I was fucked and sucked so much
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This, I guess, is a true confession of sorts.
I am, in this story, trying to sort out what happened so I (and
you) can understand what it all means.
Maybe I should start with Lisa, my lovely wife of eight years.
Lisa has always been a sweet, loving, soft spoken, gentle person.
You can tell a lot about her just by looking at her.
She has soft, blue eyes and light brown hair, which hangs
straight to just her shoulders. A button nose and full, pretty
lips. She’s short, with a thin waist and perky little breasts.
Two, little handfuls, cone shaped with long, protruding nipples.
I love her breasts but Lisa has always been self-conscious about
them. Ever since I met her, when we were seventeen, ten years ago.
We didn’t have sex until we were properly married. Didn’t even
have sex on our honeymoon night because Lisa got her period the day
before our wedding.
How is her pussy?
Well, it’s hard for me to talk about her pussy. I mean, she is
my wife and all… It’s not easy to talk about your wife’s sexual
attributes to strangers but (as you’ll see) maybe I should tell all
so you’ll understand why I’m in such a flustered state of mind.
Lisa, as I’ve said, saved herself for me. When I first had sex
with her, I found her pussy to be so warm and tight and pretty…
She had long, wispy, light brown hair, growing just at her pubic
bone that curled, like baby hair, over her puffy, perfect lips.
You could take it and pull it away from her body and it would
stretch three inches and expose her almost hairless mons. I had
the hardest time trying to get my cock into her that first night.
I had to use KY jelly and smear it all over my shaft and inside her
tight, delectable slit and I fucked her as carefully and as
lovingly as I could, kissing her as her eyes filled with tears from
the pain of losing her virginity.
Lisa wasn’t what you would call a passionate fuck, at first, but
during our first year of marriage, I showed her how to have
What? I had to show my wife how to get off?
Well… yeah. Odd as it sounded to me at the time, Lisa had
never had an orgasm until about a year into our marriage. She had
never masturbated in her life, had no idea what her clit was for
and told me that she never touched herself “down there” because
(her mother told her) it was dirty and “nice” girls didn’t do it.
You should have seen the trauma in her eyes the first time I
licked her out! She couldn’t believe a person would put their
mouth on that part of a girl!
Lisa’s pussy tasted like sugar syrup and was oh so lickable! My
tongue just feasted in her spicy slit until she came.
She really got off when I did that. She had such a strong
climax, pulling my face to her pussy, with her legs wide apart, and
holding my hair like a bridal as she arched her back and screamed
at the ceiling…
It was a few weeks later that she first returned the favor to me.
She didn’t seem to enjoy it much and I had to tell her when I was
near orgasm because she certainly didn’t want my cum in her mouth.
I, as hard as this sounds, felt guilty teaching the nastier
aspects of sex to Lisa. She was so pure and so delicate and so
innocent and loving. She was like an angel to me. Fucking her in
the mouth seemed somehow too perverted anyway.
She made it clear to me that she would do the sexual acts I
requested of her because she truly loved me and did want to please
Now, you have to understand that our marriage was great and our
sex life, though kept to just under the blankets at night, was
pretty good too. Just having someone as lovely as Lisa to fuck was
good enough for me.
It just began to slow down a little in the last few years.
Though we both wanted them, we never had any children. We went
in for testing and found out that Lisa was as fertile as a rabbit
but I, it turned out, had a condition where my sperms (though
plentiful) were lethargic and not very potent.
This discovery seemed to chill our sexual desire, for each other,
We still had sex, once every other week or so, and I was still
horny as hell for Lisa. She just seemed to become less and less
“in the mood” for me and less willing to do anything other than
straight, missionary intercourse.
This was the situation we were in as our ninth anniversary
I was so in love with my wife and I wanted to respark our
lovemaking so badly.
I planned a big night out for Lisa with an elegant dinner and
dancing and a trip to a nightclub.
There was a place in town called “Libido” and all the guys at
work were talking about it. It was a bar that featured sex
dancers: men and women who danced and undressed and simulated (or
really did?) sex acts on the stage.
I figured that, after an evening of this (and the diamond
necklace I had bought her) my Lisa would become passionate for me

“Lisa?” I asked her, as she cleared away the dinner dishes.
She was wearing a plain, light-blue house dress that formed to
her curves and accentuated her compact, shapely body.
As she set the plates in the sink, she looked over her shoulder
at me, “What?”
I smiled back at her as she started the water running in the
“How would you like to go out on the town for our anniversary on
“Sure, Les,” she said. “Where? To a movie?”
“Well,” I said, watching her for a reaction, “I was thinking
about dinner at London’s and dancing at The Strand and then maybe
to Libido for drinks…”
“Libido?” she said loudly and then she turned to me slowly,
folding her arms across her chest. I could see her left eyebrow
raise under her light-brown bangs as she said, “Isn’t that the
place where they have sex on the stage?”
I smiled and nodded.
“Oh no,” she said firmly. “You’re never getting ME into a place
like that!”
“Lisa!” I protested.
“No,” she said firmly. “The dinner and the dancing sound nice.
You should have quit while you were ahead.”
“It’s for YOU,” I said, leaving my seat and going to her so that
I could take her little hand into mine and look down into those
soft, blue eyes of hers.
Her hand was wet with dishwater as she said, “For ME? A show
with strange people having sex?” There was an edge of disgust in
her voice.
“Well… for US then!”
“Yeah. I think it will make us feel closer together again…”
Lisa pulled her hand from mine and turned back to the sink. “I
don’t need to see something vulgar to make me feel closer to
“But Lisa,” I protested, “we haven’t made love in such a long
“We did it last week… I think… or maybe the week before
“And you just laid there under me.”
She turned back to me now. “What am I SUPPOSED to do? What do
you WANT from me? Am I supposed to act like a whore for you? Is
that what you want?”
I smiled to try and suppress her irritation at me. “Not a whore,
Lisa. I just want you to show some passion toward me.”
“Passion? You want passion?”
“For the little time you spend on top of me?”
“You excite me so, Lisa. I can’t help it if I cum before you
do… You won’t let me lick your pussy anymore…”
She turned back to the sink again. “I don’t want to talk about
such things. Now isn’t the time.”
“When IS?”
She didn’t answer. She just finished the dishes as I stood
there, staring at the sexy curves of her back.

Thursday, after work at the plant, I stopped by the local bar to
have a beer before going home.
It was loud in Morgan’s, just as it was every afternoon after
shift change.
I drank a Miller and then started to leave when my brother Larry
walked up to me.
I hadn’t seen him since the family party at Christmas and he
wrapped an arm around my shoulder and said, “Les. How ‘ya doin’?
What’s been happening?”
Larry was two years older than me and, it always seemed, much
happier. He was a confirmed bachelor and was always telling me
about all the pussy he was getting.
