The Swingers Dance
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“Well. . . I don’t know. . . I’ve never even im-
agined doing anything like this before.” Kristen’s re-
solve was breaking down, I could see it. I looked at
Kathy, nodding toward her friend in a silent appeal.
Kathy got the idea and piped up, “Come on Krissy, let’s
do it, I dare you to. I’ll do it if you do, come on.”

“Well. . . I guess it would be something really
different, but I don’t have the faintest idea what to

I jumped up with a slight thrill running through
my body, “Follow me ladies, I’ll take you back stage,
and we’ll go over the performance.” And with that I
took the girl’s by the hand, and we quickly left the
front room. I noticed some of the more experienced cus-
tomers eyeing the girls, leaning their heads together
to discuss the possibilities, knowing that they had
been talked into doing a performance.

We went directly to my room, and I buzzed Kurt
and told him to stop in and see me, that I had a couple
of beautiful women I wanted him to meet. Kurt being
Kurt, was there in a flash. “Ahh. . . yes, they are
quite exquisite, Gretchen, I would like to perform with
them very much. Hello ladies, did Gretchen tell you
about me?”

Kathy said in a small voice, “We saw your last

“That is very good. Did you like our act?”

Kristen jumped in saying, “Oh you were marvelous
I hadn’t even imagined that sex could be like that.”

Kurt looked a little taken aback at this, and
shot a glance at me, with a question in his handsome
eyes. “Yes Kurt, Kristen is a virgin, but she seems
willing to perform.”

“We have never done it with a virgin before
Gretchen, is this wise?” Kurt asked, wonder sounding
in his voice.

“I’ll take care of Kristen, you perform with
Kathy, I’m sure she can handle you.” I chuckled. “And
if Kristen wants to do more, we’ll let her, OK?”

“Sounds fine, but you should get them ready now,
our act goes on in 25 minutes. See you ladies a little
later, I’m really looking forward to it.” Kurt gave
Kathy a long smoldering look as he padded from the room.
Kathy’s eyes followed his body, she had the look of a
child in a candy store.

With Kurt out of the way, I turned to the girls
and said, “OK now you need to strip for me.” They stood
there wide eyed in front of me, but didn’t move. So I
walked up to Kristen, and began to unbutton her blouse.
She just stood there silently watching me undress her.
I pushed her open blouse back off her shoulders, and
unclipped her skirt and let it drop. I was enjoying my-
self, knowing how she must feel having another woman
undress her. I remember the first time it happened to
me. I hoped she was enjoying it as much as I had.

I smiled at her as I stood close and reached
around behind her and unclipped her bra, stepping back
with it in my hands. Yes I liked her body as much as I
knew I would. She stood there just pantie clad, with
her arms at her side. That was a good sign, when they
didn’t try to cover the breasts. She had a little body,
but well muscled, very toned. I like that in women. So
often they are just soft, and that does nothing for me.
But Kristen stood there with excitement in her eyes,
she just stood there looking into mine. I found myself
wanting to touch her, but held back.

“Kristen, you look beautiful, I really mean it.
Your going to make a lot of people dream about you to
night.” I turned to Kathy and helped her with her
sweater. After I had pulled it off over her head, she
unfastened her own skirt, and took off her bra and
panties. Yes, I thought, she’s a brave girl, I don’t
know if I could have undressed myself like that the
first time.

The two girls stood in front of me naked. Kathy
was a few inches taller than Kristen, and larger bodied.
She was a size or two larger in the breasts than Kris-
ten, but they were both perfectly proportioned for
their individual body sizes. “Come with me girls, we
must take a shower, then oil our bodies, we are running
out of time.” I threw my french T onto the back of a
chair and led them into the shower stall.

Oh yes, this was really going to be fun. . . I
started the water flow and stepped in beckoning the
girls to follow. Once we all three were wet, I started
to soap Kristen’s body. I had a reason for picking
Kristen. . . To my amazement Kathy joined right in, and
as I soaped her front, Kathy did her back. I let my
hands range all over her firm body, it was heaven. I
soaped her up, and massaged her breasts until her nip-
ples were standing at attention. The whole time she
just stood there letting me do anything I wanted, eyes
closed feeling the sensations of our hands against her

Remembering my mission I ran my hands down her
flat stomach and knelt down in front of her and washed
her thighs, and as I did that I ran my hand over her
love triangle. I kept the washing moisten going over
her light blonde pubic hair, then without telling her
that I was going to, I send two fingers deep between
her pussy lips. As I expected the girl jumped in sur-
prise, but I had my answer. Although our little Krissy
might be a virgin, she’d had something in there before,
because her hymen was gone. That was very good, I was
glad to know that.

