Venus Aries
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As Bill left the booth, Venus found herself suddenly alone. Amazing how
one can be in the middle of everything, be heard by so many people, and yet
feel so totally isolated from the rest of the world. “Oh well, the show must
go on!” she thought to herself. Glancing at the console, she saw she had a
minute or so before the record was over. She got out a record, cued it up,
closed her eyes, and cleared her mind to prepare for the show. As the
last bars of music faded, she hit the switch and the red light came on. The
“Lady of the Night” came alive in Venus.
Her already sensuous voice became deeper and softer. Taking on a feline
quality, “Desire” brought a whole new dimension to even a simple station ID.
After a few words of welcome, the light went dark, the turntable came up, and
the lady in black dimmed the lights in the room and took command of her domain.
After cuing up the next cut, the request line lit up. A strange tingle
went through Desire’s body as she saw the light flash. Thinking back to last
night, she smiled, pulled herself together, then answered the phone. “KABS”,
she answered. “Hello there babe,” a female voice responded, “Can you play some
Tull?” She smiled and said, “Sure, I’ll get it on as soon as I can. Thanks
for calling!”
Hanging up the phone, she thought back to what had happened the last few
nights. The calls were strange to say the least. Not that she had never got
obscene calls before, especially here at the station. Female DJ’s were a
target for such and she was used to it. But this guy was different. Such a
voice! It actually made her bit nervous the way she reacted to it. No one had
ever accused her of being cold, but my god! Over the phone??? She smiled to
herself as she announced the next record and started it up. “I wonder if he
will call tonight??” she asked herself…
It had been a strange week. The date last weekend hadn’t gone well.
The guy was OK, but for some reason it didn’t work right. They had gone back
to his place and had a few drinks. One thing led to another and they ended up
together on the couch in each others arms. For some reason, the guy just
wasn’t able to keep his mind off some sort of problems and finally told her
that he had to take her home and get back home. She understood, but all the
good it did her was to stir her up more than she was already. My god, everyone
has needs and hers were about to drive her up the wall! How long had it been,
2 months now? The playing around had turned her on and now he was taking her
home. Thanks a lot!!!!
She got home and poured a glass of wine. Listening to some of her CD
collection, she drank the wine. Then another… Well, who’s counting? After
a while, the wine and the evening sort of got to her and she decided it was
time to call it a night. She had been looking forward to this evening for
awhile. Working the night shift at the station didn’t do a lot for a gals love
life. She got up, got undressed and headed for the bath. Running a full
tub of bubbles, she gratefully sank into it. Lighting a candle, she turned off
the lights. She could feel the hot water soaking into her skin and easing the
days troubles away. After a while, the wine and the heat sort of got to her
head. She watched the reflection from the candle flame dance in the bubbles.
What a sight! Her body felt so good in the water. Closing her eyes, she sank
back into the water and lightly stroked her arms with the smooth lotion filled
water. “Ummmm…. God, that’s good! Why couldn’t it have been him instead!”
Without even thinking about it, she slowly moved her hands down to her breasts
and nipples. Her nipples responded to the attention they were getting, growing
harder and harder. Moving one hand downward, she found the tender,
hairy mound between her legs. Slowly stroking the outer lips, she found
herself enjoying this more and more. Her fingers found the hot flesh inside
and lightly touched her clit. The sparks exploded all the way to her head!
Gently massaging it between her wet fingers, it begin to get hard and erect.
“Mmmm… This is good.. Who cares what people might think… Desire needs it
tonight and this is better than nothing” Slowly, she felt herself getting
closer and closer. Having trouble concentrating in the now cold water, she
rinsed, dried off and moved to the bedroom.
Laying down on the bed, she found her way back to where she had been.
Her fingers found the entrance to her lust and she gently inserted one into her
pussy. Moving it slowly, she moaned. “Ohhh… Yes! That’s good…” Her
pussy was now wetter than it had been when she was in the tub. Her climax was
building fast. Moving her attention back to her now throbbing clit, she
lightly rubbed it faster. Her breath was coming faster and she knew it was
only a matter of moments until she felt the fireworks she so badly wanted.
(and needed!)
Suddenly, the phone rang.. “Damn! Not now!”, she cried. Answering it,
she was greeted by Bill at the station. He couldn’t locate a certain CD that
he was supposed to play tonight and thought she would know where it was
planted. Of course, she did so she told him where it was. The knothead had
trouble finding it, so she had to talk to him for a bit until he was able to
figure it out. By the time she got off the phone, her climax was lost. Her clit
was still hot and her cunt was still wet, but try as she might she couldn’t get
back into the mood. “Damn, and I was so close! Wait a minute! I know!”. She
reached into the night stand and brought out her small vibrator. “This will do
it! It never fails!” Taking the slim plastic bullet in her hand, she slowly
slipped it between her pussy lips and into her cunt. She moved it back and
forth a bit, trying to get used to the thing. She had never really got used to
the idea of using this, but it can come in handy in case of emergencies like
When she felt comfortable with it, she slipped it out of her now soaked
pussy and reached down to turn it on. Nothing happened! Shit, the damn
batteries were dead! “This just ain’t gonna work.” she said to herself. She
finally put the vibrator back in the drawer, pulled up the covers, and tried to
get to sleep as best as she could with the unfulfilled need throbbing in her
loins. “Who says women don’t have blue balls? Its just that we don’t have
balls!” she muttered to herself as sleep finally took her into it’s wings.

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