Melanie and Eva
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This story is dedicated to Melanie – she knows why.

For some time I have had the good fortune to be
employed in a job which gave me ample time and scope
to pursue my interests. I am interested in women and
girls so it will not surprise you to learn that as a
Caretaker of a girl’s secondary school I was in my
element. The pupils were between the ages of eleven
and eighteen and all the staff was female. Things
could not have been better planned if I had written
the script myself!

I had a small office in the basement of the main
school building and as no one ever came there I had
been able to fix it up as I liked. I had put in a bed
and cooking facilities so that I was pretty self
contained. I kept myself to myself for the first few
weeks getting the feel of the place and checking the
likely talent. I was looking for a woman or women to
entertain myself with, keeping my eyes open at the
same time for anything else going that I could turn
to my advantage.

I prowled around, ostensibly keeping up with my daily
chores but really just keeping an eye out for likely
vulnerable talent. This place was like Paradise for
me. The girls had got used to having me around and no
longer reacted to my presence. That was excellent!
The more I could blend into the background the
better. I needed a focus for my attentions so I kept
my eye on the girls.

There were two that I especially liked the look of.
They were friends who hung out together most of the
time. They were about twelve with slight slender
figures. They usually were dressed similarly in short
skirts and tight tee-shirts. They were both too young
to need a bra but it clearly would not be long before
they did as their nipples were evident as hard little
cones, straining the front of their tight shirts
especially in the cold or in the wind. They both had
athletic young legs and tight little bottoms,
particularly well displayed in the cut-off jeans they
sometimes wore. I made it my business to find out
about these two. I would like to know if they were
more than school friends! They were just at the age
when sexual desires and feelings were awakening and I
wondered if they were beginning to experiment!

By nosing around and listening I learned that the
name of the brunette was Melanie. She had long dark
hair hanging about halfway down her straight slim
back to her neat arse. In the light flashes of red
were evident. One morning I met Melanie alone in the
corridor and I made it obvious that I was looking at
the sharp little nubs of her immature tits. She
blushed, dropped her eyes and hurried past. I smiled
to myself.

Her friend Eva who was also twelve had long wavy
blond hair above a surprisingly well formed body. She
was not overly tall but very proud in her walk and
manner. Her little nipples were developed enough to
get hard and I could often see them sticking out
through her shirt although her tiny breasts were
hardly formed. She had a startling air about her, a
look that seemed to me so blatantly sexual, that it
was hard to believe that she was doing it
accidentally. No little virgin twelve year old should
look at you like that and I don’t know many twenty
year olds who can either.

I kept my eye on these two and very quickly got to
know their little routines. They spent a lot of time
together but as they were in different classes there
were many times during the day when they were apart.
In particular they spent the games periods separately
Melanie was particularly keen on hockey while as far
as I could tell, Eva’s tastes ran more to gym and

Needless to say I had arranged a series of places
from which I could spy on the girls. It was not
always easy as although the girls tended not to
notice me, the teachers kept a fairly close eye on
me. I had two favourite places; one was a small
disused store-room which appeared to have been
forgotten about. It was in such a significant
position, next to the girls changing room that I
could not understand how anybody would have forgotten
it, much less left it unlocked! One weekend I cleared
the room out and bored a couple of small holes in the
wall. I made very sure that from the changing-room
side they could not be seen, appearing as part of the
pattern of the plaster. The lights in the changing-
room were so bright that even when I had a dim light
on in the storeroom it was completely invisible
against the white patterned plaster.

While I was about it as nobody was around I
investigated the loft areas above the changing rooms
and found that there was a large opening leading over
the showers and the toilets. Just what I needed. I
bored holes in all the appropriate places and checked
to make sure that there was no evidence of what I had
done. My purpose was not as obvious as it appeared. I
was not interested in spying on the girls, I am not a
peeping-tom. I do not find any interest or excitement
in that. What I was after was to build up an idea of
the habits of my special potential victims My
greatest hope was to catch them in a situation where
I could blackmail or terrorize them into doing what I
wanted. I figured that it should not take long. The
girls were always hanging round the showers or the

I spent many happy hours in my various hiding places
and I soon got to know the habits of the girls very
well. I kept a special eye on Melanie and Eva and for
a while they behaved themselves and did not give me
any opportunity to put my plans into operation. The
best I saw of them was when they were dressed for
gym. I never got the chance to see them naked as they
were very shy and made sure that they always changed
either under a towel or wore their gym vests under
their tee-shirts or blouses. I found it fairly
frustrating but I was really rewarded when they came
out for gym. I knew when their gym lessons were, they
did not have them together, Melanie’s class was
followed immediately by Eva’s so there was a chance
that they would meet up. I made it my business to be
in my hiding place well before the lessons were due
to start.

I was rewarded for my patience when Melanie came in
with a group of her class mates. She was wearing a
tight white vest and it was very clear that her
breasts had not really started to develop yet. As I
had suspected from seeing her in the corridor she had
pointed little nipples that bulged the front of her
vest in sharp little cones but she was still very
flat-chested. What I had not suspected though was
that she had a surprisingly plump little cunt-mound
which I could clearly see bulging the front of her
tight gym-knickers. Her flowing hair was tied in a
ponytail and I could see the red lights in the dark
tresses as they shone in the light from the window.
She had long slim legs with no puppy fat on the
thighs although her plump little belly betrayed her
age and lack of development. I wondered how sexually
aware she was! I certainly intended to find out.

