This story is about friends being nice to friends
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After eight and a half hours of dealing with her
company’s intranet crashes and her own caffeine
overload, Amanda was grateful to let herself collapse
on her bed face first.

She had raised her right foot above her and began to
slowly caress the back of it with the big toe of her
left foot when she saw her lover in the doorway.

Suzanne was in her early 40s, a brunette with long
brown hair down to her tight, full ass. She was the
same height as Amanda and was close to her lover’s
weight. She was wearing a beige slip and panties, and
thigh-high black nylons. Amanda was a good-looking
blonde about 5’6″, in her late 40s, and just shy of 200
pounds, but so well proportioned that she looked almost
like a model.

“Ugly day, huh?” Suzanne asked, smiling.

Amanda looked at her wearily and stuck her tongue out.

As Suzanne grinned, Amanda noticed that Suzanne’s hands
were behind her back. She heard the jingling of metal
and observed that Suzanne was twitching a great deal,
which made her 37DD breasts wiggle a lot.

Amanda raised an eyebrow. “Umm, Suzy? What are you

Suzanne blushed and then grinned it off. She moved up
to the bed behind Amanda’s stretched out form. Amanda
started to sit up when Suzanne gestured for her not to

“You don’t have to get up, Amanda,” Suzanne said,
smiling. “You don’t have to look back either.”

Amanda was getting concerned. “Suzy? What’s…?”

“Shush,” Suzanne motioned. She then pulled out a pair
of dull grey colored metal handcuffs. She pulled
Amanda’s arms behind her back and quickly slapped the
cold metal onto Amanda’s pudgy wrists.

“…The hell?!” Amanda yelled as she tried to squirm
her wrists out of the cuffs.

Suzanne laughed. “This way you won’t be able to play
with yourself while I do this.”

“Do what?!” Amanda asked impatiently.

“This,” Suzanne smirked. She lifted the skirt of
Amanda’s black dress above the waist, revealing tight
blue panties enmeshed in her round plump ass cheeks.

Suzanne slid a hand up Amanda’s thigh, sending minute
electric pulses up her spine and down to her clit.
Suzanne rubbed gently on Amanda’s clothed pussy. Amanda
started moaning and dripping cunt juice.

Grinning evilly, Suzanne rubbed a little faster on
Amanda’s pussy. Her breath quickened. A dark spot
appeared on Suzanne’s panties, spreading very quickly.

Suzanne pulled Amanda’s panties down to mid-thigh. She
greased her finger with Vaseline. Gliding the finger up
and down Amanda’s ass crack made Amanda pulsate like
crazy! Her toes curled and her knees dug deep into the
mattress. Amanda’s pussy started to glisten with

Suzanne greased her finger some more and plunged it
into Amanda’s asshole. Amanda yelped and twitched as
Suzanne rubbed deep and deeper into her hole. She
moaned louder and kicked.

Suzanne felt her belly swell up with over two hours’
worth of water drinking. Any second now, she was about
to burst.

She pulled out her second instrument. A soft plastic
funnel. She plunged it quickly into Amanda’s ass.
Amanda clawed at the sheets as she ground her clit
against the mattress.

Suzanne scurried on top of the funnel. Straddling
Amanda, she raised her slip, squatted two inches above
the funnel’s rim, spread her legs out a little…

And started hissing hot piss into the funnel through
her beige panties, which quickly became drenched. Some
of the excess pee was running down her full thighs,
onto the bed and flowing in small rivulets over the
sheets. Amanda could feel her dress cling to her from
the warm wetness.

Amanda twitched and throbbed, coming closer and closer
to orgasm, her face pressed deep into the pillow. Her
cum started to soak through her panties and mix with
Suzanne’s piss on the sheets.

Two minutes later Suzanne got off her makeshift toilet,
removed the funnel, wedged Amanda’s wet panties all the
way into her ass crack and pussy lips, and pulled her
dress down again. She sat behind Amanda and started
playing with her clothed clit frantically.

Amanda continued to twitch. Her belly, filled to the
rim with Suzanne’s warm pee, was about expunge it all.

She was on the brink of a very violent orgasm.

Suzanne felt a small drop of piss flow down from
between her full thighs and onto the bed. Then she
realized what she had done. “Oh, Amanda! Do you realize
I’d forgotten to take off my panties?!”

Suzanne pulled off her panties and gently cupped
Amanda’s face so that her mouth was ready. Then Suzanne
pulled Amanda’s chin to open her mouth. All Amanda
could feel was the growing pressure in her buttocks, as
her sense of fullness increased and her pussy became
even wetter.

She wasn’t prepared for it when Suzanne wrung her
soaking panties out in her mouth, covering her face
with still-warm piss. Then Suzanne kissed her slowly
and tenderly, sensuously sucking her own pee back into
her own mouth as she stroked Suzanne’s wet ears.

This was two much for Amanda. As she could feel
Suzanne’s eager tongue, cleaning the pissy wetness off
her face, Amanda’s ass suddenly burst and sprayed the
pee back out all over both of them and the soaking bed
sheets. Her dress became even stickier with thickening
pools of piss and cum.

Suzanne, already in her third orgasm, stuck out her
melons into the fountain, soaking her bra to a clingy
wetness. She flicked and fingered her clit, coming
again and again.

As the last of the rejected pee flooded the bed and
dripped onto the floor, a weakened Amanda rubbed her
face into the piss pool and licked the mixture of cum
and pee from the sheets. Suzanne, also weakened,
crawled over and undid the handcuffs.

Suzanne then gave Amanda a very sloppy kiss while
wrapping her legs around Amanda’s soppy, ruined dress
and ruined hose. She and Amanda tongued each other’s
throats out.

“Gotta make dinner,” Suzanne said with a wink and
sloshed herself out of bed. As she went away, Amanda
smiled happily while fingering herself through her wet,
pee-stained, piss-smelling clothing.

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