Academy Sluts
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Having never seen this side of their father, anywhere,
the girls were thrust into a world of bizarre unknowns.
Once the family arrived in St. Louis, and the Reverend
Derrick McGuire took off his preacher clothes, he acted
noting like a man of the cloth, and nothing like any
man they’d ever met.

After checking into a seedy hotel, he immediately took
the girls shopping for their new school wardrobe. They
shopped in stores that catered to women of loose moral
scruples — whores and floozies, jezebels and hussies.
The girls knew about those women, but had no idea what
the women did to earn their father’s wrath, or the
Lord’s for that matter. They only knew that those women
were shameless and hell-bound for showing too much skin
and being loose with men. That much, they knew.

In the stores, the McGuire girls attracted a great deal
of attention and always had a troupe of male assistants
to assist. Customers gawked and their own father was
the worst gawker of all, insisting that each item fit
properly, and not in a dressing room, but on the store
floor, sometimes while totally naked wearing only high
heels. Only in stores along the seedy strip could they
get away with such behavior.

The girls soon discovered that their shopping spree was
a thinly disguised sex show with their father serving
as the master of ceremonies. He directed everything,
showing them off like prize bird dogs. The girls
quickly realized their father got a big charge out of
turning on others using their intimate flesh for the

The girls were soon in a state of shock. The panties
were of particular interest and their fit in the crotch
was of primary importance. The girls endured endless
changes and humiliating between-the-legs fondling, not
only by their father, but by every man in the store as
each was solicited for an opinion. Each man was given
the opportunity to explore freely.

The girls endured two hours of having their nether
holes probed, pinched, squeezed, and rubbed. Their tits
and nipples were sore from the constant pinching and
squeezing. Their panties were more often down on their
thighs as they stood naked in heels, trembling and
quivering to orgasms they never suspected their cunnies
could produce.

They were soon sopping wet from their clits to their
heels. The girls marveled at the wetness their cunnies
could manufacture in response to a man’s stubby fingers
under the leering eyes of total strangers. The girls
lost their virginities to a black man with long ebony
fingers. He brought them to their tip toes, one on each
hand. The girls squealed when their thin membranes

In the last shop they visited, a sleazy dive, the girls
were hustled off to a back room and ordered to strip as
ten men crowded in to watch. Several had cameras. The
girls, once naked, were ordered to lie down on the
dirty floor in reverse order, head to foot on their
sides. Once in position, their father shoved their
faces into each other’s crotches while the men gathered
in a circle, took out their cocks, and jacked off on

Their father made them lick and stood poised with a
folded belt should they falter. They licked each
other’s pussies as semen rained in their faces. They
licked each other’s semen-covered faces, necks, tits,
and asses to avoid the belt. As a grand finale, the
girls sucked spent cocks to another climax. When one
got a mouthful of sperm, she glued her mouth to her
sister’s pussy and pushed the messy load inside. Before
they dressed, the girls had to give each other tongue
baths before the amused but twice-spent onlookers.

The girls left the store wearing clothes they could not
believe could be worn in public. And they left in the
company of a man they hardly knew, their father, his
fingers stained with their virgin blood, his semen
matted in their long tresses. They carried bags and
parcels with bellies full of semen. The girls hobbled
along on unsteady legs, made more unstable by the four-
inch high heels he insisted they wear. Their mother was
livid when they entered the hotel room.

The girls watched their parents fight for the first
time, and heard their father’s explanation and
rationalization for sending them to a wayward girl’s
academy back east, one that was heavily involved in
corporal discipline. This explanation they were hearing
for the first time.

Their petite, meek, and submissive mother never argued
with their loud and powerful father. This was a first,
not because everything was perfect to that point, but
because their mother seemed to know what the girls had
been subjected to.

Adrian took note of their skimpy attire, the way the
girls walked with sore and bowed legs. She saw teeth
and belt marks on their breast flesh and on inner
thighs. She noticed the dried semen matted in their
hair. Their appearance and shocky demeanor told Adrian
everything she needed to know. The girls stood off to
the side, confused, nervous, a bit frightened, but
attentive, eager to hear their father’s explanation,
for he had offered them none.

He said they needed the strict environment the academy
would provide, and they had to look like wayward girls
in order to get accepted. They needed to look the part
or the trip would be wasted. They saw their mother
arguing the counter point, that presenting their girls
dressed like hussies might condemn them to labels they
didn’t deserve.

