Veronica’s Obsession
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Veronica whispered in Sylvie’s ear, “She’s such a whore, but her
I’ll get down on my knees behind her and I’ll lick her with
abandon. I’ll lick her ass.

I’ll give her an ass-licking she’s never going to forget. I’ll
lick her ass so good she’s going to fall in love with me. I’ll
show her ass-licking.

She’s got such a hot ass, so round, so tight, so perfect…and
she’s such a whore.

Her asshole must be to be pink and wet and beautiful. Yes, pink
and wet and sexy.

And must smell delicious. So hot and musky and sexy. So feminine
and so lesbian.
My, her ass is so sexy and so lesbian. I want to lick her…yes,
lick her…
Oh, she’s such a whore I think she doesn’t clean her ass when she
takes a dump;
She’s such a whore, but I’m so hot for her. I’m so hot for her

I think when she wears a thong, she doesn’t even take it off to
shit. She just lets her shit force the cloth to the side and just
leaves it all dirty.
She’s gotta; she’s such a whore, she’s gotta” she said as Sylvie
put her hand in hers and confirmed she had a finger up her ass.
“She’s such a whore” continued Veronica, as Sylvie flicked her
tongue over her mouth and caressed the union of her finger and

“She’s such a whore. She wants me to lick her down there. You’ll
see. And she’s so dirty, so dirty. She’s such a dirty anal whore.
Lesbian anal whore. Anal. Lesbian anal whore.”

“You’re always so shy and prudish and you’re so hot and kinky in
bed” “It turns me on so much”, Sylvie said kissing Veronica hard
on the mouth.

“Would you ever…er… think… of doing to me what…what I want
to…” started Veronica shyly after a full couple of minutes of
continuous french kissing, face licking and deliberate drooling,
putting her most innocent and embarrassed face. “She’s got me so
hot I don’t know what to do. She’s such a whore.”

“You’re so kinky it’s divine” Sylvie said, which almost made
Veronica lose her little girl face straight. Sylvie took her busy
hand away from her rear, held her knees together and pulled her
legs up to her chest, where she allowed Veronica to slip her arm
under her knees to hold her legs up. It was happening.

“YOU are such a whore”, she smiled at Veronica, “but that’s what
you mean, right?”

Sylvie always wanted to pose as the dominant but she couldn’t
really help herself. “Veronica, you’re such hot anal girl,” she
said as she lowered her mouth to Veronica’s single most powerful
source of pleasure. Veronica went silent at first, just moaning,
licking her lips, and getting glimpses of Sylvie’s face, doing the

After some very gentle but very passionate licking by Sylvie,
Veronica’s ass,
which she’d been, after all, fingering, started to give way and
Sylvie found her tongue going in more and more. “You’ve got the
best asshole ever. No wonder you’re so much into it,” Sylvie took
just a second off her unexpectedly (by her) pleasurable choir to

Veronica replied lazily, “Hmm, you lick me so good. Tongue and
ass. I’ve waited so long. You like my taste too, baby? I taste
good, don’t I. I love my taste.
The taste of my asshole. My most intimate taste. My hottest
lesbian anal taste.
I wish I could lick my own delicious asshole. Oh, I will taste
hers. She must taste delicious.

“Her ripe, willing, waiting and dirty asshole. Oh, she’s such a
whore. But I’ve go to taste her, shitty and all. I don’t care. She
must look so gorgeous shitting. So sexy. Oh, Sylvie I want to lick
her right after she shits. I want to taste her. Her shit. Shit.
Shit. Shit,” she chanted as she came, just as Sylvie was realizing
the strong, sexy taste she had started to sense a few moments
before, as her tongue had gone the deepest, could be no other than
that of Veronica’s shit.


“She” was a coworker of theirs, Ro (for Rosamunde). And she was
indeed hot.
Sylvie was the boss’ daughter, and, typically, quite an arrogant
pretty girl in her mid twenties. She’d hired Ro six months ago on
grounds of her funky resume and evident self-confidence, but even
if she was to be a fine worker, Ro turned out to be a presumptuous
smart ass, always calling to everyone’s attention her brilliant

Bottom line, only Sylvie, to whom Ro was a devoted ass kisser,
liked her. The notable exception was Veronica, though only in
prived, for Ro often let slip comments about her mediocre

Veronica had had a serious crush on her since the first moment she
saw her. Which was justifiable, being Ro a true perk nosed beauty
of 25, with honey colored hair and dark eyes. Moderately tall and
on the skinny side, but with a well defined bottom.

No doubt it was Ro’s shameless ass kissing that sparked her now
obsessive fantasy, but her looking down on her and her being,
plainly speaking, such a bitch had an extra flavor that thrilled
Veronica even more. She was also very jealous of Sylvie’s
deference toward her, and that jealousy somehow made her hotter
for both of them.

