Karen away at such a critical stage of their relationship.

Now, things had taken a turn for the worse, and Larry couldn’t work out why.

When he suggested at the weekend that Karen come over for a romantic dinner and bring her overnight bag, she started finding excuses not to go. And she no longer suggested they spend a cosy, amorous weekend at her home either. Larry was confused, could find no apparent logic in her sudden withdrawal, especially since things had gone so well up to now. He had done nothing wrong. Karen didn’t give signs that she wanted to bring the relationship to an end, but at the same time was pulling back from it in odd ways. She was giving out contradictory signals.

Chapter Two – Karen alone:

Karen found that it was not just sex with Larry that was difficult lately; sex all alone began to disappoint Karen too.

She felt a strong desire, sure. She would find it easy to start to lubricate, just watching a romantic film at home alone or reading a Mills & Boone. Or after a late night midweek phone conversation with her lover, during which she relaxed and allowed Larry’s seductive words to excite her. As he whispered his longing, his adoration for her and described how he loved to hold and kiss her breasts, nibble her swollen nipples, stroke her back and especially her buttocks, she would feel her face flush with selfish pleasure, the heat rise in her loins and her pussy begin to tingle.

For a few minutes on the telephone, she forgot everything but the softness and the thrill of Larry’s voice and his imaginary caresses on her body, the mental images of his hard, curved penis and his slim, firm body.

Sitting beside the phone table on her low stool, legs akimbo, she would raise her long cotton night dress over her waist and push aside her panty. She would allow the fingers of her free hand to stroke over the lips of her trimmed pussy very lightly, not probing, just a prelude to more serious attention later. For those few minutes she longed to have Larry’s rigid cock inside her body, to feel it pushing and thrusting stiffly up towards her womb in that special way that now made her climax so easily. Then to feel the powerful jerks of his cock and the spurt of his seed, to know that he was squirting and draining his liquid love into her once again.

But later, after Larry’s verbal caresses had gone from her ear, when she got into the comfort of her bedroom, lay on her bed and started with her vibrating dildo – hoping and intending to bring herself off, to make up for what she had been missing with Larry through the working days, to release some of this pent up passion – she once again started thinking about her problem. She realised that if Larry really was there, she would not be able right now to let him take over her body as they both would have liked. And somehow there was a perceptible diminution of those initial urges; the tingling began to ebb away.

She would lie there on her back on her bed, night dress high up over her breasts, panty off, legs wide, head back on her pillow. Eyes closed, she would rub her clitoris with her fingers, roll her generous breasts, pinch her enlarged nipples, feeling the urges begin to mount, then taking out her thick, flexible pink plastic vibrator from its personal drawer, would begin to play it around her sensitive pussy lips. She would tease her clit and vaginal opening for a while, anticipating the entry of this plastic tool. And then, the urge to orgasm would begin to recede almost as quickly as it had started, as she thought again and again about her problem.

On more than one occasion like this, feeling almost desperate to prove that she still had the capacity to bring herself to a climactic peak despite this nagging thing, she had persisted in her masturbation for well over an hour. She added more lubricating jelly, rubbing and rubbing the end of the bendy plastic organ over her most sensitive pubic areas, even thrusting the dildo in deep and hard and fast, hoping to stimulate her vagina by increasing the violence and rapidity of her actions. She pinched her nipples harder; she sought more fantasies in her head, cried out Larry’s name. But it didn’t work; the more she insisted, the worse it became. She had no climax at the end, and her poor abused pussy was finally sore from the excessive friction. She would throw her dildo onto the floor in anger and sob herself to sleep, feeling frustrated and very sorry for herself.

Karen soon got desperate; she knew she needed to see a doctor, and the sooner the better. Her entire body was uncomfortable, day and night. She had severe stomach pains intermittently, her sex life was in suspension, she risked losing a man who had become dear to her. Something had to be done. And soon.

Chapter Three – Karen and Sandie:

Karen had been in this small town in the country just a few months, and had made only one friend during this time apart from Larry. A younger girl she worked with, Sandra – Sandie McPherson, proved to be a good, reliable friend to Karen; she helped Karen find her way around her new job during the settling in period, and they discovered very soon that they enjoyed each other’s company. They began to spend time together outside office hours, having a drink, or just relaxing at home to watch television, to listen to music and to chat. They talked a lot, shared their hopes and dreams, invented crazy, impossible plots to bring about the downfall of unpleasant colleagues, discussed affairs of the heart to the degree that Karen felt able. Sandie was blond, shapely and sexy, and much more open in many ways than her new friend, so Karen listened rather more than talked, but that suited her just fine, in view of her timidity.

Sandie was single, having successfully (as she put it) already escaped the conjugal intentions of more than one suitor, and basically lived alone. But she had a high sex drive, and more than one boyfriend and sleeping partner. Karen didn’t judge her morals at all, secretly envying the ease with which Sandie balanced her private life and working career, and how she floated openly between lovers without feeling the obligation to choose one or the other as a permanent fixture in her life. What she didn’t envy though, was the health risks that Sandie obviously took in her sexual promiscuity.

But despite these differences in their confidence levels and sexual attitudes, and their fundamental attitudes towards men, they got on exceptionally well. Karen admired openly Sandie’s optimism and confidence, and Sandie cheered Karen up if she felt a little maudlin. She once tried to encourage Karen to take a second lover, but for Karen one man was quite enough. More than enough, in the light of her current condition.

One evening, Karen finally asked Sandie about doctors. She didn’t say outright what her need was, just that she ought to register with someone, and wanted to make the right choice. Even with Sandie, she hesitated about revealing her intimate needs right then. Without hesitation, Sandie directed her to a certain Doctor Lorenzo. With a wicked smile, she said: “He’s the best, and what’s more, the best looking doctor for miles around.”

Pressed for more information, Sandie laughed, eyes rolling, but gave no more away. “You’ll see” she grinned, scribbling the telephone number of a pad, and promptly changed the subject.

The next morning, breathing rapidly with anxiety, but realising more than ever the importance of her need, Karen finally picked up the telephone and dialled Doctor Lorenzo’s number. After explaining briefly, without detail, to the secretary that her problem was fairly urgent, the sympathetic woman immediately gave her a late appointment, for that same evening, after working hours.

Chapter Four – Karen and Doctor Lorenzo:

Karen was late arriving at the surgery of Doctor Lorenzo that evening, adding somewhat to her already keyed up emotional state; she had thought that she knew exactly where the address was in town, but finished by walking around several blocks before stumbling into the large natural oak door of the right building. At the entrance was a polished brass plaque: Doctor Marcel Lorenzo MD, General Practitioner.

Eighteen minutes late for her appointment, Karen ran breathlessly up a flight of stairs and burst clumsily and panting into the doctor’s reception, where she found the doctor’s secretary, a plain, frumpy middle-aged woman waiting for her. She had her coat already on, tidying up her desk, and seemed none too pleased.

“Ah, Mrs Shepard I presume. Doctor Lorenzo has just received another patient in view of your absence, so I’ll have to ask you to wait over there. He shouldn’t be too long. I must leave now that you’ve arrived, but I’ll tell the doctor that you’re here waiting.”

Still breathing hard, Karen thanked her and settled uneasily onto a straight, hard

wooden chair on the opposite side of the room, smoothed down her skirt and fiddled nervously with her hair and the buttons of her blouse, to tidy herself up. After a brief interphone call to the doctor to announce Karen’s arrival, the secretary bid her good evening and left.