It was no wonder. Larry had gotten all the good looks from Mom
and Dad’s gene pool. He was tall and muscular with his dark hair
and steely grey eyes. Had perfect teeth behind the lips of his
grinning mouth.
When we were younger, Larry made first string on the football
team and was the captain in his senior year. All the girls wanted
him then and still want him now. He was always bragging to me
that, during his senior year, he had fucked every girl on the
cheerleading squad except one. That was Lisa. She was going with
me at that time.
“Things are fine,” I said. But I must not have sounded too
Larry sat down on the stool next to me and I sat back down as he
said, “What? Married life not treating you well? That can’t be
it. You’re married to such a cutie!”
I shrugged as Larry called for two beers and, when the bartender
walked away I said, “I don’t know, Larry. Lisa’s been kinda’ cool
acting lately.”
“Cool acting?” he said, wiping the suds from his upper lip. “She
looks hot to me, Les. Always has. Doesn’t she give you any
I shrugged again. “She does…” I stammered, not feeling right
about talking about my sex life with my brother, “…she just
doesn’t seem to be “into” it anymore.”
“When was the last time you fucked her?” Larry asked now, as if
he were suddenly a doctor and I the patient.
“About a week ago…”
“A WEEK?” Larry laughed. “If I had a girl like Lisa, I’d be
between those sexy legs every God damn DAY!”
“Yeah?” I said. “That’s easy for you to say. You have a
different woman every night!”
“Shit, Les,” Larry grunted. “That’s not all it’s cracked up to
be. Sure I get a lot of pussy but… shit. The other morning, I
woke up with two of the homeliest broads, you ever saw, in my bed.
I felt like I was in the petting zoo. I must have been drunk out
of my mind the night before.”
I laughed at the look of bewilderment on his face. I could tell
he was telling me the truth. “What did you do with them?”
“The hell if I know,” he said. “But the way my cock hurt, I must
have fucked the shit out of both of them.”
“What did you do when you woke up?”
“I snuck out, scared as hell that I might wake one of them up.
When I came back later, they were gone.”
“Lucky you.”
“Yeah,” Larry said and then he sipped his beer and shook his
head. “They were ugly but they had nice bods!”
“Not like the old days, in high school, huh?”
“No way,” he said. “I was a real cocksman back then. Man, did
I get the pussy! My claim to fame was that I fucked every
cheerleader at Coolidge High. Except for one! Now I can’t fuck
a girl for more than two hours without cumming. Back then, I could
fuck all night!”
I laughed.
My brother turned to me. “What’s so funny?”
“Fucking all night,” I said. “Lisa says I only spend a few
minutes on her and it’s over…”
“Well, hell,” Larry said, “there’s your problem. You need to
give that girl a good, long, hard fucking! That will straighten
her out.”
“Yeah,” I said, “but she just lays there! She’s lost that old
magic she once had… I have to just roll on her when the mood hits
her and stuff it in and, once I feel that tight, hot, pussy
clutching my dick, I just cum. I can’t help myself.”
“Hmmm,” Larry said, thinking the situation over. “Have you tried
taking her out?”
“I was going to. Tomorrow night. It’s our anniversary. I was
taking her to dinner and dancing and to Libido’s… but she doesn’t
want to go.”
“Doesn’t want to go?”
“Naw. She’s just not into sex anymore.”
Larry shook his head. “Not into sex? A fine piece of pussy like
Lisa? That can’t be! That would be such a waste! You two haven’t
been married THAT long. You should still be screwing every night.
Hell,” he slapped me on the back, “you should have six kids by
I never told Larry about our problem. Never told anybody. It
was only Lisa’s and my business.
“I don’t know,” I said. “Kids would be nice. We always wanted
kids, Larry. Maybe that’s our problem…”
“Well,” Larry said, downing the dregs of his beer, “we’ve got to
do something about this. I’ll just have to talk to my sister-in-
I grabbed his arm. “You CAN’T!” I said.
“I don’t want her to know I’ve been talking about her sex life!
You don’t know Lisa! Sexual things embarrass the hell out of her!”
Larry grinned. “Yeah. She was a little prude in high school.”
“She still is!”
Larry stood and tossed a ten on the bar. “Just let me handle
it,” he said, squeezing my shoulder.
Then he turned and left the bar.

When I got home, Lisa had dinner ready and we ate our pork chops
in silence.
After dinner we watched Wheel Of Fortune and then Lisa started
to read her Women’s Day while I checked out the paper.
I was just reading about last night’s Cavs-Pistons game when Lisa
asked me how my day was.
I looked over at her, wearing her stretch pants and baggy sweat-
shirt. The pants clung to her sexy legs and I could make out the
outline of her butt cheeks as she lay on her side on the couch with
her knees drawn up.
“I ran into Larry after work,” I said.
“How is Don Juan?”
I chucked at her expression of distaste. “Told me he woke up
with two women in his bed the other day.”
“Oh, he’s such a dick!” she said, with disdain, and then she
looked back down at the pages of her magazine but I saw a slight
smile cross her pouty lips.
Curious, I asked, “Lisa? What do you think of my brother? I
mean really think?”
Lisa looked back at me. “Larry’s nice,” she said. “I’ve always
liked him. It’s just….”
“He’s so conceited. Always has been. Larry knows how good
looking he is and that’s his problem.”
I laughed. “That’s a problem?”
“Yes,” Lisa said, sitting up. “That’s why he has no wife. Women
like to use him and he likes to use them. He’s much too self-
involved to really care about another person.”
Her assessment seemed to make sense. “But,” I said, “he seems
to be happy. He has a good job at the brokerage firm. Has a great
apartment. Gets all the women he wants…”
“Guys, like him, get women because of those rugged good looks of
his,” Lisa stated. “But women know he only wants to use them.
They don’t care because they don’t mind one or two rounds of
meaningless sex with a model from the pages of Playgirl magazine.”
“What about you?” I asked. “Why didn’t you ever fall under his
“I knew all about Larry in high school. The girls all wanted
him. You should have heard the shameless way they talked about
getting into the back seat of his car! It was like a badge of
honor to be chosen and laid by Larry Martin.”
“And you?”
Lisa smiled and got up from the couch and walked over to me.
“I wanted real love, Les,” she said as she took my paper and
tossed it on the floor. “I wanted (and I got) Larry’s sweet,
younger brother.”
Lisa sat down on my lap and wrapped her warm arms around my neck.
I could smell the feminine fragrance of her body and felt my
arousal begin to build as I pressed my lips to the nape of her neck
and kissed her, hearing her coo like she used to.
That’s when we heard the car pull up out front.
“Who could that be?” Lisa said as she jumped up and walked to the
window, peering out between the curtains.