And they saw their mother grudgingly accept his counter
counter-point, that doing so would insure that they
were taken firmly in hand from the very start, and that
they would get their money’s worth by professional
child disciplinary specialists. For a woman always
looking for every ounce of value, Adrian offered no
counter to the counter counter-point.

Adrian ordered the girls to turn slowly in place, then
said, “They will certainly be taken in hand right away.
They both look like little trollops, but you shouldn’t
have thrown their other clothes away. Now we must make
this long journey with our girls looking like hussies
displaying their intimate parts to every Tom, Dick, and
Harry along the way.”

Derrick said, “They need time to adjust to their new
attire. Besides, we have no room for two wardrobes for
each girl. I don’t see where it matters what strangers
see or think. Our motives are righteous and pure in the
eyes of God. I see nothing wrong with allowing passing
strangers to see these girls as whores. I expect bold
ones will take liberties; and I, for one, will look the
other way to a point. You should be prepared to do

Adrian said, “And just what is, ‘to a point?'”

“Well, I would not permit rough stuff, but short of
that, I see no harm in anything else.”

“Derrick, honestly, you stun me. How can you even
suggest we look the other way to that point? You look
away if you must, but I’ll not permit a stranger to
touch either of these girls. I won’t stand for that,
and I am shocked to learn you would. I can just imagine
the liberties you permitted salesmen in the purchase of
these whore outfits. Don’t tell me, I don’t want to

“You’re right, you don’t want to know. They have each
been broken in properly, and they now respond to a
man’s fingers, eagerly, I might add.”

“Derrick, how could you? Are you telling me these girls
were completely violated.”

“They were indeed, and the little wenches gave up their
hymens quite easily.”

“Good Lord, Derrick, you didn’t?”

“No, not that way, on a finger. No smut clerk or street
bum will have the pleasure of being their first, but
they needed their hymens broken. We could not deliver
these girls claiming them to be hussies with intact
hymens, now could we? If they are to be examined, and I
expect they will be, they will feel and respond like
sluts with hot pussies. Furthermore, the examiner will
not find a hymen on either of these girls. Their cunts
will feel well-fucked, because they will both be well-
fucked by the time we get there.”

“Derrick, your language!”

“We’re not among the flock. We’re out among the
sinners. While we’re among the sinners, we’ll talk as
the sinners talk.”

“Is that really necessary?”

“We have three days to divest these girls of over a
decade of Christian upbringing.”

“I suppose, but those words do seem a bit too much.”

“That’s what they’ve been instructed to call their
vaginas from now on, pussy or cunt, either one. And
they’ve been instructed not to be bashful in displaying
their cunts, tits, or bare asses to strangers they
meet. By the time we get to Boston, I should expect
them to be quite proficient at displaying their charms.
They’ll also go without panties.”

“If you have your way, they’ll be whores in fact by the
time we get to Cleveland.”

“I will have my way.”

“If that’s what you want, whores, then I won’t stand in
your way, but I want on the record as being opposed to
this scheme. I think we’ll defeat the purpose by
turning these girls into whores. Turning these girls
into whores just to pay others to turn them back seems
like the greatest folly. The Academy may not be able to
turn them back. What then, Derrick? All our money will
have been wasted.”

“The Academy people are professionals. Don’t worry.
They know how to deal with whores. One year with the
masters, and we will never have to worry about our
daughters bringing discredit on our mission. They will
cringe at any male advance, and they can be brought in
line by the simple raising of a my hand. They will not
only make the perfect children for missionary parents,
but they will make excellent wives when we find them
suitable mates. Blind obedience to my wishes and
authority is what I want, and that is what we are

“I believed your motives were honorable when you first
presented this idea. Now, I’m not so sure you aren’t
trying to build a private harem. I am seeing a side of
you I never dreamed I’d see. You speak of pious motives
with your rigid member tenting your trousers, and it
doesn’t seem to bother you that they can see.”

“My true motives are between me and my maker, and it is
no concern to me what you may think. Besides my wife,
who has sworn before God to love honor and obey, I only
see whores in this room. Why shouldn’t they see my
erection. I’ll not hide it from whores.”

With that, Derrick unzipped, drew out his nine-inch
erection, and stroked it at the girls, saying,
“Furthermore, when whores see this they should endeavor
to get it inside their bodies and drain it of its

The girls watched their mother’s reaction closely as
she looked from the cock to them and back. They saw
what they took to be grudging acceptance of the bizarre
situation, and both girls knew they would soon take
their father’s cock deep into their bodies. If they
could peer inside their mother’s mind, they would have
been even more shocked.

