The Nursing Facility
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For years I worked as a geriatrics nurse, specializing in
relaxation techniques. I had a wonderful and prestigious job at a
very posh facility, with patients mostly aged 70-80, (still well
enough to care about life.)

Mr. Peterson was a dear old fellow about 72 years old, who
enjoyed my company and conversation. He liked to hear about my
life, and the things I did on “the outside.” He especially asked
many questions about my sex life, always stating that a lovely
lady with a figure like mine should be made happy as often as

One day he joked with me about the “nursing facility” term, and
said he thought that he should be allowed to nurse at someone’s
breast if this is what they called the place. After hearing his
sexual innuendos for several days, I asked him one day how he
would feel if he could suck a breast. His answer was, “Relaxed; I
would definitely feel relaxed.” So, I opened my blouse at the
top, and pulled my left breast out. He suckled away for several
minutes. He kept looking up at me with his blurry vision and
mumbling, “Thank you, dear.” He was that grateful.

I made it clear to him that this needed to stay between the two
of us. He agreed, but asked if he could suck my fat nipples
everyday. I told him, “Of course; if it is soothing for you, you
should do it.” (And naturally, I was enjoying it too.)

When he spent time each day suckling my teats, my pussy would get
slippery and wet, and eventually I told him about this. I didn’t
think an old man could get so excited, but he was so proud of his
erection that he showed it to me and asked what he should do
about it. I told him that I would get him a tube of lubricant,
and he could masturbate right there for me. We talked about that
for a few days, and upon his request, I let him reach up my dress
to finger my wet lips one day. He was very adept, and played with
the wetness in and around the lips, then used his thumb to put
pressure on my clit. He gave me 3 orgasms one day, and my juices
were dripping down my leg, near my knee. Talk about

One evening, when I arrived for my overnight shift, Mr. Peterson
greeted me with a wet kiss, poking his tongue into my mouth. I
backed up and said, “My, my, what brings this on?” He pulled back
his covers to expose his totally erect, 6 inch penis! He said,
“Young lady, tonight I would like to give you some oral sex, and
maybe tomorrow you will do the same for me.” I was floored! I
mean, fingering my wet cunt was one thing, but having him lick me
down there was certainly another. Oooooh, the thought alone made
my pussy start to get wet.

Since I was the only nurse working on this wing, and most
patients kept their doors and curtains closed at night, I thought
we just might get away with it, but I wanted him to sit up in a
chair so that I could sit on th edge of his bed with my wet cunt
lips right up near his mouth and tongue.( I did not want to get
caught in his bed!)

Before I helped him out of bed, he asked for a cup to put his
teeth in. I was reluctant, but got it for him.

Well, he was sitting straight up in the chair, and pulled right
up to the bed, with me, and my gaping wet cunt right at the edge,
ready for a good licking. If you’ve never been eaten by a
toothless old man before, you need to do it before you die. It’s
hard to explain the feeling, but he sucked, and gummed my clit
till I just couldn’t help but cum. All over the bed, the entire
room smelled like sweet pussy.

While he was licking me, he was jerking his shriveled old cock
off, and he was breething pretty heavy now. I had already had 2
orgasms, and wanted him to shoot a load down my throat, so I
repositioned us, got him laying down in bed, and very gently
sucked his old man penis. He trembled most of the time, and kept
reaching down to tweak my hard nipples. Also, he kept rolling
his head to the side so he could smell my pussy juices on the
hospital sheets, where I had cum. He did a fair bit of moaning
too, and I could feel his testicles getting cool and hard.-They
were just about ready to let go, and I wanted that load pretty

After Mr. Peterson got done spurting, which lasted a full minute
at least, I got a cool damp cloth for him, and mopped his
forehead. He was overheated.

He told me it had been at least 22 years since he had pleasured a
woman, and she was a black whore in Texas, with great big tits!
He told me about how he ate her pussy, and then how he fucked her
twice. I said, “You had to be at least 50 then.” He told me that
was right! Under the sheets, he pulled on his limp dick while he
told me the story.

After this rendezvous, Mr. Peterson wanted me quite often, and
seeing as how he said he’d ask another nurse to fill in for me if
I said “Okay.” I had to keep him happy. Some days he would just
suck my big, hard nipples, other days, he wanted to rub my wet
clit, and then there were the night shifts when he wanted to be
sucked.I was always happy to oblige.

Mr. Peterson told me that he wanted to be buried with his dick in
his hand, and would I please place it that way when he passed. I
told him, “Of course.” As long as the family wasn’t nearby, I’d
reach under and give him a handful!

Well, about 3 months after all our adventures started, Mr.
Peterson did pass away, and I was able to keep my promise.

I have to believe that all that sex was a good thing for the old
gent, as his family was forever telling me how good he looked,
and how his depression seemed to have disappeared.

I certainly miss the old guy, and I’m looking for a new nurser to
suck my pretty tits. I’m starting to warm up to the new patient
on wing B, in the last room. I’ve washed him, and his penis is
quite large and gets nice and hard when I soap it up for him.
Time will tell.

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