No sooner had I feasted my eyes on Melanie than Eva
came in to the changing room. She was wearing a tight
little yellow vest with tight white knickers. Her
little pyramid-like nipples were prominent against
her tight vest and I could see her well-made little
arse as she turned her back to talk to Melanie. They
both slipped on very short white pleated skirts over
their tight knickers and tucked their vests in. I
could not hear what they were saying but they
suddenly hugged one another and Melanie skipped out
of the door leaving Eva. The changing room was very
quiet, Eva now being in there alone. I watched her as
she wiped the sweat from her face with a towel and
stood listening intently. No one was around the place
was really deserted. I saw her go into one of the
toilets. I could not see in to there so I waited for
a moment but she didn’t emerge. I slipped out of my
hiding place and looked around. The place was still
completely deserted with no one in the corridor or
anywhere within earshot.

I realised that this might be my chance and I slipped
into the changing room. Just to be sure I closed the
door behind me and slipped the bolt. Now I would not
be disturbed. I stealthily slipped into the toilet
area and stood listening outside the cubicles. Only
one door was closed and in the silence I heard loud
gasping breathing. Eva was in one of the cubicles and
whatever she was doing was causing loud rhythmical
gasping pants.

I wondered that she dared to make so much noise! She
could not have been sure that the place would have
remained empty. I continued to listen and her gasping
panting breathing slowly mutated into harsh little
squeals each time she breathed out I went into the
adjacent cubicle, stood on the toilet seat and looked
over the partition. Eva was lying back on the toilet
with her panties round her ankles and one hand
between her thighs rubbing at the tight little button
of her clitoris. The other hand was up her vest
fondling her immature barely formed breast. At first
she did not realise that I was there and continued
fondling herself vigorously.

I watched her, enjoying the sight immensely but I
could not spend too long in case anyone came. I
knocked gently on the partition. Eva looked up and
saw me. She went deathly pale and froze with one hand
up her tight vest and the other on her cunt. She
looked up at me like a trapped animal.

“What have we here then?” I said, “unlock the door at
once.” I got down from my perch and left the cubicle,
unlocking the door of the toilets. It was clear that
she recognized me as an authority figure. She jumped
to her feet and unlocked the door. “Come out here,” I
ordered sternly. She obeyed and stood trembling and
blushing a fiery red in front of me. “You have been a
naughty little girl. Do you know where my office is?”
She nodded. Well after school I will be there. You
make sure that you come straight there and I will
decide what I am going to do with you.” She looked
helplessly up into my face and suddenly burst into
tears and rushed out of the room. I smiled with
satisfaction. I knew that she would come to my
office. She was too afraid and ashamed not to do as
she was told.

Later that afternoon I was in the gardens trying to
decide whether to prune the rose bushes when I
spotted Melanie going by herself into the shaded
school orchard. I let her go and then quietly
followed her. There was a stone bench beside a small
pond under the trees and this was where I found her.
She was oblivious to her surroundings. I watched her
from behind a tree. She sat and looked into the water
for a while eating a chocolate bar. The afternoon was
warm and the cent of the fruit blossom was heavy in
the air. There was a gentle hum of bees and the whole
atmosphere was soporific. It was clear that it was
affecting Melanie. Her hand stole to her chest and
she began, almost unconsciously to fondle her
undeveloped tit.

Even from where I was standing I could see the
responsive little cone of her nipple become erect.
She moved to the other breast and stiffened that one
also. She lay back on the seat, her legs spread as
she continued to play with her little tits. From
where I was standing I could see right up between her
slim legs to the apex and to the white vee of her
panties drawn tightly across her fleshy little cunt.
Her mouth hung slightly open and her eyes were
glazed. Keeping one hand on her little tit the other
stole stealthily between her slender young thighs and
she began to gently caress her little cunt with her
knuckles through the thin cotton of her panties.

She began to gasp through parted slack lips and her
finger slipped up the elasticized leg of her white
knickers on to her cunt. She began to gently rub,
simultaneously, her cunt and her little nipple. I
could hear her gasping uncontrolled breathing from
where I was standing. I waited until she was
completely lost in her private fantasy world and I
quietly moved from my hiding place and stood in front
of her. I did not say anything but she became aware
of my presence as my shadow fell across her. She
opened her eyes, saw me standing over her and froze,
one hand on her little tit and the other between her
thighs with her fingers up the leg!

of her knickers resting on her cunt. She looked up at
me with terrified eyes. Her face became suffused with
a deep flush that spread down over her neck and upper
chest to the neckline of her tight little vest. She
began to cry quietly looking helplessly up at me.

“I have to decide what to do about this,” I said
sternly, “you know that you have been a naughty,
dirty girl. You know where my office is. Come
straight there after school and I will decide how I
am going to deal with you. Now straighten your
clothes, get back to your classroom and don’t be late
after school.” She jumped to her feet, gave me a
terrified look and fled from the orchard.

I had a satisfied private smile. I now had the two
sexy young teenagers exactly where I wanted them. I
intended to enjoy the afternoon. I went back to my
office, had a drink and waited for my ‘guests’. I
changed into a tee-shirt and loose trousers with no
underwear an just put on sandals with no socks.

A soon as school ended I knew that they would be
along. I had frightened them too much for there to be
any doubt about it. Sure enough there was a timid tap
on my door. I opened it and Melanie stood looking
fearfully up at me. I motioned her inside but did not
speak. In a moment there was another shy tap. I
opened the door and let Eva in.