Adrian resisted Derrick plans for the girls, only
because she felt resistance was called for. She knew
her resistance was futile, and he’d get his way. She’d
seen this–or something like this–coming for years.
Since Stacy began developing her luscious figure, her
husband rarely made love to her without fantasizing he
was with Stacy. He added Theresa to the fantasy fucks a
year ago. Adrian knew he was planning and scheming, but
had no idea what form the plan would take.

Far from alarming Adrian, his plans for the girls fell
right in with a fantasy she’d held from childhood, that
of being a young girl, forced into whoredom. She,
herself, had come so close to living that reality with
an abusive step-father. She had, in fact, become a
sexual slave to him, but her secret life was never
brought out in the open. It was only on the rare
occasions that the two were left alone that she served
him as his little whore.

The memories of those years and her fantasies helped
her derive pleasure from Derrick’s fast sex. Her many
masturbation sessions gave her a rewarding sex life.
Adrian saw the opportunity to live her fantasy
vicariously through her girls. Derrick wanted a harem
of whores, and Adrian knew they were being groomed for
that purpose.

They would not be married off until Derrick was through
with them. Whores starting out in their early teens
should be good for a decade or more, and Adrian was
secretly thrilled with the idea. Still, she wanted her
surrender to look good for the girls, if not for

She drew out the pregnant pause while allowing the
tension to build. Her eyes darted from her husband’s
cock to her apprehensive girls and back many times
before saying, “All right, Derrick. You’re right. I
gave my word to God. I have no choice but to love,
honor, and obey you, even if I think what you order is
wrong. I said for better or worse. What is it you want
of me?”

Derrick sat back with a smug grin of victory, then
said, “That’s better, Adrian. What I want from you is
your full and complete cooperation, and nothing less.”

“Please, Derrick, just do as you please and allow me to
look the other way.”

“Absolutely not. No, I want you to participate. We’re
partners. Now, strip Stacy and prepare her for
screwing. See that she’s aroused and ready to receive
me. Bring her to me and lift her onto my cock. That is
just for starters. Oh, and you may as well get naked
yourself. That will be much more interesting. I don’t
suppose they’ve seen their mommy naked, have they?”

“Please, Derrick. Don’t make me do that. I’ll assist in
this decadence if I must, but let me preserve my
Christian modesty.”

“Strip, woman. You are the mother of whores. They will
be serving your carnal needs as well as mine. What do
you need with modesty?”

Adrian felt a warm flush course through her body as her
eyes wandered from one startled girl to the other. Lewd
images of incestuous lesbian debauchery added more
color to her face. Such images had only been matters of
very private fantasy, but the potential reality had her
juices flowing, her skin tingling, and her mouth

The bizarre news also produced full red blushes on the
girls’ faces as they contemplated this unexpected bit
of information. Having tasted this particular
perversion just minutes earlier, and with the taste of
pussy mixed with semen still on their breath, the girls
could well imagine what this news meant. They appeared
awed and speechless as their mother reached for

The stunned girls watched clothing fall from their
mother, item by item, until she stood before them
without a stitch on. Adrian looked more like Theresa
then she did Stacy. They both wore their long dark hair
pinned back with a hair clip. They both had large
almond eyes, full lips, and boyish figures. Adrian, in
fact, stood only three inches taller than her youngest
daughter’s four feet eleven and only out-weighed her
hundred pounds by ten.

Stacy took after her father. She had long blonde hair
with natural curls that bounced about her shoulders.
Her piercing blue eyes and ultra soft complexion gave
her a surreal, angelic quality. Her fully-developed
figure gave her a movie starlet image.

At five feet four inches, she looked down on her mother
by two inches. They weighed the same, but that was due
to Stacy’s overly thin arms, legs, and waist. Her
eighteen-inch waist gave her thirty-two-inch bust and
thirty-four-inch hips a classic hourglass shape. Her
inch-long pastel-pink nipples had been a big hit with
the perverts she’d met.

Adrian had eyes for Stacy. She focused almost
exclusively on Stacy while stripping. With each item
removed, and with each new body part revealed, she
tried to gauge Stacy’s reaction.

Stacy surveyed her naked mother for the first time, and
could not help but wonder what her mother’s mature
vagina would taste like. She had a full beard between
her legs where Theresa was almost hairless. Her mother
had small breasts that needed no bra, where Theresa was
just developing breast buds. Other than that, their
bodies looked almost identical. They even had identical
nipples-dark Hershey’s Kiss nipples.

Adrian moved to Stacy and turned her to face away as
she moved to undo the dress, saying, “Just relax,
Stacy. I don’t like this any more than you do, but we
both have an obligation to obey your father.”

