Naive Virgin
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They had gone away for a few days, a whole group of 18-
24 year olds for a camping holiday with an organisation
they all belonged to. The north west of the country was
always a good location, albeit quite wet and windy.

They did all the things that campers do, walking,
climbing and eating round a camp fire. The glow of the
camp fire also provided some romantic atmosphere for
those who were looking for romance. Some, however, were
looking for something similar but different.

Campfire songs were a bit cheesy but it killed some
time when the conversation got a little stale. A couple
had already gone for a walk by themselves into the
secluded part of the wood at the far end of the field,
away from the nearby sheep farm. Up on the fells, there
were sheep everywhere but not in the woods.
Occasionally, when there was a gap in the conversation,
you could hear giggling or other incomprehensible
sounds coming from the woods as the couples (more had
gone for a walk) were having some fun exploring in the

Francis had taken quite a shine to Joanne who, whilst
18 at the time, came from a strict family and had only
ever dated one boy. They had been quite close but she
was still a virgin, her strict family and religious
upbringing had ensured she had drawn a line at heavy
petting. The frustration had lead her partner to become
unreasonable and they parted.

Without a boyfriend for some time, she was happy just
to enjoy the holiday away from her parents and naively
thought the others were there for the same purpose.
Francis, however, had other ideas.

It had started to get a bit chilly one evening and
Francis, who had been sniffing around Joanne all week,
cuddled up to her, his arm around her shoulders and he
fetched his blanket from his tent to put around her.
She assumed it was just an act of friendliness, not
aware of what was really on his mind. In fact, it was
not what was on his mind but what was in his underpants
that was of real concern.

Most of the others had either gone for a walk in the
woods or had gone to their tents with some company.
Very soon, they were the only ones left and Francis
talked with Joanne about the holiday, the stars (which
were obscured by the clouds) and so on.

She mentioned she was scared about the sheep and cattle
in the next field coming into their field. Francis, not
one to miss an opportunity, offered her the option to
sleep in his tent.

Joanne brought her sleeping bag with her and placed it
in Francis’ tent. She slipped herself into the sleeping
bag, removing her clothes under the covers as it were.
Francis did the same so as not to frighten her off.

He positioned his sleeping bag next to hers and he
placed an arm over her protectively and cuddled her. He
asked if she was cold and she said she was, so he
suggested they zip their sleeping bags together so that
they can share their body heat. The suggestion sounded
logical to her and so she agreed, thinking it was all
in innocence.

Francis cuddled up to her and she felt his warm body
against hers, and felt comfortable in his arms. He
leaned forward and kissed her forehead and wished her
good night. He asked if he would get a good night kiss
back and as she leaned forward to kiss him, he moved
his face so her lips met his. The kiss lasted
momentarily and he smiled and returned the kiss. He
moved closer to her and put his arms all around her,
gently manoeuvring himself so he was gently laying over

Joanne’s mind raced as the kisses continued and she
remembered her previous boyfriend who had kissed her
and made a move on her. Francis was different, however,
he was gentle and compassionate. She was glad she had
donned a T shirt under the sleeping bag, however, but
after a while she felt a hand tug at the hem of her T
shirt and a hand slowly moved its way up her torso. She
felt scared but at the same time, excited.

She wanted to tell Francis to stop but she did not want
him to stop kissing her. She went to open her mouth to
ask him to slow down but as soon as her mouth opened,
he inserted his tongue into her mouth. Their saliva
juices blended together and in a short while, she found
she was exploring the inside of his mouth with her

At last, his left hand reached its target and it cupped
her breast gently, a round massaging movement over her
young and still developing tits. She felt a strange
feeling as her nipples became erect and never recalled
that feeling with her previous boyfriend. She also felt
her pussy become incredibly moist with a suddenness
that made her fear she had pissed herself.

Francis was gentle and slow as he progressively got
Joanne more aroused and his kisses became more
passionate. She began to loose herself in the new
sensations she was experiencing, barely noticing
Francis pulling her T shirt over her head until it was
too late. She held his face to look at him in the
almost pitch black of the tent and he smiled.

“Have you ever made love to a boy before?” he asked.

“No,” she whispered, shaking her head.

“Then let me show you how” he said, kissing her gently,
then with more passion. His hands rubbed her shoulders
and stroked her hair, his kisses spread all over her
face, cheeks, ears, lips, neck and down to the upper

His massaging was gentle but not ticklish and his
kisses were firm but not heavy. His kisses reached her
breasts and as he began to suck on the nipples, she
gasped, her hands reaching down and stroking his hair,
holding his head in place whilst she writhed in
passion. She felt her pussy began to throb as the blood
raced though her veins, her moistness making her hungry
for some satisfaction but her embarrassment holding her
back slightly.

“I’m really feeling wet,” she eventually said. Francis
continued sucking on her tits whilst his hand ventured
down to explore the moist furry triangle that
frequented her briefs. Francis’ hand reached her pussy
and it was sopping wet, his fingers expertly moved her
briefs to one side, allowing his fingers access to her
pubic area. He slowly inserted one finger, his breast
stimulation continuing. Joanne felt the finger
penetrate her and she groaned out load with pleasure.
Francis removed his finger and replaced it this time
with two fingers and again, Joanne groaned with

“You like?” he whispered.

