The great Wife swap
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A true story which I am finally able to write.

My wife and I were vacationing in beautiful Jamaica with
another couple, John and Diane. We enjoyed the warm sun,
the water, and sensuous nights. A truly romantic island.

John and Diane had four children, and Karen and I had
two children, and after the second I had a vasectomy as
I didn’t want any more children. My wife was opposed to
this as she still wanted one more child, and she was
angry when I told her. Anyway, I told John that it was
about time he had a vasectomy, which he did not
appreciate as he and his wife were catholic.

On our third night on the island, we had a lovely
outdoor dinner, and we all had several drinks. At this
point John asked me if I would want to change wives that
evening. Then he said as I hesitated-“you like Diane
don’t you”. I said yes, that she was a neat gal and very
attractive women. Then I said “is that OK with you

She said that since it was OK with John it was alright
with her. At that point I said that John had to ask
Karen, and John did ask my wife. My wife looked at me,
and I nodded yes to her. She was flushed and a little
bit angry that I would give her to another man. She said
alright if that was what I wanted, but she wanted
another drink first. Then while John got her another
drink, we left ,and I said that we would be in my room.

Diane and I did not waste and time, and I soon began
stripping her. She looked so lovely in her sheer white
nylon underwear, and her bra and panties were then
removed as I was kissing her. We were both excited-
neither of us had done this before and I was very hard
as I pressed her lovely body down on the bed. I spread
her legs and touched her cunt, which was very wet. I
quickly entered her and thrust fully into her. Her legs
were lifted and soon clamped over my legs. Neither of us
lasted long.

I came first and she came very soon after me. I said the
sheer naughtiness of what we were doing was wildly
exciting, and I said the thought of my wife Karen being
fucked by John made me so excited I couldn’t hold back
and spurted in her so quickly. After a while I called
John and they were ready to call it a night. Diane said
that she would like to do this again the next night, and
I said that I would like to be with her again.

The last thing that I had said to John and my wile was
“you two be careful, and you know what I mean” I
certainly did not want her to become pregnant. When
Karen joined me she looked very sheepish, and somewhat
disheveled. She said “I liked it and John wants to get
together again tomorrow night” We did not talk about
what happened, except I said Karen also wants to have a

After dinner and drinks the next night we had a repeat
performance. This time Diane and I fucked longer then
the night before, and after we finished and rested, she
sucked me off and she was very good at it and I came
again. I went down on her and she came again also.
Anyway both John and Karen wanted to get together the
next night, and my wife and I agreed.

This was the last time we got together as the next day
we had to pack to leave. It was a repeat performance,
and I was still wildly excited thinking about John
fucking my wife. He wasn’t a large man but my wife said
he had a very large and thick cock, and clearly she
liked being fucked by John. The next day John smiled at
me and looked triumphant. He said that he stretched my
wife out pretty good.

Well, then my wife’s story unfolded and she told me what
had happened. When they got to John’s room my wife said
that they would have to be careful as she had just
figured out that day and the next two were when she was
ovulating and was fertile.

Then she said it would serve me right if she got
pregnant as she wanted another baby and she was angry
that I had a vasectomy without telling her. Then she
thought about it and said to John that he shouldn’t come
in her. She told me then they stripped and she got very
wet looking at his thick cock. She was reluctant at
first but John finally spread her legs and pushed into
her, stretching her till she was groaning.

Soon she said he was thrusting powerfully into her and
she was responding and clutching him. As he was
thrusting faster she felt her orgasm approaching, and
clutching him with her arms and legs said over and over
again “don’t stop” She said she was jerking and moaning
as she came and at that moment she felt John spurting
into her. After finishing they just laid there until we
changed back.

Well, the same thing happened the next night and she was
powerless to stop him from coming into her as she was
overcome with her own orgasm, spacing around his
thrusting cock as John was pumping his sperm into her.

The next and last night she just didn’t care and she
just let John thrust into her till he came. She was very
excited by the possibility that she could get pregnant
which just heightened her arousal and she surrendered
and lifted her legs and spread them widely.

After a little while they were using their mouths on
each other and then John put her on her hands and knees
at the edge of the bed and he stood behind her and
pushed into her soaked cunt, then grabbed her hips and
fucked her for a long time till finally he groaned and
spurted into her. When Karen felt that she came again.

I couldn’t believe she had risked pregnancy, but she
said she was helpless, being pounded and stretched by
his big cocked. Also she said it would serve me right if
she was pregnant, since I had readily agreed to wife
sharing. Even though she me that she was likely pregnant
I was very excited when she told me how thoroughly he
had fucked her ,and she said that risking pregnancy made
her very excited. She said that she thought John wanted
to make her pregnant, and maybe wanted revenge because
of my urging him to have a vasectomy.

Later I told Diane that her husband probably made my
wife pregnant. She said yes-she and John wanted to trade
so that John could impregnate her so we were set up. I
told John that he had probably knocked her up and he
just smiled. I had wild sex with my wife the last night,
while thinking about John fucking her and filling her
cunt with his sperm. I pictured her on her back with her
legs lifted and spread with John mounting her and
stretching out her cunt with his huge cock, and
punishing her, thrusting powerfully into her, and
filling her with his sperm.

Well, it happened! My wife did get pregnant, and refused
to get an abortion, saying it was all my fault and it
served me right. Later, I met John and Diane, and they
just smiled, and John was gloating. As I watched my wife
getting bigger, I was sorry that I agreed to the whole
thing. However, I never thought that I would be so
aroused by the thought of my wife being thoroughly and
repeatedly fucked by another man.

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