Something for Mom
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Billy Watts waitted what seem like forever
he seen it in a magazine he was looking at, he tore the page out, at the store .

Made a bee line home, checked his savings, he had enough, so he got online and ordered it, he knew his mom would like it.

She always working so hard for him to make sure he has every thing a boy his age wanted , but this time he would do this for her .

So now he waiting for the UPS truck , he played a few games , then the door bell rang he opened the door , the guy was standing with a large box , Billy knew he wouldn`t give it to him so he gave the guy fifty extra bucks just for him .

He helped Billy with the box into the room he had set up for this, he had a knife he cut the box open, found the instructions
he laughed how hard can this be .

Billy look thru all the parts, made sure everything was there, he thought back about when his dad left them , he heard them having sex, telling her what wonderful lips she had and how great she sucked his cockc , even licked and sucked his balls .

The way she w ould always moan begging him to fuck her harder, but he would always tease her it drove her crazy, she would beg him just to make her cum , some time he did others he would hear her in the bathroom fucking her self with a dildo or cucumber, which she would serve in the salad .

Then the day came he told them he wa s thru she cried, asked him what about him “Billy” , not that he did anything with him ever he left, so mom went to work , she would come home fix something for him to eatand go out, he would hear her come in sometimes with a guy , he could hear them .

Billy held the power source, great he said life time warranty, self charging, hope she wont wear it out, she was hard on some things like guys, he would tell the to fuck her harder, he seen a black guys leave one morning, he was saying that bitch can fuck , he said his cock so sore.

But his mom was happy when she got laid
bu the time she didn`t he did his best
not to make her mad , well maybe this will cheer her up he thought.

He began to put it together, he seen it could be many colors , he picked the cover on the box , he looked at all the programing codes , thank god he wa pretty smart for a kid his age.

soon it was all done it stood six feet tall, the same height as his dad , he went to the basement got a few things prefect fit he thought he needed to test it make sure it works .

He punched in a code, and watched he was totally amazed, his mom would love this.
So billy waited till she got home he made a simple dinner , she came in she looked kinda tired working two jobs.

He thought he would wait but then he changed his mom , he gave her a kiss, told her to close her eyes he ahd a surprise for her , she closed her eyes she heard another voice she opened her eyes .

There stood a six foot tall hunky male
braod shoulders narrow hips , all she could do is look at him , Billy told his name was Gene Tobor, she shook his hand
it felt so warm , they sat down to talk .

Billy was glad he program him just from the way his mom discribe her dream guy .
Gene took off her shoes began to massage her feet, his hand ran up her calf, it sent tingles thu her .

Billy went to his room , but he could watch everything thru his computer, he watched them kiss, she had is shirt off rubbing his chest she kissed his nipples running her tongue all around them ,he watched his mom strip she soon was naked, so was Gene.

He wachted as she took his cock in her mouth,
he thought she would figure it out but the lable said everything life like to touch .Billy watched, gene was doing evrything great rigt up to the groans ,
he watched Gene began to lick his mom `s pussy, Billy was looking right into where he came from , seeing her lips part, how wet it looked , seing the tongue go nto her pussy.

Hearing his mom ,as she came Gene came she d rank it down , they laid on the floor , his mom told him he was great, Gene picked her up took her to the bed room , Billy watched them fuck in every postion, he gave a book on
Karma Sutra, he hear his mom scream she had neevr been fucked like this , he never seem to get tired .

About evry thrity minutes he would rest or when she said to it went on all nite
she rode his cock which never seem to go down unless he came.
it all came to a head one day she came home found Billy with Genes head off checking his circuits she was shocked she was fucking a robot, no Billy told her a artifical man .
He is much better than a robot, she wa still in shock as she watched her son put the head back on ,he gave her a micro phone
what ever you want him to do just tell him you can program him make him into waht ever you want.

i just wanted to make you happy he smiled
she knew he had too, she hugged him told him Gene is fine the way he is .

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