As the minutes slipped by, sitting there uncomfortably, Karen worried and worried more and more about the coming consultation; she knew her anxiety would increase, and she would have difficulty finding the right words to explain and then discuss the detail of her predicament to this unknown doctor. Not many words were necessary in realty, but she knew she would probably blush and stammer in a way she would never done with her old, familiar ‘uncle’, Doctor Stroud. But now it was almost too late to turn and run; she simply had to go through with this.

After a tense five more minutes, there was a sudden click as the door leading to Doctor Lorenzo’s consulting room opened, causing a minor explosion of fear in Karen’s chest; out stepped a young man, leaving the door ajar. Smiling briefly in her direction, he left, and Karen waited again. A moment later, she heard a soft but very masculine voice inviting her to come right in. Taking a deep breath, she stood up, and knees shaking, breast thumping, she entered the inner sanctum of the consulting room and finally came face to face with Doctor Lorenzo.

Closing the door, she crossed the large room, to where Doctor Lorenzo was seated, writing in a folder. Placing the folder to one side, he looked up at her immediately, smiled broadly a doctor’s bedside manner smile and stood, to offer his outstretched hand.

His presence was immediately impressive, thought Karen. Unlike her old confidant, Doctor Stroud, he was not wearing a white full length laboratory coat, but a pale blue, short sleeved tie-less shirt and black trousers. Blue to match perfectly his eyes, thought Karen, and black to match his hair on his head and on his forearms and the backs of his hands. The Italian blood was obvious. He was sun tanned, and Karen remarked, just as Sandie had indicated, that he was indeed a very handsome man. Probably in his middle forties, slim and elegant. And he had what could only be called: a winning smile.

Despite Karen’s anxiety, she felt a small leap of another kind in her breast, and the tiniest feminine pleasure from seeing this dark haired man with very white teeth smiling before her. As she slipped her hand into that of Doctor Lorenzo, she felt his cool squeeze and another pleasant tiny increase in her heartbeat. He invited her to sit down opposite him, on the other side of his wide dark oak desk with red leather inset. The desk was big enough to accommodate a telephone, a mish-mash of files and a portable computer, which was open on the side. Karen also noticed a photograph frame, but it was turned away from her. Probably a family photo, she thought.

Karen sank hesitantly into a very comfortable, upright armchair of the same red leather, placed her handbag on the floor at her feet and clasped her hands together on her lap. Her knuckles soon became white.

Waiting for the doctor to speak, she glanced around, noticing an examination couch on one side of the room, and a small washbasin on the other. There was what looked like a toilet cabinet behind her, to one side of the entrance door. Light came in brightly from a high frosted glass window behind Doctor Lorenzo.

From Doctor Lorenzo’s point of view, he was equally impressed by Karen’s entry into his private room, though after all his years of practising medicine, outwardly he didn’t usually show it.

He was quite used to having all variety of women before him, clothed and unclothed, but that hadn’t so far stopped him reacting to each new pretty one in the old fashioned way. He found Karen very attractive indeed; even though he had barely glanced at the shape of her body underneath her crisp white blouse and brown skirt, he saw that it was not bad at all, with proud breasts which couldn’t be easily hidden, pushing at her buttoned front. And her face was pretty too, framed by short, neat, dark hair. An added bonus. He allowed himself, therefore, the indulgence of a slight twitch of his penis and blood to run into his lower veins, looking forward to the first occasion he would be able to see his new patient’s body unveiled – whenever that may be. Then he broke the thought sharply, to look down and open another blue file on the desk in front of him. He found very little information inside, just Karen’s name, address and telephone number, and a note: “…new to area, recommended by friend, Sandra McPherson…”

Seeing these few, but meaningful words, in an instant, Doctor Lorenzo smiled inwardly, and his penis twitched again. He reminded himself that he had not seen Sandie for quite a while, and maybe he should call her, to remind her that she ought to come for her regular ‘check-up’. He had always enjoyed examining Sandie. If she was too busy, maybe he would call by her house sometime, by arrangement, of course. If that suited her…

“Ah, we haven’t seen you before. Newly arrived in the region? How long have you been here, Mrs Shepard?”

Trying to give the appearance of being calm, Karen explained briefly, in a slightly shaky voice, her recent arrival in the district, and Doctor Lorenzo asked one or two polite questions about her past life and her work. He was happy, he said, to have her on his list of patients. He explained too that he would have to get details of her medical history, and therefore needed to obtain her files from her previous doctor. Karen, still breathing unevenly, tried to answer the questions in as relaxed manner as possible, but dreaded deep inside the moment when Doctor Lorenzo would reach the point where it would be necessary to know why she had really come to see him.

As this moment drew nearer, Karen’s anxiety and heartbeat began to increase noticeably. She fidgeted.

And then, in a totally relaxed, smiling way, Doctor Lorenzo looked into her eyes and asked: “Now then, Mrs Shepard, what brings you here today? How can I help you?”

This was it. Karen began to panic again. Breathing hard, she opened her mouth and tried to speak. Recognising her hesitation, Doctor Lorenzo placed his elbows on his desk, clasped his hands together in front of his mouth, and waited patiently, still smiling. Then: “Try to relax, Mrs Shepard; tell me in your own way what’s troubling you. I’m here to help.”

“Well…it’s…a little…delicate, Doctor Lorenzo. I…it’s…”

Nothing sensible was coming out, and Karen’s panic could only get more intense, if she didn’t find a way to blurt out her concern. She tried hard to concentrate; she had had plenty of time – all day to plan what to say, but her logic had gone, and here she was, blathering again.

Finally: “It’s a question of…toilet, Doctor.”

“Ah!” responded Doctor Lorenzo. “I see, a question of toilet. I suspect that you mean you are suffering from a bout of constipation, is that it?”

It was out now, and with very few words exchanged.

Nodding, Karen smiled, embarrassed and flushed, feeling worse than she had ever felt in her life, even worse than on the day when she started her periods for the first time and soaked her knickers, her dress and her school seat with unexpected and terrifying adolescent menstrual leakings.

Doctor Lorenzo’s next few words were carefully measured to try and make Karen begin to feel more at ease and reassure her that he was there to help her with medical matters. He explained, simply that constipation was a very common complaint, and there really was no need to feel embarrassed about it. He was sure he could resolve her condition. What he did not say was that he was already thinking about the pleasure of examining Karen naked or partly undressed, and the options of treatment, which he would also enjoy. His penis twitched yet again and started to fill up quite seriously. Doctor Lorenzo enjoyed his work.

Unaware of what was happening inside Doctor Lorenzo’s pants under his desk, and taking deep breaths, Karen began to settle a little better in her leather armchair, now that her confession was finally out. She didn’t need to speak for a little while, as the smiling, friendly doctor went on to explain, in a fairly matter-of-fact doctor’s way, how constipation could arise for various reasons. He asked about her daily and weekly diet, whether she ate a lot of vegetables and cereals, drank a lot of water, took exercise. He told her also, that moving from one district to another, a change of water could be one of the causes of constipation. And of course, anxiety itself wouldn’t help. Karen nodded now and again, listing in some detail what she had been habitually eating and drinking.

They established that she had had very few satisfactory visits to the toilet in the last month. Whenever she had been moderately successful, whatever she had produced had been dry and painful. She had suffered severe stomach aches for several days.

Then, questions came up about Karen’s sexual activities, and Doctor Lorenzo explained how constipation could sometimes affect the ability to relax during sexual intercourse. Of course, Karen knew all about this from first hand, but her shyness prevented her from going into detail about her relationship with Larry and her masturbatory block. She just hinted that, yes, she had, in fact, experienced ‘certain difficulties’ in that area.