I looked longingly at her shapely ass as she stood there.
“Speak of the devil,” she said, turning back to me. “It’s your
There came a knock at the door and Lisa walked over and opened
it. “Larry,” she smiled, “we were just talking about you.”
Larry, coming through the door, grinned at me and kissed Lisa on
the offered cheek. “Nothing bad, I hope!”
“What else?” she chided. “You’re the bad boy of the family,
aren’t you?”
Larry chuckled, taking off his jacket and tossing it on the
couch. His muscled chest, strong arms and flat, wash-board stomach
revealed themselves through the material of his tailored, white
shirt. “I hope Les wasn’t telling you about my escapade with the
Oink sisters!”
“Nothing but,” Lisa said.
“So,” I said as Larry sat down on the couch, “what brings you
here? You haven’t been in our house since last summer.”
My brother looked up at Lisa and then over to me. “Just in the
neighborhood and thought I’d stop by,” he said.
I could see Lisa looking at Larry’s arms and then at his full
head of dark hair.
“Hey,” Larry said, “I hear it’s your anniversary tomorrow.”
“Yes,” Lisa said. “Nine years.”
“Is it THAT long?” Larry exclaimed. “It seems like only
yesterday when I was best man at your wedding.” He looked up at
Lisa now and grinned that grin of his. “My little brother got the
prettiest bride in the state that day.”
Lisa seemed to blush and waved her hand at him. “Oh, Larry.
You’re so full of baloney!”
“Not about you,” Larry said.
He looked over at me now. “You know, Lisa, me and Les never had
a sister and (since you and my brother got hitched) you’ve filled
that special role in my life.”
“Have I?”
Larry nodded up at her. “I think that not having a sister, when
I was growing up, kinda’ warped my relationships with women.”
“What about Les?” she said, “He didn’t have a sister and he
turned out alright.”
“Yeah but, while I was on the football team and nailing all the
girls, he hung around with Mom a lot, getting in touch with his
feminine side.”
I balled up the newspaper and threw it at him, hitting the side
of his head with it.
Larry laughed but then said, “Seriously, I’m crazy about the two
of you and I’d do anything for you.”
Lisa dropped her grin and looked serious now. “You mean that,
“Of course,” he said. “That’s why, when Les told me about your
anniversary, I decided to come over here and make it special for
“What do you mean?” I asked.
Larry patted the couch next to him and Lisa sat down by my
brother and let him take her hand.
“I’ve arranged a limo for the two of you tomorrow,” he said.
“You have?”
“And the dinner and dancing is on me.”
“It is?”
“Providing one thing…”
“And what’s that?” I asked.
Larry, holding Lisa’s hand, looked over at me and said,
“Providing that I get a dance with this lovely woman of yours in
her sexy, red dress.”
Lisa blushed again and pushed Larry’s muscled shoulder. “Come
on,” she said to him. “I don’t even HAVE a red dress.”
Larry held up his hand and quickly stood and walked to the front
door as we both sat and watched him. He stepped out and then, when
he came back, there was a garment bag in his hand.
As Lisa watched, Larry unzipped the bag, revealing a satiny,
bright red dress with a vee-neck.
Lisa stood and walked to him, not taking her eyes off the dress
as she went.
“For me?”
“Yeah,” he grinned. “An anniversary present.”
As he pulled the dress from the bag, a pair of bright, frilly,
red bikini panties and a package containing a pair of suspender
nylons fell to the carpet.
Lisa looked down and picked them up. The stockings were the kind
that were like pantyhose with no crotch. They would come up to her
waist with material, at the front and back, holding the stockings
“Are these for me too?” she said eyeing him suspiciously.
Larry just smiled. “No,” he stated. “Those are for Les!”
“For me?” I yelped.
“Yeah. Wouldn’t you like dancing with your beautiful wife,
wearing this sexy dress and knowing that she’s wearing these
accessible undies underneath?”
I laughed out loud as I saw my wife put her hand over her mouth
and blush almost as deep a red as the dress.
“Yes,” I yelled.
“Well then,” he said, looking into her eyes, “you WILL wear these
tomorrow night, won’t you?”
Lisa smiled at him and then looked down and, in her soft voice,
said, “Yes.”
“Then it’s settled,” Larry said, clapping his hands together.
“You have the time of your life and I get a dance.”

When Larry had gone, Lisa ran to the bedroom to try on the dress
which, she told me, fit her perfectly.
“That’s my brother,” I said. “If there’s one thing he knows,
it’s ladies shapes.”

I was excited all day, the next day, at work.
When I came home, Lisa was in the bathroom primping. She had
laid out my good, blue suit and I showered and shaved and dressed.
You should have seen my Lisa when she came out of the bathroom.
There wasn’t a more beautiful woman in the world that night.
She was wearing the red dress and a pair of diamond earrings.
Her makeup was perfect and her hair was slightly curled and that
red dress just accentuated her sexy figure and made her look
terrific. It was low cut in the front and I could see the outlines
of her smallish breasts swelling out the sheer, silky, red material
and plenty of her pale flesh in the vee opening.
Lisa looked at where I was looking and her smile faded. “I wish
they were bigger,” she said. “You can’t wear a bra with this…”
“They’re perfect,” I said. “But they need to be accentuated.”
I walked to the dresser and handed her the box from Shiffren’s
jewelry store.
When Lisa saw the diamond necklace, her whole face brightened and
beamed at me.
I went behind her and clasped it around her neck, noticing that
it matched her earrings. Looking down, I could see her left
breast, behind the material of the dress, exposed almost to the
pink nipple. It made my cock stir in my pants.
“There,” I said, as I stepped in front of her and placed my hands
on her shoulders, “now you ARE the most beautiful woman on earth.”
Lisa wrapped her arms around me and pushed her sweet lips to
I could feel my body respond to her closeness and the feel of the
silky red dress against me and I pushed my tongue to hers, holding
her tightly to me.
To hell with the outing, I thought, I wanted to fuck her right
That’s when we heard the limousine drive up and Lisa pulled back
from me.
“Oh,” she said, reaching for a Kleenex on the dresser, “I got
lipstick on your mouth.”
“I’ll just lick it off,” I said and proceeded to do so.
“Don’t do that, Silly,” Lisa said and held my chin and dabbed at
my lips and then she tossed the Kleenex into the trash basket.
“Time to go,” she said and I picked up the white, fox stole from
the bed and wrapped it around her soft, bare white shoulders.
“Oh,” I said, stopping her and causing her to look back at me.
“Are you wearing the stockings and panties that Larry got you?”
Lisa blushed and looked down at her red, high-heel pumps and
said, “Yes,” in a quiet voice.
“Can I see?” I asked.
Lisa looked up and half-smiled and said, “Later,” and walked out
the bedroom door.

