Pam tries the day bars
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After the great trip out of town Pam was excited to try her luck at the local day bars.. Next day after hubby left for work she got dressed to go out by putting on her sheer blouse without a bra and her elastic waste skirt with her 5″ spiked heels,, On her way out she grabbed a light jacket and put it on over her blouse to hide her tits.. Unsure where to go she drove around a bit finally spotting a bar in a seedy part of town that had about half dozen cars in the parking lot and decided that in view of the time of day that was probably the best she could expect so she parked, Got out and put her jacket in the car and rolled up her skirt to just below her crotch and made her entrance.. She took a stool at the bar and ordered a beer, When the bartender served her he said “wow Lady I really like your blouse..” ” Well thank you Sir my name is Pam what’s yours so I don’t have to keep calling you Sir”? “Pam it’s awful nice to meet you I’m Sam” I’m sorry but I don’t believe I have ever seen you in here before and wearing a blouse like that I assure you I would remember..” “Well Sam actually this is my first time here and I only wear clothes like this when I’m trying to get attention” Well Pam you sure have mine” She got off the stool and stepped back from the bar turned around and bent forward a bit revealing her dripping pussy, Smiled and sat back down.. “still have your attention?” “Pam you have me hard enough to drive nails, Damn you are one hot lady” “Thank you Sam, Do you think that the guys shooting pool will like me also?” “Oh hell yes, Why don’t you come down to the end of the bar and I’ll introduce you” “Good I need lots of new friends” With that I picked up my beer and slid off the stool which was now slick with my pussy juice because my skirt was so short I was sitting with my necked ass on it..

When I got to the end of the bar there were eight guys either playing pool or waiting their turn.. Sam said “Hey guys I want you to meet a new friend of mine, This is Pam” I said hello guys, I’m new here I hope you can make me feel welcome” On of the guys said well Pam we will try real hard, did you know that we can clearly see your tits?” I smiled and said “Yes that’s why I wore this so you could, I sure hope you like what you see” “Oh hell yes very much and I bet with that skirt being so short if you bend over a bit we could see your panties” “Not true, I don’t have any on, Ask Sam” and backed up to him rubbing my ass against him.. He got the hint and whipped out his dick and rammed it home bringing a big sigh from me and I simply rammed back as hard as he did.. Regretfully he only lasted about two min but I now had his concert to do the rest of the guys since he did me.. I pouted my lips saying “well looks like Frank was in such a hurry I didn’t have time to finish would you guys mind helping out a unsatisfied lady”?

I turned my back to them bending enough they could see my bare pussy.. Almost immediately there was a cock slammed in me fucking like crazy with me moaning loudly saying “Oh yes fuck me hard and deep” He lasted long enough for me to cum three times and dumped a huge load.. Before he was completely out I hollered NEXT and another guy replaced him immediately.. In about thirty min I had fucked all 8 plus the bartender.. To my disappointment none were very large.. I dropped to my knees and said “anyone care for a blowjob?” Need I ask.. The first guy stepped up and I took him balls deep.. Within about an hour and a half I had fucked and sucked 9 guys but horny as hell.. I thanked them and said that maybe I would come back later but right now I need more cocks, And left.. Still horny I drove around a bit and spotted another bar with a few more cars..

Again I went in and this time went to the end of the bar before taking a stool.. The bartender brought me my beer and before I could take the second sip there was a big dude standing between my leg with a tit in each hand.. Groaned a bit and said “wow you are ready aren’t you” He said “Mam dressed like you are I kind of felt like you were too so why beat around the bush..” “Well you got me pegged correct now how about pegging my needy pussy for me” I lifted my skirt so he could see I was ready and he whipped out the biggest cock of the day and rammed it home bringing a moan from me.. I took his ass in my hands and pulled him hard against me saying “Oh yes that’s what I’m looking for, Now fuck me like you’re mad at me..” He did but regretfully didn’t las nearly as long as I would like.. When he cum I got up and told him to have a seat when he did I bent forward and said “Hey guys he needs help here” and inhaled his cock bobbing up and down really fast and hard, Didn’t take him long to get hard again and by then there was another nice sized cock fucking me like crazy and I was Cumming my ass off.. They both cum at the same time which really got me off good.. Again I told the guy who had been fucking me to have a seat, When he did I took him balls deep and the next guy didn’t have to be asked he just rammed it home and fucked me fast and hard.. These guys lasted longer than the first guys but after about two hours I had fucked and sucked all 23 at least twice and some four times including the bartender.. I said “look guys I really thank you for making me feel welcome and I love fucking and sucking each of you, There’s only one thing missing that I really crave and that’s monster cocks 16+” and really thick.. If it’s ok with the bartender I will be back tomorrow around 9am and if you could put the word out I will take as many as shows up.. If you happen to know any with really big cocks by all means pleas invite them..”