The doctor seemed perfectly to understand Karen’s reluctance to say more, measuring the emotional personality of his new and interesting patient with his many years of medical experience. Now, recognising her reticence, it occurred to him that the pleasure of helping this pretty new patient could be even greater than he had a first thought it might. Karen might even be the perfect patient for his style of treatment, and he smiled inwardly, enjoying the sexual power now flowing strongly through the veins in his penis.

Unaware of this invisible, increasing blood flow in her new doctor’s nether regions, Karen began to relax. Her breathing slowed, the thumping in her breast lessened. She stopped wringing her hands together, and her own blood began to flow back into her fingers again.

“Now,” said Doctor Lorenzo finally, “we understand basically what your problem is. What shall we do about it?”

Of course, apart from some sort of prescription, Karen had no idea, so she just fidgeted slightly and looked down at her clasped hands, the tension coming back briefly.

“First, Mrs Shepard, I want you to try and relax. We will find the best solution
for you, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here, and you did absolutely the right thing in coming to see me.” From his own point of view especially, he thought.

“Thank you…I’m trying to relax, doctor, but I’ve never had this…kind of…problem before, and frankly…I’m at a loss…” Karen sought more words, but failed to articulate what she meant.

“I understand perfectly,” replied Doctor Lorenzo, “it’s a very personal and intimate matter, and it’s perfectly natural that you would be embarrassed about it. But believe me, you’re not the only one to have experienced this discomfort, and as a doctor, I am well placed to suggest one of several solutions available.”

He seemed to reflect for a moment or two, then: “First, I should carry out a simple examination. Of your anus, Mrs Shepard. Unfortunately my assistant, who is nurse and secretary, has left for the day, and normally it is preferable to have another female present.”

He paused for a moment, allowing Karen to think about what he had said, then went on: “If you’re not too worried about being alone with me right now, I will be happy to examine you this evening, rather than have you make another appointment and wait a while to come back. We can get your problem solved quicker. Again, please don’t worry – I’ll be very gentle with you, and just a little internal exploration really is necessary to see what problems exist, before we can decide whatever solution is appropriate for you.”

Karen snapped out of her semi-relaxed state, and began trembling inwardly again. Only her new lover Larry had been anywhere near the intimate places of her body since she had separated from her husband and no-one had ever touched her there, inside her anus. Not even her well-loved Doctor Stroud. Even when she was cleaning herself intimately, in the bath, she had never stuck her finger into that place. She didn’t know if she could possibly allow this doctor she didn’t know yet to conduct the kind of intimate examination she began to envisage.

Doctor Lorenzo, this charming, handsome and apparently experienced and kindly doctor was talking about ‘examining’ her forbidden, personal and private nether regions, and the whole idea simply horrified Karen, almost frightened her to death – no matter how charming, smiling, handsome and attractive he was.

Then reflecting in the shortest possible time available, Karen decided that his apparent kindness and his promise to be gentle were encouraging. She knew also, that if she didn’t go along with his proposals, she would be back at square one; she would go on suffering a while longer, and would eventually have to return. Or worse: she would have to go see another doctor, who might not be as kind and gentle. Nor as handsome. Nor as charming.

Karen’s hesitation, almost inertia, gave the green light to Doctor Lorenzo, and he stood up and invited Karen to go over to a waist high, firm leather couch against a wall of his consulting room, and to lie down on it, on a full length paper towel. But before lying down, he invited her to take off her underwear, keeping on her blouse and skirt. He turned his back, and Karen, having no choice, but still trembling, reached quickly under her skirt, slipped down her flimsy panty, folded it and placed it on a chair alongside, and finally climbed up onto the couch. Carefully re-arranging her skirt to cover as best she could her upper legs and thighs, she lay back, placed her head onto a soft pillow and gazed up at the ceiling.

Once the rustle of the paper indicated to Doctor Lorenzo that she was lying down and comfortable, he turned back towards Karen and smiled again, reassuringly, as he put on a pair of very fine, colourless latex gloves.

Stretched out like that, staring at the wall, Karen felt all at once totally vulnerable, but nevertheless ready to give herself up at last to whatever the doctor decided was necessary. She just wanted to get this examination over, pull on her panty and run away from him as fast as possible, clutching what she hoped would be a lifesaving medical prescription. Then Doctor Lorenzo, speaking softly, suggested that for this examination she might be better turned away from him, onto her left side, and waited as she shuffled again into that position. He was really looking forward to seeing underneath that brown business skirt of Karen’s.

There was a moment’s pause, and then: “I’ll just lift up your skirt, Mrs Shepard.”. Now on her left side, and feeling cool, pleasant air on her buttocks, thighs and legs, she heard him say: “Please bend up your right leg up to your chest, keeping your left leg straight. Relax, this will only take a few minutes……it will be over before you know it.”

Doctor Lorenzo’s eyes fell upon the pale softness of Karen’s naked buttocks and thighs for the first time. He was certainly impressed. His penis was fully hard in an instant. His eyes opened wider in secret pleasure. Here we go again, he thought.

“First, I’ll just rub a little sterilised lubricant between your buttocks around the entrance to your anus, to facilitate the penetration of my finger. Is this the first time you’ve had such an examination?”

Hearing a sound of confirmation, he went on: “I’ll be as gentle as possible….I don’t think you’ll find it too uncomfortable….. just a little…..strange the first time, but not painful. Some people even find it…..pleasant…..stimulating.”

This experienced doctor knew that he was already finding it stimulating; his penis was now very hard indeed, and was pushing at the front of his pants. Luckily, there was no tenting visible, due to the usual constrictions of his underpants, but he was enjoying the excitement so far, the friction of the end of his cock against silk, and he relished the next few minutes to come. It was an examination he had done a thousand times, and he had never failed to enjoy this totally intimate exploration and digital invasion of the female body. In short, he was an ass man, and loved his work.

Karen, however, was now in turmoil. She had never wanted anyone, ever, to touch her delicate little anus, and in recent days she had felt such an ongoing soreness, a sharp discomfort there, due to her efforts to go to evacuate her bowels. Now, this man was going to penetrate her delicate little bud with his finger! Her breathing was getting more and more rapid as she waited, bum and thighs exposed to the fresh air of Doctor Lorenzo’s consulting room, and what’s more, totally exposed to his uninhibited gaze.

She didn’t know the effect that this sight had already on the doctor’s genitals.

There was not long for Karen to wait. She felt the lightest of a touch of latex covered palm and fingers on one of her bum cheeks, a squeeze, pulling it to one side. Then, almost immediately a cool, slippery substance being spread by a finger, then several fingers, onto the area around the tiny hole of her anus.

It was so gentle, and not at all unpleasant, reflected Karen. Her earlier terror receded momentarily. It was sort of like a light fingered, gooey massage, she thought. This preparation went on for a few long moments, and then she heard Doctor Lorenzo say: “May I remark, Mrs Shepard that you certainly have a very pretty backside”.

Karen’s heart leapt in her chest. She didn’t know whether to be offended at this very personal remark, from a doctor whom she didn’t even know, and who surely, surely shouldn’t be saying such things to a patient he didn’t know either. Or whether to be flattered. Or whether to imagine he was saying it to distract her from the intimacy of the examination she was undergoing for the very first time, as part of his medical technique, to lighten the situation somewhat. She blushed, said nothing, and waited.

