Friday at the movies
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Jack Tayor couldn’t believe his luck. He was
going to be the first of all his friends to see the new
Clint Conner’s action film, Deadly Larry. With a
bravado worthy of Clint Conner himself, the 16 yr
old had spent a week planning the operation that had
resulted in his triumph.
First he had reported to school that morning
and attended his home room and the first period
class, just enough time to establish in the eyes of the
school authorities that he had been to school that
day. That way he avoided the postcard they sent
home to your parents whenever you were marked
absent. Then he had hid out in the boys bathroom
for the first fifteen minutes of the second period.
Like a spy penetrating the most secret halls of the
Pentagon, Jack had then worked his way to the
school’s side entrance, the only one that was open
after the start of second period.
Careful observation had taught him that it
was about twenty after that Mrs. Kaminsky, the
woman who was the door monitor there, usually
took a cigarette break. Arriving at the top of the
staircase at quarter after, Jack watched as she locked
the door and headed for the teacher’s lounge on the
other end of the first floor. With the passing of all
the no smoking rules, it was the only place an adult
could smoke in the building. Most students usually
just lit up in the closest bathroom.
Having previously timed the operation, the
sandy haired teenager knew it would take her two
minutes to reach the lounge. Adding five minutes for
the smoke, that gave him nine minutes to make his
As the gray haired matron disappeared into
the first floor hallway, Jack carefully watched the
second hand on his watch. He would give her two
minutes to get at least get to the lounge. It wouldn’t
do for her to suddenly realize she forgot her lighter
and catch him playing with the door lock.
As the sweep hand passed four for the
second time, he bolted from his hiding place and ran
for the door. Normally once locked, the door
couldn’t be opened from the inside without setting
off the fire alarms. To most kids, this would be a
major problem, but not to a fan of Clint Conners. A
little research in the school library had told him that
a little piece of conductive tape in the right place
would let him bypass the alarm.
Two minutes later, a wide smile filled his
face as he heard a satisfying click when the door
locked behind him. The little piece of tape would fall
off of its own accord when Mrs. Kaminsky reopened
the door. He had made the perfect escape.
Arriving at the theater at 11:18, he quickly
bought his ticket while the woman in the ticket
booth was more interested in watching her morning
soap than in noting that he was too young to be
buying a ticket for the R rated film. The rest of his
friends would get around this restriction later that
night by having one of their older brothers come
with them to the show.
Now, safe in his seat in the back two rows of
the theater, he anxiously waited the start of the
show. There were only about a dozen people in the
movie house, spread out among a theater which
normally held almost 500 people. That was the
beauty of his plan. He would be able to savor every
minute of the film in a quiet, empty theater. When
his buddies saw it tonight, it would be with a couple
of hundred screaming fans.
In the front of the theater, Jack could see
two other teens who must’ve also skipped school to
see the film. Sitting in the front rows was always a
bad move, Jack believed. It was too easy to be seen
from the back doors. Sometimes the Theater
Manager would spot check each auditorium, looking
out for kids playing hooky. Checking his watch,
Jack happily noted it was only five minutes to show

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” Said a tall
woman who had moved into the row just in front of
“Er…no.” Jack replied.
“Good,” She smiled, I don’t like to sit too
close to the screen, it hurts my eyes.”
“Oh jeez!” Jack said under his breath.
“Practically an empty theater and she’s going to sit
right in front of me.”
Actually, she sat 2 seats to the right of the
empty seat in front of him. Even so, it was close
enough to intrude on Jack’s own little private space.
The woman stood again as she laid her coat
over one of the empty chairs. As she stood in the
light, Jack got a better look at her. Her face showed
more than a few age lines and her curly black hair
had more than a few steaks of gray-white. Jack was
never good at guessing ages but he figured that she
was older than his mother. who was 45. If he could
look in her purse and see her driver’s license, he
would’ve see that she was actually 49. She wasn’t
heavy like his mother or any of her friends, but she
still wasn’t a woman he would look at twice. In fact,
all she really was to him at that moment was an
annoyance. Someone who was upsetting his
carefully thought out plans.
“Two minutes to show time.” Flashed the
imagine on the screen, replacing the various adds the
theater showed while you waited. “Last chance to
visit our snack bar.”
“Ok,” Thought Jack, putting the woman out
of his mind. “Here we go!”
It was then that he noticed the man in the
suit jacket talking to the two teens in front. He was
using a flashlight to check their id’s. A few moments
later he was leading them back up the aisle to the
exits. Jack sunk down a little lower in his seat, he
could’ve told them sitting up front was a mistake.
The Manager had already passed Jack when
one of the teens saw him and called out.
“Hey, what about him?”
“Shit!” Jack thought as the flashlight beam
spun around and rested on him. “What a fuckin’
asshole! He gets caught so he has to make sure that
no one else gets to see the movie.”
The Manager was already half way down the
row to check Jack’s identification when the woman
in front of him turned around and asked….
“Is there a problem?”
“Sorry for the disruption, Ma’am.” The
Theater Manager said apologetically. “We’ve been
having a problem with kids cutting school and
hanging out here, especially when we’re running
action movies like these. The School Board has
asked us to do spot checks on unescorted teens to
cut down on truancy. It’ll just take a minute and
you’ll be able to enjoy the movie. Again I apologize
but I’m sure you understand?”
“Oh of course,” She replied. “In fact I’m
glad to see you take such a personal interest in the
matter. You see so little of that these days.”
Jack paid little attention to the exchange,
instead cursing the luck that had undone his carefully
crafted plan.
“But I’m afraid there’s been a small mistake.”
The woman continued. “This young man behind me
is my nephew.”
“Your nephew?” The Manager repeated.
“Why yes,” She continued. “I normally
don’t sit with him cause he’s a little embarrassed
about sitting with his “Old Aunt”. I don’t know
about these two young gentlemen, but my nephew is
obviously too young to have bought a ticket to this
film without an adult having been with him.”
“Well I guess its ok then.” The Manager
said, his voice showing he wasn’t really convinced.
But by now a few of the other patrons were
standing and looking in his direction to see what was
the delay was in starting the movie.
If it’ll make you happy, I’ll sit back there with
him and make sure there’s no problem.” The woman
said as she rose and moved around to enter the row
from the other side.
The Manager was about to say that it
wouldn’t be necessary, but she was already moving.
Instead he withdrew as quick as he could and
signaled the projectionist to start the film.
As the house lights dimmed, Jack leaned
over and said a quiet thank you to the woman. He
still wasn’t overjoyed about her sitting near him,
much less next to him, but it sure beat getting
thrown out and missing the movie.
“That’s ok,” The woman who told him her
name was Alice replied. “I was young once, believe
it or not. I’ll try not to detract from your enjoyment
of the film.”
Twenty minutes later, after 2 car crashes, a
bank robbery, and a dozen dead hoods had appeared
on the screen, Jack had forgotten that Alice was
even there.

