How I Fucked My Roommate’s Girlfriend
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I have decided to transfer and attend a college in Rochester NY, majoring in computer technology. Upon arriving I was assigned a room by the resident advisor on my floor. I did not get a roommate because no one else was assigned to the room. I would later learn that there were less than 25 minorities living on campus. There was a total of 3000 student living on campus.

So it was no surprise that I would be the only minority in most of my classes. I was the first minority to enroll in the new computer curriculum at Rochester. It was in the spring semester that I got a roommate.

We however didn’t socialize with one another. We did however get along as roommates. Let me describe Larry. Larry was 6-0 and weighed 170 pounds had long black untrimmed hair and was Caucasian. Larry was majoring in chemistry but was not a nerd.

My college roommate had an Indian girlfriend. Her name was Prisha. Let me describe Prisha.

Prisha’s complexion was light milk chocolate , smooth skin and she is a statuesque , long legged slightly built young lady. Prisha had long jet black silky shiny hair. Most times Prisha wore her hair in a ponytail. Her hair extended down to her nice ass. She was 5-10 and weighed about 150 pounds and as I said she has long legs. She had at least 34 D or 34 DD tits. Best of all she had a nice big round delicious ass. At night I could hear Larry fucking the shit out of her as she moaned. Larry was fucking Prisha at least 3 times a week. Larry owned that pussy. On the weekends Prisha would spend the night. During the week Prisha stayed in our room as her and her roommate absolutely did not get along.

Late one Friday night as I was coming back in, Larry was on his way out to the liquor store to get some rum and some wine.

Larry told me that he would be back around 1:00 AM.

When I entered the room I noticed that his girlfriend Prisha was in the bed. I could see her because of the open door to our room was illuminating parts of our room. As I took off my clothes and go into my bed I could hear Prisha lightly snoring. This is when I got the crazy idea.

I took off my tee shirt and my underwear. I am now totally naked. My plan was to slip into the bed with Prisha and pretend to be Larry. I weighed the consequences if I got caught, but proceeded with my plan anyway.

So in the darkness of the room , I eased into the bed with Prisha.

As I moved along side of Prisha I realized that she was totally naked. Prisha has smooth soft skin.

Wow her body was so warm.

My hardened dick was resting on her nice round ass. I then reached over to cup her nice tits. I then started to massage her tits and nipples. I tell you it was a hand full.

While I was massaging Prisha’s nipples she repositioned herself. It was at that moment that I got really scared.

Now Prisha was laying on her back. I could once again hear her snoring. I too now repositioned myself. I moved down between her now spread opened long legs. I then took the head of my dick and slightly brushed it over her pussy slit. Prisha moved just a little and I thought I heard her moan. In any case her legs spread open a bit more. Now I took my moistened dick and placed my dick head right on Prisha’s wet pussy hole. I could feel Prisha move again and this time I knew she moaned for sure. I then eased my dick into Prisha’s hot juicy pussy. Prisha moaned a little louder this time. I then started pumping my dick slowly. I had most of my weight being supported by my arms. I started fucking Prisha faster. Then I really got scared when Prisha moaned out loud and call out Larry’s name “Oh Larry”. Then Prisha wrapped her arms around me. I was scared but I kept on fucking her. Then I could hear Prisha saying baby this dick is really nice tonight. Prisha then wrapped her legs around me. She had me in a bear hug. I kept on pounding that juicy fat pussy.

I now had all 7 inches of my dick deep down in Prisha’s hot pussy. I could hear Prisha whispering in my ear baby I love this dick tonight. I kept on fucking her and she kept on moaning. Then she said I wish that Ralph wasn’t here tonight.

I kept on fucking Prisha. I said to myself “damn this pussy is good”. Then Prisha came for the first time. She dug her fingernails deep into my back. I kept on fucking her. 5 minutes later she came again. Prisha said baby you must be really horny tonight. Your dick feels so big and you made me cum twice. I just kept on fucking her. Then after 6 minutes Prisha came for me again. Now I could feel the swell of my balls as I was about to cum. Less than another minute and I unloaded a ton of my hot cream deep into Prisha’s love hole. Prisha said wow baby I can feel your hot cream deep inside me. Then I rested on Prisha but kept most of my weight off of her. Prisha kissed me on my neck. That’s when she felt that I had a beard.

Prisha realized something was not right. She then ran her fingers over my face and realized that there was a mustache there. Then Prisha said WTF. Pushed me off of her and quickly turns on the desk light. Prisha called me a low life fucking bastard and a lot off other things. I quickly got back into my bed. I then listened to Prisha who continued calling me all kinds of names for the next 10 minutes. Then there was nothing but quietness in the room. I was afraid that she might say something to Larry. I also was also saying to myself,

Damn that was some good pussy. Larry is one fuckin lucky guy. About a hour later I could hear Larry coming into the room. when I woke up that Saturday morning Larry and Prisha were gone.

All day Saturday I thought about

how I had just fucked Prisha and how good that pussy was.

As my mind started drifting, I wondered how good she could suck dick, suck my dick. Then I wondered how I could fuck her again.

I had all kinds of crazy ideas running through my head. I even tried some crazy things.

I got a whole cucumber and was going to placed it in my bicycle shorts.

