Returning the favor
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This is not exactly about lightning striking in the same place twice, but
it’s close.
In the middle of November of the year after he met Mary Nelson, George
Chitwood went past the Greyhound station after work on Friday. No, you haven’t
been here before, not exactly. He did this a couple of times a month for some
years, especially on Fridays. Again he was asked about money for a meal by a
young woman. Again, as seventeen months before, he made an offer to pay for
the meal rather than give money, and offered the couch if it was needed. This
coincidence started to get to him, so he rolled with it and they went to the
same restaurant.
The woman’s name was Elizabeth Cooper, and she was about twenty. She had
been travelling from New Jersey down to her grandmother’s place in North
Carolina. She had a job lined up there starting on Monday morning, but she
missed the connection to Asheville because the bus broke down on the Jersey
turnpike. When she got into D.C., she found that her money was gone. It was
either stolen outright, found on the floor by someone who kept it, or maybe
left at State Roads somewhere. The driver helped her look for it, but without
any luck.
She still had the ticket, so she could have survived until the next bus
came on Saturday morning and through the eight-hour ride to Asheville, but she
would have been awfully hungry when she got there. She figured that George had
a kind face and she tried asking him for money.
Elizabeth said that he still had a kind face while he was stuffing it, so
she took up his offer of the couch. Well, she was bolder than Mary Nelson
started out to be, maybe from being older. Maybe it was as well that she was
just passing through if there was any chance her, um, appetites were like
Mary’s, George thought. He started paying attention to the differences —
blond hair, thinner face, bigger boobs — to avoid thinking that he was in some
great grinding cycle without end.
She was more talkative than Mary, and quicker-witted (or maybe just more
articulate) and George found himself liking her fairly well by the time the
meal was over. If she were staying around… Well, that would be a different
They walked to his apartment (still the same as the year earlier) and
George made the comment that he had made to Mary those months before about
sexual interest being reciprocated if it was there. She kissed him and said
no. Oh, well. It was worth trying.
Elizabeth put on earphones and listened to the radio, then she got bored
and read sections of the newspaper as George finished them. She was half-dozing
when he said goodnight to her and went to bed a little early. It felt odd to
have a woman sharing the apartment and not sharing his bed.
It felt even odder to his subconscious, it seemed, because his dreams that
night were about undressing her and raising her knees and sliding slowly into
In the morning George moved carefully out of bed to avoid waking her and
he went into the bathroom. He had not remembered the night before to leave his
bathrobe right to hand (it was in fact in the bathroom, since he seldom used
it) so he had to streak. But the sound of the shower, or maybe just the
daylight, must have woken her. The shower stall door opened and Elizabeth was
standing there stark naked. “Is there room for me? Do you mind if I join
you?” she said.
This was the sort of request that George found it very difficult to refuse
a naked woman with a great body. Not that many had ever asked, at least not as
many as he might have liked.
Elizabeth stood in the falling water looking lean and young and beautiful.
“I lay there last night thinking about the way you acted, and the way you
looked, and being a few feet from you and I started getting horny. I wanted to
masturbate, but I decided instead that if I felt the same way in the morning, I
would go to you instead. I did, so here I am. That glimpse of you zipping by
me was the final temptation.
“This might be the last chance I will have for a while to get any action,
since I’ll be moving in with my grandmother and I don’t know anybody down
there. You might say I don’t know you, but I think I can pretty well judge
you from what I’ve seen. I mean you don’t have any diseases or anything, I’m
“Certainly nothing I know of.”
“And I’m on the pill. I’ve been thinking about this,” she said, reaching
between his legs. “Though there’s more to it than I thought.”
She soaped his penis and worked at it until it became long and hard (which
really wasn’t much time at all). Then she pushed his erection to the
horizontal and clung to him, sticking it out between her legs, and moved back
and forth rubbing its length against her labia.
“I can’t take very much of this,” George said to her.
“I would be glad to take all of it,” she responded. They were not talking
about quite the same thing.
George shut off the water and grabbed a large towel off the rack, then he
led her back to the bed. He spread the towel over the sheet to keep it dry,
and then he spread Elizabeth over the towel. He bent over her body and used
his lips and tongue on her nipples. She grabbed his head, perhaps to work off
the nervous energy that was building up in her. He pulled away from her hands
and moved down. He heard her gasp as she figured out what he was going to do,
then again and louder at the first contact of his tongue down there.
“I’ve never had anyone do that, it feels strange but so good,” she
George worked his way in and around, as deep in as his tongue would go,
spreading her open with his fingers to force the tongue in as she jerked and
shuddered under him.
“What in the world are you doing? It feels like you are pulling me apart,
but it doesn’t hurt! I can’t believe you can get your tongue in that far! Oh!
Then he shifted around to lie on the towel alongside her and build her the
same way toward another climax. This time her hand reached timidly out to his
erection and stroked it, then brought it toward her mouth. She wasn’t sure
just what to do, but it was very nice regardless.
Her tongue flicked around the end of his erection, then up the underside
of the shaft as if she were licking a popsicle. She kissed the tip then and
stretched her lips slowly down, taking inch after inch into her mouth.
After a while, George pulled away from her and got above her.
“Oh, yes, lift my legs up like that,” she said. “That’s always nice and
it’s so good that way.”
He poised just at the entrance of her tunnel with his hard shaft, wet with
her saliva, barely parting her folds. Then he came down.
“Oh, Jesus, all the way in at once!”
The hard fast deep entry was a shock to her nervous system, almost
overwhelming her with sexual sensation. And he did not let her recover.
George pounded hard at her, pausing each time at the deepest point, Her vagina
soon started to twitch and contract whenever his testicles slapped against her.
It happened more and more until they exploded together.
Perhaps twenty minutes later, they got up and went into the shower again.
They went to the bus station that afternoon, and George saw her off to her
grandmother’s. Elizabeth wrote a week later to thank him for his hospitality.
Himself, George thought it had been well repaid already.