The dinner at London’s was spectacular. Larry had ordered us
both lobster and champaign and, each time we finished a lobster,
the waiter would bring two more of them and sweet butter to dip
them in.
After the dinner, the limo took us to The Strand, the hottest
dance club in town.
A corner table was reserved for us and the waitress brought us
our drinks, all pre-paid by my brother Larry.
After our second drink, we spotted my brother, standing by the
bar and talking to a tall, breath-taking redhead in a clingy,
black, low-cut dress.
Seeing us, Larry waved, said something to the woman and walked
“Having fun?” he yelled, over the din of the live band.
Lisa, on my right, smiled up at him and nodded.
“Yes,” I yelled. “This is great!”
I noticed that Larry was smiling as he stood above us, looking
down at Lisa and the space between her chest and the front of her
red dress. I remembered, from earlier, that you could almost see
all of her breasts from his vantage point.
Lisa leaned forward to take a sip of her drink and I noticed
Larry’s eyes go two sizes wider.
I patted the chair, next to me, and yelled, “Sit down, Larry.
Join us.”
Larry shook his head and said, looking at Lisa, “I want my dance
Lisa looked up at him and smiled, “Now?”
Larry nodded and Lisa looked at me. “Is it alright?” she asked,
the disco lights dancing around her pretty face.
The band was playing “Walk This Way” as loud, and as fast, as
they could and I said, “Sure. Why not? Enjoy yourselves.”
Larry reached down to her and Lisa took his hand and, as she
stood, I saw Larry signal to the band leader and suddenly they
began to play “I Will Always Love You”, slowly and sensually.
I watched as the fast dancers left the polished floor and Larry
took Lisa, around the thin waist of her sexy red dress and pulled
her close to him.
I, sitting there, half expected to see her push him back and take
one of his hands and place the other at her side so that they could
dance at a respectful distance but, as they began to sway together,
both of his arms wrapped tightly around her and I saw her arms
enwrap his shoulders and her head rest against his muscled chest.
Other dancers took to the floor and soon I could only see
glimpses of my brother and my wife as they clung together and
slowly shuffled to the music amid the moving throng.
I felt an odd pang in the pit of my stomach as I saw how closely
he was holding her body to him and how he was leaning to her and
pulling her to him so that her cheek was against his and an odd
look of contentment was on her face as she danced with her eyelids
As they disappeared in the throng and reappeared again, I could
see how low he had placed his hand on her back. It was just above
where the top of the crack of her rounded ass would be and he
seemed to be pulling her lower body against his as their hips
swayed, in opposite directions, to the music.
That pang in my gut grew stronger now but there was another
feeling mixed with it as I suddenly thought about what Lisa’s curvy
body must feel like in his arms. I could feel my cock stirring in
my pants. The sight was– as strange as this sounds –arousing me.
As soon as that song ended, another one, just as slow, began and
Lisa and Larry continued their dance, seemingly lost in each others
close embrace.
My palms began to sweat and I reached for my drink and swallowed
the liquor in one gulp, signaling to the waitress for another one.
When the music ended, my brother and my wife were the last to
leave the dance floor. As they approached the table, I could see
Lisa’s face, smiling and sweet but blushing with the heat of her
She picked up her little handbag and began to fan herself as she
smiled at me and said, “Whew! It’s hot in here, Les!”
“Yes it is,” Larry agreed and he suggested we move on to the next
stop on our itinerary.
“And where’s that?” Lisa asked him, still smiling sweetly.
Larry looked right at her and said, “Why, Libido, of course!”
I assumed Lisa was going to protest and tell Larry no but she
looked down at me and, still smiling, asked, “Is that okay?”
I tapped the side of my head as if to clear my ear canals and
said, “Is that where you want to go?”
Lisa looked at Larry and then at me and said, “It might be

On the limo ride to Libido, Lisa sat between Larry and I and
Larry made a show of opening another bottle of champagne and he
poured us both generous glassfuls.

When we arrived, he told the driver to have his car delivered to
the club so that he would have a ride home and then we went inside.
Libido turned out to be a dimly lit club with a mirrored bar at
one wall and a large stage at the other. Booths lined the other
two walls and there were many tables in the center.
The waitresses wore nothing more than black, frilly bikinis and
were milling around serving drinks to the mostly male clientele.
We were led to a booth, near the stage, lit with a small candle
in a red glass bowl.
“This looks pleasant enough,” Larry said as he sat near the wall
and directed Lisa to sit next to him.
I was about to sit across from them when my brother said, “No,
Les, sit next to Lisa so we can all see the dancers.”
I sat, pressing Lisa between the two of us.
“There,” Larry said, looking at Lisa and then at me, “we’re like
Lisa laughed and put her hand on my knee, squeezing it.
The waitress came and Larry ordered us drinks, “Absolute Vodka
martinis,” he said, “very cold and keep them coming!”
Just as we got our drinks, the yellow lights above the stage
brightened and low, seductive, rhythmic music began to play from
large speakers somewhere.
As I took a sip of my drink, a spotlight fell on a rounded
entrance, behind the stage, and a young, shapely blonde, dressed
only in white panties and a lace bra walked onto the stage as if
in a trance.
As the music played, she began to writhe and gyrate and clutch
at her breasts, rolling her head on her shoulders so that her
blonde tresses whirled around her.
The girl seemed to have a hypnotized expression on her pale,
angelicly beautiful face and, as the music’s tempo rose, she began
to spread her legs and squat as she gyrated, thrusting her hand
down into the front of her panties and clutching her sex.
My mouth went dry and I reached for my stemmed cocktail glass and
took a sip, feeling Lisa jostle, on the seat, next to me.
The girl now lay on the stage and removed her bra, arching her
back and shaking so that the flesh of her breasts rippled like
shaking a bowl of pudding. She rolled her body to the right and
the left for a time and then removed her white panties, exposing
her shaved pussy.
As I watched, transfixed, she began to finger herself, running
her fingertip up and down within her feminine gash which glistened
moistly in the glare of the spotlight.
The jungle drums of the music seemed to become louder and louder
and build in tempo as the girl writhed on her back and masturbated
until there was a crash of cymbals and another spotlight
illuminated the entrance and a tall, muscular black man was
standing there.
He looked like a bodybuilder and his muscles were rippling, under
his dark skin, as he stepped forward wearing only a leather
The jungle music returned as the large man began to circle the
girl on the floor, watching as she inserted her finger into her wet
pussy and looked up at him as if pleading for something.
The man reached down to her and the girl took his hand and he
pulled her up to a standing position beside him.
The black man was so huge and the blonde girl so small that she
looked like a child next to him.