So both of them were in the room and when Larry would leave the room , I would try the cucumber routine. I made sure that Prisha noticed the big bulge in my shorts. I would ask her for her help with some chemistry questions. I would be talking to her and her eyes would be looking at the bulge in my shorts. I did this routine twice. The third time I did this I asked Prisha was there something wrong with my shorts. Prisha said no. I then said you know when people talk to you you should look at them. Prisha said sorry, your right. I then said if you like these shorts so much I will give them to you. Do you want it (as if that was an open question). Then I went back to my desk. Prisha’s face was flush. So now she knows that I am packing. Whenever Prisha would see me in those or any bicycle shorts , her eyes would stray down to my crotch area. Even thought I never used the cucumber again. On to my next plan. Hell I don’t know what it will be but I surely will think of something.

One day in the room Prisha had a dress on. As she was walking towards Larry’s desk Prisha tripped over books that she left on the floor. Prisha was in pain as she hit her ankle on the edge of the bed. As she laid on the floor I went to help her. As I went to help her I noticed that her ankle was cut and was bleeding.

I immediately got some paper towels and one of my tee shirts.

First I pressed the paper towel on the cut. After 30 or so seconds the bleeding had stopped. I tore away the extra paper towel. Then I decided to get one of my sweet socks. I tied it around Prisha’s ankle and over the piece of paper towel. Then I told Prisha to sit on the edge of the bed. Prisha unknowingly had her legs open. I could see she did not have on any panties. I was steering and Prisha caught me looking right up her dress. She quickly closed her legs. She then looked at me as I smiled at her. Once again her face was flush as she realizes that she did not have on any panties. I then said leave the sock on for another 10 minutes.

Prisha said thanks. I then replied thanks and smiled. Prisha once again blushed. What I saw when her legs was wide open was a thick black hairy bush at the end of that tunnel.

Monday night I could hear Larry once again fucking the shit out of Prisha. I immediately thought about how I had fucked her. I also wondered about if she was thinking about how I fucked her with my big 7 inch dick. It was hard for me to go to sleep that night. All I could think about was being in that big fat juicy pussy of Prisha’s and making her cum three time in less than an hour.

Tuesday was now here. I was in my room changing when Larry and Prisha came in. They startled me and my towel dropped to the floor. I tried to cover up but it was too late as I saw Prisha gawking at my simi erect dick. Larry tried to get in between Prisha and myself but it was too late. I managed to pick up the towel. I then got my bicycle shorts and then I put them on while I used my bed blanket to cover me while I put on my shorts.

I then went down the hall to watch tv. When I came back only Prisha was in the room. I asked Prisha where is Larry. Prisha said that Larry went to basketball practice. I then sat at my desk. I managed to sneak the cucumber into my bicycle shorts. I then got my books out and pretended to start studying. 4 or 5 minutes later I turn around and asked Prisha could she help me with a chemistry problem. Prisha said sure and walked over to my desk. She pulled up a chair and sat beside me. On occasion I could see Prisha glancing at the big bulge in my bicycle shorts. Prisha started to fidget and rock her legs while sitting in the chair. I even asked her was she ok. In a deep breath Prisha said yes she was ok. But I knew different.

Then I really pushed it. I scratched the bulge in my shorts. I quickly turned to Prisha only to catch her looking at my bulge with her mouth open.

I then said to Prisha that I want to apologize to you. When I stupidly got into the bed with and had sex with you. I also want to thank you for not telling Larry about what happened. Prisha then said yes about that night. But I am still thinking about telling Larry. I then said how can I make it up to you or at least try to make it up to you. Sorry that didn’t even sound right. What I did was wrong. Prisha then said so you want to make it up to me. Ok then you have to do what I say.

I then said ok. I want you to go and take a shower. I said I just took a shower. Prisha said oh yes that’s right. Then she said I want you to take off your bicycle shorts. Now I was in trouble. I still had the cucumber in my shorts. I said ok but you have to lock the door. As Prisha walked over to lock the door I quickly slid the cucumber into the top desk draw. When Prisha got back she said well what are you waiting for. So I slipped off my shorts exposing my simi hard dick. Prisha’s face lit up. I then said so you wanted to see my dick. I then said I hope you are enjoying it. Prisha then said you talk too much. She then approached me. I tried to take command back from her. I then said well I know you want to hold it, so do it. Prisha looked me dead in the eye as she wrapped her hand around my dick. Prisha said wow it’s so big. Yeah you told me that the other night when you had your legs wide open. I then said don’t you want to kiss it. Prisha then smiled and dropped to her knees. First Prisha kissed the tip of my dick. Then she kissed the head of my dick. Then she wrapped her lips around the head of my dick. I moaned as the head of my dick was now in her warm mouth. Then she inhaled my whole 4 inch dick. As she sucked my dick in that warm moist mouth of hers , my dick quickly grew to its full 7 inches. When Prisha pulled my dick out of her mouth she was amazed at its size. She said WOW. Then Prisha shoved my dick back into her mouth. Prisha was sucking my dick and jerking me off at the same time.

Prisha was on a mission. She wanted to make me cum and in 10 minutes she got what she wanted. A mouthful of my hot cum. Then she swallowed. I told her that was really good. But not as good as when I fucked you and made you cum 3 times.

