Hot Bathroom sex with my wife
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One of the nicest surprises happened to me the other day. We have a ‘small’ private toilet in our bedroom with one of those small washbasins to wash your hands after using the toilet.

It was early in the morning when I woke up. Well, I walked into the toilet, (we sleep naked most of the time) and took my penis in hand to have a pee. My wife was in the room, but it was so normal for me (us) not to close the door if it was just to have a pee.

The next moment I heard my wife saying, “Let me! Let me! I wanna, I wanna!” Then she was standing tightly behind me and put her arm around me and grabbed my semi hard penis in her hand. “I want to hold it and see if I can aim it.”

Now the problem is this…. to aim with a flaccid penis is easy, but that changed in about 3 seconds flat. My penis jumped from soft to hard faster than you can shout “Happy Holidays!” To make thing even worse (actually better) she slowly started pulling back my foreskin to reveal my purple head. I am still amazed at how quickly I responded to her fun-game and how fast my penis became hard and pulsating. Maybe this was some hidden fantasy that came to the surface.

Let’s get back to the story. The guys will understand that it is not the easiest thing to do to have a pee while you have a full blown hard-on. So there I was standing with my penis in my wife’s little hand and nothing was happening.

She said, “Come now and make a pee for mommy!” Still nothing. “Come on, Big Boy. Let’s see you hit the target!” She was really enjoying this and instead of allowing me to focus on the job at hand (or should I say ‘the throb in her hand’), she slowly opened and closed my foreskin over my pulsating head. It really made things worse although it felt so good.

I said, “Honey, you are making it really hard for me.”

Her response was, “No my dear, I am making it really hard for me!” She laughed and then pushed my penis down towards the toilet and we just stood there. Nothing was said. We now both focused on the job that had to be done. My penis was still bobbing with every beat of my heart. We waited……and waited. I finally felt that tingling feeling when a pee is about to start and then….. Her aim was off. She hit the back of the toilet, readjusted her aim but hit the seat and then, at last, there was the wonderful sound of her hitting the water. She shouted, “BINGO!” We laughed as she played with what she was doing and she finished of by doing the shaking thing (Someone was going to have to clean the floor).

I finished a very pleasurable pee and thought that was the end of the game, but she was not done with me yet. She was still holding my penis that was still in a full state of arousal. She made me turn towards the small washbasin and started lovingly rinsing and washing my penis, focusing on the head.

I watched her fingers slowly rub over the head. Opening it all the way and using her thumb to rub around the rim that was now hyper sensitive. She would cup her hand and fill it with water and then lovingly pour it over my throbbing head. Then she took some soap and lathered her hand and then gently took my penis in her hand and slid her hand up and down along my penis – focusing on the head. Oh, that head was now dripping with pre-cum and loving every second. Her other hand moved down to my balls and started fondling them. The head of my penis was swollen and clean and craving more attention. The job was completed by her rinsing my entire penis and balls and making quite a mess on the already wet floor.

She turned me around and closed the lid of the toilet and sat down on it and the next moment my penis disappeared between her lips and at the SAME TIME her finger disappeared between her pussy lips. I was in a heaven of her making. The next thing she did was to give me a light slap on the inside of my thigh indicating that I should spread my legs. She could not speak with her mouth full, as I spread my legs she took her other hand, and put it past underneath my balls and then started wiggling it up between my bum cheeks and touched my anus.

It was evident that this was turning her on big time because the next moment her face flushed, she stopped her movement on my penis and started making deep grunting sounds as her orgasm rocked her body. It seemed to just go on an on. Her hand had stopped moving in her pussy, but the orgasms just kept cumming. At that point I needed NO help from her and felt the cum rushing up from my balls and exploding into her mouth. This set her off on yet another mountain-top experience. I stood there with my two arms stretched out and supporting myself against the walls of the toilet because my knees were ready to fold under me.

She looked up at me with some cum on the side of her mouth and said, “Good morning Lover.”

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