The two teenagers looked at one another in shocked
surprise. Clearly they had not compared notes during
the afternoon. I lay back in my armchair and looked
at their frightened faces as the gazed imploringly at
me. I was in no hurry and I made then wait. I could
see them looking at each other and each wondering
what the other was doing here. I leisurely studied
their cute little bodies. They were similar in many
ways yet different in others. Melanie was average
height for her age and her short pleated thin white
skirt emphasized her plump young thighs. The hard
little cones of her nipples were evident against the
thin material of her vest. She looked absolutely
terrified and could not look either Eva or me in the

Young Eva’s long wavy blond hair hung loosely around
her shoulders above her surprisingly well-developed
body for her age. As I had previously observed, she
was not overly tall but her erect elegant walk and
manner made her look taller. She had a definite
sexual aura about her as though her sexuality was
more developed for her age than was Melanie’s. Her
little nipples were developed enough and she was
frightened enough for them to get hard and I could
see them sticking out through her shirt although her
tiny breasts were hardly formed as she looked me
challengingly in the eye. I was not really surprised
when it was Eva rather than Melanie who spoke.

“You can’t do anything to us,” she challenged me
directly, “we weren’t doing anything wrong.”

“Interesting,” I thought, “they have clearly been
comparing notes and both know what they have been
doing and why they are here. I wonder what else they
have been doing together.”

“All right,” I said calmly, “let us agree that you
haven’t done anything wrong. I’ll just pick up the
telephone, call your parents, explain what I found
you both doing and ask them to come and collect you.”
There was a silence and I saw the girls look at one
another in sick terror. At that moment I knew I had
them. To my surprise it was Eva rather than Melanie
who pleaded with me.

“Please don’t, you really can’t tell our parents, you
just can’t. They’d be so ashamed of us and we
couldn’t bear it. It would be too, too awful.”
Melanie added her plea in a tight, scared little

“Please don’t ring my daddy, I’ll do anything if you
promise not to tell him.” Eva nodded in quick
agreement. I was pleased with the way that things
were going and I had plenty of time.

“Bolt the door Melanie,” I ordered, “and you and Eva
come and stand in front of me with your hands on your
heads.” She quickly did as I had commanded and I
looked with pleasure at the two teenagers standing in
such a submissive pose in front of me. Standing erect
with their hands on their heads brought out clearly
the lines of their immature yet maturing young
bodies. Melanie was slightly plumper than Eva but
their bodies were beginning to show the shape of
womanhood as their chests narrowed to tiny waists and
then expanded again at the hips.

“Put your hands behind your backs and stick your
chests out,” I ordered. They both blushed as they
were aware of and embarrassed at the way this pose
would draw attention to their developing little
bosoms. I casually examined their little tits and
made sure that they knew I was looking. Their blushes
deepened as their nipples hardened under my scrutiny.

“I think that you are a pair of dirty little sluts,”
I told the blushing frightened teenagers, “dirty
little sluts who play with themselves when they think
that nobody is around. I think that your daddies
should know just what dirty little sluts they have
for daughters.” They both burst into tears and I
enjoyed the way their sexy firm young bodies shook
with their convulsive sobbing. I let them cry for a
while, knowing that this was the time to break their
resistance so that I could do whatever I liked with
them, not only this afternoon but for as long as they
were at school. When they felt that there was no hope
left, I said quietly.

“There may be another way out so that your daddies
don’t have to know.” I could see hope dawning in
their tear-filled eyes. If they had known what I had
planned for them they would be begging me to phone
their precious daddies!!! “I could punish you for
your dirty slutty ways and then no-one would have to
know. But you would have to accept whatever
punishment I thought was right and you would have to
do everything I said.” Hope turned to doubt in their
faces as they looked at one another. I did not

“It’s all the same to me,” I said, “I’ll telephone
your daddies to come and collect you and I can have a
talk with them then.”

There was an immediate and gratifying outcry from the
pretty pair! “No, please,” we agree, “said Melanie,
“we’ll do anything. Please don’t phone our daddies.”

“All right then,” I said, “you have agreed to do
whatever I tell you and to accept whatever punishment
I think right for you. As long as you keep doing that
then I won’t tell your daddies, but as soon as you
start giving trouble or stop doing as you are told,
then you know what will happen. Now come here the
pair of you and stand on each side of my chair.” They
hesitatingly approached me and stood beside me, close
to me, one on either side, two pretty little
frightened twelve year olds, a blonde and a brunette
and mine to do as I pleased with. I could smell the
gentle perspiration of their fear as they stood close
to my chair.

I reached out and putting my hands up their short
skirts began to feel their bottoms simultaneously.
They gasped and looked at each other. I took my time
luxuriously fondling and squeezing their buttocks
through their thin knickers and running my finger
down the cracks of their arses.

“Spread your pretty legs, the pair of you,” I
ordered. They were too frightened not to comply.
“Don’t look at each other, look into my eyes.” I
said, fixing my eyes on their frightened tearstained
faces. They both stood awkwardly beside me, with
their plump young thighs apart and my hands up their
skirts. I moved my hands slightly forward and,
caressing their perineums through the tight material
of their knickers just behind their plump fleshy
young cunts I began to work them up with my fingers.
Not altogether to my surprise they both began to
breathe more deeply and a flush spread from their
embarrassed reddened cheeks to their shoulders and
chests. They had played with themselves. But they had
never been touched by a man before.