Prisha then said so now your getting bold. She said that she could still tell Larry what I did. I then said you ain’t gonna do shit, because if you do I am going to tell him that you dropped to your knees and sucked my dick. I came in your mouth and you swallowed every last drop and then licked your fingers. I then said from now on you gonna do what I say, do you understand !!!! And wipe off the cum from your chin.

Two days would pass before Larry had practice again. This was the perfect opportunity to get my dick sucked again. Prisha came into the room with a classmate. Once into the room Prisha introduced her friend. Her friends name was Anna. Anna was about 5-3 and weighed about 125 to 130 pounds. Big ass and supersized tits. Short hair. I had on my bicycle shorts but quickly slid a fresh cucumber into my shorts.

After 5 minutes Anna noticed the bulge in my shorts. I could then see Anna whispering into Prisha’s ear. Then they both laughed. Anna kept sneaking peeks at the bulge in my shorts.

Then after 20 minutes Anna left.

As Anna left and Prisha went to lock the door , I quickly removed the cucumber. Then I asked Prisha don’t you want to play with my big dick, we miss you.

Prisha quickly said no. I then dropped my shorts and started playing with my dick. Prisha then came closer to watch. Then she went to try to wrap her finger around my dick but I quickly pulled it away from her outreached hand. I told her that she has to ask first. Defiantly Prisha walked away. When Larry came back Prisha said that she would be back after she took a shower. Two hours later Prisha came back. Two hours later I could see the Silhouette of Prisha’s head going up and down. Prisha was sucking Larry’s dick. Then I heard more rustling. I could hear the bed squeaking. I take it that Larry was now on top. Then I heard Prisha moaning. Yep Larry was giving it to her good. Then I heard Larry groan loudly. Then there was silence. After 20 minutes I could hear Prisha getting dress. Then just like that Prisha was gone.

Now it was Thursday and Larry was playing in a thanksgiving basketball tournament and would be away for the weekend.

I was studying for my upcoming test on Monday. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Anna who was looking for Prisha. I had opened the door and Anna walked right in before I could even answer. After I had mentioned that Prisha was not here , Anna said that’s ok I wasn’t really looking for Prisha anyway. I then said how can I help you. Then Anna walked right up to me rubbed my dick and said you can give me some of this. I then moved against the wall and told Anna we’ll come and get it. Anna glided slowly across the floor looking me dead in my eyes. As Anna was standing right in front of me she got down on her knees. Anna slowly pulled down my shorts , caressed my dick , kissed the head of my dick then slowly eased my dick into her mouth.

My dick quickly grew in her mouth but Anna only sucked harder. When my dick got to be too much for her hot wet mouth , Anna pulled my dick out. When she looked at my dick her reaction was WOW. Then Anna kissed the head of my dick again and then started sucking it again. Damn she was good at sucking dick. She must have sensed that I was about to explode in her mouth so she stopped. Then she took off her clothes laid in my bed with her legs wide open. I started sucking on her gigantic tits and large erect nipples. I then started rubbing her clean shaved pussy.

I gave it the smell test. All was good so I ventured down to lick her soaking wet pussy. After 4 minutes Anna came. I continued to torture her by continuing my assault on her throbbing pussy.

In just 3 minutes later Anna came for me again. Now I jumped up and violently shoved my dick into Anna pussy hole. Anna howled out real loud. Then she grabbed me and wrapped her arms around me. I was fucking Anna hard and fast. Anna was moaning like crazy.

She was panting out “come on baby fuck me”. And fuck her I did. Anna came for me 5 times in the 40 minutes of fucking her.

I then told Anna that I want to cum in her nice mouth. Anna said she does not do that. I kept fucking her. I then said ok I won’t cum in her mouth. I then got up and stood by the wall. Anna came over, dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick. Anna knew I was about to cum and tried to pull away. I grabbed her head and shot my load deep down into her mouth.

Anna pulled away and called me all kinds of names. She quickly got dressed and left.

So now it’s Saturday noon time. I am just chillin in my room when I hear a knock at my door. It’s Anna , I asked can I help you. Anna said could she come in. I said ok.

Once she entered the room I asked her again can I help you. Anna boldly said can you fuck me again. I told her that she would have to suck my dick , make me cum and swallow every last drop of my cum.

I then said that’s the only way you gonna get some of this dick when you want it. Anna reluctantly said ok. I then moved to lock the door. I then said so you liked the way I fucked you. Anna said yes that’s why I am back.

I then moved to the wall and with my hand I motioned for her to come here. Anna walked over to me, dropped to her knees and pull down my shorts. Once my shorts were down to my ankles I stepped out of them. Anna now caressed my dick with her mouth. Then she started sucking my dick. When she got it to its full 7 inches Anna started jerking me off while she continued to suck my dick. In 6 minutes I flooded Anna’s mouth with a ton of my hot thick cum.

This time Anna willingly allow this to happen. Anna swallowed everything but what surprised me was that Anna kept sucking my dick. Then Anna got up and looked me dead in the eye and calmly walked over to the bed took off all her clothes and got into my bed. Anna kept looking at me as if to mock me. I slowly walked over to her and told her that’s the way to suck my dick.