As the music played loudly, he took her by the hips and lifted
her effortlessly over his head. The girl tilted her head back and
spread her legs wide apart over him. Then his muscled arms
strained as he looked up and slowly lowered her open pussy to his
I could see his tongue probing into her slit as he held her
shapely, naked body over his head and tasted into her dripping,
hairless, open gash.
At his crotch, you could see a bulge slowly appear, under the
loin cloth. And then, as he continued the lap the girl’s pussy,
the cloth began to rise and rose until the largest cock, and the
biggest sack of hanging balls I had ever seen, came into view.
Lisa clutched my knee and I glanced over at her and saw her
pretty eyes wide and staring ahead at the stage.
As I looked back, the man on the stage let the girl fall forward
but held on to her waist and stood sideways so that we could now
see that his rigid, horse-sized cock was at her face as he
continued to feast between her widely spread legs.
The girl opened her mouth wide and took the head of his cock
between her stretched lips and they gyrated, dancing in a standing
sixty-nine and eagerly lapping and sucking at each other’s sex.
My cock was as hard as a pipe in my pants. I couldn’t believe
what I was seeing. I could feel myself starting to break into a
sweat and, as I looked around, I could see everyone staring at the
stage and patting their foreheads with their cocktail napkins.
Now a shapely redhead and a tall, dark haired woman, both totally
naked, appeared on the stage and stood at either side of the huge
negro and untied his loin cloth as the small girl continued to suck
at the head of his bulbus cock.
She wrapped her legs around his neck and held him around his
muscled waist as the man reached to his sides and began to massage
the two, shaved pussies to his right and his left.
The girls both stroked his arms and his muscled ass cheeks as the
blonde, hanging upside down on him and sucking as he licked her,
began to gyrate her pussy in his face.
I could hardly contain my arousal now. I desperately wanted to
feel some feminine flesh.
I placed my left hand, under the table, on Lisa’s stocking-clad
knee. Eager to run my hand up her thigh, under her sexy dress, and
feel her pussy.
I could tell at once that my wife’s knees were separated and I
began to run my hand up the inside of her thigh only to feel her
take my hand and move it away.
Damn, I thought, nobody could see what I was doing. Why didn’t
she just let me have a feel?
I glanced past her at my brother. He was staring, slack jawed
at the dancers on the stage.
It must be because he was so close that Lisa didn’t want me
feeling her up. Why couldn’t he have sat on the other side of the
As the music grew louder, the black man slowly dropped to his
knees with the girl still clutched to him. Then he carefully bent
forward until he was over her and she was on her back.
The two women held the girl’s legs wide apart so we could see him
eating her, her juices illuminated by the spotlight as they ran
from her pink pussy hole and down between the crack of her pale
The huge man rose to his knees again and the girl below him
raised her head up so that she could lick the underside of that
black, bull-sized cock. The other girls dropped to their knees and
leaned so that they could kiss both his cockhead and each other.
Lisa’s hand tightened on my thigh and then moved up my leg a bit
and squeezed once more as the black man began to rub the two
pussies again.
I looked at my wife and saw that she was breathing hard, her
breasts moving up and down in the bodice of the sexy red dress.
Her eyes were wide and the lips of her mouth were parted so that
I could see her shiny, white teeth as she watched and panted.
Jeez, I thought, Lisa’s getting turned on!
I put my unsteady hand on her knee again and started to run it
up her inner thigh, delighting in the warm, silky feel of her
nylons and the notion that, once I got to her crotch, I could get
a hand into her red panties and finger her pussy.
But Lisa seemed to tremble slightly and she again grabbed my hand
and pulled it from the heat of her skirt and pushed it away.
Damn! She really WAS a prude!
As I looked back at the stage, the little blond was now spread-
eagle on the floor and the huge, muscled buck was suspended, in the
push-up position, over her small, white body.
The two women took hold of his massive cock and we could plainly
see them run the large, dark head up and down in the girl’s tiny,
pink slit.
Once they had his cock positioned, we could see his ass muscles
strain as he tried to push his massive member inside of her.
The crowd seemed to gasp as they looked on.
My mouth felt like it was full of cotton and I reached for my
drink just as I felt Lisa’s little hand reach for and grasp my
throbbing cock over the material of my pants.
Ohh, that touch sent shivers up and down my spine!
The man on the stage stood up now and looked to the sky in
ecstasy as the two women sucked and licked his bobbing, black pole
and then he lay on his back and the blonde, who was dancing alone
came to him and, as the music built in tempo again, she faced the
audience, put her hands out to her sides and then slowly did the
splits over him.
The two woman held the stallion-sized cock up as the girl
descended and, as the cockhead touched her slit, she continued to
lower herself as every inch of that thick hunk of black, glistening
meat sank into her diminutive, pale, white body.
Lisa squeezed my cock hard, under the table and, as I looked at
her, I could distinctly smell the aroma of her sex in the air.
I had to touch her! I HAD to feel her soft, female flesh!
I put my hand on her knee again and started to slowly work it up
her soft, warm, nyloned thigh.
The girl on the stage started to grind her exposed pussy on the
black man’s cock which now looked oiled and shiny with her feminine
Lisa grunted beside me and seemed to try and close her thighs but
I was determined by lust, and so near to my target now, as I felt
her stocking tops and came to the hot, silken, flesh of her bare
As Lisa seemed to softly whimper beside me, I thrust my hand to
the crotch of her red panties but, instead of feeling the outline
of her heated pussy, I felt a bulge and the movement of another
hand in there!
For a moment, I was shocked at the idea that Lisa was
masturbating but, as I grasped that probing hand, I realized that
it wasn’t Lisa’s small hand! It was Larry’s!
I looked past her gasping face at my brother and, at that moment,
he turned to me and smiled.
“God,” he said, “your lady has the tightest, warmest pussy I’ve
ever felt.”
I began to say something but Lisa, still staring at the stage,
began squeezing and rubbing my burning cock and I looked over to
see what she was seeing.
The little blonde girl was lurching up and down on that
humongous, black cock, her eyes glazed over with lust as the two
women stroked and kneaded her pale breasts.
The big man was stroking the women’s legs as the music and jungle
drums again beat louder and faster and the girls fucking tempo, on
that shiny, dark shaft increased.
Lisa’s hand gripped my cock harder and I could feel, with my
hand, Larry’s hand still working at my wife’s crotch.
My cock felt like it was going to explode in my pants and I
quickly glanced at Larry who was staring at the stage now, just as
Lisa was.
I peered, past her bunched skirt, to my brother’s lap and saw,
to my amazement, that Lisa’s other hand was rubbing and clutching
the evident outline of Larry’s cock, just as she was rubbing and
clutching mine.
Burning with a sudden, uncontrollable lust, I pushed my hand into
the moist heat of my wife’s silken panties, moving under my
brother’s hand so that I could detect that he was fucking her with
his middle finger.