I knew from watching them that they could become very
excited when they were playing with themselves and it
was clear to me that these were two teenagers who
were just beginning to discover their bodies and in
whom sexual desires and longings were no longer a
potential only but had actually awakened. They were
compelled despite themselves to play with themselves
to experience the new powerful feelings of which
their developing young bodies were now capable but
the feelings frightened them and the act of playing
with themselves shamed them and made them willing to
agree to anything to stop their daddies finding out
what their daughters were up to. I move my hands back
to their arses and firmly held a buttock of each

“I think that you two dirty little sluts should
strip.” I said casually, “take off your vests.” There
was a pause and they looked at one another and then
back at me. “I wont tell you again,” I said, “I am
not going to repeat everything twice.” They saw that
resistance was hopeless and slowly and reluctantly
peeled off their tight little vests and stood with
their hands reflexedly covering their little nipples
as I felt their plump buttocks. I laughed. “Hands by
your sides, sluts,” I ordered and they reluctantly
dropped their hands. I looked with pleasure at their
developing little chests. Melanie’s tits were hardly
developed but her nipples were large and puffy-
looking although not yet erect.

I looked at Eva. Her little nipples were developed
enough to get hard although her tiny breasts were
hardly formed, just sweet little mounds. I moved my
hands back between their legs again and began to work
them up just behind their cunts lightly brushing the
dimples of their arse-holes through their knickers.
The simultaneously gasped and I felt their legs begin
to tremble. I looked at their breasts as I gently
tickled between their legs through their knickers.
Now they were both rather similar. Melanie’s puffy
little nipples set in rather large pink areolae for
her age had become stiff, hard and pointy while Eva’s
nipples, although appearing a little smaller had
become hard and pointedly erect. The swellings of her
developing little breast mounds were more evident
now. I moved my hands further between their thighs
and gently and deliberately drew my middle finger
down the grooves of their cunts. Their blushes

“OK sluts,” I said taking my hands from between their
thighs, “come and stand in front of me.” They
complied quickly, clearly relieved to be out of reach
of my exploring fingers. “Take your skirts off,
sluts,” I ordered. They looked helplessly at each
other and did as I had commanded. Now the pretty pair
stood in front of me just dressed in thin tight white
gym knickers. I gestured to their feet and they took
off their sandals and white ankle socks leaving their
pretty feet bare. “Now sluts,” I said, “as you spend
so much time playing with your cunts, lets have a
look at them. Get your knickers off.”

It was a measure of my control and their fear that
they didn’t hesitate but, blushing with embarrassment
and trembling with fear they slid the thin garments
down their slender legs and stood before me
completely naked. “Spread your legs,” I ordered and
the naked frightened teenagers stood with their
thighs apart about two feet in front of my chair. I
inspected their cunts. Eva’s cunt was completely
hairless and her cuntal groove seemed to be slightly
open a little bit as I had suspected when I had run
my finger down it. The outer lips were fleshy and
well made and the pretty inner lips were just visible
in her little pink slit. Melanie’s cunt had whisps of
dark pubic hair on her cuntal mound but the groove of
her cunt was closed. Like Eva, she had plump fleshy
well-made outer lips and a prominent mound.

“Have you two little sluts ever played with each
other’s cunts?” I asked. They gasped and looked
mortified but did not answer. “Well?” I asked. Eva
said hesitatingly and shyly,

“We have never been together or touched each others
pussies. We have only touched ourselves. Please
forgive us and let us go.” I ignored that of course.

“Let’s get it right straight from the start,” I said,
“you have cunts not pussies. You must have seen one
another in the showers,” I said, “how did it make you
feel? Now get on and tell me the truth before I lose
patience.” They looked at one another and suddenly
Melanie said in a rushed breathy high-pitched
frightened voice.

“I have always been attracted to Eva. She looks so
pretty.” Eva blushed deeply.

“Show Eva your cunt, Melanie,” I suggested. It was
clear that Melanie was now completely under my
control and was too frightened even to hesitate. She
turned to Eva and spread her thighs. The groove of
her cunt did not even open. “That’s no good,” I said,
“spread your cunt wide open with your fingers.” The
blushing teenager did as she was told and stood in
front of her young friend and I with her plump young
thighs well apart and her fingers holding the fleshy
lips of her cunt gaping open.

I looked at the embarrassed girl and then looked own
at her pretty cunt. Her sweet little cunt was
completely bare except for a small area at the top on
her mound where there was the beginnings of dark
pubic hair. The inner lips were fairly large, and the
left side was longer than the right. As she was
aroused and embarrassed as well as ashamed, I could
see the tiny bud of her clitoris protruding slightly
from the outer lips. “Well, Melanie,” I said, “what a
dirty little slut you are, standing there with your
cunt wide open for anyone to look at. I wonder what
your daddy would say if he could see little Melanie
now?” She was silent, just standing there shaking
spreading her cunt and blushing so deeply that her
shame spread over her chest as far as her nipples
which, despite herself had formed hard excited little

“Now, Eva, show Melanie your cunt just as she has,” I
ordered. Eva did not hesitate having heard what I had
said to Melanie. She spread her plump cunt lips with
her fingers and pushed her crotch forward a little
displaying herself to her friend so that Melanie
could have a good look. It was clear that where
Melanie was rather shy, Eva was much more forward and
blatantly sexual. As I had observed earlier, the
groove of Eva’s tight little cunt gaped open slightly
while she was standing at rest and now with her
fingers widely spreading her cunt lips and displaying
herself to her friend and to me it gaped widely. Her
rather fleshy plump inner lips protruded and the nub
of her excited little clitoris was obvious.