I loved how you tried to drain the rest of my cum from my dick canal. You see it wasn’t that bad. You gonna love sucking my dick and swallowing my cum. From the looks on your face you like my cum.

I then started sucking Anna’s big tits. Anna is moaning. I then started playing with her now very wet pussy. I said damn Anna your pussy got so wet from just sucking my dick. Anna laughed.

I then started massaging and then sucking Anna’s pussy. Anna came for me 5 minutes later. Then 5 more minutes later Anna came for me again. Then I once again shoved my 7 inch dick into her throbbing pussy. Once again Anna Yelled out as shoved my big black dick past the gates of Anna’s pussy. Then I could hear her breathing heavy as I was fucking her. Then there was the bear hug that she had me in. Anna tried to wrap her short legs around me but couldn’t. I kept on fucking her.

I tried several positions. I fucked her every way imaginable. Anna must have cum 7 or 8 times. She was exhausted. I had fucked her so long that she started crying. She was pleading for me to stop fucking her. She was saying baby please cum. I jumped up my knees were now on both sides of her head and I shoved my dick in her mouth.

Anna instinctively started sucking my dick. In another minute I would blast my cum into her mouth. Damn she almost choked from the amount of cum that I shot down into her mouth.

All you now need to know was that Anna swallowed, wiped her lips and placed her fingers in her mouth all while looking at me.

Anna got dressed and was ready to leave. Before Anna left she told me that Prisha was right. Prisha had told her how I fucked her. She told Anna that my dick was so good that one night that I made her cum 3 times. Larry only could make her cum one time on any occasion.

She told Anna that the bulge she saw in my shorts that I know how to use it. She also said that it filled up her pussy and no one ever got the deep down in her love hole. Then Anna left.

Now that Anna told me what Prisha thought my attention now turn back to fucking Prisha.

I purposely walked past Prisha’s dorm and waited outside for Prisha to go to her usual early dinner.

So after waiting 45 minutes Prisha finally came outside to go to dinner. I immediately said hello. Prisha then said oh hi Ralph how are you today. I then said I’m am fine now that I have seen you. Prisha smiled.

I then asked if I could join her for dinner in the cafeteria. Prisha hesitantly said ok. So now we are just about finish eating. I then told Prisha that once again I was sorry for jumping into the bed with her. I then waited for some scolding remarks but I only heard silence. So then I pushed my luck. I said like I said I am sorry , but I will tell you this. That is the best pussy that I have ever had in my entire life.

I truly envy Larry. Damn I miss you whispering in my ear that you love this dick tonight as you held me tighter. You came for me three times as I could feel your pussy muscles clamping down on my dick. I tell you there is nothing like being in a nice warm Indian pussy. What I would give to have that feeling again.

Then we started walking back to the dormitories. I then said to Prisha if your not doing anything later stop by. I know that you and your roommate don’t exactly get along. If you do stop by I have two nice bottle of white Zinfandel. Then I said goodbye. Prisha also said goodbye.

So now I am working on my English paper report that is due next week. It’s about 8:30 when I hear a knock on the door. I opened the door only to see Prisha in jeans and a tee shirt with flats on. I then said come in what a nice surprise. I did not think that you would take me up in my offer. Have a seat and relax. Can I get you a glass of wine. Prisha said yes , thank you. I then said let me turn down my music. I then sat down on my bed as Prisha was sitting at the edge of Larry’s bed. I then pour both of a glass of wine. I then gave Prisha her glass of wine.

Prisha said I am sorry to interrupt you. I did not know you were working on a paper. So what subject is that paper for. I then said it’s for my English class. So in our conversation we both finished our glass of wine. I then asked Prisha if I could pour her another glass of wine. She said yes. So I poured us both another round of wine. I then closed all of my books and change the music to soft mellow music.

I asked Prisha if she like to dance. Prisha said she loves to dance. I then said so let’s dance. Prisha said no , not to slow music. I asked why not. She just said no. I then asked her was she afraid to dance with me on slow songs. Prisha said no. Then I said you are afraid. Afraid of what might happen. Prisha said and what is it that might happen. I said your closeness to my body might wake up my big friend. Then he would rubbing and massaging your nice juicy hot pussy. You might lose control and end up in the bed with me. Prisha said your crazy.

I then said well ok that’s settle it, let’s dance. Prisha said ok.

I then stood up and walked right in front of Prisha and extended my hand to her. She reached for my hand as she stood up. I then held her around her waist with one hand and the other hand was high in her back. I then whispered in her ear , you see that wasn’t that bad. I told her that she really smells good. We were dancing to a slow Issac Hayes song. It was a long slow song. I eased Prisha a little closer to me as we danced. I started massaging her middle back with my right hand. Now I could feel my dick getting hard.

Prisha could also feel it. I knew she could feel my now hard dick as it was grinding against her jean covered pussy. Prisha was breathing a little heavier. That’s when I started massaging her lower back with my right hand.

I drew Prisha a little closer. She did not object. My right leg was now in between her legs. My dick was laying dead in her pussy covered jeans. I could get Prisha take a dry deep breath.

Prisha then rested her head on my shoulder. I then slowly slid my right hand on the upper part of her ass. Prisha did not object.