The bartender said “hell I would love for you to come back tomorrow but you think you can handle as many as 50 guys?” “That and more baby I simply love to fuck and suck. If I can get it in my mouth I will deepthroat it.. And if the guys get impatient I will gladly double fuck them so everyone will have their chance at me I assume you. The only thing is I’m married and have to leave around 4pm and I can’t be here on weekends.. Now I need to go so I can get out of these clothes before my hubby gets home,” I unbuttoned my blouse and said Anyone want to suck my tits before I go.” about half a dozen took me up on the offer and damn that made me horny all over.. “You guys will have to do that tomorrow I love it. just think two guys in my pussy one in my throat an one sucking each tit while I stroke their cocks. Damn that’s got to be fun.. with that I left..

9am I arrived to find what the bartender said was a total of 52 not including him and as early as it is there may be more later.. “Oh goodie today is going to be a red-letter day for sure.. I walked to the end of the bar and said “Good morning guys and welcome. For those of you who was here yesterday, welcome back, for the new guys believe me what they told you is true as you will soon find out, Just be patient everyone will get all the fucking and sucking you want I assure you.. Now I’m sure the ones that were here yesterday remember what I said I craved, The ones with 16+” please step forward and drop your pants.” To my delight I was soon staring at 4 of the most beautiful cocks ever..