I motioned to the pretty pair and they came and stood
on either side of my chair. I reached out and began
to gently rub their hard little nipples. They gasped
but did not dare to pull away. “Hold your cunts open
sluts,” I ordered as I continued to feel their
immature tight little breast mounds. They stood
beside me their thighs apart, holding their cunts
gaping open to me as I felt their tits and I began to
smell the sweet smell of excited young cunt. I moved
my hands down to between their open thighs and gently
began to caress and tickle their moist and quivering
little openings. They stood there holding themselves
open as red as beetroots as I took my time fingering
them. I slipped a finger inside the outer lips of
each girl and gently moved it until I felt

Then I began to slowly finger-fuck the two pretty
blushing teenagers very gently just going in as far
as their intact hymens. They began to gasp and in
spite of themselves their hips began to move against
my fingers as they slowly moved in and out working up
the inexperienced but excitable teenagers as they
exposed themselves to me. When their breathing became
ragged I suddenly withdrew my hands leaving them
standing there trembling and gasping, holding their
cunt-lips wide apart.

I took Melanie by the hand and pulled her towards me
and sat her on my lap. Without giving her time to
think I put my hand straight between her thighs and
began to finger her hot little cunt. I began to work
her up as I considered the blushing Eva still
standing with her thighs spread and holding her cunt
gaping open, thrusting her crotch slightly forward so
that her prominent cuntal mound was well in evidence.
With my other hand I began to feel Melanie’s immature
hard little nipples.

“So,” I said, “you two claim that you have never
played with each other.”

“Never,” Melanie gasped, “that would be so dirty.” I
laughed and began to gently finger-fuck her.

“You don’t mind playing with yourselves though do
you, sluts?” I asked mockingly. I left Eva standing
watching, her cunt spread wide with her fingers,
displaying herself to us as I continued to feel her
pretty friend. Melanie’s cunt was beginning to become
really moist now and her juices were soaking my
finger. I brought my hand to her lips so that she
could smell herself on my fingers. “Suck my fingers,”
I ordered. She shook her head. I wound my fingers in
her soft dark her and, holding her head still so that
she could not move I insinuated my smelly fingers
between her soft red lips until I came up against her
teeth. “Open!” I said. She just looked at me, wide-
eyed. I casually began to twist and to squeeze the
hard cone of her nipple. She gasped and her teeth
involuntarily parted. I slipped my fingers in and Eva
watched in horror as her, now compliant, little fried
cleaned her own juices off my fingers. Continuing to
gently feel and twist her hard little nipple I took
my hand from her mouth, slipped it back between her
parted thighs and began to finger-fuck her again.

She was very moist now and her hips were beginning to
wriggle on my lap as her ragged breathing deepened.
Her thighs were very widely splayed now giving me
full access to her wet cunt. It was clear that sexual
storms were beginning to build in her young
inexperienced but excited body. I didn’t want her to
come yet so I left her cunt, slid her a little
forward on my lap giving me a route to the dimple of
her arse-hole, and began to gently tickle her soft
perineum with my wet and slimy finger. I moved my
finger further back until it brushed the dimple of
her little arse-hole. She gasped and I moved my hand
back to her cunt, collecting more slime on my

“Now, keep your hands by your sides, your thighs open
as they are and sit still,” I commanded. I could
smell the exciting moist frightened girl-smell in
spite of her anxiety. I moved my fingers to the back
of her slit to the delicate area between her cunt and
arse. And gently began to half stroke, half tickle
her. She gave another shuddering gasp but did not
dare to close her thighs. I moved my finger to her
arse-hole and slowly brushed across it.

“Please don’t,” she gasped, “it’s so dirty.”

She shuddered as I probed her virgin arse-hole with
the tip of my middle finger and I could feel the
resistance of the outer ring of muscle. Although she
was clenching her arse cheeks and hoping that I would
not notice, she was undone by the cunt-slime I had
collected on my fingers. Her arse-hole muscle
suddenly gave way and my middle finger popped an inch
deep in to her tight back channel. I left it there
and moved my thumb into her open cunt. Keeping her
impaled on my fingers I looked into her eyes. “Well,
Melanie, aren’t you a dirty little girl – letting a
man stick his finger up your arse. What do you think
that your daddy would think of his little Melanie
now?” Eva watched with horror as I began to finger-
fuck her friends virgin arse with my thumb buried in
her tight cunt.

“Oh!” she gasped breathily, “it’s so dirty, please
take your finger out.” I just laughed and continued
to finger-fuck her tight arse as I felt her little
nipples. As I fucked her tight arse with my wet
finger I dropped my lips to her immature little
breasts and began to suck her tight hard little
nipples. She gave a deep gasp and her impaled arse
wriggled deliciously on my finger. Eva stood in front
of us displaying herself and watching her friend
having her arse-hole thoroughly finger-fucked.

The two friends looked helplessly at each other. “I
think that you should kiss Melanie, Eva,” I said. She
looked at me but did not move. I put my hand between
her thighs so that they were forced to spread and
cupped her splayed and open cunt in my palm putting
my hand between hers. I pulled her towards me. “Now
kiss her, you little tart,” I ordered, “and do it
properly!” They were both too intimidated to protest
and their soft young lips met.

I could see that their mouths immediately opened and
they began to explore one another for the first time.
I let them get on with it as I pressed my finger
further up Melanie’s tight arse until she was
completely impaled and my finger was stuck up her to
the root. Simultaneously I began to finger Eva until
her cunt began to moisten, partly from the stimulus
of my fingers but at least as much, I suspected, from
the excitement of kissing her pretty little friend. I
slipped my hand behind Eva and without giving her
time to move or protest I stuck my wet finger
straight up her tight and clinging arse-hole.