About ten seconds later I was slightly massaging Prisha nice big round ass. I heard Prisha moan. Then I started squeezing and massaging her nice ass. Prisha did not object. Then I danced Prisha over to the wall. I then took both her hands in mine and raised them over her head. I started really grinding on her pussy. I then kissed Prisha on her neck and I could hear her take a deep breath. Again I kissed her neck , and again. Then I lowered our arms. I then moved down to kiss her tits. I was kissing her tits through her tee shirt a soft material bra.

Prisha moaned. I then moved my right hand under her tee shirt and started massaging her tits.

Then I pushed up her bra exposing her bare tits to my hand. I then went back to kissing Prisha’s neck while I now was massaging her nice sized nipples. Her nipples were hard but in 30 second they were now totally hard an erect. Prisha was now moaning even louder. I now lifted her tee shirt as my mouth and tongue found it’s way to her tits and her nipples. I wasted no time in sucking those nipples of hers. I could now feel Prisha’s hand caressing my head as I sucked her nipples. Then I returned to kissing Prisha’s neck. I had also started rubbing Prisha’s jean covered pussy. Then I went to kiss Prisha. After 5 minutes of pecking and licking those luscious lips of her , Prisha finally opened her mouth to accept my long tongue into her mouth. We then played tongue tag. I continued to rub Prisha’s Jean covered pussy. Prisha had now spread her legs wider.

So now it was time to to feel that hairy pussy of hers. I then unbuckled her belt , then I unsnapped her jeans. Then I unzipped her jeans. Now I was able to slip my hand under the waistband of her jeans and panties. Wow her pussy was soaking wet. I immediately started massaging her clit. In less than 30 seconds her clit came out to play. Now Prisha really spread her legs wider as I massaged her hot pussy. 4 minutes later Prisha came for me. Now I went back to sucking on her tits as I let her throbbing pussy calm down. Once again Prisha caressed my head with both hands this time. I went to kiss Prisha and she immediately stuck her tongue into my mouth. I unhooked her bra.

I then slid back down her long body and started sucking one tit and fondling the other with my hand. After 3 minutes I once again continued my journey downward on her body. I then got down on my knees and once there I slid down Prisha’s jeans then her panties. I pulled them off of each leg. I then buried my face into that jungle of hers. My tongue then carved out a path to her wet pussy. Once I found her wet pussy slit , Prisha grabbed my head with both hands and then called out my name. I lapped all of her leaking pussy juice. Then I found my way to her protruding clit.

I corralled get clit and started massaging it in a circular motion. Then I started sucking it.

Prisha came for me in 6 minutes.

As it is a routine for me I continue massaging her pussy slit. I gave her clit a short break. When Prisha started moaning again I attacked her clit again. Prisha came for me again in 4 minutes. Her legs became very weak. I then helped her to my bed and laid her down. I then started sucking her tits again.

I then removed everything that I had on as I sucked on her tits.

Once I was totally naked I then removed Prisha’s tee shirt and bra.

Now both of us are totally naked and the fun was just about to start. I purposely stood by Prisha’s face as I bent over to massage the folds of Prisha’s pussy. My dick was steering right at Prisha. About 20 seconds of massaging Prisha’s pussy slit, I felt Prisha’s hand caressing my dick. Then she shifted her head closer to my dick. Then it happened. Prisha eased my dick into her moist warm mouth. Prisha was gently sucking my dick. After 5 minutes I had to stop her as she almost made me cum. I then laid on top of Prisha. I pried her legs open with my legs. I then kissed her on her neck several times. At the same time I was sliding my dick up and down Prisha’s pussy slit.

Prisha was moaning and now kissing me on my neck. She now had her feet planted on the bed as her knees were up. Prisha was impatiently waiting for me to invade her nice pussy hole again. I could feel her breathing heavy. Then she wrapped her arms around me. She wanted the dick. I then started massaging her pussy hole with the head of my dick. Prisha was now going crazy. Yes she wanted the dick. I kept massaging her pussy hole but now the head of my dick was in her pushy hole. Prisha tried to push up to get more of my 7 inch dick into her starving hot wet juicy pussy. I pulled away when she pushed up to get more dick.

I then gave her about another inch of my dick. Prisha was squirming in the bed. Then Prisha said come on and fuck me.

Stop playing around. I want to feel that big dick of your way down in my pussy again. I then said do you miss this big dick.

You miss this big dick that filled up your nice Pussy. You missed this big dick that made you cum 3 times. Prisha said yes I miss it.

I miss your big dick. With that I shoved all 7 inches of my dick into her hungry pussy. Prisha yelled out so loud I thought that the resident advisor would knock on my door. I was really fucking Prisha good now and by all of the sounds she was making, I knew that I was fucking her good. Prisha came for me twice in 15 minutes.

Then I made her suck my dick some more. She was trying to make me cum as she was sucking hard and jerking me off at the same time. 2 minutes later she accomplished her goal. There was a great eruption of my cum deep into Prisha’s mouth. Prisha kept sucking. She kept sucking until there was no more cum in my dick canal.

Then Prisha released my dick.