Then: “Mmmmm…very pretty indeed. Thighs too…”

At the very same instant, she felt the pressure of something, a finger, she knew it was for certain, against her tiny anal opening. She felt herself tense up. The light pressure stayed there whilst Doctor Lorenzo said: “Now you will feel my finger pushing very gently, Mrs Shepard. When you feel it press harder, try to relax your anal muscles, I shall be about to penetrate your pretty little anus; if you feel any pain or even discomfort, just say so immediately, and I’ll pause to allow you to get used to it, alright?”

“Alright…doctor” replied Karen, breathlessly, and waited, dreading this totally unwelcome, but predicted, and now inevitable, inescapable penetration of her most secret orifice.

The pressure of Doctor Lorenzo’s latex covered finger increased, felt sharp against Karen’s little puckered hole, then she felt a sharper, uncomfortable sensation as the finger, this foreign object, met the initial resistance of her anal ring. She wanted to stop it, push away the invader. A second’s hesitation, more pressure, then his finger slid in, just a centimetre, no more. Karen gasped out loud.

“Alright Mrs Shepard?” said Doctor Lorenzo? “Does that hurt?”

Nnnn…nnno, not really” replied Karen shakily, though it was slightly uncomfortable, and the very strangest feeling, to have a man’s finger, even the very tip, inside her anus for the very first time. She breathed deeply and tried to relax.

Doctor Lorenzo held his finger just inside her bum hole for a while, allowing Karen to get used to this foreign occupation of her inner sanctum. Then, aided by the lubricating jelly, the invader began to slide deeper, very gently and very slowly, only a half a centimetre at a time. Soon, Karen had the impression that her whole anus was filled by something as huge as a cucumber. She held her breath. She couldn’t decide yet whether it was really painful or not, only that she felt totally filled up, and that she had a strong urge to reject this hard object by contracting her anal muscles.

Doctor Lorenzo meanwhile, standing over Karen and gazing at her lovely buttocks, his finger planted just inside her ass, was having a truly great time. His cock was hard as a rock, and twitching violently inside his pants. He wanted to wrench it out of his clothing and do something with it. But that would not be not proper; he was a doctor and was required to behave to a certain code of ethics, after all. So for the moment, with his free hand he just re-arranged his cock inside his silk slip, so that it was pointing up towards his belly, the bulbous tip now freer to expand and throb inside his pants.

Karen felt the invader begin to recede. Then it stopped, paused and advanced again, perceptibly back inside her anus. This time, Karen tried not to resist, tried to relax and allow the enemy to force its way into her. This time, Doctor Lorenzo’s finger slid in easier, and a little further. He smiled delightedly in his own private world of sexual pleasure, but Karen couldn’t see his face. She knew nothing of his cerebral and sexual exhilaration, of his straining erection.

Karen waited, tried to relax, not an easy thing to do at this instant. The finger pulled back again, then thrust forward, a little quicker. Karen managed to relax a tiny bit. The sensation now was not really painful inside her anus; it was no longer uncomfortable; in fact, it was almost as Doctor Lorenzo had said – almost pleasant.

The foraging finger moved again, as though twisting inside her anus, pulled back, pushed in, up to the doctor’s second knuckle, then to the limit of his finger length, encountered a blockage. Karen’s breathing changed, from a previously anxious rhythm, to what she thought and feared was becoming a slightly excited reaction in her chest. And in her lower body too.

She allowed herself to imagine, somehow, that this was no longer a truly medical examination, but an act of foreplay that she was experiencing. The slick penetration of Doctor Lorenzo’s finger had taken on a regular and persistent cadence, and as the seconds passed, she no longer had that urge to repel the invader. Her anal muscles relaxed almost fully, and she began to welcome each gentle, loving thrust of his digit. Weird, even surreal as this experience seemed to her, she began to finally understand how a woman could allow a man’s penis inside her most secret hole, and enjoy being sodomised like this by a lover.

Something else: Karen was now more and more aware that there was a tingling in her vagina, the beginning of genuine sexual excitement. Her pussy felt very warm and moist, and she began to worry about the possibility of her love juices starting to run visibly out of her pussy lips, if this continued much longer. She couldn’t stop her mouth opening and emitting a delicate sigh, which became almost a breathy moan. This moan did not escape Doctor Lorenzo’s ears, nor did he miss the distinct trembling in Karen’s lower body as he thrust his finger back and forth into her pretty little ass. As ever, he was enjoying his work as a medical practitioner. His cock strained at his clothing, rock hard and pulsing. Now he began to feel the early need release for release, wanted to feel the cool air on his cock, and then more.

Doctor Lorenzo’s voice reached Karen’s ears, despite her partial mental absence from the reality of the consulting room: “Are you alright there, Mrs Shepard?” Am I hurting you? Nearly finished…I think I’ve almost assessed the nature of the blockage in your sweet little bum.”

Karen managed to say quietly “No, doctor, I’m fine.”

And then the doctor’s finger receded for the last time; there was a small wet popping noise as it left the sanctity of her anal opening. Karen suddenly felt a sensation of loss. She wanted to cry out “Don’t go, keep your finger in me!”

But her shyness found its way back into her subconscious, and then into her
upper conscious thoughts, as she realised how far she’d gone emotionally during this once feared examination. Flushed with excitement, her vagina now throbbing and even wetter, she waited for Doctor Lorenzo’s next words.

She felt what she imagined to be a lingering, latex-gloved caress of both buttocks, then the prickly sensation of paper towels being rubbed gently and efficiently all around her anus and buttocks, as the doctor cleaned her up.

“There. You can replace your panty now, Mrs Shepard. Your pretty little bum is all clean and shiny again. If my little examination has brought on a need to go to the toilet, feel free to use the closet over there. And when you’re ready we’ll discuss what to do next.”

Standing up, pulling on her panty and looking over at Doctor Lorenzo’s broad back and shoulders as he turned away, Karen was now anything but relaxed. Her old anxiety was returning, as she reflected on the almost shameful way she had just abandoned herself to this examination, how she had ultimately enjoyed this whole experience to the extent that her pussy was sopping wet and she was actually highly sexually excited, against all her natural inclinations and initial fears.

The actual penetration of her body had proved to be much less of an ordeal than she had first imagined it would be, had finally become a pleasure of a kind she could not have imagined before. Her thoughts accelerated, turned to her lover; she imagined that if Larry had been there right for her at that instant, she would have dragged him close to her, ripped open his trousers, grabbed and caressed his familiar hardness, hastening to feel his hard cock inside her, front or back, she wouldn’t care. She would have done everything with him, raced to a mutual orgasm as quickly as possible.

She sat back down in the plush leather chair, and Doctor Lorenzo’s voice once again brought her back to reality: “Now…we need to deal with this…blockage of yours, Mrs Shepard. In view of the time that has passed since your…problem started…a quick solution is advisable. There are what we might call ‘small enemas’ available at the pharmacy. These are very neat and easy to use, and you can administer them yourself quite simply at home, in total privacy; they are often sufficiently effective, in many cases of constipation, to prompt an evacuation of the bowels.”

Karen nodded, felt her face colour up again. Her panty had become damp between her thighs, her pussy was still tingling ad leaking; her breathing rate was still high, but she concentrated on what the doctor was saying.

“However, I suspect that in your case, those mini-enemas might not really be effective enough, and not quickly enough. You really need something…much more substantial…more volume, if you follow my meaning.”