About a year later, George Chitwood was sent down for computer training in
Atlanta. His agency was willing to pay plane fare for him by coach, but he
decided to take a little off the top and drive both ways, and pocket the rest
of the money. That was the theory.
The reality was that the car didn’t make it back. It broke down in
Asheville, North Carolina on Saturday morning. The garage wouldn’t take a
check for the repairs, wouldn’t accept his credit card, and would only take
cash. That blew the difference he had figured on pocketing, plus more. In
fact, it left him with two choices. Either he payed their whole charge in cash
and had no money for a hotel room, then left Monday morning and got to work a
couple of hours late; or he came back down to Asheville to pick up the car.
George was standing there wishing he knew somebody in Asheville, when he
remembered that he did. Sort of, anyway. Elizabeth Cooper had stayed with him
one night back in November of the year before, and had shared his bed, so to
speak, on the morning after.
It was worth a try. There was only one Elizabeth Cooper in the telephone
directory, at a different address than the one in his personal phone book.
That either meant a different person, or she had moved out of her
grandmother’s. He hoped for the second.
It was. She remembered him, and when he told her the story she told him
how to get to her place.
When he got there, he told her right off that he of course did not expect
quite the hospitality that she had shown him back in Washington. Elizabeth
smiled and said that he was quite right not to expect it, but he seemed too
nice a person to expect it anyway.
George raised his eyebrows and agreed. She did ask his help with one
possible problem. She had been dating a local man and getting rather close to
him. She had not yet gotten to the stage of going to bed with him, but it was
close. She liked him, and it really might spoil things if he knew there was
another man staying in her apartment. So she wanted George to stay out of
sight and dead silent if he were in the place. It would only be for a few
moments at about seven that evening and maybe about midnight when they came
back. Of course, if they spent the night at his place, there was no problem —
the man wouldn’t need to come in on Sunday morning.
This was easy enough. The two of them were only there for a few minutes
in the evening. When they came back at quarter to twelve, however, the man
pitched it to Elizabeth hot and heavy, and she only convinced him to go home at
one in the morning.
She knocked on the door of the side room George was staying in and thanked
him for staying invisible. George saw that she was flushed and her clothing
was disarranged; it had been a close thing, he thought. George had been
sleeping until they came home, and he just tossed on a bathrobe when she
He took it off again and had almost drifted back to sleep when Elizabeth
turned the knob of the door again. George woke up immediately and saw that she
was now in a short red nightgown.
She fumbled for words and finally said that her boyfriend had gotten her
worked up and eager to go to bed with him. She might have at another time just
brought herself off with masturbation. But she thought about George…
She knew that she could trust George. Even if he wanted to talk about
this, he couldn’t possibly harm her reputation except in a city hundreds of
miles away. Would he be offended at being asked to be a substitute for someone
He would not mind at all, under the circumstances. He got up from his bed
and walked naked to hers. They lay down together and George found that the
spot where she had been was still warm. Her body was also warm under the
nightgown, especially her firm breasts, which his lips enjoyed kissing a great
When George kissed her further down, between her legs, she reacted more
freely than she had a year before. She told him that the prior occasion with
him had been her first time at that, but not her last. She had learned to like
She had George turn around and she worked on him the same way. She
showed him that she had learned other things in that last year. Before she had
fumbled at this, but now she had a delicate and sweet touch at making him grow.

She raised herself up after a while and came back down, sitting on his
hips and taking him all the way up. Her legs were spread wide apart and she
built quickly. But not to a climax; she stopped short and had him roll onto
her without pulling out.
She slowly worked her legs up until her knees were at her nipples and
George gave her another half-dozen hard thrusts that took them both over the
In the morning George awoke to find her washing his penis with a
washcloth. Then she came down with her mouth and proved even more what she had
learned since that stop in Washington. The semen shot out sweet and hot under
her tongue and hand.
George thought maybe he could have done yet more with her on Sunday night
if he had pushed for it, but he didn’t. He also might have ruined it all. He
left her early on Monday morning and drove back to D.C.

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