I apologized for the ‘mistake’, and Kristen and
I turned our attentions to Kathy’s lovely body. Once
we’d all washed, and oiled each other, and I enjoyed
that very much also, it was time to go. “Well girls
this is how it works.” Kristen you will be with me, and
Kathy you get Kurt. Don’t worry, he’ll treat you
gently. And Kristen, you can join into the festivities
as you like, no pressure, if there is something you
don’t like just let me know.”

With that I took both girls by the hand and we
walked out onto stage. There was immediate applause. Of
course I always get applause, but I think there was a
little extra expectation in the air. I knew the fact
that Kristen was a virgin had got out to the audience.
That’s the one thing management’s good for, getting the
word out to the clientele.

Both girl were nervous, they knew what to expect
but they didn’t really know how to react. I was very
impressed that they did not look awkward, just a little
subdued. “Step to center stage Kristen, and Kathy walk
over there, that’s where Kurt will come in.” The girls
obediently did as they were told. I thrilled at the
sight of them, knowing that this would be their first
time. Kristen would be mine, and I had everything

To the fanfare of music Kurt stepped on stage
with his signature hard-on. I thought that he looked
just a little harder than usual for a second perfor-
mance, but I wasn’t offended, because I felt the same

Kurt moved swiftly to Kathy, and took her into
his arms, as I walked up behind Kristen and wrapped my
arms around her, leaning my chin on her shoulder, to
watch the other couple’s performance for a few minutes.
I didn’t want to move things too fast. We watched Kurt
twirled Kathy within his arms so that they were facing
each other. He looked so big next to her, like a Nean-
derthal and a fairy princess.

Kurt knelt in front of Kathy and reached up to
her shoulders with both massive hands. Then he ran his
big paws down over her breasts, nipples, then down her
firm stomach, to her legs. He did this several more
times, as Kathy stood proudly and firmly in front of
him, obviously enjoying his body massage. Then as if
overcome with lust Kurt took hold of Kathy’s shapely
hips, and lowered her to the floor as if in the ballet.
But unlike a ballet, he immediately sank his face be-
tween her golden thighs. I was getting extremely wet
watching them. Kathy was responding beautifully.

Almost without thought I started to play with
Kristen’s nipples as I rested my chin on her shoulder.
We swaying slightly from side to side as we watched the
hot action between Kurt and Kathy. I was surprised when
Kristen’s hand came up to my cheek and slowly caressed
it as we watched.

Kurt was putting on a great show now, the audi-
ence were getting excited, some of the more experienced
men and women were on there feet now, so they could see
better. Kathy was writhing under Kurt’s face, and any-
one could tell she wasn’t acting. After a minute of
this Kurt slowed his actions and climbed up to Kathy’s
lovely face. He lunged at her and pulled her up from
the floor into one arm, still kneeling with only one
had for support and began to passionately french her.
Kathy was struggling for air within a few moments, but
Kurt wanted complete submission from her so kept up the

The little vixen with me had found my mouth and
had inserted a finger. I was beginning to think that
she might be natural talent. That little move was some-
thing that had taken me 6 months to think of. I become
aware that Kristen was pushing back against me in a
slow rhythm. I quickly began to loose the sight other
couple and become involved with my partner.

I turned Kristen around in my arms and started
to kiss her lightly on the lips. Then a little harder,
then we started frenching. We stood there with our
bodies pressed together, in the middle of the stage,
with over 50 strangers watching as my little Kristen
started kissing me in earnest. I was surprised at how
quickly she had become aroused. Normally a new girl,
just let things happen, but Kristen was obviously en-
joying her little fling at being an exhibitionist.

The crowd started cheering us on. I think they
all knew about Kristen’s virginity, and that this was a
special event that wouldn’t happen again for quite
sometime. I pulled away from Kristen and knelt in front
of her. I planed on giving her some of my famous tongue
work, but she did the unexpected again and kneeled down
with me, clamping onto my mouth again giving me a lit-
tle tongue herself.