Karen just nodded again, not really following his meaning, but recognising that there was some sort of lifesaving alternative lurking in Doctor Lorenzo’s mind. Her heart was fluttering now with breathless anticipation.

“Once again, in order to have rapid relief from your…blockage this evening, you must place your personal confidence in me to carry out a full enema. Of course, we won’t have the help or presence of my assistant. But I can assure you that it’s a fairly straight forward procedure, so we’ll cope well enough. And of course, I can assure you that the whole thing will be quite painless, even agreeable for you. Especially afterwards.”

A full enema! A full enema! Karen’s eyes opened wide, and the doctor realised her reaction of fear immediately, saw her flush, tremble, fidget.

Be brave, Mrs Shepard. It will only take a short time, and you will be able to go home this evening entirely relieved of your blockage and feeling a whole lot better than you did before you arrived here earlier.”

Doctor Lorenzo was proud of his ability to remain calm and ‘professional’ in front of this timid woman with the pretty face and perfect ass. He was enjoying himself more than he had for a long time; since Sandie McPherson’s last visit in fact.

A pause, allowing Karen to gather her thoughts, then: “Agreed? Shall we try it?”

Another pause, “Good, then let’s go back to the couch and start where we left off.”

The words ‘start where we left off’ made Karen’s heart thump again, but not completely out of fear this time. The previous five minutes had been so good that she thought about the enema with anticipated pleasure, even though she didn’t really know what it entailed yet.

“Alright” began Doctor Lorenzo, turning his back momentarily. “Take off your panty again and lie down as before, please.” His instruction was now firm. He was in more of a hurry to get to the next stage of Karen’s treatment.

Karen did as instructed, slipping off her panty, placing it on the same chair, and lay down on the leather couch on her left side, as before, bending up her right leg towards her chest. She heard the slap of latex gloves being donned, and then for what seemed a few minutes, some rustling noises around the consulting room.

There was the running of water, as though the doctor was filling a bottle or jug from a tap. She began the process of trying to relax again whilst all this was taking place, breathing deeply and evenly, staring at the consulting room wall behind the couch. Then she saw out of the corner of her eye Doctor Lorenzo appear at the bottom end of the couch, wheeling a tall ‘T’ shaped metal stand, with a large, liquid filled plastic bag hanging on it. A plastic tube about half a metre long, trailing from the bag, had a little stop tap at the top and a small nozzle at the bottom end.

“This is all we need to administer your enema, Mrs Shepard. Don’t be alarmed by what you see. The solution in the bag is simply warm water and soap, by the way, for your comfort. The most effective solution for enemas is normally coffee and warm water, but for now, soap and water will have to do.” He stopped in his tracks. “I wonder…”

His voice trailed off as he moved around the couch, appeared to be pondering something, then: “Perhaps you would be better…more comfortable…on your back for this…yes, I think so.”

Karen rolled over, repositioned herself with just a little hesitation. Once on her back, she felt the softness of a pillow pressed against her naked buttocks. She lifted her buttocks automatically, allowing the pillow to slip underneath, thus raising her pussy and her anal opening a few centimetres clear of the couch. She looked up to see Doctor Lorenzo smile, as though to himself, then say softly: “Even though I shall be missing the opportunity to gaze upon your perfect buttocks this time.”

Karen blushed deeply, smiled, decided it was this doctor’s bedside manner again, his special way to help her relax. Not knowing what to reply, and in any case no longer afraid like before, she said nothing; she waited for further instructions, heart beating delightfully fast.

“Good, now raise up your knees towards your chest please. Like that, yes.”

Looking now at the ceiling, Karen raised her knees up towards her chest, her skirt falling back over her waist. She pressed her knees together shyly, very aware that even so, the doctor would be treated to an unrestricted view down below of her neatly trimmed pubes, her labia, vagina and all. She gripped the sides of the couch.

Feeling newly and perversely exposed, Karen placed her feet flat on the paper towel covered couch and allowed her head to relax back onto the pillow. But her breathing would not slow down, her breast would not stop thumping; she anticipated excitedly the coming minutes, not really knowing exactly how this enema experience would feel. She was going into the unknown.

Right now, however, Karen seemed to be feeling none of that fright she had experienced at the outset, and dared admit to herself that she was in an odd, even half shameful sort of way, looking forward to renewing some of the sensations she had earlier enjoyed inside her anus, if that was what an enema was. Her hot pussy had not at all stopped tingling and lubricating throughout the time that Doctor Lorenzo had been pre-occupied with his preparations, and in any other private and convenient circumstances she would already be forcefully rubbing her clit towards orgasm, with or without dildo. It would have to wait, she thought, but as soon as she got home, she would be able to attend to her growing needs. And perhaps this time, she would get that long overdue fulfilment, if the doctor succeeded in ridding her of this blockage.

As Doctor Lorenzo moved back to the end of the couch, leaned over and, from between her knees, looked into Karen’s eyes, he took hold of the end of the enema tube in one hand and pulled it around and down towards her knees, as though testing the length and distance from her anus. Instinctively, Karen opened her knees, knowing what was to come. The doctor held her eyes for a second or two, then as though drawn by magnets, his blue eyes dropped down to her crotch. His eyebrows raised up; it seemed he couldn’t stop himself saying: “Mmm Mrs Shepard, you have not only a pretty bum, I see.”

Blushing, but now too far gone into this experience to worry about the ethics of her doctor, Karen thought mostly about her tingly, dripping pussy and the renewed penetration of her anus bound to come. His weighted personal remarks served only to encourage this blatant sensation of sexual titillation she was feeling, and Karen ventured to look at Doctor Lorenzo in a more open way. She began to imagine him as a sexual partner, wondered how he would be underneath his black trousers. As he busied himself with adjusting the bag and stand, she even dared glance down to his crotch. Was that a bulge down there?

She had felt his touch, but only through latex gloves; now she began to fantasise about his bare, scrubbed doctor’s hands on her ass and thighs, his professional touch becoming caresses in her imagination. She began to imagine how that cock would look if he released it from his pants, wondered if it was long, or thick. If it was curved, like Larry’s. The juices continued to flow down below and Karen felt very good indeed, as she lay back on the couch, waiting for this now welcome invasion of her puckered, slightly enlarged anal opening.

Gazing uninhibitedly at Karen’s vagina, it was impossible not to see that her pussy lips were swollen, moist, even dripping wet, and Doctor Lorenzo knew from many years of experience that his examination earlier had had a totally predictable ‘certain effect’ on his patient. His cock was still pulsing strongly and his blue eyes gleamed, though Karen’s saw none of this; her head was now back on the pillow, and she was looking up relaxed, at the consulting room ceiling again.

A rustling of latex again, and there was that familiar feeling of cool slippery lube being spread around the slit of her bare inner buttocks and anus by caressing fingers. Karen began to breathe a fraction heavier, not in anxiety now, but in totally illicit pleasure. Those amazingly expert, experienced doctor’s fingers moved so lightly, so erotically around her rosebud. It seemed to go on and on, her vaginal excitement increasing by the second. She wanted to reach for her vibrator and plunge it hard into her juice dripping pussy. Or grab Larry and assault him. Or grab the doctor and pull him down onto her – anything. Such was the elation, the passion rising in her body.

Suddenly, Karen felt something touch her clitoris. It must have been, surely must have been, an accident. Her lower body jumped as a sharp surge of pleasure went through her, a mini-orgasm. Letting out a breathy gasp, her head came up from the pillow, to look straight into Doctor Lorenzo’s smiling blue eyes, his brows slightly furrowed.

