Mom’s Secret
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My Pop’s in the oil business, so he’s often away from
home for months at a time while he supervises explora-
tion in the Venezuelan rainforest. I suppose we could
all move down there, but our life is here, and he won’t
be working in the jungle forever. So here we stay in
Houston, my Ma and I, while he hacks through the jungle
like Indiana Jones.

I miss my Pop a lot, but it’s not such a bad life:
petroleum has paid for our three story, five bedroom
house, and I go to an exclusive private school. Ma
doesn’t have to work, so she fills up her time with
volunteering and various causes.

Ma’s always been a good-looking woman. She’s a very
well preserved 36, close to six feet tall, with shiny
brown hair, blue eyes, and a nice figure (not that I’d
ever really noticed). She’s also what you might call
eccentric. She’s always doing things that she claims
are good for us or the planet, and there have been
times when Pop and I have been forced to join in her
causes, like when we ate tofu for every meal in protest
of the British “mad cow” scare, and it’s been years
since any of us wore anything other than a natural
fiber. She drives a little electric car, but I draw the
line at this; I prefer my Miata.

I never know what to expect out of Ma.

That still didn’t keep me from being flabbergasted at
what I saw when I went in for breakfast one Saturday
morning six months ago. I staggered in wearing only my
shorts (we’ve always been casual and realistic about
our bodies in our house) only to find that I’d been
upstaged. Ma was standing over the oven wearing nothing
but an apron! As I watched, she bent over to take a
tray of muffins out of the oven, and I got a damned
good look at her pussy. I sprang a woody in about half
a second, and quickly sat down at the kitchen table
before she could turn around and notice.

My mind was a welter of confused thoughts. I felt
guilty as hell for getting a hard-on from looking at my
own Ma, but damn she looked good, better than any of
the little prick-teasers I went to school with! Her
skin was smooth, unblemished, and well-tanned, without
any tan-lines — I knew she sunbathed nude, so did I,
but we’d prudently never done it together. That might
have to change. Her ass was round and tight, and her
legs were long, limber, and heavenly. I never knew that
a 36-year-old mother could look so… nice.

I swallowed hard and tried to will my erection to go
away; but that only made it harder, and now I could
feel the juice leaking out the tip. ‘Damn!’ Clearing
my throat, I said, “Uh, Ma? Why are you naked?”

She turned around and smiled, “Hi, honey. Well, I’ve
decided we’re going to become nudists. I’ve been read-
ing about it. It seems such a free and natural life-
style, and the nudists always seem so happy.”

And well they should, if their family members looked
anything like Ma. My gaze was fastened on her incre-
dible tits. They were perfect: rounded and cantaloupe
sized, not too big or small, tipped with dusky brown
nipples that begged to be sucked. Ma was still talking,
but I wasn’t hearing any of it; I didn’t break out of
the daze until she said my name sharply: “Mark!”

I shook my head, looked up at her face. She was

“Why don’t you join me? You never wear much anyway.”

I shook my head. “Uh, that would be a problem.”

“Why? What’s wrong with au natural.”

“Nothing, Ma, I guess.” Again my eyes were fixed on
those magnificent breasts. “I, uh, would just find it

She smirked. “I’ve seen it all before young man. And
you don’t think those Speedos you wear in the pool
hide much, do you?”

I shrugged; never thought of that. “Yeah, but, uh, I
hate to say this, but I’d have a hard-on all the time,
and you know…”

She looked at me strangely. “Just from being nude?”
She really didn’t get it. My innocent Ma.

“Hell no, Ma,” I burst out. “I’d have a hard-on from
looking at you all the time!”

She looked thunderstruck for a second; then a smile
played across her lovely face. “Really? How flattering.
Do you have one now?”

“Uh, yeah. Big-time.” I felt tides of lust wash through
my body, starting to push away the guilt.

Ma slowly took off the apron, exposing the bare little
crease at the juncture of her legs. Her nipples were
starting to get hard as little rocks, and I swear I
could see her clit poking out between her nether lips.
She walked slowly toward me. “Show me,” she breathed.

The lust took over fully, and I stood proudly, breath-
ing fast.

My nipples were hard too, and my rod felt like a bar of
steel as it strained at the front of my underpants.
“Oh, my poor baby, that must hurt,” Ma said. “Should
Mommy take care of it for you?”

I was beyond speech for a moment. I just nodded. Ma got
down on her knees in front of me and stared at the
bulge outlined by the fabric of my briefs. She wrapped
her arms around my waist and kissed her way down my
muscled belly; then she slid her hands into the waist-
band of my shorts and pulled them slowly down. When my
hot rod was exposed, she smiled again.

