Donna’s Sons
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On a hot June day, Donna Mason watched from her living room window as a gardener trimmed the lawn in front of her Los Angeles home. He was stripped to the waist and had his chest covered with matted hair. This sight drove Donna crazy.

The guy was in his fifties and didn’t even speak English. Donna knew that it must be difficult for her to be excited by the sight of her gardener. He had never attracted her before. But she had been without a man for almost three months, and this was beginning to annoy her. She quickly finished her vodka and tonic and forced herself to turn away from the window.

While walking over to the portable bar, the petite blonde mixed herself another cocktail. There was nothing else to do at this time of day. However, she could join her three teenage sons at the pool. It was summer vacation, and the boys seemed to be spending most of their time in the water. She heard them when she returned home but decided not to interfere. Donna walked over to the sliding glass door that led from the living room to the patio. There she stopped and stared at him. Her sons were there too, but they were not wearing any clothes.

Donna slowly blushed all the way down to her toes. She hadn’t seen any of her sons naked since they were about ten or eleven and she’d had to help them with their baths. They were young men now, their muscular young bodies shaped like all the imaginary curvy men Donna dreamed of when she masturbated.

Even Bernie, the youngest, had a dick like a grown man. Donna still considered him a child, even though he had just turned eighteen. He’s not a child anymore, she remarked, her shiny eyes riveted to his dangling male appendage.

The boys just stripped off all their clothes. They stood at the edge of the pool, laughing and pushing each other, not at all embarrassed by their nakedness. Donna couldn’t understand how they could do such a trick with her, right here in her house. And then she remembered they didn’t think she was at home.

Usually, at this time of the day, every Tuesday, she went to do her hair. She did not tell her sons that she had changed the schedule. So that’s what they do when they think she’s not at home.

Donna diligently kept in the shadows, not wanting the boys to notice her. Maybe she can learn more about their behavior when they think that no one is watching them. After all, she was the only adult responsible for them, now that their father had decided to leave their life.

Just three months ago, Carl (Donna’s husband and a successful lawyer) announced that he was leaving her to live with his eighteen-year-old secretary. Donna was still in shock. She may not be as young as his blond girlfriend, but she is still a hot and beautiful woman.

Of course, she and Karl have not gotten along very well over the past few years, and their marriage may have been falling apart, but it was still a very rude surprise to suddenly be alone without a husband. And without sex.

It was sex that worried her the most. Watching her naked teenage sons jostle each other by the pool, watching their manly young dicks bounce and sway, Donna felt her pussy get hot like fire. Hot sticky cream oozed out of her sleazy cunt, wetting the crotch of her panties. Suddenly, her sons turned her on!

“Oh God.” she moaned. “What’s wrong with me?”

Donna, of course, already knew the answer. She needed to fuck. Dona desperately needed it. Even when she and Karl fought, they were still physically attracted to each other, and they always had some pretty hot sex. Dona missed this regular lovemaking. It drove her crazy that she was now doing without him.

Now her eyes darted from one beautiful teenage cock to the next, and she couldn’t help but wonder what these three gorgeous young cocks would look like when they got up. She didn’t know whether her boys were virgins, or had they already fucked their girlfriends? What kind of lovers were they? Have they inherited a love talent from their father?

– Oh, stop it, Donna, this is stupid! She scolded herself.

But she could not get this topic out of her head. She was pretty sure Matt, her oldest son, was not a virgin. Matt was twenty and was always very popular with girls, even in high school. Since then, he has had a string of girlfriends, and Donna suspected that this was because Matt liked to “be on the lookout” when it came to women. He was a typical wolf – always on the hunt.

Her middle son, Terry, was nineteen, and if today’s children were the same as at her age, he would have lost his virginity long ago. Like her other sons, he was dark, handsome, and sexy, just like his older brother Terry never lacked dating.

But what about Bernie, her youngest? He had just turned eighteen and still looked so young. Even now, showing off his huge cock obscenely. Donna thought of this with a suppressed thrill of lust. Bernie was the black sheep of the family when it came to girls. He was always shy and never displayed any animal magnetism like his two older brothers. It is even possible that he has not yet reached sex with a girl.

Donna was shocked to find her pussy so wet when she thought about Bernie’s first time shoving her hard young cock into a girl’s pussy. Her hot cunt began to tingle strangely at the very thought of it. Then her feverish thoughts evaporated as the boys started to dive into the pool.

She watched as their thin, tanned bodies flew through the air, catching her gaze with the teasing reflections of their young cocks.

A few minutes after, Donna found herself whining quietly with desire and the crotch of her panties soaked in her melted cream from her pussy.

“What should I do now?” She moaned. “I can not take it anymore. I will go crazy.”

But what could she do? Drag the gardener into the house and fuck? Throw into the nearest lonely hearts bar and steal some stallion out of there? It was so frustrating. She couldn’t even date because it might look bad when it comes to trial. Donna hasn’t suffered financially. She had a small inheritance independent of Karl, who was supposed to help support her and the boys, but she wanted more from this jerk!

She needed a house and enough money to enable all three of her boys to graduate from college. To do this, she will have to keep her nose clean. She couldn’t afford to be caught in bed with anyone until the divorce was over. The only problem was, could she wait that long?

Right now, she felt ready to scream with suppressed lust. It didn’t help that her three sons began to swim on their backs in the pool. It gave her the look of three half-grown cocks. Apparently, the cool water made the guys’ limbs harden. Either that or they were talking about girls. Donna couldn’t hear them because the sliding glass door to the patio was closed.

But it didn’t matter. The more she looked, the harder their limbs became, three rigid risers slicing through the water like shark fins. Just one hard cock would be heaven for her now, and the sight of three out there in her own backyard was too much. She sighed longingly and rubbed her thighs together, trying to ease the hot pain in her quickly moisturizing pussy, but it was useless.

She’ll have to go to her room and masturbate like she has done two or three times a day lately. Since Karl left, she has had nothing but her own fingers to satisfy her aching need. She had to touch herself before she could fall asleep at night, and often had to masturbate during the day. She was about to turn away from the window and go to her room when Terry started jerking off!

Donna had no doubt that this was exactly what he was doing. Swimming on his back with a wicked grin on his handsome face, her middle son grabbed his cock and started pumping it like crazy, laughing at something he was telling others.

His brothers also laughed … and then they started masturbating too. Donna could hardly contain a cry of shock and indignation. Fortunately, the backyard was well fenced in and none of the neighbors could see what was happening, but it was still very risky and reckless. All three boys started pumping their tough young dicks, their fists just flying. Donna realized that she accidentally witnessed a jerk-off competition.

She finished her glass in one gulp and set it aside.

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