“Oh yes that what I’m talking about.. Guys I don’t mean to be choosy but I assure you that neither of these four guys have ever been able to fuck a woman before so they get to go first so that they can have time to recover because before the day is over I intend to fuck each of them at least three time or more depending on them.. I walk over to them and took what looked to be the biggest in my hand “You ever measure this thing?” yes mam it’s 17.5 “ahh just right and the name for you and everyone of you new guys is Pam, A name I’m sure for the four of you will remember for many years to come.. Now how about the rest of you, How long?” Two were 16.5 and one was 17.. “Ok sit in that chair please when he did I straddled his legs and lowered myself gently.. Damn he was thick but felt really good.. I just continued down until he reached my cervix then rammed down really hard all the way to the bottom and just sat there a moment.. One of the guys said wow did you see that, she took him in one stroke, I can’t fucking believe that.. Actually he wasn’t all the way in because the longest I had was 16 so I began bouncing hard on him until I felt his pubic bone then I started short stroking until I began to orgasm and the more I orgasmed the longer my strokes became until I was coming out of my cervix and ramming it back all the war to the pubic bone where I finally held firm and began rotating my hips rubbing against my clit which made me cum really hard then I began hunching back and forth really hard which got him off with a huge load deep inside me.. He just slumped back in the chair and I took several really long strokes coming almost all the way out and back down again.. Finally because others were waiting their turn I pulled off and said ‘Thank you for a great fuck, I want more later please” The 17″ took his place and I made short work of him.. Then the two 16.5 was also short stays but I cum my ass of on each of them.. When the last one got up I said ok guys I’m open for business please don’t be bashful.. On stepped forward and I pushed him down in the chair and sat on his nice cock then motioned for the next guy, He stepped forward and I took him by the dick and pulled him forward placing his cock beside the other and hunched forward real hard, He slipped right in and I said “Now fuck me cross-eyed” He tried.. I mentioned for the next guy and he stepped forward and I took him in my mouth and right down my throat. he wasn’t bashful and started fucking my throat really hard which turned me on big time.. I was now thrusting against the two fucking me really hard when he cum down my throat and I fucking lost it causing the other two to cum also.. He and the guy on top pulled out about the same time and I lifted off the other guy saying “Pleas I need three more” I didn’t have to wait, as soon as the two guys were in my pussy the third guy put his cock in my mouth and he was a bit bigger than the last which I loved.. He also fucked my throat really hard and I was again Cumming my ass off over and over.. He dumped a load right down my throat which drove me crazy.. When he pulled out the other two were still going so I mentioned for another, This guy was over 12 inches and pretty thick but he went right down and wow now I really am going crazy.. He started long stroking all the way out and back in, My orgasms just kept getting bigger when he on an out stroke deposited the first couple spurts in my mouth and the rest down my throat because I grabbed his as and held him firm against my face.. I was Cumming so hard the two guys fucking me cum at the same time filling me full of hot cum.. When we separated I unbutton my blouse and pulled it off and said “Ok guys I need three more cock and two to suck my tits, The two sucking my tits get to fuck me next” almost instantly I had 5 guys on me and oh my god the two guys sucking my tits were doing a great job.. between them and the guy fucking my throat really hard had my motor running wide open.. The three of them cum at the same time because I was fucking them like a wild woman.. The two who sucked my tits took their place and another fucked my throat.. before you know it I had fucked and sucked all fifty two guys plus any late arrivals and the bartender.. I walked over to the two 16.5ers and the 17 and led them to the chair pushing down one of the 16.5s and sat on him then pulled the other to my well fucked pussy and positioned him sayin “Please push hard” He did and wow it really went in.. Once he was in all the way I stroke them a few times and pulled the 17 to my mouth, He’ll he barely fit and I wasn’t sure about this but by damned I was going to be found trying.. The guys in my pussy were doing a great job because it really felt good I became a bit aggressive with the one in my mouth and could feel him in the back of my throat.. After a couple min I tilted my head back, Took his ass in both hands and pulled her really hard, Bingo it started down I bobbed a couple times letting him come out and back in and then pulled really hard against me and down he went oh my god this was nu-fucking believable I really lost it now hunching and thrashing around like a fish out of water.. I was now in a constant orgasm that just kept going and going.. The guy in my throat now started short stroking and shit it just got better especially when his strokes became longer.. The longer his strokes became the harder I orgasmed.. Soon he was coming all the way out and driving back down.. When he came I thought I would pass out but didn’t.. when he pulled out the two guys were still fucking me good so I got rally brave and mentioned for the 17.5.. Obviously the length wasn’t a problem but then he was thicker and I barely was able to stuff him in my mouth.. I had told the guys yesterday if I could get it in my mouth I would deepthroat it so here goes.. once I felt him against the back of my throat I used the trick from the last guy and tilted my heads back, Took him by the ass with both hands and pulled him forward and bingo just like before he stared down.. This time because of the guy before he went in easier than I though he would so I just kept pulling him forward until he was pressed hard against my face.. Then I started going out and in, He got the message and followed suit fucking me with long strokes until he was coming all the way out and driving back in.. I didn’t think I could cum any harder than before but I sure was.. I was bucking so hard I was almost throwing the guy on top off.. Then to my surprise there was a guy sucking my tit and oh my god did that feel good, I never dreamed that someone sucking my tits could feel so damned good,, He’ll I would be able to cum just from that.. The guy fucking my throat cum a bucket full down my throat and I fucking loved it.. when he pulled out I pulled the guy sucking my tit up and took him right down and throat sucked him like a wild woman.. He cum hard after about two min.. When he pulled out I said “thanks for sucking my tit I loved it, You can suck my tits anytime you want to and please do, often..

Now I can concentrate on the guys fucking me.. I put my hands on the top one and pulled him down and whispered “Please when you get ready to cum take it out and shove it down my throat I fucking love it” They actually fucked me for another twenty min and there is no telling how many times just the two of them made me cum.. The top guy was the first to get close and as I asked he pulled out and shoved it right down my throat Cumming like a wild man.. Damn that felt good.. When he pulled out I lifted off the other one and got on my knees deepthroating him, as I did the guys lined up behind me fucking me like crazy.. There must have been at least ten or twelve that fucked m while I was sucking him which I really loved.. I see now what Ruby was saying about deepthroating while being fucked it’s fucking awesome There is no way of knowing how many times I got fucked today but I have been here since 9am and it’s now 3:15pm and time for me to go regretfully because I could go for a while longer with no problem..


With that I put my blouse back on and left.. Mr17.5 walked me to my car sayin I don’t know how to thank you Pam I had given up on ever being able to fuck a woman and now I have and the fucking throat fuck jus blew my mind.. well I actually thank you because as you saw I really liked fucking and deepthroating you.. I hope you are here Monday because I want lots more of you and your other big cocked friends, If you know others I would gladly give then the same treatment.. “Well I just might know some others, We’ll see”

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