My finger found Lisa’s hard clit, in the slippery groove of her
sex and, as he fucked her vagina with his finger, I began to swirl
my finger around her burning clitoris.
Lisa gasped loudly just as the drumbeats reached a crescendo and
I heard the large negro scream, in a loud baritone, from the stage.
I looked over and saw him holding the impaled girl by the hips
and driving himself into her from the floor. The girl screamed too
and then the man took her by the thin waist and lifted her body up
from him so that his snake-like, black cock slowly emerged from
that tight, pink little hole.
A large stream of milky semen gushed from the opening in her
hairless pussy and down her thighs and the two women dropped to
their knees and began to alternately eat the girl’s smooth snatch
and lick the streaming cum from her thighs.
Lisa’s legs locked together tightly and she let go of our cocks
and gripped the edge of the table as our trapped hands tried to
keep moving in her panties.
I could see by her expression that she was having a very large
orgasm. One of the largest I had ever seen her experience. And
in a public place!
Her lips were clamped together and her eyes were closed and the
knuckles of her hands went white as she gripped the edge of the
table and emitted a suppressed squeal over and over.
Then she suddenly slumped back in her seat, gasping and limp as
a rag doll and, as the audience cheered and applauded the dancers,
both me and Larry removed our hands from Lisa’s underpants and set
them on the table.
I reached for my drink now and downed it as Larry, grinning
devilishly, sniffed his wet finger and closed his eyes as if he
were savoring a fine perfume.
“God!” Lisa exclaimed breathlessly, sitting upright and holding
her hand over her chest. “Did I ever CUM!”
“Yes you DID,” I said, eyeing her flushed expression.
Larry leaned to her and whispered in her ear and I saw my wife
grin, as he spoke to her, and she looked slowly over at me.
“What?” I asked, dumbfounded.
Lisa wrapped her arms around my arm and hugged it as she said,
“Les, Larry wants to come back to our house for a while. Is that
Larry looked at me and smiled that sly smile of his and I looked
at Lisa’s sweet, pleading expression and said, “Is that what YOU
Lisa pursed her delectable lips and said, “Only if it’s okay with
you, Les.”
I didn’t know.
At that moment, I had no idea what I wanted.
Then Larry reached over and took my hand and placed it inside my
wife’s dress and over the flesh of her right breast. It was warm
and her nipple was large and as hard as a rock.
As I squeezed it, Larry placed his hand over Lisa’s other tit and
he squeezed it and then I felt Lisa’s hand on my cock again and she
rubbed my throbbing erection and gripped it hard.
Her eyes closed again and there was a look of sublime pleasure
on her pretty face.
“Alright,” I heard myself saying. “Let’s go.”

When we got to the parking lot, we noticed that the limousine was
“That’s okay,” Larry said, as if he expected it. “My cars here.”
As we approached his dark blue Lincoln, Larry tossed me the keys
and said, “You can drive.”
I opened the driver’s door as Larry went around to let Lisa in.
He opened the rear door, on the passenger side, and Lisa got in.
He then winked at me and followed her into the back seat.
Alone in the front, I started the car and put it in gear, turning
down the highway toward our house.
It was quiet for a while and then I heard the wet, suctioney
sounds of kissing behind me.
I adjusted the rear-view mirror and I could see Larry and Lisa,
wrapped around each other. He had pulled half the front of her
dress down and was squeezing the soft flesh of her little breast
as he deeply tongue kissed her.
Lisa’s arm was around his neck and she was returning his kisses
with a writhing passion.
My heart was pounding in my chest so hard that it hurt.
But why? From what? Was I jealous? Or was I immensely turned
on by the sight of my beautiful wife being enjoyed by another man?
Another man? Hell, he was my own brother!
As I made a right onto the boulevard I glanced into the mirror
again. Now Larry’s hand was up in the skirt of her red dress and
I could see a sexy display of her shapely, open thighs and his arm
as his hand rooted up in her womanhood.
I could hear the slick sounds of fingered, wet pussy mixed with
the sucky sounds of their heated kissing.
The aroma of excited female permeated the car and made my cock
ache inside my pants.
I also noticed that Larry’s pants were unbuttoned and his cock
was out and Lisa’s little hand was holding it and jacking it slowly
up and down.
God, my brother’s cock looked big in the mirror! You’d just KNOW
he’d have a big one!
My palms were sweating again and I began to have second thoughts
about what was going on. It was all happening too fast!
As I turned down our street I again looked in the mirror.
I could see Larry’s head, resting back on the upholstery, his
eyes staring blankly upward as if he were high on some drug.
Looking down, I could see that Lisa was leaning over his lap and
that her head was bobbing up and down as his hand caressed her
light brown hair.
She was blowing him!
I turned into the driveway and slammed on the brakes.
“Okay!” I called. “We’re here!”
“Great,” Larry said and I could hear the sound of his pants
zipper and then, as I turned to the back seat, Lisa was tucking her
breasts back in and trying to straighten her dress.
Larry opened the back door and got out, reaching in and taking
Lisa’s hand and helping her out too. He then wrapped her in her
stole and took her to the door of our house.
I unlocked the door and watched as Lisa entered the dark house
and walked toward the lamp.
I pulled Larry back and said, “Just WHAT do you intend to do?”
Larry smiled and put his hands on my shoulders. “Make this the
night of your life, little brother. Give you what you want.”
I shook my head to clear it. “And what DO I want, Larry?”
“I KNOW what you want. You want a lust crazed woman, Les. You
want Lisa to feel passion for you again. Isn’t that what you
“Yes but…”
“Then come on,” he said, “before she cools off and changes her
“Trust me,” he said, “you’re talking to the guy who fucked every
cheerleader at Coolidge High! Except one.”
With that, he walked into the house and called, “Lisa?”
I heard her voice from the bedroom. “I’m up here!”
Larry started up the stairs, removing his jacket and I, standing
there like an idiot, closed the door and started up after him.

When we got up to the bedroom, Lisa had pulled the blankets off
the king size bed and was laying back on the sheet in just her sexy
Standing in the doorway with Larry, I looked at my wife and
almost gasped out loud. I had never seen her in such a seductive,
beautiful pose.
As she lay there, with her arms at her sides and her pretty pussy
beckoning at the juncture of her crossed legs, she struck such a
Playboy-like, but yet innocent, pose. Her nipples, at the tips of
her little breasts, were pink and erect.
She smiled kind of shyly, as she looked at the two of us, and
then she patted the bed at each side of her.
I looked at Larry and he looked at me and we both started to
remove our shirts at the same moment.
The two of us hopped and stumbled to the bed, removing our shoes
and pulling off our socks, stepping out of our pants and I slipped
off my jockey shorts. Larry wasn’t wearing any.
He sat down at Lisa’s left and I sat down at her right.