The dress became loose and slipped easily to her feet.
Adrian unhooked the bra, letting it fall, then knelt to
draw the sexy panties down her daughter’s thin legs.
Stacy stepped free with a gentle urging. Still
kneeling, Adrian turned Stacy by the hips until she
faced her. As the body turned, Adrian faced a wet full-
lipped pussy lightly downed in golden curls. Adrian
gave the coral slit and protruding clit a visual
inspection before rising slowly.

She took Stacy by the hand and led her to her father.
He sat grinning, stroking an impressive erection that
would have amazed Stacy had she not seen and sucked
larger. Still, his nine inches of throbbing maleness
loomed ominously as she realized where it was destined
to go.

Adrian moved up behind Stacy as Theresa came to the
side to witness the impending incestuous penetration.
Adrian moved Stacy to her father’s knees, then slid
both hands down her sides, curling around the hip bones
to delve between her daughter’s legs.

Stacy stiffened as her mother’s fingers slid between
her legs and began massaging her slick intimate flesh.
Adrian said, “Relax, Stacy. I know this must be
embarrassing for you, but I must do this to get you
ready. Relax. This won’t hurt if you’ll try to relax.”

Stacy tried, but with her crotch on display, being
fondled, molded, and penetrated by her own mother,
relaxing was almost impossible. Hairs from her mother’s
pubic mound tickled her ass as the fingers built a wet
fire between her legs.

Her father didn’t help matters by angling his cock
menacingly toward her slit, vying for space with
maternal fingers. Adrian told Stacy to widen her stance
and move forward over her father’s lap.

Stacy did as she was told and soon found herself in a
most open and vulnerable position. Adrian stepped
between Derrick’s legs to stay up tight to Stacy’s ass.
Her mother took her father’s cock in hand and used it
to massage pussy flesh, sending a flood of tingles
through the blushing teen as the head pried apart her
slimy sex lips. Delicious tingles shot through her body
each time the hot and spongy head mashed her clit.

The happy reverend added new tingles when he used his
free hands to cup her tits and thumb her nipples,
saying, “You feel like a whore now, don’t you, Stacy?
You want Daddy to fuck your whore pussy now, don’t

Stacy looked between her legs to the cock trying to
gain entrance. She bit her lower lip and nodded
unconvincingly. He said, “Say it! Say it like a whore
would say it. Use the words I taught you, and tell me
what you want.”

Stacy felt the head of her father’s cock nestle at her
hole. She sank lower to prevent her mother from moving
it away. Her mother’s hands moved to her hips and
applied a gentle downward pressure as she whispered in
her ear, “Say it, Stacy. Use the filthy words. Go
ahead, sweetheart.”

Stacy grimaced as she settled even lower. The bulbous
head pried past her opening to pop inside. She groaned
out the words, “I want your hard cock inside my pussy,

Derrick grinned. Adrian encouraged, “Take more, Stacy.
Say something else.”

Stacy sank down on two more inches, then said, “Fuck my
whore pussy. I want you to fuck me. Fuck my cunt,

With half of his cock buried in her pussy, Stacy looked
down, amazed at the sight she saw. Theresa dropped to
her knees and leaned in for a much better look. Adrian
dropped to her knees behind Stacy and viewed the
exciting penetration from the rear, using her delicate
fingers to feel the point of entry, urging, “Take more,
Stacy. Settle lower.”

Stacy felt her mother’s thumbs prying apart her ass
cheeks. Her mother’s excitement was beyond containing.
Her father remained sprawled, obviously pleased. He
took Theresa by the scruff of her neck and forced her
face into the juncture, saying, “Here, you want a good
look? Lick while you look.”

Stacy took another two inches of cock as she felt her
sister’s tongue licking over her distended clit. She
could also feel her mother’s warm breath wafting over
her rear areas which was soon followed by a licking

The flood of wicked carnal sensations coming from her
crotch had Stacy’s head swimming. She could barely
focus on anything, and when she felt a tongue stab into
her rectum, she almost passed out from hyper-

Stacy’s mind was a-buzz with conflicting emotions and
thoughts. On the one hand, what she was doing and
feeling was so alien to her upbringing, so vulgar, so
un-Christian. On the other hand, she’d never felt so
alive, full of feeling, sensuous, decadent, and
deliciously wicked.