Finally I pulled away and said in a soft voice,
“Kristen, I want you to get on all fours, because I’m
going to fuck you from behind. The audience will love
it, and I guarantee you will too, trust me sweety.”
Kristen looked at me with confusion written all over
her sweet face, but complied with my request. She went
down on all fours and waited for me. As I crawled
around behind her I admired her body. In the light of
the club her skin looked like it was glowing with an
inner light all of it’s own, I felt moved by her beauty
as I raised myself up to rest on her strong smooth
athletic back, and reached under her to stroke her
cunt slit, rubbing my knuckles against her clitoris at
the end of each stroke.

I wasn’t surprised that she was wet, so was I…
I was enjoying jerking her off more than I would have
doing myself. Her body shivered every time my hand came
into contact with her love-button, and I enjoyed that
to. To know that this girl had never had anyone else’s
hands on her before, to know that the only pleasure
she’d ever had before was self induced, and that I was
her first, really got me going.

I signaled to the back stage hand and he threw
me my prop. I spoke softly to Kristen, “Sweety, I’m
going to fuck you soon, please trust me, I won’t hurt
you, just stay loose and let it happen, OK?”

Kristen just moaned softly in reply, and rhyth-
mically thrust back onto my fingers. I forced my leg
between hers and let her hump my thigh as I took my
famous strap-on “manhood” and slipped one end into my-
self, and strapped on the support harness. Oh it felt
so good to be full. It always makes me feel powerful to
ware a strap-on, I sometimes think I can use a fake
dick better that most men use their real ones. But then
I have an advantage, I know what it feels like to have
a man penetrate me, and no matter how hard they might
try to imagine it, men will never really know. With a
little thrill, I realized that Kristen didn’t know
either. . . yet.

I pulled my leg out from between Kristen’s to
accompanying groans of frustration, and leaned back on
top of her wonderful body. I slipped my ‘manhood’ down
between her legs and rubbed it against her very wet
pussy lips. Softly I said, “Kristen dear, I want you to
reach back and place me in you.”

She looked back through her legs and saw my
beautiful life like 10″ cock. I felt her body jerk in
surprise, and said, “Trust me Kristen, is will be grand
you’ll see.” She slowly reached under herself to
finger my ‘cock’.

After a bit I had to say it again, “Kristen
place my cock at you opening, do it now, everyone is
yelling for you to do it. Can you hear them Kristen?
They want me to take your virginity, do you want me to
sweety, do you?”

My heart was pounding now as she took my fake
cock and pulled it to her sex. I could feel ‘my half’
of the dildo moving inside me as she moved me to her.
She placed it at her opening and I gently rocked my
hips to penetrate her pussy lips. Kristen cried out as
I stretched her virgin pussy, but I didn’t stop. Slowly
I inserted an inch. She was quaking under me, I wasn’t
sure if it was in pain or pleasure, I didn’t care, I
was intent on doing my little American princess, so I
rhythmically inserted another inch, then another.

The crowd was going wild at this point. I could
here Kristen’s breath coming fast and shallow, like a
woman in childbirth using the Lamaze method. I thrust
more into her stretched opening, and finally, I bot-
tomed out. I had all 10 inches inside my little prin-
cess, and she wasn’t screaming into the night. The
audience cheered me on with a low rhythmic chant of,
“fuck her, fuck her, fuck her. . .” over and over
again. That’s what I did, I started to move inside my
new conquest, and she seemed not to mind my thrusting

Thrust in, pull out, thrust in, pull out. . .
the rhythm started slowly, and built up. I know what a
crowd likes – and that is a big dick fully viable, go-
ing in and out of a pretty wet cunt. I know that sounds
crude, but then that’s human nature, and I make a lot
of money because I know this. And that’s what I did to
Kristen. I gave her a lot of dick, fake dick to be
sure, but good dick. She was really starting to get
into the thing. I could hear her groaning at the climax
of each thrust, and I knew that she would reach the top
this night.