As for Veronica, she was in her early thirties, married, mother of
two, and was for all practical purposes a very shy and prudish
person. This didn’t prevent her from being a fake-blonde
bombshell: great tits, even better ass, and a lovely face with
vibrant black eyes.

Only a couple of months ago, chatting over coffee, she and Sylvie
discovered both had sexual fantasies involving women–more or less
all the time, they latter admitted. One thing led to another, and
after a week of teasing they finally had a furious encounter
involving kissing and rubbing. Up to now, they’d been mainly
kissing and masturbating themselves and each other, as they
whispered their fantasies in each other’s ears.

As of late, however it was all about Veronica’s one about Ro,
though she hadn’t had the nerve to tell Sylvie the whole thing up
to now, and she figured she’d had to had been really aroused to
let it out. The time was right to move on, and it was obvious that
Sylvie would have to make the first move, if any was to be made,
given her position. She’d had to test how accommodating Ro would
be, if she didn’t develop a carnal attraction. She was hopping for
a bit of both.

It was risky, but by now she wanted really bad to watch Veronica
had her way with Ro. She really liked Ro, and though she wouldn’t
admit it even to Veronica, she couldn’t deny Ro was something of
an ass kisser. Oh but she liked that in people. In fact Veronica
was herself a tremendous ass kisser (rhetorically and otherwise as
it was now apparent).

So Sylvie invited Ro out to dinner, and since Ro would have
cancelled her mother’s funeral to accept the invitation, they were
in a restaurant booth that very evening.

Sylvie steered the conversation toward sex with modest success at
first, but then she told Ro in confidence she was having an affair
with someone from the office, and Ro’s eyes became brighter. Of
course Ro sworn eternal secrecy and she wouldn’t dare ask directly
who it was, but this was quintessential girl-talk. Sylvie spiced
it up with some detail about their having furtive encounters at
work but managed for a good while to keep her lover’s gender
unspecified, and for Ro at least, assumedly male, but luckily she
had not made any comment on that regard which Sylvie, in all good
faith, would have had to correct.

But the whole idea was to get Ro in bed, so she’d eventually had
to get to it.
Sylvie wasn’t sure she would be able to do it, but between laughs
and drinks, and giving in to Ro’s insistence for detail, she told
her about their second encounter, in which they kissed and touched
each other’s privates. Ro was encouraging and Sylvie got so caught
up in it that she mentioned she’d never touched another woman

Ro didn’t seem to assimilate it fast enough, so Sylvie was halfway
through her account of her illicit lover’s clean shaved pussy when
Ro, in repressed shock, interrupted her saying, “you’re having an
affair with one of the girls?” Sylvie stopped dead on her tracks,
embarrassed, afraid and ashamed as she could be, and trying, if
possible, to overact it. The trick did it, as Ro immediately tried
to counteract any perceived criticism toward her immediate boss.

“Oh please, I’m sorry. Maybe what I just said didn’t sound good,
but I didn’t mean it in a bad way. It’s kind of hot actually,”
she clumsy elaborated filling in for Sylvie’s momentary lack of
words. Trying to regain composure she put on her best smile and
with a not overly convincing enthusiasm said, “OK. So…”

Sylvie closed her flat’s door behind them and pushed Ro against it
and planted a french kiss on her mouth all in one motion. She
practically had to stand on her toes to level her mouth with hers,
but soon enough Ro let her back slide against the door. No time to
waste. Sylvie reached for the hem of Ro’s tube miniskirt then the
waistband of her pantyhose. The skirt stayed around Ro’s waist and
Sylvie pulled the low-cut tan pantyhose down to Ro’s mid thighs.

Her hand found a tiny white thong underneath, soaked. “Just as
Veronica said,” Sylvie moaned as her fingers reached Ro’s steamy

“What?” muttered Ro, not even wanting to break their kiss for a
full second. Sylvie responded “Mmmff!” But Ro insisted between
tongue licks and swirls, “Veronica? Is it Veronica?

That can’t be. Veronica? Please tell me, is it Veronica?”

They moved to the sofa, and Sylvie, concentrated on rubbing Ro’s
very wet and hot slit as she left herself fall on her lap, just
assented, “uh huh.”

“Hot little Veronica,” Ro said settling the idea in her mind as
her first female-induced orgasm struck her.

Sylvie slower the pace, but didn’t take her hand out of Ro’s
little panties.
“You’ve got a crush on her too?” whispered seductively Sylvie in
Ro’s ear before putting her wet tongue in it.

Ro was overwhelmed. “No, I mean, you and her… doing this… it’s
so hot… I mean… I don’t know what I am saying… this is my
best sex ever.”

“I bet it is. But wait until Veronica. You two are perfect for
each other. I know. She’s perfect for you and you’re perfect for
her, and you both are perfect for me.”