“Ooh, baby, that’s a nice one.” Flattery will get you
everywhere! Ma trailed one hand down across my but-
tocks, along my thigh, and then up across my sprem-
ladened balls to the base of my cock. She blew a hot
breath across it and it twitched involuntarily, to her
amusement. Then she kissed the tip.

I almost lost it then, I had never thought even for
one moment in my life that something like this would
happen. I couldn’t square what was happening with what
I knew about Ma, she would never do anything like this.
But she was, and she was making me crazy.

I decided I’d better think about something innocuous
like baseball scores for a while, or this wouldn’t
last. Her lips engulfed the entire head of my cock,
and I thought hard about the upcoming Astros-Rangers
game. But this was my sexy Ma, not some bubble-headed
cheerleader! I lasted maybe a minute before I spewed
a bucket of cum between her hot lips. I pulled out at
the last second, and the last two sticky jets soaked
her perfect neck and tits. Talk about a pearl necklace!
I came so hard I could hear my come splat against her

Ma pumped her hand up and down my cock, milking out the
last of my spunk and licking it away with a flick of
her tongue. “Mmm, that was good, baby. And you’re still
hard, just like I hoped. Mama needs some fun now.” She
stood up, and braced herself against the sink, ass in
the air in invitation. I could see the juices dripping
down the inside of those luscious legs from her
saturated snatch.

I was still overcome with lust for my mother, but I had
gained a little control over myself. I thought about
Pop, and felt awful for a second. Who says a hard dick
has no conscience? “I really loved it, Ma, but fucking
you would be incest. Isn’t that wrong?”

“Not if no one knows, baby, and who’s to say what’s
wrong between a pair of consenting adults?” She reached
behind her with one hand, spreading apart her pussy-
lips like some Internet centerfold, revealing the hot
pink depths within. “Now pound me with that big cock

“But what about Pop? What would he think if he found
out you’d fucked another man?” I asked, losing what was
left of my resolve as I stared at the tight little
orifice from which I’d emerged 17 years ago.

She laughed lightly. “Don’t worry, baby, we have an…
understanding. When he’s away from home, he helps him-
self to those hot little Latin women, and I get
whatever cock I can. Hell, I fucked your friend Tim
Jefferson just last weekend.”

My eyes widened. Tim, the kid who delivered our

She had good taste, I guess; he was a handsome kid, in
a swarthy kind of way. Maybe fifteen. The thought of my
own Ma giving it to the paperboy dissolved the last of
my inhibitions, and I moved up behind her and laid my
pipe to her in one hard thrust that took me in to the

She yelped and reared up like a mare surprised by a
stallion. I let her hold us up and wrapped my hands
around those bounteous tits, catching the nips between
my fingers and tweaking and kneading gently as I

She wasn’t as tight as one of my cheerleaders, but she
was tight enough, and the unusual angle of entry,
combined by the fact that she was my mother, added a
whole new exciting dimension to the act of fucking like
I’d never felt before. To hell with the cheerleaders!
I’d never pass up any pussy that came my way, but my Ma
was my preferred fuck-partner from now on!

She squirmed and wailed beneath me. “Oh Mark, Mark,
fuck me!

Oh, your big cock feels so good, you can fuck Mommy

Having come already once that morning, I was primed to
last for a long time before I blew again. I pounded my
mother’s cunt hard and fast for half an hour, plowing
her through orgasm after orgasm. Presently, though, I
felt my nut-sack contract, and I pulled out quickly,
shooting my load all over Mom’s back.

Breakfast was forgotten as we stumbled into the shower
together to wash off my come. It wasn’t long before
that devolved into another cock sucking session, and
within minutes we were in bed together, screwing like
minks. We kept it up that way for two days, and at the
end of it I agreed to Ma’s nudity decree-at least while
Dad’s not home. After all, it makes it easier to fuck
whenever we feel like it.

Well, that was six months ago, and Pop’s been home and

We cooled it while he was here, but I managed to bend
her over in the laundry room once, and she sucked me
off in the bathroom two weeks into the stay. That was
a close one-Pop almost caught us, but I managed to hide
in the laundry hamper while Ma pretended to be peeing.
The things we do for love!

Ma’s still very much in love with Pop, but we’re never
going to stop our fuck-fests. We love each other and
each other’s bodies too much; ours is a purer lust than
any married couple can feel. Ma’s given up her other
extramarital partners, and lately she’s been talking
about making a baby with me. Pop would never have to
know-we’d say it was his, and it would be, in a way. I
must say the thought is intriguing.

So you see, now I’m set for pussy for life. I don’t
know what got into Ma that Saturday morning, but I know
what’s gotten into her nearly every day since — my
hard cock!

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