She gradually regained some composure, enough to get a
good look at her father, a man she’d always feared if
not respected. His eyes were open, but he seemed to
stare through her. He was in ecstasy, and Stacy
realized it was her tight pussy giving him that intense

This realization filled her with a sense of wonder.
She’d gradually adjusted to the filling pressure inside
her body even though she’d unwittingly managed to take
him all the way inside. She could feel the bulbous head
move within her. The motion felt good, but she knew it
felt even better to her father. Settling fully and then
rising almost all the way off before settling fully
again made him moan.

Stacy liked the effect she was having on him. The two
tongues were difficult to ignore, but she concentrated
her efforts on making her father moan. She rode her
father’s cock while putting a sensuous grind in her
pelvis. When she rose to the tip, the tongues converged
where the cock entered her cunt, vying for space in her
crotch, inter-twining like slippery eels.

When she sank to his pubic hair, the tongues were
forced out. One went to her clit, the other went up her
ass. She couldn’t decide which position she liked best.
Both had their advantages. She kept up the motion.

She watched her father’s eyes and noticed when he
seemed to focus on her own. When she was certain she
had his attention, she smiled. Derrick smiled back,
then looked to her crotch as she raised up. He could
see the tongues at work trying to wedge themselves in
alongside his cock. Stacy held the pose as he seemed
enthralled by what he saw.

She brought both hands up to cup the underside of her
breasts while doing a sexy dance on the end of his
cock. His eyes lingered in her crotch, then traveled to
her breasts, then on up to meet her eyes. Again, they
exchanged smiles. Stacy sank to his groin and ground
her cunt on his pubic mat, making him moan.

Derrick looked her in the eyes and said, “Are you
Daddy’s whore, Stacy?”

She said, “Yes.”

This prompted her mother to say, “Tell him more, Stacy.
Talk to him. Talk filthy to him.”

Stacy said, “I love fucking. I love being your whore.
Fuck my cunt, my whore cunt, Daddy.”

Her mother cried, “More, Stacy. Keep talking.”

Stacy realized her words had a more powerful impact on
her mother, although her father enjoyed them as well.
She smiled and said, “Shoot your sperm up my pussy,
Daddy. Make me a pregnant whore.”

Her father liked what she said, but her mother reacted
instantly, saying, “Yes! More, Stacy. Beg him to knock
you up. Beg for his bastard.”

“Fuck a bastard in me, Daddy. Make a bastard baby in my
Fuck your sperm in deep. Flood my womb with your baby
cream. Don’t you want a pregnant whore? Please don’t
pull out! Fuck me pregnant, please fuck me pregnant!”

That did it. Derrick lunged up, lifting Stacy to her
tip toes. Sperm flooded her insides as Adrian cried
out, “Are you cumming in her cunt, Derrick?”

“Yes, Adrian. I’m cumming! I’m creaming her whore womb,

Stacy went over the top as she felt spurt after spurt
splash her insides. She ground out her own orgasm with
their crotches merged. She was still grinding out her
climax after Derrick settled and was spent. When her
orgasm subsided, she fell forward onto his chest. Her
mother and sister attacked her crotch from the rear.
Both were licking the discharge seeping from the edges
of her stuffed hole while prying her cheeks wide.

Derrick allowed this to go on while they caught their
breath. He then had Stacy sit up and turn in place on
his lap, keeping the wilting but still semi-rigid cock
inside. When she had her back to him, he pulled her to
lie against his chest. With her legs outside of his,
and with his legs spread to their fullest, she
presented her mother and sister with a most provocative

They were both in the space between Derrick’s knees,
and both were lapping at her stuffed twat. Stacy found
it hard to believe what she was seeing, but seeing was
believing. Tongues lapped at the milky goo oozing from
her stretched thin slit. Her father whispered, “That
feels good, doesn’t it, sweetheart?”

While staring at her own pussy, Stacy said, “Yes. It
feels great.” Her hand moved to her clit and rubbed

Derrick massaged her breasts, saying, “It doesn’t
bother you that I might be getting you pregnant at this
very minute?”

Stacy rubbed her other hand over her womb and said, “If
it doesn’t bother you, no. You’re my father. You can do
with me as you please.”

“Then you’ll bear me all the bastards I want?”

“Yes, of course.”

Adrian paused in her licking to look up at Derrick and
say, “See, Derrick. There’s no need to send these girls
off to be trained. They will both serve you, mark my
word. Look at Theresa. She can’t wait for her turn.
They’re whores, Derrick.”

“Yes, it would appear so. Perhaps we can save our
money. Yes, I think you’re right, Adrian. In fact, you
can train my whores for me, can’t you?”

“If that is your wish.”

“That is my wish.”

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