Her pretty eyes seemed to beam as she looked up at me and then
him and then me and then him.
Larry leaned over and kissed her, placing his hand over the soft,
little mound of her left breast. I could see their mouths open and
their tongues sparring together as I reached over and grasped her
other breast.
Lisa moaned through her nose, as I touched her, and then Larry
trailed his kisses down her face to the left side of her neck and
Lisa tilted her head and, with her eyes closed, moaned again.
I leaned to her now and, still clutching her breast, pushed my
face to the other side of her neck and kissed her.
“Ohhh God!” she sighed, raising her chest, “this feels so good!”
As I continued to kiss her neck, Larry began to kiss and lick his
way down her bare shoulder and chest to the erect nipple of her
left breast. As he began to tease and suck it, Lisa clutched my
face and turned my mouth to hers, her soft lips played with mine
as her tongue pressed and licked against my tongue and she began
kissing me with a force of suction, and an urgent passion, that I
had never experienced, from her, before.
I could hear Larry sucking her nipple as Lisa’s hand grasped
mine, over her other breast, and forced it against her. Her nipple
felt like a hard, rubber cylinder against my palm.
As I squeezed her breast, Larry began to lick and kiss down
Lisa’s curvy, soft body, pausing to kiss her navel as I felt her
kiss become even stronger and her body began to writhe on the bed.
I could feel my brother move on the bed and I moved my hand over
Lisa’s other breast as I kissed her down her neck and over her
chest and took her right nipple in my mouth.
As I looked down her curvy body, and sucked hard on her tit, I
could see Larry sitting between her now parted legs and pushing his
face to her crotch.
I watched him as he ran his hands over that long baby-curl of
light pubic hair, smoothing it to the side of her mound as he
grinned from gazing at the beauty of Lisa’s lovely pussy. Then he
pressed his face to the lips between her legs and she gasped loudly
and her body quaked under me.
“Ooooo, yes!” she cried, putting her hand to my head and pressing
my face against her warm breast.
I looked to the side and could see her part her legs wider and
work her pretty pussy mound up at Larry’s churning face.
The wet sounds of his tongue, working inside of Lisa’s slit, came
to my ears as I sucked her large nipple harder and squeezed her
other little tittie.
My cock, pressed against the sheet, was burning and raging with
sexual lust now, aching to sink into Lisa’s body and spew it’s load
of cum.
I stopped sucking her tit and sat up on my knees, looking down
now at the spectacle of Larry, lapping and eating my wife’s pussy
with lustful abandon.
Lisa’s legs were lewdly parted and, as I looked up at her face,
her pretty features held the expression of extreme wild sexual
abandon. Her blue eyes opened and seemed to go wide as she looked
at my erect, bobbing cock.
She reached out and grabbed it, forcefully pulling it (and me)
up the bed until I was kneeling by the side of her pillow.
As I looked down, she turned her head to the side, opened her
pretty mouth, and took my cock in deep, moaning loudly on it as it
hit the back of her throat. Her lips clasped around my shaft and
my wife began to eagerly suck me.
I almost lost my balance, I was so thrilled by the sensation of
her hot, sucking mouth and the way her wet tongue worked at my
sensitive glans.
I could feel the bed shaking and, as I looked over, I saw Larry
crawling over Lisa’s curvy body and then supporting himself up on
one arm, over her, as he reached down and took hold of his hard
cock and steered its oozing tip between her parted legs.
I saw her pussy lips part as Larry rubbed his cockhead up and
down in her pink, extremely wet gash.
Just as I was about to tell him that I really didn’t want him to
do that, I saw Lisa reach down and grasp his huge cock, lifting her
crotch and guiding the big crown of his rigid shaft right to her
Larry pushed in and, as the full length of his cock slowly
disappeared into her, the bed shook and he let out a loud, quaking
moan of pleasure.
Turning his face to me, and with an expression of pure ecstacy,
he said, “Oh Les. You never told me your wife’s pussy felt THIS
Lisa was sucking me so well, and with such a hunger, I couldn’t
speak. I just looked at him, drunk in sexual pleasure and nodded.
Larry’s muscled ass began to tighten and churn as he slowly
started to fuck my wife.
“God!” he yelled. “I’ve fucked a lot of women but NEVER one that
felt as good as this!”
Larry eased himself down on Lisa now and I watched as his body
writhed and lurched in sexual intercourse on her shapely, spread-
legged form.
As he fucked her, with his cheek to hers, she continued to suck
my cock, cradling my balls in one hand as she wrapped her other arm
tightly around my brother.
I couldn’t hold out! The nasty sights and sensations were too
much for me. I could feel her suctioning mouth compelling my
orgasm from me as she sucked and licked and moaned and grunted on
my cock and I saw her working her pussy up at Larry who was fucking
her faster now.
Just as I was about to cum, Larry lifted his head and looked up
at me.
“I see what you mean,” he said, breathless from what he was
doing, “it IS hard to hold out inside of her. Oooo, her pussy is
so tight and hot and wet!”
He lifted himself back up on his muscular arms and I could see
his rigid cock, shiny with her fluids, pulling in and out of her
spread gash and churning into her as he turned to me and said, “I’m
going to cum, Les. I’m going to shoot my load into your lady,
Just as he asked, I went over the edge and ejaculated a stream
of cum into Lisa’s hot mouth.
I could feel her excitedly sucking the sperm right out of me.
“Yes!” I screamed and I heard Larry scream too.
The way he was fucking her now, deep and fast, I knew that he was
unloading his cum into her, just as I was cumming in her mouth.
I felt Lisa swallowing eagerly and heard her moaning loudly on
my spurting cock and, as I looked down, I saw her lifting her ass
as she thrashed her lower body up at Larry’s thrusting loins and
I realized that all three of us were cumming at the same time!
Lisa kept swallowing what my cock was feeding her and she
screamed through her nose as her body locked in orgasm and took the
cum from two men at the same time.
When my orgasm finished, the thrill of Lisa’s frantic tongue and
suction action became too intense for me and I pulled my cock back
and fell sideways on the bed, totally spent.
I watched as my brother’s ass cheeks clenched tightly, again and
again, between my wife’s receptive, open legs and he pumped the
rest of his load of sperm into her pussy.
Then he collapsed on top of her, just as her curvy body went
Now that my orgasm was over, a painful pang of jealousy gripped
my chest as I watched her wrap her arms around him and he responded
by gripping her to him.
I knew that his cock was still deep inside of her as I looked at
the closed-eyed, satisfied expression on Lisa’s sweet face while
they lay cheek to cheek on the bed.
The three of us just lay, motionless and panting, for long
minutes. Time for me to think about what had happened and what an
idiot I was for allowing it and what an asshole my brother was for
doing it and what a slut my wife had become for taking part in it.