There was not a single trace of my cum. Shew swallowed everything. The first , second and third spurts. Plus she totally cleaned my pipe. Damn she was good.

Now to keep the ball rolling I went back to licking and sucking Prisha’s juicy pussy. 4 minutes later she came for me again.

I then started sucking on her nipples again. I played with her tits for 5 whole minutes. Then I started rubbing her juicy hole again. I inserted two fingers into her love hole. I started massaging her G Spot. Boy did I make her cum. She was grinding her nice round ass into the bed and constantly moaning. Then Prisha arched her back and yelled out “Oh Baby”. Prisha squirted all over my hand and bed. Then she had a mini orgasm. Afterwards she was huffing and puffing. She just looked at me smiling and shaking her head. I then said did you like that. She could barely get her “YES” response out.

Now I started sucking on her nipples again. Prisha said damn baby you are good. I then said do you like my big dick. Prisha said what do you think. I said I don’t know you have to tell me , after all you are Larry’s girl.

And I guess when he comes back you don’t want no more of this dick. Prisha then said I love your dick. I said but not better than Larry’s dick. Prisha said I love your dick way better. I said why do you love it better. Prisha said said because it’s so big and strong. And you don’t cum in just 5 to 10 minutes. You have excellent stamina. So like I said when Larry comes back I can’t get anymore of this good pussy.

Prisha said he still goes to basketball practice.

Then Prisha started to get dressed. I stopped her and said where do you think your going.

I am not finished with you. Then I pushed her back down into the bed and started licking her pussy again. Prisha came for me in 2 minutes. Then I asked her if she wanted more dick. She did not reply. I then jumped up and fed her pussy hole about 2 inches of my dick but no more than 2 inches. I was massaging the rim of her pussy hole. Prisha was moaning, again I asked her if she wanted more dick. Prisha barely got out a response of “yes”. I then said I can’t hear you , do you want more dick. Then Prisha yelled out “YES” , “Yes baby give me some dick”. I then said are you gonna spend the night with me. Prisha said yes if you want me to. I said yes I want to lay in this nice warm juicy Indian pussy all night long.

I want to make you think about how good this dick is when Larry is in you. I want you to remember how I filled up this nice pussy of yours. I want you to remember how you have let me open up this nice pussy of yours. I want you to think about me the next time your with Larry.

Just with all of that talk Prisha came for me again. I was really pounding that juicy pussy of hers. You could hear the sloshing sound as my dick moved in and out of her soaking wet pussy. 4 minutes later and Prisha came for me again. Then I got up and laid down. I told her to come and fuck me. Then Prisha got up and positioned herself over my dick. Prisha slowly eased her juicy pussy onto my 7 inch duck. Then Prisha started riding my dick. Her big cantaloupe tits were flopping in my face. She was riding my dick as if she was riding a horse in the Kentucky Derby. Then she came and collapsed onto my chest. My dick remained inside her as I now caressed her nice round ass. I was now massaging her nice round ass. I asked Prisha don’t you always want to have this nice big dick. Prisha was breathing hard. Her pussy juice and her cum was now leaking onto my dick. I told her that she was so wet. Prisha said you did that , you made me wet like that. I told her again this is the best pussy I ever had. Prisha said really ?? Then Prisha said this is the best dick that I ever had. I then said even better than Larry. Prisha said Larry is a nice guy but his dick is much smaller than yours. And yours is much fatter than his. That is why you have filled up my juicy Indian pussy. I always heard that black guys have big dicks. So now I know. My girlfriends back in India always said don’t let a black guy fuck you. He will rip your pussy hole and leave you in total pain while your bleeding. So stay away. Also for cultural and social reason too.

So after this weekend will you give me some of this nice pussy.

Prisha said I told you yes before.

But only when Larry is at a game or practice. I then told Prisha to come and suck my dick. In no time Prisha had my dick to it’s full 7 inches. Then she started jerking me off while sucking my dick. 4 or 5 minutes later I blasted all my cum into her warm mouth. Prisha once again swallowed all of my hot cum then wiped her mouth and then sucked her fingers. Boy she look so hot. Now both of us are laying in the bed. I tell Prisha to lay on top of me. Her clit is resting right on my simi hard dick. I am massage that nice round big ass of hers. Prisha asked me how I could last so long. I told her I was taught a lot of stuff when I was 13. My mother’s Spanish friend secretly took me under her wings. She taught me how to fuck the right way. She taught me how to eat pussy. She taught me a lot of things.

Her husband was in jail doing a five year sentence. We lived in the same building. She was 27 and I was 13. So while we are on that subject of eating pussy. How do you like the way that I ate your juicy pussy. Prisha said you don’t hear any complaints from me. I love the way you go down on me. You make me cum not once but sometimes two times. Your tongue seems so long. Especially when you put it down in my tight pussy hole. I like the way you lap up all my dripping pussy juice like a hungry thirsty dog. Then you give me the dick that my throbbing pussy needs. I then told Prisha that she looks so damn sexy when she is on her knees sucking dick. Sucking my dick with those nice tities of yours just dangling there. You also know how to suck dick really good. Prisha says ok enough talk. You should get back to work. I then said yes boss as I began to massage Prisha’s pussy with my long tongue. I totally lost count on how many times I was able to make Prisha cum. I know that she made me cum 4 times. I was having trouble walking staring as my balls felt as they were hanging down to my foot.