The crowd was going wild, but I think Kristen
was in her own little world, I held her around the
stomach as I kept up the pace. Then I felt her tummy
muscles start to ripple as her body began to jerk
underneath me. She started to scream, “OH yes! YES! OH
GOD YES!” She was thrusting back at me, as hard as I
was thrusting into her. Her movements pushed my half of
the two way dildo against my clitoris and gave me the
most exquisite orgasm I think I’ve ever had. Just know-
ing that Kristen was coming from my efforts pushed me
over. We shook and spasmed together as one, our juices,
and perspiration mixing as our lust overcame us both.

Then all of a sudden She lost her strength, and
began to sag under me, I couldn’t hold her up, and she
fell to the floor of the stage, sprawled out under me,
releasing my vinyl ‘manhood’ from her body. The audi-
ence roared with approval and excitement.

I looked down at her sweet body and smiled. She
had the look of utter satisfaction written upon her
face, her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard.
I thought what a natural she’d be at this. I knew she
wasn’t acting, but then she didn’t need to, like I said
she was a natural.

I heard another part of the audience shouting
Kurt’s name, looked around at him, still on my knees
above Kristen. Kurt was pounding into Kathy’s pussy
like a machine. From my angle I could she his huge mem-
ber pulling out, then disappearing back into her, like
a snake into it’s hole. Kathy was oblivious to every-
thing but the fine screwing that Kurt was giving her. I
knew how that could be, I’d been there a few times my-

I looked back at Kristen, she had curled up into
a ball, knees to chest, facing the audience on her
side, eyes still closed, then I looked back at Kurt.
His bottom rose and fell, I knew that even if he had
come in Kathy, he would keep up the rhythm until she
had an orgasm, he could do that if he wanted. . . I
felt like I should join in, I stood, holding my fake
member and skipped over to the rutting couple and
kneeled behind Kurt. I looked at the audience with a
questioning look on my face.

They cheered me on, “Do him, come on do him…”

I normally ask Kurt in advance, if I’m going to
do my reverse routine, but things were different to-
night. All the warning I could give him, was to bend
over his back touching my nipples to his rippling back
muscles, so he’d know what I was about to do.

He didn’t seem to notice me, or didn’t care, I
don’t know which. So I grabbed hold of my still wet and
slick ‘cock’, placing the head of it at Kurt’s rear
door. I let him take me at his own speed. Every time he
pulled out of Kathy he was impaled onto my ‘dick’, then
I’d sort of follow him down when he thrust back into
her, until shortly, I was buried all the way inside his
bottom’s opening.

I always like to do men. What a trip it is to
turn the tables, and besides the crowd loves it. Here
we were, Kathy getting the screwing of her life, every
time Kurt pumped into her, he’d pull off my ‘cock’,
then every time he’d pull his out of her, he’d get mine
deeply into his rear. We set up quite a show that
night. It’s not easy to maintain a rhythm like that,
but Kurt and I knew what we where doing.

Finally Kathy started to convulse in her final
orgasm. Both Kurt and I could tell that he’d used her
up, that she couldn’t take much more. Kathy was making
unintelligible noised as her beautiful body flopped
around in uncontrolled ecstasy underneath Kurt’s smooth
hard body. Then to my surprise Kurt stared to come. I
could tell because I had my hand down around his shaft,
feeling him, and all of a sudden there was a large
volume of hot fluids gushing out around his shaft. I
smiled triumphantly at the audience, holding my drip-
ping hand up for everyone to see. Kurt fell onto Kathy
pulling free from me, and then rolled off the prostrate

I was so breathless I just stayed on my knees,
jacking my vinyl ‘cock’ in my hand, actually pushing it
in and out of myself, but the crowd just saw what look-
ed like a woman masturbating her dildo. I loved to do
that, it was kind of my trade-mark. After a bit of
that, I jumped up and pulled my strap-on off holding it
above my head as if it were a trophy I’d just won, and
Kurt came to stand beside me. The music became louder.

There we were, two blonde German people, stand-
ing in the middle of the stage, with our two American
girls conquered, lying on the floor at either side of
us, all used up. It was a very erotic scene, believe

That night was so much fun for me, that I have
always kept an eye out for another virgin to take on
stage. But I must admit, I’ve never found one like
Kristen again. Both girls went back to Nuremberg to
their skating competition, and did well. They went home
a week later. I still get Christmas cards from them
every year. Kristen has told me many times, that if I
come to America, I must stay with her. I have no idea
where Oregon is, but if I ever do go to America, I will
surely find out. . .

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