“Oh, excuse me” said the doctor, and stopped spreading the lube for a moment. “Sorry if that hurt.”

Doctor Lorenzo knew exactly what he had done. He knew precisely what this pretty new patient with a sopping pussy and a stunning ass needed, and he knew what he needed too.

“N…no” gasped Karen. “It’s alright…it just took me by surprise. It didn’t hurt…I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“I didn’t hurt you? Oh good…I’m really glad about that…perhaps it was pleasant even?”

“Uhuh…yes, pleasant…I wasn’t expecting it, that’s all,” breathed Karen.

Her head went back onto the pillow again, and she relaxed into the feel of the cool slippery lube and Doctor Lorenzo’s experienced fingers slipping and smoothing over and around her now ultra-sensitive anal zone, until at last, at long last, what Karen had been waiting for: his rigid finger pressed against her tiny back passage once again, paused for a moment and slipped, this time more easily into her secret hole. Bliss, thought Karen, loving the return of this once feared invasion of her anus.

Immediately, her anal muscles relaxed without her having to think about it, and she waited for those delicate, rhythmic finger-thrusts into her welcoming hole. Her excitement began to mount again, almost back to its former level; her secretions began to flow and she just knew that the paper towel would soon be flooded with her intimate juices. She was beyond caring. She wanted it to go on and on.

Doctor Lorenzo, meanwhile, was having fun too, enjoying the feel of his rigid tumescence inside his pants, the silk slip caressing his balls, enjoying the liberties of intimacy he was taking with this fabulous female ass and pussy, totally opened up to his gaze and his penetrating finger. He too was leaking intimate juices from the end of his aching cock. Something would have to be done about that. And soon.

Then Karen was aware that the finger stopped moving, then slipped out with the same sloppy plop sound as before. She looked up again, to see Doctor Lorenzo reaching for the end of the enema tube. Pulling it again towards and between her knees, then down in towards her crotch. He held it there for a moment, as he explained the next steps.

“Your sweet little…pretty little ass…is now very nicely lubricated once more, Mrs Shepard…I shall introduce the little nozzle on the end of the tube very gently, so as to cause you the minimum of discomfort, then insert it further before allowing the liquid in this bag to flow down into your anus. You will have noted that the nozzle is somewhat smaller than my finger, so it shouldn’t be any worse a sensation than before. Are you ready?”

Karen nodded; oh yes, she was more than ready for the unknown experience of her first enema, and allowed her head to relax back once more onto the soft pillow. She wanted to feel this, appreciate every aspect of this sensation, not necessarily to look, but to feel, and much more importantly enjoy.

Was that a finger again touching her little brown hole? One of her bum cheeks was pressed to one side by latex covered, firm but gentle fingers. A second’s hesitation, and she felt a tiny nudge of the nozzle end beginning to penetrate her ass. It was smaller than the doctor’s finger, somehow sharper, not so agreeable. But once the nozzle was in, it felt better. But now that oh so soft sensation of caressing fingers was missing. Karen couldn’t help feeling just a bit disappointed, somehow deprived of something special, though the level of her excitement didn’t diminish one iota.

Doctor Lorenzo: “Now, I shall open this little valve and allow the liquid to flow into your anus. You should have a warm, not unpleasant sensation of liquid filling your bowels for a while. In due course, if you should feel cramps at any moment, you must tell me straight away. Otherwise, we’ll just let the bag empty itself into you; it should only take a few minutes. Once that’s done, you will soon have a strong urge to go to the toilet, but try to hold back as long as possible. When it gets impossible to hold back, tell me and I’ll help you to the cabinet.”

Karen listened to all of this and nodded to confirm that she had understood the procedure, relaxed and waited, head back, totally compliant, totally and erotically comfortable in her mind and body.

Very soon, there was a delicious awareness of warm flowing liquid inside her ass, gurgling and and swirling up to Karen’s innards, just as Doctor Lorenzo had predicted. It was wonderful, thought Karen, almost refusing to believe how such a procedure, intended to cure an embarrassing health problem, could be so sensual and sexually stimulating at the same time. Her pussy tingled even more. She had the impression her cunt lips were wide open and swollen and leaking her juices everywhere; and the knowledge that the doctor had a full view of her stimulated genitals excited her even more. She knew that if she had been alone and able to just rub her clit a little with her plastic toy, she would have exploded into orgasm in very short time. At that instant, Karen Shepard was more than halfway to paradise.

Doctor Lorenzo was excited also. He too wanted to rub himself to climax inside his pants. Or better, fish out his swollen, rigid cock and thrust it into the delightfully open and dripping wet cunt of his newest and prettiest patient, Karen Shepard. He kept himself under control, it was his job. A job he loved.

And Karen didn’t forget that Doctor Lorenzo was there; he became the object of her desires now. This excitement in her cunt reminded her how much better everything would be if she could have her love box filled right now with Larry’s hard, stiff and throbbing cock. But the only cock anywhere near was that of the doctor, and she wanted very badly to see it, touch it, have it rammed inside her vagina, poke up to fill her other orifice whilst this warm feeling swirled around inside her anus and bowels. She focused on this, as her sexual agitation mounted.

Then suddenly the cramps came. She cried out in painful discomfort, and the doctor knew straight away what was wrong.

“Hold on, Mrs Shepard, it’s cramps….relax as much as you can, don’t move.”

With that, he lifted her skirt higher over her waist, began to rub her belly very gently with his lubricated latex gloved hands, round and round, up and down, pressing lightly now and again. Karen thought how nice that was, and despite the pain, thought how much better it ought to be without the gloves. It was as though the doctor had read her mind. She heard the snap of latex, knowing that he had ripped the gloves off, then felt his warm hands back on her belly, moist with lube. He rubbed gently in circles, he smoothed her belly flesh, he caressed. Karen forgot about the cramps pain, relaxed into the marvellous feel of the strong hands of her new, dark, handsome, sensual doctor.

The cramps went away slowly, leaving only the gentle and agreeable swirling of warm liquid inside her bowels. Doctor Lorenzo carried on his ministrations to Karen’s belly, enjoying his power. Karen carried on enjoying the caresses, the warm liquid from the enema still running down the tube into her body.

Doctor Lorenzo was enjoying too his caresses on Karen’s belly, as he looked closely at her neatly trimmed sex and labia, reddened, open and leaking profusely her pre-orgasmic juices onto the paper towell. He imagined how it would be rip off the rest of Karen’s clothing, place his body close up between her raised open thighs, ram his hardness inside her and pump his urgent seminal fluid violently into her vagina. He couldn’t do that, but he knew what he was going to do next.

Perceptibly, Karen’s excitement began to build even more, as Doctor Lorenzo’s caresses moved just a little lower, towards her close cropped pubic area. Each time one of his hands went up and round, it descended a little lower, until she was aching for his hand to continue its journey to her swollen, dripping pussy lips. She now wanted those fingers on her clitoris, to rub her to her first climax in several weeks, such was the intensity of her build-up. She was ready to come, and come hard. She just needed someone to touch the trigger and she would go off like a bomb, she just knew it.

Doctor Lorenzo knew this too; he was an experienced practitioner, but a man first. He knew all the signs of a woman close to orgasm: the heavy breathing, the rise and fall of her heaving breasts under her blouse, which he hadn’t yet seen or touched. The movements of Karen’s belly, lower body and thighs. No words were necessary. The palm of one hand slid down onto her upper thigh, then thumb first into the shadow of Karen’s thighs and pressed against the opening of her pussy, rubbed lightly at first on her cunt lips, then up and onto her clitoris. His other hand carried on soothing her belly. He moved around the couch to her side. Pressing his lower body forward towards the couch, his cloth covered hardness came into delicious contact with the bare softness of Karen’s outer raised thigh. Twisting his hand so that his palm was covering her now swollen clit, he crooked his finger and in an instant it had breached her hot cunt lips and was inside her.