So we both fell asleep exhausted while holding each other. Now it was Sunday morning and I noticed that my dick was totally hard. Prisha had inhaled my dick and was just about to make me cum. I tried to stop her but it was too late. I came in her mouth with four explosive spurts of cum. I also almost peed in her mouth. I had to get up and rush to the bathroom to take a leak. Wow that was an intense explosion in her mouth. WOW.

I then took care of Prisha and her love box. We spent 2 hours of making each other cum. Then we went to the cafeteria for breakfast. Then Prisha went back to her room and I returned to my dorm to study for my upcoming test.

So Sunday night Larry gets back. But prior to his return I use air freshener in the room and then I opened the window. Larry came back with a trophy as each member of the winning team received a trophy. Larry then told me that the team trophy was really nice. After Larry settled in, he called Prisha and asked her to come over.

I heard part of the conversation but the bottom line is that Prisha told Larry that she wasn’t feeling well. She also said I will see you tomorrow. Then Larry said goodnight and hung up the phone. Then Larry muttered DAMN !!! Damn that would have been interesting having Prisha come over. Then to see a silhouette of Larry going down on Prisha. And me knowing that a few hours earlier I had filled her up with my cum.

So Monday is here and I am studying for my upcoming test.

Larry and Prisha enter the room.

I look at both of them. Prisha has this awkward look on her face. I just smiled. I continued to study. I see Larry holding and kissing Prisha. I thought to myself damn just yesterday she had those luscious lips wrapped around my big dick. Sucking on my dick like it was a baby’s bottle of milk. Feeding it to her completely filling her mouth to satisfaction. I wonder what she was thinking at the time. I then left the room as I did not want to cock block. When I came back 3 hours later they were both gone.

I guess they went to the cafeteria for dinner. In any case they came back to the room a hour later. I then studied a bit longer I fell asleep While studying. I was awaken by Prisha moaning as Larry was fucking her. Then there was silence. I drifted off to sleep.

Early Tuesday morning I got up and got dressed. My first stop was to the cafeteria to have breakfast then to my 8:00 AM chemistry test. But before leaving I could see Larry and Prisha covered up in his bed.

After classes I came back to my dorm room. There I found Larry and Prisha. Larry was just about to leave for basketball practice.

As usual Prisha stayed in the room studying and waiting for Larry’s return. I went over to my desk and played some music.

So here it is , just me and Prisha.

Prisha then walked over to the door and locked it. Then she walked over to my bed and sat on it. I looked at her and smiled.

I then said did you have fun last night. Prisha then said , not as much fun as I am going to have now. Then she reached under my pillow and pulled a pair of her panties that was stuffed in the pillow case. Prisha said baby you did not find the panties that I left you. I rubbed my juicy pussy until I came on them. Then I took them off and put them into your pillow case. I then said I did not even know that they were there. Prisha then threw them at me. I caught them and took a sniff. I then said nice.

Prisha said what would be nice if you give me some of that nice big black dick of yours. I stood up and walked over to the wall and said here it is come and get it. Prisha slowly walked over to me and got on her knees , unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled both my pants and underwear down. Then she kissed he head of my dick and said I miss you baby. Then she started sucking her baby bottle. In 7 minutes I came for her. Prisha then walked over to my bed and sat down. She then pulled up her dress took off her panties and laid back with her legs open. I said to myself there is no way in hell I am going to lick that pussy. Not after Larry got finished doing her. I took my dick and ran it up and down her pussy. My dick was not totally limp. Then with the head of my dick I massaged her clit. I did that for 7 minutes and Prisha came for me. During this time my dick recovered from her nice dick sucking.

While she was still coming I shoved my 7 inch dick right down into her pussy hole. Prisha screamed out. She screamed so loud that I thought I might get into trouble if one of Larry’s friends heard that scream. Prisha then had me in a bear hug. She was trying to kiss me, but I was more interested in fucking her so that she would forget that Larry was her boyfriend.

The fucking was getting real good to Prisha as she wrapped her legs around my ass. As I looked back I could see most of my dick covered in white. Her juices and cum was all over my now erect long hard dick. Then she starting saying baby I miss this dick. I then said you will miss it even more by the time I open up this nice tight juicy Indian pussy of yours. I started hitting the bottom. Yes I was now hitting her cervix on every down stroke. That’s when Prisha locked her feet. She had her long strong smooth legs wrapped around my ass and had her legs locked with her feet. Man oh man was I fucking her real good. Fucking her better than I had ever fucked her before and Prisha loved it. The whole damn room smelled of sex and my bed sheets had one gigantic wet spot.

Prisha had cum for me 3 times in the 45 minutes of fucking her.

At the end of the 45 minutes I unloaded my hot thick cum deep down into Prisha’s pussy hole.

She was out of breath and I was dead tired. I was exhausted, we both were. Prisha got dressed , so did I. Then I opened the windows and sprayed the room with air freshener.

Prisha was now sitting on Larry’s bed. She seemed to be a little sad. I asked her what was wrong.

Prisha said I love the way you feel when your inside of me and how you make me cum all over the place.