Ro was surprised by Sylvie’s finger, which had followed the river
of her juices from her pussy to her anus. She didn’t expect it at
all, but somehow it fit the afternoon’s developments just fine.
She had lost all capacity for amazement after her first serious
lesbian thoughts appeared in her head just hours before. What was
a taboo more or less! AND IT HAPPENED!

“Veronica?” said Sylvie over the phone, “can you come to my place?
Yes, right now. Of course it’s to make out and stuff! Fine, hurry.
I love you.”

Half an hour later the doorbell rang. Sylvie opened the door
naked, and a nervous Veronica rushed in looking over her shoulder
and promptly closed the door behind her.

“You’ve become very bold,” she said as she kissed Sylvie square on
the mouth.
“You have no idea” said Sylvie, prompting Veronica to get out of
her clothes. They rushed Veronica out of her clothes but let their
hands go through each other’s body in the process.

“Come, put your pantyhose and heels back on. I’ve got a surprise
for you,” announced Sylvie.

“I want you pantyhosed, but not covered. Let’s get it down to mid-
thigh now.
Oh, you look gorgeous like that. Let’s get in my bedroom, and
close your eyes for your surprise.”

“Now open your eyes,” commanded a strange voice. She opened her
eyes to see no other than Ro standing in front of her, dressed
exactly like her. Veronica panicked. She searched for Sylvie’s
giggling face and back to Ro in front of her. “Your dream came
true” said Ro, kissing her tenderly on the mouth. “Your dream
came true,” she repeated before going for a second, more
passionate kiss. Veronica’s heart was pounding. It’d been too big
a surprise.

Then Sylvie held her from behind and put her head over her
shoulder, looking at them kiss.
Ro slowly broke the kiss, then gave Sylvie a quick tongue-kiss.
Then Sylvie kissed Veronica, who could finally start to let
herself go, and then let Veronica to kiss Ro again, but taking the
initiative this time. The two kept holding each other as Sylvie
directed them toward the bed as she said, “come, let’s make
Veronica’s fantasy come true. And more”, she said to Veronica,
“she’s got ideas of her own you know.”

Ro knelt in the bed with Veronica stuck behind her. Veronica’s
hands went for Ro’s crotch and non-existing tits at once. Ro
turned her head around and they started kissing again.

Sylvie went back for Veronica’s panties and put them on. Then sat
on the side of the bed, picked Ro’s thong and brought it to her
nose and slid her other hand inside her panties (Veronica’s at
that), getting ready for the show that was about to start.

Veronica didn’t let hand in Ro’s pussy too long. She rubbed Ro’s
pussy all over but was to keep moving. She halted to taste Ro’s
juice. But when she was about to lick her fingers, under the
attentive look of Ro, she stopped and said, “I’m sure it tastes
better from your mouth,” and eased her tongue and fingers in Ro’s
hungry mouth at the same time.

Both were blind with lust by now, and as Veronica touched the
asshole of her dreams, said into Ro’s mouth. “I’ve gotta have
you.” Ro moaned, “No, wait. I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it all
to you. All.” With this she started to pull up her pantyhose,
reluctantly forcing Veronica to take her hand off her butt.
She then crawled to the headboard and bent over to grab it, her
knees spread about a foot.

Sylvie motioned Veronica to kneel and sit on her heels behind Ro.
Veronica looked at her and she said “Yes, she’s going to do it for
you. She’s such a whore, isn’t she? Aren’t you?” Sylvie said
looking up to Ro, whose face denoted she was already started.

A big, thick, dark, and sticky log came out of Ro’s pink ass and
started pushing her pantyhose, deliciously, in her and her
public’s opinion. The material stretched and the turd started to
curl forward. As shit kept coming out it was all between Ro’s
legs. The weight had had its toll in the low-cut pantyhose
and when the end came out the waistband was halfway down the crack
of Ro’s ass.
Veronica licked the thing tentatively through the silky material
before pulling the pantyhose down to more or less where it had
been earlier. The sight was breathtaking for her.

The smell was intoxicating. She had to make a superb effort to
take her eyes off the pile of shit. But what awaited her was for
her as unimaginable arousing.
The object of her obsession, Ro’s beautiful asshole was before, as
she had dreamed, ripe, willing, waiting, and dirty. Veronica

Ro came immediately. So did Veronica, but she did not stop. She
could not stop.
Ro tasted even better than she had imagined. She loved it. She
decided she couldn’t live without it. Considering that for all her
talking, she hadn’t even licked Sylvie’s washed asshole, it was
the best possible outcome of her acting out her fantasy.

Faithful to her promise, Veronica gave Ro an ass-licking she would
never forget.
What followed was the icing on the cake. After recovering some
strength, Ro turned around on her knees, making a mess of her,
well, her mess, grabbed Veronica’s head and kissed her
passionately on the mouth. “I am sorry. I am so sorry. I love

Now, as for where they went from there, well, as they say, that’s
another story.

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