I heard her give a loud gasp into Melanie’s mouth but
she did not dare to break the kiss. Now I had the
both little virgins impaled by their cute arses on my
fingers and it felt great. I knew that I could do
anything I liked to them and that they would do
everything they were told. They continued kissing and
looking into each other’s wide eyes as they submitted
to having their arses fondled and their tight virgin
arse-holes fingered. I pulled them gently apart by
the arse-holes and they got the message. They broke
the kiss and, panting, looked breathlessly into each
other’s eyes.

“Now you two,” I said, “go over and lie on the bed
and start making out. Put your arms round each other
and start kissing and rubbing your cunts together.
Then, while you are kissing start feeling one
another’s cunts. I shouldn’t have to teach you this.
Now just get on with it.” I released their arses and
they went to the bed. Eva lay down and reaching up,
pulled Melanie down into her arms and began to kiss
her. It was clear who was the dominant one here!

I knew that Eva had had no practical experience of
sex but her knowing look and sexual awareness
indicated that she would not need very much practice.
Now that she had been given complete freedom she
began to enjoy herself with her submissive pretty
little friend. Keeping their lips joined, she rolled
Melanie onto her back and parted her thighs. Placing
herself between the thighs of the young brunette the
little blonde began to agitate her hot little cunt
against that of her victim. I got myself a beer and
sat and watched. Eva was really into the swing of
things now, rubbing her bare little cunt against that
of her friend. They were clearly both becoming
excited by the friction and their kisses deepened and
became more languorous. Eva moved from between
Melanie’s thighs and lay facing her, still kissing
her, with her friend in her arms.

I saw her take Melanie’s hand and put it between her
parted thighs on to her own bare little cunt while
she boldly put her own hand between Melanie’s slender
young thighs and began to thoroughly feel her cunt.
Melanie quickly caught on and soon the two kissing
little beauties were masturbating one another without
inhibition and gasping loudly. They were too excited
to continue the kiss and their lips parted as they
lay together looking into one another’s eyes and
frantically playing with each other. The sound of
their ragged breathing filled the room and suddenly
Melanie came in Eva’s hand with a deep gasp and a
little squeal, closely followed by Eva.

Their hot sweaty little bodies were covered with the
post-orgasmic blush as they trembled in each other’s
arms looking deeply into one another’s eyes. Eva
pulled Melanie closer and began to kiss her
continuing to gently feel her wet cunt. Melanie just
lay passively and submitted to being felt by her more
aggressive partner. When they had recovered I said to
Eva, “Leave Melanie alone lying on her back.”

Eva obediently moved away from her friend and looked
at her. Melanie lay on her back with her thighs

“Pull your heels up to your arse and spread your
thighs, Melanie,” I ordered, and her thighs
obediently spread showing me the pink slit of her wet
cunt. “Now, Eva,” I said, “kneel with your thighs on
either side of Melanie’s head. She did so and looked
questioningly across at me. I couldn’t believe that
the inexperienced teenagers hadn’t worked out yet
what I wanted them to do. I got up and went over to
the bed so that I was standing by Eva.

“It is very simple Eva,” I said, “I want you to bend
forward until your head is between Melanie’s thighs
and I want you to kiss and suck her cunt.” Eva looked
at me in horror.

“I couldn’t,” she whispered, “that’s so dirty.” I
just laughed and putting my hand on the back of her
head I wound my fingers in her soft blonde her. With
gentle pressure I moved her down so that her face was
between Melanie’s splayed thighs very close to her

“If you don’t want your arse thoroughly spanked Eva,
then get on with it,” I ordered. Still nothing seemed
to be happening so I gave the white firm buttock a
sharp slap. The sound echoed through the room and the
outline of my palm and fingers became evident on the
smooth white skin of her buttock. Eva gasped and her
mouth went straight on to Melanie’s exposed cunt. She
began to kiss and lick it obviously terrified of
another slap. I let her get on with it for a while
and then said quietly into her ear, “Now start
sucking her cunt. Stick your tongue as far inside her
as you can and keep licking and sucking or I will
slap you again.” The frightened little blonde
hastened to comply with my orders and she very
quickly got the hang of things.

Before long Melanie was having her cunt very
thoroughly tongued and sucked. Melanie’s hips were
writhing and her heels were pressing into the bed as
the sensations spread from her excited cunt through
her hot young body. I whispered again into Eva’s ear,
“Now, relax your thighs and drop your cunt so that it
is on Melanie’s mouth.” Again the blonde immediately
complied, not ceasing in her attentions to her
friend’s hot hole. I moved up and whispered into
Melanie’s ear, “you can feel what Eva is doing to
you, now do the same to her.” Melanie immediately put
her mouth to Eva’s cunt and began to kiss and lick
the wet open slit. “Start sucking her cunt, Melanie,”
I ordered, “stick your tongue as far inside her as
you can and keep licking and sucking until I tell you
to stop.”

I went back to my chair and slowly drank my beer
watching with satisfaction as the two pretty
teenagers sucked each other off. Again Melanie came
first, closely followed by Eva. They rested for a
moment not daring to separate and then began to
tongue one another again. Soon they were sucking one
another off furiously again and it was clear that
another orgasm was not far away. They both came again
and Eva lay panting on the gasping Melanie sweating
as their hot faces pressed against each other’s
cunts. It was clear that they were so afraid of me
that even after two shattering orgasms they did not
dare part. The room was full of the smell of their

“OK, Sluts,” I said, “have a rest. Just lie down
beside one another and feel one another’s cunts while
you get your breath back.” The two girls collapsed
side by side gratefully on the bed trying to bring
themselves under control but still not daring to
resist any demand their hands stole between each
other’s thighs and they began to gently feel each
other. I looked at them with amusement. The two
little sluts were becoming so lost in one another
that they were forgetting me! Things were about to
change and it was time to move on.