Karen exploded. Nothing else was needed. She felt the pressure of something hard against her thigh, but this lovely, lovely doctor’s finger inside her hot moistness and his palm pressing on her clit were all that were necessary to bring her over the edge, to shuddering pleasure. She convulsed, shook violently as she came, gasped, cried out something, she didn’t know what. Eyes closed, her head thumped, her hips raised themselves off the couch and quaked; as her hips dropped, she felt the sharp nudge of the enema nozzle inside her ass. She pressed down hard, as though to force the nozzle even deeper, amplifying the surge of pleasure. Her back arched, pushing out her heaving breasts against her crisp white blouse and she kept on coming and coming. She lost count of the orgasmic contractions in her cunt.

Doctor Lorenzo was ecstatic; now blatantly humping his hard, itching cock against Karen’s thigh, he was ravaging her sopping cunt with his finger and stroking her belly, his eyed glued to this delicious point where his digit was penetrating her body, feeling the soft flesh inside her vagina, the point where his palm pressed down on her enlarged clit. As Karen’s chest heaved, his eyes scanned the stunning fullness of her erect nipples outlined through her blouse. He longed to rip open that blouse and suck them hard into his mouth, bite into her flesh.

The quaking went on and on throughout Karen’s body, and Doctor Lorenzo’s finger moved more forcefully inside her, squishing, bending back and forth to eke the last shudder out of her orgasm.

Karen had come faster, harder and more completely than she could remember it ever happening before.

Doctor Lorenzo wanted to come with Karen. He was on the edge too, feeling the friction of the compliant softness of her thigh against his turgid cock, longing to share this precious moment of outrageous pleasure that he knew Karen was enjoying right then. He wanted the same release, to feel his seed spitting out into the world, or deep into Karen’s body, from his sperm-full balls and his rigid tool, but he knew he would have to wait a while.

As the intensity of her orgasm began to recede and her loud gasping slowed down, Karen perceived a different kind of feeling. A sudden but certain build up of liquid pressure in her stomach and anus made her panic again. She clenched her ass muscles. She needed a toilet, and fast!

She opened her eyes wide, looked up to the stand with the dangling bag. The nozzle of the enema was still in her ass, but the bag was empty of its soapy liquid. She thought she was going explode, in a different sense of the word; her mind and her ass and the rest of her breathless, shaking body were in level ten panic state.

Doctor Lorenzo saw at once her of fear, recognised her immediate need. Despite being himself very close to drenching his silk slip with a much needed ejaculation against Karen’s thigh, he snapped into urgent medical practitioner action. His own pleasure had to wait a while. He slipped his finger out of Karen’s vagina, gave a last caress of fingers to her pussy lips. He eased the pressure of his penis against Karen’s leg, reached around to slip the nozzle of the enema out of her anus. Karen felt moist blips, tiny hints of regret as first Doctor Lorenzo’s finger abandoned her, then as the nozzle slipped out of her rosebud. But there was something much more important going on right now. She was ready to evacuate, and how!

Doctor Lorenzo took Karen by her upper arms, firmly but gently pulling her into a sitting position. Their eyes met for the first time in several minutes, sparkling, but there was professional concern in those of Doctor Lorenzo. No words were spoken. Karen looked down, smoothing her skirt down over her thighs, belatedly and uselessly covering her modesty. She was still panting from the orgasm she had just enjoyed, and her face was flushed and slightly contorted with the effort of self control; she was terrified of having a very unpleasant, messy accident right there in the consulting room. So totally preoccupied had she been with the amazing pleasure generated by the enema and Doctor Lorenzo’s soothing, caressing hands that she had been taken quite by surprise at the sudden peak of pressure in her innards.

The doctor led her, clenching her ass muscles, quickly towards the toilet cabinet. He pushed the door inwards and stepped aside to enable Karen to rush in and throw her bum cheeks onto the cold toilet seat, gathering her skirt around her waist – just as the pressure became too much to hold back. He switched on the light and closed the door without a word.

Karen, now a little breathless again as a result of the sprint from couch to toilet cabinet, relaxed her anal muscles completely, and let it all go.

The relief was almost beyond her immediate comprehension. After all those weeks of tension and failure to assuage the painful need to empty her bowels, it simply poured out of her. Head back, she sighed and sighed and just let it gush into the w.c. pot, for what seemed like several minutes. Then as the pressure reduced and the spewing slowed down, she twisted around and pressed on the button of the w.c. cistern. As the water gushed into the pot with almost as much volume as her insides had just spewed forth, she clenched and unclenched her anal muscles, as though to try and force more to exit, to ensure that her innards were fully evacuated again, at long last. As she did that, a tiny orgasm twitched inside her vagina, causing her to jump, surprised inwardly at the sudden, delightful return of the momentarily forgotten pleasure in her pussy.

She sighed again, and as her breathing began to slow back to normal, paused to realise the enormity of what had just happened in the privacy of Doctor Lorenzo’s consulting room.

Was it all a dream? Had she really gone there today, against her will but expecting a simple prescription remedy? And had she really ended up, not only undergoing an anal examination for the very first time – and by a stranger – but also submitting herself deliriously to a full enema conducted by her new, sensual doctor? And had all this eventually led her to a pitch of sexual excitement quite unknown in her previous life, brought on by the enema and the manual attentions of this same doctor?

Her head was spinning. As she took a wad of toilet paper and began to clean herself up, she began to think about what she should say when she left the cabinet, when she had to face this adorable doctor again. She flushed the cistern one last time, finally stood up and in doing so, realised she had left her panty on the chair by the couch. Quick beat of the heart again, she pulled down and smoothed her skirt.

Head clearing, concerned about her cleanliness, she went to the small wash bowl in the cabinet, and as best she could, washed her hands with soap and water, her ass and thighs the same. When this was done, she scrubbed her hands once more and started on her vaginal area, lingering a while over her pussy lips, enjoying the gentle stimulus as she rubbed soap and then water over her genital lips.

Doctor Lorenzo’s handsome face and expert hands, that absolutely certain bulge in his pants, its friction against her thigh and the memory of his lovely caresses were uppermost in Karen’s mind as she rubbed her pussy lips lightly at first, then more firmly, thinking even now of a second orgasm.

Meanwhile, during these few minutes of long overdue bowel relief for Karen, Doctor Lorenzo was masturbating furiously next door, working himself up to his very own, selfish, long overdue relief.

The respectable Doctor Lorenzo was sitting behind his wide oak desk, his chair pushed back slightly, and looking across the room at the closed toilet cabinet door behind which Karen was emptying her guts. The photo of his wife and adolescent kids was flat on the desk. His zipper was open and he had fished his incredibly hard, blue veined, long but thin cock with its bulbous head out of his silk slip; he was fist fucking himself furiously, there in his own consulting room, with Karen’s panty wrapped around his cock. He needed to get off very soon, before Karen came out of the toilet; he knew it wouldn’t do for a new patient – and a shy one too, despite her submission at his hands – to walk in and catch him with cock in hand in panty. If things turned badly, his career could soon be in jeopardy. He knew, too, he had to be careful not to soil Karen’s already wet panty. He pumped hard.

