Ravished Wife
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There is something you have to do or learn for me if you want to
please me like the great lover that you are. When you get
especially horny next time, you must remove your clothes. I like
my women NAKED. And that’s that! Remove them seductively, though.
Feel the sensations that you usually don’t take time to notice
when you’re alone. Remember – I’ll be there – watching from your
door. And god, I do love the way you look. I can almost feel you
as you undress. Try your best to let me smell you. You know you
can get back at me if you do that!

Totally naked now?!! Wow! Give me that profile and hold it! No
time to be shy now – you trust me more than that. Proud head
high! and shoulders back! I’m smiling now. You’re really doing
this just for me. Did you remember to start the cam-corder?

OK now, OK. Knees on the bed. Scoot forward so that those feet
are just hanging off the bed. You know I go crazy when I see
those feet and toes like that. That was enough right there to get
me fairly firm. Remember, remember you are trying your best to
give me easy access to that beautiful behind.

You’ll probably have to spread those babe legs you have so it
will be easy for me to get at those creamy ass cheeks, that
pucker hole, and that fantastically sexy, protruding cunny you
carry with you all the time.

Now, head down on the bed. Use a pillow if you like. It’s kind of
a knee chest position. I think you have it. I don’t care if it’s
uncomfortable at first. Damn girl, you’re doing this for ME, not
yourself! Use those stomach and thigh muscles to get that pussy
to stick out as far as it will go. I know you’ve been doing
exercises for strength and tone. It’s time to show me.

This is position number one. Memorize it. Number O N E. In the
future, I should only have to say Number One, and save myself a
whole page. But you want to please me, remember? I’m just back by
the door. What you may not know is that you have succeeded in
filling the room with your scent. And the sight of your pussy and
feet are a little too much for me. Oh, you slutty little whore,
you have me and you don’t even know it yet.

I have come right up behind you now. The evaporation from the
back of your thighs and feet thrill you as the air is disturbed
by my approach. You are pensive and almost quivering for me.
Unaware that you have really pushed my button this time, you
expect my normal sensitive approach. The teasing that goes with
just slowly inserting the head of my cock normally drives you
crazy. Tonight you are unsure if you can withstand my tortures.

It’s mine! That’s right, your cunt is mine! Say it! WOMAN – say,
“My sexy, pouty pussy belongs to you, Rick! Pleeease.. POUND it,
Rick! I need to be fucked by your fat cock!”

Now a whimper… WOMAN, whimper for your man!

That’s better.

I drive the fattest cock I’ve ever had into you all the way with
one stroke, roughly. This is totally out of character for me, and
you gasp loudly. You are stunned! and try to turn your head in
the pillow to see if it is really me. I am in total control now
though, driving and pumping, yes POUNDING with all my might. It
could be anyone behind you. You really don’t know. But there is
no protest from you. This is just too good, too deep, too

There is so much water coming from your eyes, you might as well
be crying. Whimpers turn to moans. Moans to groans. You are just
there. There! There! There!

I hear you. You scream, “I’M CUMMMMM…….NG, CUMMMMM…….NG.
FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Minutes pass. “Cummmmm……..ng Cummmmmmmmmm,” is all you can
keep saying through your whimpers.

It’s OK. You can wind down now, baby. I’m with you. I love you.

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