While they were occupied with each other I slipped
out of my clothes and went and sat on the bed beside
them. They felt my weight on the bed and this jerked
them back to reality. They both gave a gasp and
pulled their hand from between each other’s thighs,
looking at me tensely. I motioned for them to
separate and I lay down between them on the bed. I
could see the girls looking apprehensively at my
hairy body and stealing glances at my long thick
semi-erect prick as it lay across my thigh. My prick
is just over eight inches long when erect and is very
thick. I am circumcised so there is a large
threatening head like a small orange. I have
correspondingly heavy balls and thick pubic hair
extending all the way back to my arse-hole. When I am
excited, and I have seldom been in a better
situation, there seems no end to my power to keep or
regain an erection and I am capable of several
ejaculations in a session.

“Now then, you little sluts” I said conversationally
“have you ever seen or felt a prick before?” The both
shook their heads.

“We have never had a boyfriend,” Melanie whispered,
“our families are both very strict and they are
careful that they always know where we are. I

“They don’t know now though, do they,” I chuckled,
“no one knows!” They shuddered. I looked at Melanie
who was gazing at a blank wall by the bed in terror.

“Look into my eyes” I ordered. She looked dumbly at
me. “I want you to feel my prick and balls gently
until I tell you to stop.” She looked fearfully down.
My prick was semi-erect lying across my thigh with a
blob of pre-cum staining the bead-spread. She did not
move. “I don’t want to have to repeat myself” I said
warningly. She reached out with her small hand and
gingerly touched my prick about half way up the
shaft. I made her close her hand around the shaft and
showed her how to wank me. My prick rapidly became
fully erect under this treatment. She looked at the
threatening sight with horror.

“Well done Melanie,” I mocked, “you are giving your
first wank.” I lay with my hands behind my head and
let her slowly wank me. “Are you enjoying it?” I
asked. She shook her head. “Just you keep on wanking
me until I tell you to stop” I ordered. “Get both
hands on my prick.” My prick was big enough and her
hands small enough for her to easily get both hands
on. She continued giving me a slow delicious wank
sobbing as she did so.

“I wonder what your daddy would think little Melanie
now,” I mocked. She paused. “Just keep wanking,” I
growled “I didn’t say that you could stop but keep
wanking me with one hand and gently feel around my
balls with the other.” I let her get on with it while
I had a drink. Her eyes were fixed with horrified
fascination on the big prick that she was wanking and
feeling and on the pre-cum that was beginning to
trickle down over her fingers Eva was watching in
horrified fascination.

“Eva” I said quietly “you seem very interested in my
prick. Don’t you think that you should give it a
little kiss?” She looked at me in horror and
disbelief and shook her head violently. I wound my
hand in her hair again and pulled her face close to
mine. “Listen, this is your last warning. Do
everything I tell you without hesitation or I will
telephone your daddy and tell him what you have been
doing. I will not tell you again.”

Melanie was listening to me with horror but
continuing to wank me. I looked at her still holding
Eva by the hair. “Wank me a bit harder,” I ordered,
“Grip it a bit tighter and use a longer stroke.” She
began to get her tentative movements under control
and was soon giving me a really delicious slow wank.
She now seemed to know instinctively how hard to grip
and how fast to go.

I patted her on the head. “That’s a good little
slut,” I said, “just you keep on doing it like that.”
I turned back to Eva. “Now, kiss my prick,” I
ordered, pulling her blond head down my body by the
hair until her mouth was close to the threateningly
stiff organ that Melanie was tossing off. She slowly
brought her lips to my shaft above Melanie’s wanking
hand and put a timid little kiss on my prick. She
then withdrew her mouth and looked up at me.

“That’s not nearly good enough” I said “do you know
what a blowjob is?” She shook her head dumbly – and I
think that she was probably telling the truth. They
had both clearly had had very sheltered upbringings.
“What I want you to do is to kiss the end of my
prick” I said firmly. She shook her head. “I won’t
tell you again,” I warned her. I felt her breath on
the end of my prick and then I felt the slightest
touch of her lips. She pulled away as though it was

I smiled down at her. “Now, open your mouth and take
the end of my prick into it” I said. She looked
horrified and shook her head, shrinking away from me
across the bed but I still had my hand wound in her
soft hair so she could not get far. I pulled her
towards me by the hair so that her head was resting
on my thigh so that she was looking up at me with my
prick rearing up in front of her eyes as Melanie was
tossing it off. “This is your last warning Eva, or I
speak to your daddy. Take the end of my prick into
your mouth.” I kept my hand wound in her soft hair
and moved her head to my prick. I felt the end of my
prick brushing against her closed lips. I moved her
head around, smearing pre-cum all over her mouth.

“Right, Eva, open your mouth wide.” She gave a
convulsive sob. I twisted her hair a bit tighter and
felt her mouth slowly opening on the end of my prick.
“Wider” I snarled. She opened her mouth as wide as
she could and the tip of my prick was just touching
her lips. I slowly pushed the big end of my prick
past her lips and her teeth and into her mouth. I put
about two inches in and just rested there. “Now, Eva,
close your lips around my cock while Melanie keeps
wanking me.” She gave a great shudder but did as I
commanded. “Open your eyes and look at me” I snapped.

Her blue eyes, now misted with the shadow of defeat
gazed up at me. Her mouth was stretched around my
prick. I began to move my prick around inside her
mouth and I could see the head bulging first one
cheek and then the other. I slowly moved it in and
out about half an inch.

