Faerie in His Bed
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Calanthe woke from her deep slumber and fluttered her
translucent, foggy-white wings. Her 5’4″ hourglass
frame was naked, her short, shimmering white dress
laying on the floor next to the bed. She was lying
face-down on top of a man 6′ tall, her head, hands and
34C breasts upon his chest. But, more importantly, the
man’s 8″ cock was completely inside the slit between
her legs, and still hard. This last revelation gave
her shivers of the enjoyable kind, and she smiled and
quietly moaned, as she laid herself down again on top
of the man, who was now stirring from his sleep.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Michael said, still
slightly tired, but still able to stroke the faerie’s
golden blonde hair.

“Mmmm, hey,” Calanthe returned the greeting, and
raised herself slightly before shifting up to his lips
for a kiss. As she moved, she felt his cock slowly
withdraw from her, making her moan breathlessly. Once
she was certain she could move without being further
stimulated, she leaned down again and gave him the
deepest, most sensuous kiss. “Can we just”—she stopped
as she moved back down his body, his cock making its
way back inside her highly sensitive cavern, making
her moan again, this time a little more audibly and
higher-pitched—”can we just stay in bed?”

Michael smiled. “Of course,” he responded, and put his
head back on the pillow, remembering what had happened
the day they met each other.


He had had a terrible day at work. His boss had been
an utter bastard, and he just wanted to get out of
there (which he did). He caught his usual subway home,
and sat himself down, glad to finally be free of the
torture again.

It was the first stop after he got on that provided
the greatest surprise for him. A young girl, looking
about 23 or 24, stepped on the train. She had on what
looked like a white, satin silk short dress, which
seemed to shimmer, even in the crappy artificial light
the subway train and station both offered. The bottom
hem was jagged unevenly, like a zigzag that in itself
was going in a zigzag.

She was 5’4″, measurements 32.5-22.75-32.5 (he had
figured them out in his head), and her breasts were an
evident C cup. And she was beautiful, so much so that
she seemed to make all other girls pale in comparison;
he could almost say that she was perfect. But what was
the most interesting were the wings that sat on her
back: white, translucent, gauzy, with evident veins
across the surface of each wing, almost like the wings
of a butterfly or moth. He had assumed at that point
that the wings were a prop, and that she was wearing
the costume just to be “eclectic”. That didn’t stop
him, however, from going over to talk to her, after
she had sat down on the bench opposite him.

“Hey,” he greeted her, immediately regretting that he
couldn’t come up with something more eloquent.

“Hi,” she returned the greeting.

“Where are you headed to?”

“Not sure,” the young girl responded. “I was just
thinking of getting on, and just seeing where it would
take me.”

“Well, I get off at the next stop, maybe you could
join me,” Michael suggested, realizing very quickly
that he couldn’t’ve sounded more creepy if he tried.

Her response, however, was even more surprising.
“Okay, cool. I’ll get off with you then.”

“You know, normally someone wouldn’t’ve accepted that
invitation, let alone someone as cute as you.”

The girl’s face turned a fairly noticeable (albeit
light) shade of red. “Really? You think I’m cute?”

“Well,” Michael tried to cover himself,
unsuccessfully, “I’d actually go so far as to call you
beautiful, actually. Very much so.” This last comment
made the young girl blush more obviously than before.


Just thinking of this scene had caused Michael to
place his hands on Calanthe’s ass, grabbing it
slightly, and begin slowly pushing her up and down his
shaft. This, of course, made her moan, again in a high
pitch, from the feeling within her sensitive love
tunnel as his cock moved inwards and out. Her eyes
were half-closed and glazed over, her face twisted in
ecstacy, her mouth forming a near-perfect circle.
Michael raised a hand from her ass and place it on one
of her luscious breasts, the nipple situated perfectly
between his thumb and forefinger.

Michael lifted himself off the bed, Calanthe’s body
following him, her body still shaking from even the
most miniscule ministration of his cock inside her
sex. She held herself close to him, not wanting to
separate from her human lover. Her wings even flitted
as her body pressed itself against his upright torso,
her legs straddling around his hips and lap, her head
sideways on his chest. His memory went back again.


“You know, all this conversation, and I still don’t
know your name,” Michael noted, as they walked from
the train station. Within the space of a few minutes,
he had met this eccentric young woman, with her
shimmering white dress and gauzy wings, convinced her
to get off at the same station as him, and now they
were walking to his home, together.

“Calanthe,” she responded.

“Unusual name, never heard that one before.”

“Yeah. How about you?”

“Michael. Pretty plain and common.”

“I don’t know, I quite like your name, Michael-pretty-
plain-and-common.” Calanthe smiled cheekily. That
little quip caused Michael to chase Calanthe around,
seemingly to get her back for her comment. He managed
to corner her, the pair of them still laughing,
however the laughter slowly subsided as he leaned in
and kissed her. She didn’t back away, either, but her
wings flitted as they kissed.

And he noticed after they parted. “They’re real,
aren’t they?”

Calanthe nodded, feeling like she had just been found
out. “Are you mad at me? For not telling you?”

“No,” he responded, placing a hand up to her face.
“But tell me one thing: are you a faerie?”


“And how old are you really?”


Michael cupped Calanthe’s face in both his hands,
noticing she was going to cry. He kissed her again.
“Can I say you are the most beautiful thing I have
ever seen?” She didn’t respond verbally, just smiled
and kissed him again. “And, my place is just inside
there.” He pointed up to a window just above them.