Jack’s eyes opened wide with the appearance
of Cindy Armstrong on the screen. One of the
hottest young actresses around, she was appearing
in the film as Conner’s rookie partner. She was
going undercover as a dancer in a go go bar and was
about to audition for the job. With a flourish, Cindy
pulled off her blue tank top, letting a incredible pair
of 38D’s fall free. Every man in the theater sat up a
little straighter to get a better look, and Jack was so
“What a set of tits!” He thought.
When she began to dance on screen, Jack
became increasingly aware of a building pressure in
his jeans. Like any healthy 16 yr old, it took little to
give him a hard on. By the time Cindy finished her
dance routine, Jack’s 6″ cock was rock hard.
Unfortunately it was also in a very awkward
position, sticking out from under his briefs and
rubbing against his jeans. After a while it began to
It was then that he remembered that Alice
was sitting next to him. She’d been true to her
word and hadn’t uttered a sound to interrupt his
enjoyment of the action, just sitting there quietly,
eating her popcorn. He couldn’t just slide his hand
down his pants and shift his cock to a more
comfortable position. He was too embarrassed.
Hopefully, since the scene had already ended, his
cock would quickly return to normal proportions.
That was not to be as no more than five
minutes later, there was Candy again, naked in the
shower. Watching her soap up her breasts and rub
them vigorously, Jack’s erection returned with a
vengeance. This time he had to do something.
Looking straight ahead and hoping Alice was
doing the same, the teenager slid his hand down into
his pants and shifted his cock to a more comfortable
angle. He let out an involuntary sign as he touched
the sensitive cockbase and a electric spark of
pleasure jumped from his loins. Reluctantly he
withdrew his hand, thankful that Alice hadn’t seemed
to notice his actions.
This time his member stayed erect as Cindy
spent almost five minutes dressing for her date with
Conner only to quickly strip again for their
lovemaking scene.
Watching his hero explore every inch of
Cindy’s delectable body proved too much for Jack.
Even in it’s now more comfortable position, his cock
was pressing against the denim of his jeans. All he
could think about was how good it would feel to
just rub it a little and pretend he was Clint, making
love to Cindy.
For a few moments he considered heading
for the bathroom, where he could spend a few
minutes playing with his now aching cock. Then he
quickly discarded the idea because his little tent pole
would be visible the minute he stepped out into the
light. Also, after all the trouble he went to get here,
he didn’t want to miss any of the movie.
Finally, throwing caution to the wind, he slid
his jacket over his lap as unobtrusively as possible.
Then he slid his hand under his jacket and began to
carefully rub his stiff dick through the material. A
tiny smile came to his lips at the small measure of
Out of the corner of his eyes, Jack stole a
look at Alice. Glad to see her attention was glued to
the screen and the movie, he continued his gentle
ministrations. It felt so good, the excitement of
actually doing it in the movies made it feel even
Not taking the time to think about what he
was doing, for if he did he would’ve realized what a
bad idea it was, Jack quietly popped the top button
of his pants and slid down the zipper. The smile on
his face grew wider as he felt the warm flesh of his
boycock in his hand. The up and down motion of
his firm grip sent repeated cycles of joy through his
young body. He really wasn’t paying attention to
the movie anymore. In fact he was now pretty much
oblivious of everything around him.
Feeling the rising pressure in his small balls,
Jack closed his eyes and sighed. He couldn’t
remember that last time it had felt so good. A few
more strokes and he was sure he would cum.
The sudden reality of where he was and what
he was doing suddenly came back to him like a
thunderclap. His eyes popped open and his mouth
dropped. The sudden pressure of another hand
against his own suddenly sent a cold stab through his
Afraid to even turn his head, he never the
less knew that Alice was no longer watching the
film. Beneath his jacket he could feel her fingers
running across his until they came in contact with
the soft skin of his cock. That spark flashed through
him like a bolt of lightning, causing him to jump in
his seat. Shocked out of his paralysis, he turned and
saw the smile on Alice’s face.
“It’s ok.” She whispered. “Just sit back and
Instead of sitting back, Jack whirled his head
from side to side to see if anyone else was watching.
Certain that everyone in the theater could see what
was happening, he couldn’t believe it when he saw
that all eyes where still on the screen where Clint
