Family of Sex Slaves
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Emma is the hot girl that socialises with the geek
friend who fancies her but that’s all I’ll ever be to
her despite the fact that I’ve fancied her since the
moment I set I on her. She has perfect tits that are
flawlessly round and an arse to match.

I never thought I had a chance with her but one day
about a year after we both left school I bucked up the
courage to ask her out – needless to say she turned me
down. This had no major impact on our relationship
apart from the fact that she started to tell me about
her sex life (I later found out that this was to give
me something to jerk off to).

The she did something that gave me my opportunity. She
not only recorded herself having sex with a black guy
with an enormous cock but she did it in a church and
was nice enough to send it to me thinking that it
would make my Friday night. In actuality she gave me
an opportunity that I could not waste because her
family is extremely religious and I knew that if they
were ever to see that recording then they would be
extremely angry and would cut her off economically and
never speak to her again.

After about two weeks of meticulous planning I went to
her and I asked her out again – this time hoping that
she would turn me down and she didn’t disappoint. Upon
her refusal I said ‘Wrong answer bitch’. She looked at
me as if I’d slapped her. Then she exploded.

‘How dare you call me a bitch you stupid fagot! Who
the fuck do you think you are?’

‘The guy that’ll show your family and all of your
friends that tape of you fucking in a church if you
don’t do exactly as I say,’ I said in a perfectly
conversational tone with a smile on my face.

The colour in her face went from tomato red to death
white quicker than a Ferrari can accelerate and then
she burst out into tears and I wasn’t sure that I
wanted to hurt her like this but then I remembered all
the stories about her sex life and decided she
deserved it for being such a bitch so I just sat down
and waited for her to stop crying. Which took about
ten minutes but it was worth the wait. When she
finally got herself under control she took a deep
breath and said ‘what do you want?’

‘You as my sex slave,’ I replied.

She thought it over and then realising that she had no
choice said `as I haven’t got much choice have I? Ok
I’ll be your sex slave.’ I thought that she might cry
again but she didn’t.

‘You’ll be my slave what?’

‘I’ll be your slave master.’

‘You promise to do whatever you’re told?’

‘Yes master.’

‘And if you don’t you deserve to be severely

‘Yes master.’

I was just about to order her to strip so that I could
inspect my new slave when her mother shouted up that
dinner was ready. Typical but then again it was time
for my plan to really take shape.

I told her to act normally and we went down stairs.
When we entered the dining room she looked at the
table curiously because it was only set for one yet
there was me, her, and her two parents. She asked her
father about it but he ignored her and gave me a
questioning look.

I merely said, ‘It’s done.’

He said ‘do you want to tell her or should I?’

‘You’ve put up with the bitch for 19 years so you can
enjoy telling her.’ Her father’s face broke into a

‘Right bitch there’s some stuff you need to know’ Emma
was physically shocked at the way her father addressed
her but said nothing. ‘About a year ago Tom here found
out that your mother was also my sex slave and he
asked for my help making you his sex slave and I
agreed because you were being such a selfish bitch.
However I was so certain that he wouldn’t succeed that
I agreed that if he were to make you his sex slave
then he could have everything I owned as well as
myself and your mother as sex slave.’

He continued, ‘I guess Karma really is a bitch because
I’ve treated your mother terribly other the years and
now it’s time for my comeuppance.’ You could have
knocked Emma over with a feather especially when he
added ‘how may I serve you master’

‘I think you deserve a reward for putting up with this
bitch for years so while I eat my dinner I want you to
bend her over this table and fuck her ass as hard as
you can, but first I want you to cut her clothes off.’
Needless to say Emma was crying again while her father
went and got some scissors and he brought back
something else as well. A bottle of lube, ‘You won’t
need that I want this to hurt.’

‘As you command master,’ he then cut off all of her
designer clothes and once I was sat down he bent her
over the table and with a great deal of difficulty
slammed his 8 inch cock which was about 2 inches in
diameter in to her ass balls deep and Emma let out
this ear piercing scream luckily it was a detached

He wanted to let her ass adapt to his thick cock but I
told him that unless he wanted it chopped off with a
meat cleaver he’d pound her for all he was worth. I
was fed up with the screaming by this point so I
called her mother into the room – she was already
naked – and told her to go and get the ball gag out of
my bag in Emma’s room.

When she had returned and put the ball gag in Emma’s
mouth I ordered her to suck my cock while I finished
my stake. I lasted about 10 minutes and Emma’s father
another 5 before he asked permission to cum and I
said, ‘It would be a shame to waste all that cum so
take the gag out and cum in her mouth.’

Emma was smart enough to swallow every last drop and
then she cleaned off her father’s cock. When that was
complete Emma asked if there was anything else I
needed and I told her father to get on all fours with
Emma lying on his back with her legs wide apart. I
fucked her for 20 minutes and boy did it feel good to
cum in that pussy.

‘I’m gonna enjoy this family… at least twice a day!’

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