However Larry is my boyfriend but you make me feel so damn good and Larry is just ok. I don’t know what to do. Larry is nice and I don’t want to hurt him.

I just can’t get you out of mind.

How you snuck into my bed and fucked me with that big dick of yours. How you filled me up. That was the first time in my life that my pussy was totally filled up. Then you fucked me better than anyone else. I thought you were Larry. I was outraged when I found out that it wasn’t Larry who just fucked me. Then that next morning the rage turn out to be a craving of some more of your big pussy filling dick. So here we are. Me cheating on my boyfriend and you fucking your roommate’s girlfriend. Having her legs wide open while you explore way down deep in that unexplored pussy hole of hers. Or having her on her knees sucking your dick while her naked titties are dangling. You filling up her mouth with your seed and her loving it. I don’t know what to do.

I then walked over to Prisha and held the sides of her head and kiss the top of her head. I actually did not know what to say. I asked her if she wanted to stop having sex with me and she said no. I kissed her again in the same way. I then unlocked the door. I left Prisha in the room as I went down the hallway to talk to a classmate.

Larry comes back from practice.

They both go to dinner. As I am coming back to the room Anna is at the door. I say hello to Anna. Anna replies high Ralph.

I said you just missed Prisha.

Anna says damn. I said they just went to dinner about 10 minutes ago. Anna then said aren’t you going to open the door and invite me in. I told Anna that they would soon be back. Anna said that’s ok. Then as soon as I opens the door Anna locked the door and pushed me against the wall. She immediately dropped to her knees, pull down my pants and shorts and the started sucking my dick like a mad woman. I was almost ready to cum in 4 minutes but forced myself not to. But I could only last a total of 6 minutes. Damn she was a beast. Anna then got up , wiped her mouth, unlocked the door and calmly walked out of my room without saying a word. I said the next time I am going to literally fuck the shit out of her. But at least I got my pipes cleaned. What a nice day it turned out to be. Two nice women blowing my horn.

A whole week had now passed and 3 times during the week Larry was fucking Prisha at night. He did not have basketball practice for that whole week. Which meant I did not have Prisha sucking my dick.

5 days have passed. Saturday afternoon I see Anna. She asked me could I come to her room to fix her desk draws which were stuck. I asked her for her dorm and room number. I then I would be there in 15 minutes. So around 25 minutes later I arrived at Anna’s dorm room. I knocked and she answered the door. I entered and Anna said have a seat. I then said which desk has the problem. Anna said both desk are fine silly. I then said so why did you get me here. Anna said you know why silly. I then said “Oh I See”. I said what about your roommate. Anna said she won’t be back until Sunday evening. Then I motioned for Anna to come here.

I then pointed to my dick. Anna got the message. She unzipped my pants, dropped to her knees. Then she searched for my dick and pulled it out. Anna started sucking my 3 inch dick. She was making my dick grow in her mouth. When she finally pulled out my dick , she looked at it and said now that’s what I am talking about. She the kissed my 7 inch dick. Then she started sucking it some more. Then she stopped and said I need you to fuck me. She then undressed me then she took off all of her clothes. She got into the bed. I joined her. I then spread her fat pussy and gave her one of her best pussy eating orgasm she ever had. But I did not stop. I gave her another earth shattering pussy eating orgasm.

Then I rolled her over onto her stomach. I then took some of her juices and her cum and wiped it on her ass hole and the head of my dick. Anna asked me what am I doing. I told her to be quiet or else I would leave. I then took the head of my dick and started massaging the outer rim of Anna’s ass hole. Anna said Ralph not there, please not there. I continued massaging the outer rim of Anna’s ass hole.

Anna started to moan. Now I got some more of her wetness and put more on her ass hole. I now was directly massaging her ass hole with my dick head.

Anna moaned even more.

After 4 minutes I now had my whole dick head in her ass hole.

I kept massaging her ass hole in a circular motion and Anna kept moaning. As she became more relaxed I was able to sneak more of my dick into tight ass hole. I let her relax a little more as I now had about 3 inches of my dick in the canyon of her ass.

I started a slight in and out motion. Anna was moaning even more. Then she said please don’t hurt me. I asked her is it hurting now. Anna said no, then I said well shut the hell up and take this nice ass fucking that I am about to give you. After another 3 minutes I had 5 inches in her nice tight ass hole. Now I started pumping away. I had Anna howling like the dog I turned her into. I asked her if she wanted me to stop. Anna said nooooo ! I asked her do you like my big dick all up in you tight ass hole. Anna panted out a “Yes”. She was breathing deeply as I was fucking that big ass of hers. I had her gripping the covers of her bed. Every time I shoved my dick down into ass hole she would howl. Yes I was literally fucking the shit out of her. As my dick was covered with her shit. Then I came in that tight ass hole of hers. I grabbed one of her tee shirts to wipe the shit off of my dick. Then I gave her a tee shirt that was hanging on her chair. She cleaned up a bit. Then she put a sheet over the bed covers. I then got between her legs and took my dick and massaged her clit for 4 minutes then she came. Then I got dressed and got the hell out of there. I told her to call me when she wants some more of this dick in that nice ass hole of hers.

Now I went back to my room and got some clothes and took a shower.

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