He heard the first flushing of the cistern, knew Karen now had to clean herself up, imagined her ass and thighs as she wiped everywhere with soft toilet paper. He continued to rub, squeezing hard on the swollen end of his knob. The eye of his cock leaked profusely, and he smoothed the gleaming pre-cum over it with his thumb as he rubbed. His head was full of images of Karen’s swollen cunt lips, her beautiful ass and thighs. He wondered about her breasts, which he hadn’t yet dared uncover, but had seen in outline under her blouse, nipples hard. With his free hand he reached into his desk drawer for a thick wad of kleenex, knowing he would be coming soon into the paper softness, wishing it could be into Karen’s panty, or even better into her female softness instead.

Hearing the water running into the wash bowl behind the cabinet door, Doctor Lorenzo called out with a professional, concerned tone: “Are you alright, Mrs Shepard?” and continued pumping his erection.

For Karen, the sound of the running water almost covered his question. The doctor’s voice trembled a little, from the sexual excitement he was feeling as he got closer to climax, but Karen didn’t notice. If only he knew, thought Karen, then called out to affirm that she was fine.

Doctor Lorenzo now had Karen’s panty against his nostrils; he was getting near.

At that instant, an enormous gush of seminal fluid ejected from Doctor Lorenzo’s penis, into his fistful of kleenex. His legs jerked, and his ass left his leather seat, his eyes closed tight onto images of ass and vagina and crispy white blouse covered breasts. His head went back, mouth open, as the pleasure of his climax ripped through his balls and his cock. The throbbing was as intense as it had ever been in this situation. His reputation may have been at risk, but that didn’t stop Doctor Lorenzo from taking risks, carefully calculated, of course, when he found himself excited to such a degree by a female patient. Especially when she was pretty, and when she needed an enema, which was his speciality, which he loved.

The doctor celebrated his ejaculation soundlessly, before his breathing began to calm down. The kleenex were soaking wet, and some of the seminal fluid began to seep through into his hand, as he squeezed the knob end hard, to drain out the last few tears of come from his penis, and the last few jerks of pleasure. Breathing hard and flushed, he quickly rolled the kleenex into a ball and threw it into his waste paper bin; he would get rid of that later, ensure that his assistant wouldn’t see the disgusting evidence of his evening sexual habits when she cleaned up his room tomorrow.

His shrinking pecker rearranged inside his slip, his zipper pulled up in seconds, and the panty returned to the chair by the examination couch, Doctor Lorenzo, the highly respectable, reputable but over-sexed medical practitioner went quickly over to his own personal washbasin to make sure that he would have scrubbed his hands clean of all traces of cunt, cock, ass and lube, before Karen, also scrubbed clean, could re-enter his consulting room.

Inside the cabinet, Karen hurriedly rinsed and dried her hands again, checked her overall appearance in the mirror above the wash basin, straightened her clothing as best she could. Aware that she was still flushed and over-excited, feeling naked under her skirt, her heart had started beating fast again. She grasped the door handle and pulled, thus returning to the brightness of Doctor Lorenzo’s consulting room, where Doctor Lorenzo was seated behind his oak desk. She was greeted by the same winning smile. Doctor Lorenzo was calm again and had reverted to character. “I sincerely hope you are feeling a lot better now, Mrs Shepard.”

Not struggling to find her words at all now, Karen replied: “Oh yes Doctor Lorenzo, much much better. I can’t tell you how much.”

Doctor Lorenzo understood. “I can guess…I said it would be alright, didn’t I? Not at all painful…even pleasurable…do you agree, finally?”

“Absolutely,” replied Karen, a little breathlessly. “I have to admit, I was very nervous about coming to see you…or any doctor, about this…but finally, well, it was just fine…pleasurable….dare I say: exciting.”

Then: “I do hope that none of it has caused you any discomfort…gives you cause for complaint…distress…doubts about the whole thing…” His dark eye brows were slightly furrowed. Doctor Lorenzo still had to be careful about his professional position and his career.

“Not at all,” replied Karen. “It was…really…very nice…and a great relief.”

Approaching the doctor’s desk, she bent down to recover her handbag on the floor by the leather chair where this adventure had all started. She thought again about her panty, still on the chair beside the couch, but decided not to make a show of getting it back; she wanted to leave as quickly as possible, and with whatever was left of her dignity. Ideas were taking shape in her mind.

Doctor Lorenzo stood up, and they both looked at each other with smiling eyes. But neither of them was to broach the subject of the doctor’s caresses on Karen’s belly, his manipulation of her clitoris, the invasion of his expert rigid finger into her wet vagina and the obviously pure pleasure she had enjoyed throughout her first enema experience, as she surrendered herself to it all, and finished with probably the most intense climax she had ever felt in her life.

And Karen had no idea of what the doctor had been doing all the time she had been preoccupied with her bowel evacuation and her intimate cleansing. She did however, glance down at Doctor Lorenzo’s crotch as he stood up; was that a moist patch she saw on the front of his pants?

Doctor Lorenzo: “I’ll tell you something else, Mrs Shepard…Karen: enemas are not simply a means of relieving physical problems…bowel inactivity, blockages such as yours. They are often used as a means of enhancing sexual gratification. Between couples in the intimacy of their own homes and so on…if you’d like to know more, you can find plenty of information on the internet…or you are welcome to come and see me again…anytime.”

Karen’s furrowed brows must have indicated the surprise and doubt she was feeling about what the doctor was saying.

“Really…look at a few websites…you’ll see what I mean,” he said finally, smiling as ever, with his bedside manner smile. Then, handing her a card which Karen noticed had a mobile telephone number as well as that of his consultancy: “Either way, call me for an appointment, should you have any cause for concern in the future – this problem or any other. If my consultancy happens to be closed, feel free to use my mobile number. It won’t be a problem for me to call and see you at home.”

A thought flashed through Karen’s head as she gazed into those blue eyes: “I’d really like to see that bedside manner smile alongside my own bed one of these days. Or better still – in it.” But of course it was just fantasy.

Doctor Lorenzo moved around from behind his desk, broke what seemed to have been a long silence: “My secretary will deal with the paperwork tomorrow. In the meantime, Karen, relax and enjoy your new found freedom. You should be able to get back to normal…bowel activity from now on.”

As Doctor Lorenzo walked her out of his consulting room, to the exit, Karen had many other thoughts spinning around in her head – not least of which that she still wore no panty. But first things first. The panty could wait; she had plenty of others at home. She accepted the doctor’s cool, squeaky clean hand firmly into hers, felt his squeeze, bringing back memories of erotic slippery caresses on her belly again. They smiled knowingly at each other and parted at the top of the stairs leading down to the street.

Doctor Lorenzo watched Karen’s attractive, shapely figure descend, thinking to himself: “She left her panty. She’ll be back. What a fabulous ass. I must call Sandie and thank her for the recommendation,” before turning quickly back to his consulting room to do a little important housekeeping at the end of the working day.

Karen skipped down the stairs to the street, ran as fast as she could to her car, feeling the cool evening air wafting onto her nakedness under her skirt and calming the burning in her face. She just knew she was moist again down there. Fumbling for the key in her handbag and unlocking the car door, she plopped into the driver’s seat, felt the soft cloth against her bare ass. She grabbed her own mobile phone from her handbag and began to dial Larry’s number, fingers trembling.

“First things first,” she spoke aloud, with a warm glow of intense and relieved anticipation as she waited for Larry to reply.

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