“Mmmm,” Joanne whispered back. Francis inserted his
digits as deep as he could, rotating them gently to
stimulate much of her inner parts as he could, taking
care to go back and stimulate the parts that made her
squirm the most.

“Would you like something deeper?” he asked,

“Mmm,” she responded again and with one swift movement,
Francis was out of his boxers like a bat out of hell.
He asked Joanne to lift her hips and he gently removed
her panties which were, by now, wringing wet.

His fingers returned to the opening of her pussy and he
ensured she was still ready for him to enter her. He
need not have worried, if anything, she was wetter than

Francis lowered himself on to her and his erection was
at the opening of her pussy.

“You want something deeper?” he asked again.

“Yes,” Joanne murmured, “Get it deeper,” she implored.
Francis guided his erection past her outer labia and
was penetrating her, his hot throbbing cock was gliding
deeper into her silky smooth moist love channel and
with it, her virginity was gone. He moved himself
deeper into her and she moaned and murmured as she
writhed in pleasure. He leaned forward and kissed her
again and whispered in her ear.

“Have you ever made love before?” he asked.

“No,” she said.

“Well, we’re making love now,” he said, both his hands
stroking her hair whilst the feeling between her legs

“We shouldn’t,” she said, suddenly afraid.

“Does it feel good?” he asked.

“Mmm,” Joanne replied, “Yes.”

“Then make love to me,” he said and he began thrusting
himself into her, faster and firmer, her lubrication
not restricting his movements, and as he increased the
pace, so did Joanne’s breathing. She wanted to stop but
she was loving it.

“Make love to me,” she whispered, encouraging him,
enticing him to keep going.

“We’re having sex,” he said to her.

“Have sex with me,” she said, raising her hips into

“I’m fucking you,” he said, not sure why he was being
so descriptive.

“Fuck me more,” Joanne replied, much to both their

“Pardon?” he asked.

“Fuck me. Fuck me!” she replied, her own pace building.
“Feel my tits and fuck me,” she said like some little

“Tell me what you want,” he said, obeying her demands
and giving her tits a good squeeze.

“Fuck me, snog me, feel my tits!” she said out loud and
she pulled his head towards her, her tongue entering
his mouth immediately. She place one of his hands on
her tits and thrust her hips into his. She was on the
boil and there was no stopping her. Within moments she
experienced her first orgasm and she felt euphoric as
the sensation swept through her body like a tornado.

Seconds later, she felt a strange pulsation in her
pussy and, having never experienced that before,
thought no more of it but Francis had also slowed down
a bit too.

They collapsed in each others arms and awoke around
dawn, the early morning sun providing adequate light to
see each other. It was the first time Francis had seen
Joanne naked and he reached over and touched her. She
responded by cuddling up to him and hungrily kissing
him. Just a few hours earlier, she was a virgin, but
she reached for his cock which was rapidly becoming
erect and she climbed on top of him, lowering herself
onto his cock.

“Ooooh!” she murmured. “Will you fuck me again?” she
asked in a sluttish sort of way. He reached up and
grabbed her tits.

“No,” he said, “You’re fucking me.” Joanne grinned.

“Then let me fuck you,” she said and she began to ride
him like a cowgirl, her arse exposed to the cool
morning air as the lay on top of the sleeping bag, her
tits being kept warm by Francis’ big hands. They
reached climax a couple of times before collapsing

Later, she suggested they go down to the lake to clean
up and bathe, which they did. They discarded their
clothes and paddled and bathed in the cool lake water.
Some of the others joined them and were surprised to
find them skinny dipping and decided to join in. Joanne
noticed that some of the guys had bigger dicks than
Francis and she had trouble taking her eyes off their
manhood, especially as they were becoming quite erect.

One of the guys jumped in for a swim and Joanne swam
after him. He lead her to a secluded part of the lake
and he helped her out of the water. She couldn’t hide
her gaze as she took in the size of his erection. He
asked her if she liked what she saw. This guy was
already with a girl friend but he was always on the
look out and when Joanne showed him some attention, he

He took her in his arms and kissed her, the warm
sunshine drying their bodies and he laid her down on
the grass, his erection very pronounced. Joanne knew
what to do, she placed her hand underneath the pair of
them and grabbed his manhood, guiding it towards her
pussy. He entered her easily and she talked dirty to

“Fuck me, now!” she ordered. The guy did and he
introduced her to the doggy position, which gave deeper
penetration. It also gives better access to sperm to
fertile eggs.

He reached climax before Joanne and he emptied the
contents of his scrotum into her waiting vagina. When
he stopped, she looked disappointed.

“Why have you stopped?” she asked.

“I’ve climaxed,” he said.

She looked puzzled.

“I’ve cum inside you.” She looked puzzled.

“I filled your pussy full of my sperm,” he said. The
penny dropped and she gazed at him in horror.

“You might have made me pregnant,” she said.

“Didn’t you know?” he replied, amazed he was having
this conversation with an 18 year old girl who had just
told him to fuck her.

It dawned on Joanne that she had just had loads of
semen pump inside her. She might be pregnant. OK, she
thought to herself, as long as I remember when my last
period was, I should be OK. It was exactly 2 weeks ago
today. I wonder if that is alright, she thought to
herself. She would check on the internet when she got
back Sunday night. It should be OK until then, it’s
Wednesday today. Three weeks later, her period was

I wonder…

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