She looked completely crushed with her sweet red lips
stretched around my big prick and her blue eyes fixed
on mine. “Now, Eva, for your first cock-sucking
lesson. Run your tongue around the end of my prick
and gently suck.” She automatically followed orders.
It was a really delicious sensation, just like being
held in a velvet vice. “I don’t want to have to do
any work. Move your head backwards and forwards just
keeping my prick inside your lips and taking it in as
far as you can. Run your tongue around the end and
keep gently sucking while Melanie is wanking me off.”

It was amazing how quickly she picked up the idea. I
looked down at this little virgin giving me a very
competent blowjob only five minutes after I had
started teaching her. “You are a natural cock-sucker
Eva,” I said, “now take my prick deeper into your
mouth.” It was too much to expect her to deep-throat
me but she was taking about four inches of my prick
into her mouth and sucking gently. I thought that
that was pretty good for a beginner. I was surprised
that I had lasted so long with this little blonde
virgin sucking my prick while her little brunette
friend was fondling my balls, wanking me gently.

I could feel the pressure beginning to build in my
balls. Eva and Melanie knew that something was
happening because they felt my prick suddenly harden
as it spasmed. I tightened my grip on Eva’s hair and
held her mouth fixed on my prick. It dawned on her
what was about to happen and her eyes widened in
horror. I just smiled at her as I came in a rush of
cum that filled her mouth, ran down her throat and
trickled out of her lips. She looked wide-eyed and
terrified with her mouth clamped to my prick and
spunk running down her chin. I let go of her hair and
she stayed just as she was. I think that she was in a
state of shock.

I pulled her off my prick and threw her some tissues.
“Clean yourself up” I said and turned to Melanie who
still had her hand clasped motionless around my
softening shaft looking at it in horror. Eva wiped
her face and dried her tears. “Now, Melanie,” I said,
“use your pretty little tongue to clean up my prick
and balls.” She took one look at my face and knew
that it was useless delaying. I picked up my drink
and lay back as I watched the little brunette virgin
licking around my semi-erect prick and, for the first
time, licking my balls. I just lay back relaxed and
drinking while I got my strength back and I just let
her get on with it. With me, it doesn’t take long and
soon I started to harden again.

I lay back with my head on a pillow as Melanie
cleaned my prick and balls with her moist red tongue.
I reached for a pillow and stuffed it under my arse
raising it from the bed. I looked down at Melanie.

“You saw Eva sucking me off just now, well now it’s
your turn.” I was very pleased when the submissive
little brunette immediately took the end of my prick
between her soft red lips and began to suck me off.
She was a quick learner and had gained from watching
Eva. Soon she was sucking me off quite deliciously.
“Wank me into your mouth, Melanie,” I said and she
began to add a delicious slow wank to a pretty
competent blowjob. I realised that these two were a
naturally talented pair of sexy little sluts lacking
only experience. I turned again to Eva who seemed to
have recovered from the trauma of having a man come
in her mouth for the first time.

“All that activity has made my arse hot and sweaty
Eva,” I said, “I want you to get down between my
thighs and clean me up with your tongue.”

“I couldn’t,” she gasped predictably, “it is so
dirty, it would make me sick.” I just laughed and,
seizing Melanie by the hair, I moved her up by my
thigh so that she could continue wanking into her hot
sucking little mouth and still leave the area between
my thighs free. I spread my thighs giving easy access
to my balls and arse-hole. I pointed down the bed,
looking significantly at Eva. She gave a convulsive
sob but moved reluctantly down the bed until she was
between my spread thighs. Gently sobbing she moved
her blonde head forward until I felt her soft breath
on my balls. I felt her begin to lick my perineum,
moving reluctantly towards my sweaty arse. I put my
hand on her blonde head, winding my fingers in her
soft hair head and pulled her firmly between my
thighs until I felt her lips on my arse-hole.

“Now just kiss my hole, running your tongue around
the rim and pushing it as deeply up me as you can.”
She sobbed but complied and I relaxed back as she
sucked and kissed my sweaty hole pushing her hot
tongue deep inside me. She was crying quietly, her
slim body wracked with sobs. The sensation was
incredible as I looked down at the two submissive,
dominated little sluts, a blonde between my spread
thighs sucking, kissing firmly and deeply tonguing my
sweaty arse and a sexy little brunette wanking me
into her hot mouth as she sucked me off. ”

It doesn’t get much better than this,” I thought, “as
I watched my two little fuck-toys working hard on my
sweaty body. Things couldn’t go on like this for much
longer though and I began to feel the familiar
pressure in my balls. I reached out and grasped
Melanie by the hair. Her eyes widened as she realised
what was going to happen. I came convulsively aided
not a little by Eva’s hot little tongue pushed hard
up my sweaty arse, filling Melanie’s mouth and throat
with hot cum. I held her by the hair, making sure
that her mouth stayed on my prick until she had
swallowed it all. She looked wide-eyed at me and
sobbed with distress on my prick. I thought that they
had had enough for one afternoon. Taking a blonde
and brunette head by the hair in each hand I moved
them up the bed until they were lying sobbing beside
me. I gave them some tissues to clean themselves up.
I let them go and have a quick wash and clean their
teeth while I got myself a beer. I let the sexy pair
stand and watch me wondering what was going to

“You know where my office is and I know what you have
been doing to me and to each other and to yourselves.
I can still tell your daddies all about you two.” I
said, “you are my little fuck-toys as long as you are
at this school. Whenever I tell you to be here, you
will come, or you know what I will do. Now get out!”
They scuttled for the door and as it closed behind
them I lay back on the bed and smiled with quiet

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