I was thinking about kicking his ass off of her when Larry lifted
his head from hers, turned to me and said, “I could sure go for
some coffee, Les. Could you make us some?”
I was dumbfounded by his request.
“Coffee?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he said, “my mouth is really dry!”
Lisa, who’s face looked dreamy and satisfied on the pillow below
Larry’s, opened her eyes now and in her soft voice said, “It’s in
the cupboard over the sink, Les.”
I didn’t know what to do now. I got up from the bed murmuring,
“They want coffee now?” and I walked out of the room and downstairs
to the kitchen, muttering to myself.
What should I do? Get a kitchen knife and kill him? Divorce
I found the red Hills Brothers can and scooped some into the
paper filter and turned on Mr. Coffee.
What about me? I asked myself. I allowed it. I was turned on
by it. He ASKED me if he could do it.
It took a while for the coffee to brew and, while the decanter
filled, I got a tray and three cups and saucers and spoons.
Why didn’t I put a stop to it?
And what about Lisa? She seemed to enjoy all this too much! She
didn’t seem to protest at all! Was it Larry she really wanted?
Was it HE that she loved?
I didn’t know if Larry wanted cream and sugar so I went back up
to ask him.
As I approached the door, I could hear male and female moans and
the sounds of the bedsprings.
Christ, I thought, they’re fucking again!
I wanted to bust into the room and stop them but an odd, chilling
feeling gripped me as I crept to the open door and peered in.
I saw my wife and brother going at it again in my bed.
He was on top of her and fucking her and she was holding him in
her arms with her legs wide apart for him.
They both grunted with each of his forward thrusts as I stood and
watched them fuck.
After a time, Larry got on his back, his big, wet cock pointing
in the air, and Lisa scampered on top of him, guiding his cock to
her hole as she sat down on him.
From my vantage point, I could see her shapely ass churn and
churn and I could see his cock going up into her as she pressed
herself down on it.
Her ass moved faster and faster and then she said, “Ooo, Larry,
I’m going to cum again!”
I could see him reaching up and grasping her two little, cone
shaped titties as he said, “Do it, Lisa! Let yourself go! Cum for
“Ohhh,” Lisa shouted and I saw her ass push down hard so that his
cock went deep into her and then she ground down on him and
screamed, “Oooo! Oooo! Oooo!” for, what seemed like a minute.
When her cum subsided, Larry pulled her down on him and they
wetly kissed.
My rage was building and I was thinking about lawyers and
settlements and which one of us would keep our house.
Then I saw Larry whisper something and Lisa giggled and pulled
herself off of him and then got on her hands and knees and Larry,
his cock hard as a pipe, scampered behind her and guided his cock
to her pussy as she dropped her head to the pillow and held her ass
up for him.
I watched from the open door as he pushed his large, wet cock
into her, gripping her womanly hips, below her thin waist, and
fucking her fast and slow and fast again. I could hear his loins
slapping loudly against her soft ass cheeks and hear her repeated
moans of pleasure as the pains in my chest grew stronger.
After a time, he rolled her onto her back and got back on top of
her and fucked her in the missionary position for a while.
I watched his muscled ass churn, between her sexy thighs, as he
worked his cock in my wife’s pussy and then she whispered something
to him and he stopped fucking her and lifted his head up to look
at her pretty face on the pillow and said, “Really? You want to
do that for me?”
And I saw her smile and nod and then he got off of her and they
shifted around on the bed so that he was on his side facing her and
she scooted down and turned to him so that she could put his cock
in her mouth.
Lisa sucked and licked him, cradling his balls in her little
hand, and I could see his ass cheeks tighten with each pang of
pleasure she gave to him.
I could see her thighs and shapely ass as she lay on her side
with her face at his loins and his cock deep in her lovely mouth.
Her eyes were closed and he was caressing her hair as he said,
“Yeah! Ohh, good, Lisa! Yes! Oooh, you’re so good! Suck it!
Yes! I’m almost there! God! Oh! Fuck! I’m cumming, Lisa! Yes!
Oooo! Suck it out! Eat it! Yes, baby! Eat my cum!”
She never took her mouth from him until his ass cheeks finally
relaxed and then they both sat up and moved to a sitting position
at the head of the bed, side by side.
Lisa grinned at Larry and wiped a strand of his sperm off of her
chin and then they kissed.
I couldn’t stand it! I was trembling from rage and fear.
Fear of what?
I went back down and found that the coffee was ready.
I put the decanter on the tray and took it upstairs.
“Here’s the coffee,” I said as I burst into the room.
They were still sitting there, naked and side by side, ass cheek
to ass cheek on the bed.
“Great,” Larry said, reaching for a cup.
He gulped it down and then, looking at the clock on the dresser
said, “Wow. Four o’clock! I gotta’ go guys! I’ve got to work
“Aw,” Lisa protested, “really? So soon?”
Larry jumped up and put his clothes on and me and Lisa put on our
terry-cloth robes and saw him to the door.
I didn’t have much to say but Lisa said, “Thanks for the
wonderful evening Larry!”
“My pleasure, Sis,” he said and he kissed her on the cheek like
a respectable brother-in-law would.
Then he shook my hand and said, “That’s a wonderful girl you’ve
got there, Les. Don’t you EVER let her get away!”
“What about you?” I asked, not sure even what I meant by it.
“Me?” he said. “I’m going home! I’ve taken care of your
anniversary present and now I need some sleep!”
With that he walked out the door.
I turned to Lisa, ready to cry or give her hell. I didn’t know
Before I could say a word she grabbed me and ripped my robe open
and pushed me to the floor like a woman gone mad. She jumped on
me and straddled me and kissed me deeply and passionately.
“God,” she said, lifting her head and looking down at me, “I love
you, Les!”
“You DO?” I asked.
“Oh YES!” she said as she rubbed her wet pussy up and down my
loins and covered by face with kiss after kiss after wet kiss.
In spite of myself, my cock hardened rigid and Lisa, realizing
this, guided it to her pussy and sat on it, driving it deep into
her tight vagina.
She fucked me like a wild woman, cumming three times before she
was finally exhausted.
Then we went up to bed and I fucked her and held her and kissed
her until we had both cum again.
We were both so spent that we couldn’t move and we fell asleep
in each other’s arms. Even so, we fucked again the first thing the
next morning.
Lisa couldn’t seem to get enough sex after that night. I was
becoming fatigued from trying to keep up with her sexual demands.
I was fucked and sucked so much, that week, that I almost wanted
her horniness to stop.
It was five weeks later that we learned Lisa was pregnant.
Eight months after that Lisa gave me a son.
When I came home from the hospital that day, there was a card in
my mailbox from my brother.
It said:

I laughed. I noticed that he hadn’t added, “but one”.

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