Conner was dispatching another half dozen drug
dealers. As the thought that he was still safe finally
registered, so did the soothing feeling Alice’s hand
was producing.
Instead of the usual jerking motion he was
used to, whether it was by his hand or the few girls
he had dated long enough to get a hand job from,
Alice’s fingers seemed to glide across his skin like
feathers. Each gentle touch produced a ripple of
delight, it was unlike anything he had experienced
before. In his most vivid fantasies, Jack could never
have imagined it could feel so good.
His mind just seemed to drift among waves
of pleasure as Jack finally sat back and closed his
eyes. The possibility of getting caught no longer
worried him, only the possibility of Alice stopping
before he climaxed.
As soothing as her touch felt, it was like
sandpaper as compared to the indescribable feeling
that flooded the core of his being a few moments
later. At first he didn’t understand the soft and
warm wetness which abruptly engulfed his cock,
having had nothing to match it against in his young
memory. It was only when he opened his eyes a
second later that he saw that Alice had replaced her
magic hands with her even more magical mouth.
Like silk, her tongue covered every inch of
his shaft before dropping down to his balls. One at a
time they disappeared into her mouth, until she
released them and then returned her attention to his
now glistening dick. Taking its entirety once more
into her mouth, Alice applied such pressure that she
seemed to draw the very life essence out of his body.
But for the moment, that was all she drew.
It was only the skillful pressure she kept on the base
of his young cock that had prevented his seed from
exploding the moment her mouth had made contact.
She could feel he was aching for release, but was
determined to make it last as long as she could.
In a isolated moment of clarity, Jack was
able to take a step back and appreciate the situation.
In all his fantasies, he had dreamed of cheerleaders
or movie stars. Yet here it was a woman older than
his mother who was bringing him to levels of
euphoria he never imagined existed. He would
never be able to look at those women in the same
way. That of sexless old women.
On the now almost totally ignored screen,
Deadly Larry was nearing it’s explosive climax, as
was Larry’s number one fan. Alice deep throated
him one last time, then released her grip on the base
of his cock. His body quaked and a sudden rush of
energy drained from every pore of his body.
The recesses of her throat filled with the first
burst of his warm and salty whiteness. She quickly
swallowed it without hesitation, knowing that there
was much more to come. A second wave followed
a few moments later. This time, she allowed it to fill
her mouth, permitting herself time to savor the taste
as she whirled her tongue from one side of her
mouth to the other. A third spurt she let slide out of
the corners of her mouth and down the base of his
boycock. Then she ran her tongue up and down the
shaft, relishing both the tangy taste and the now
intoxicating aroma of his youthful sex.
Finally, sensing he was spent, Alice took him
within her mouth one last time and began to wash
away the last remnants of her efforts. By the time
his boyhood slipped limply from her, not a trace

The house lights came up a few minutes later
as the credits rolled on the screen. In ones and
twos, the patrons passed Alice and Jack, totally
unaware of what had occurred.
Jack studied each face as it passed, thankful
that none gave him a second look. He turned to say
something to Alice, only to find she was gone –
having exited the other end of the row. He jumped
to his feet and looked from side to side, finally
spotting her by the far exit. She stopped when she
saw him watching her. Their eyes met one last time
— Alice smiled —and then she was gone.

John Michael Tayor, police officer, husband
and father of two, popped the video tape from out
of the VCR. Before he dropped the well worn tape
back into the plastic storage box, he glanced once
more at the title…”Deadly Larry – – 1973″.
“I don’t know how you can watch that silly
movie so many times?” Asked Sergeant Taylor’s
wife as she reentered the room. “Most times you
don’t even seen to pay attention to it, you just sit
there with that silly grin on your face.”
“That film always reminds me of an
important lesson….” The 35 yr old replied as he
dropped the case into the storage cabinet. “About
not always making judgments about people and
things by how they look, and to always open your
mind to the new and unexpected.”
“From that stupid film?” She replied. “I
don’t get it.”
“I guess not, but I sure did!” Mike Taylor
answered with that same silly grin on his face.

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