Michael and Calanthe separated their lips again, her
wings again fluttering in the midlight, their bodies
still connected. Michael leaned down to Calanthe’s
naked breasts, kissing each nipple before taking one
into his mouth, his hands moving down to her hips and
gripping them. The thrill it gave Calanthe made her
move again, again recommencing the stimulating
penetration that she had felt so many times before the
previous night.


As soon as they had gotten in the door, the pair had
recommenced their deep and sensuous kissing. Neither
of them knowing where they were going, they managed to
crash into Michael’s couch, Michael trying his hardest
to avoid Calanthe’s wings (he only just did). They
returned to the kiss, Michael slowly removing
Calanthe’s silken dress from her shoulders, exposing
her full breasts to the air. He raised a hand to one
of them, rubbing the nipple between the thumb and
forefinger. Her hand went down towards her lover’s
trouser zipper, rubbing the area around it, feeling as
he grew hard at the attention.

Michael broke the kiss, but only long enough to kiss
down her neck towards jher breast, sucking in the
nipple, as his other hand now played with the opposing
breast. Her fingers entwined in his hair, the physical
manipulations on her breasts sending small shivers
along her body.

“Please, stop for the moment,” Calanthe managed to
whisper amidst the sensations. Michael did, but he was
confused as to why. “Take me to your bed, please.”

He simply complied, picking the faerie up in his arms
and carrying her towards the bedroom, her arms wrapped
around his neck.


Calanthe quickly found herself on her back again in
the bed, her wings pinned underneath her in the bed,
as Michael loomed over her. He had pulled out of her,
albeit briefly, as his cock quickly reinserted itself
into her, making her squeal as her pussy quickly
became filled and stimulated in the one movement. The
pair kissed again, as he began slowly pistoning inside
her, causing her to squirm ecstatically underneath

She finally managed to get a few words out: “I’ve…
ahh! Been here once… mmmm! before…”

He knew what she meant.


Gently down she went, Michael placing her slowly onto
the bed. Her dress still hung below her shoulders,
slightly exposing her breasts, but not her nipples.
She still shook slightly, as the air drifted across
the exposed skin of her breasts.

Again, the kisses continued, as her dress again left
her shoulders completely, exposing her nipples to the
air again. But Michael was quick to break the kiss, as
he moved down to between the faerie’s legs.

He had just removed her panties, exposing her sweet
sex when she stopped him. “Please, let me give you
something first. Lay down.” Again, he could but
comply, as she turned herself over onto her hands and
knees, and began removing his trousers and pants,
exposing his hardening cock to her. She then leaned
down, and took the length into her mouth.


Calanthe wrapped her legs around Michael’s hips,
hoping to push him further into her. Each movement
made her want to close her legs around him tighter and
quicker, the sensations were so much, and she only
just managed to keep herself from doing so. Instead,
she leaned up slightly and kissed her lover
passionately, wriggling underneath him as she did so,
to keep the good feelings going.


The feeling of her mouth around his shaft was like
heaven to him. And, for someone so small, she was
taking it so deep too, as more and more of his length
disappear into her mouth and down her throat. Soon all
eight hardened inches was inside her mouth, pleasuring
him with her tongue and lips as they circled around
the shaft. As one hand circled the base of the shaft,
the other played with his balls, moving them around in
her palm and fingers.

Her manipulations of his cock soon became too much for
him, as he felt the cum building up inside his balls,
and make its slow trip up the shaft. Finally, the
first spurt came out, and went straight from her cock
down her throat.


It didn’t take long before the cum sitting in
Michael’s balls moved up through his cock, and
eventually it was coating the inside of Calanthe’s
pussy walls, the feeling sending her over the orgasmic
edge as her own washed over her. Her back arched,
pushing her 34C breasts up and out, the nipples
hardened like little pencil erasers, her eyes were
closed, mouth opened, and feet were extended as far as
they could go. Her legs clamped tight around his hips,
keeping her as much inside as possible. Her wings were
flat across her back, fluttering and shaking quickly.

The final memory of last night came to him as he came
down from their combined orgasmic ride.


Calanthe removed her wonderful mouth from his organ
after his last spurt spilled down her throat. She
sneaked up his body, until her until now untouched
pussy was floating above his still-hard cock. He took
hold of her hips, and began lowering her down, as she
held his shaft upright towards her sex. The cockhead
touched her lips, and all Michael had to do was push a
little bit, and the cockhead slipped in, making her

He was quick to stop, worried. “Did I hurt you?”

“No,” she consoled. “I—we, as a race—have very
sensitive pussies. We can literally feel everything
that happens in there. And every movement you make
literally feels like a thousand massaging fingers
inside us. A small movement is like ecstacy to us. So
please, keep going, and don’t worry about me.”

He slowly kept pushing her down, a long, high-pitched
moan coming out of her mouth as he did so. Soon his
entire length was inside her. She wriggled slightly,
her body shaking as she did so, as his cock moved
around inside her, her wings flittering. He started
moving her upon him, each movement leading to her
letting out a light moan and slight shiver, as she
said, like she had a thousand fingers lightly
massaging the inside of her.

His movements occasionally made him shiver as well,
all the way down through his cock, which in turn made
her get even more stimulated. The thrusts got harder,
her stimulation increased, and in turn so did his, as
her shivers became more noticeable to his sense of

Then the grand event happened between them. Michael’s
cum-filled balls began pushing their fill up through
his shaft for the second time that night, and into her
pussy, the feelings from each ejaculation providing
her with previously unknown feelings of ecstacy and
pleasure, and soon she was also experiencing her own

Once both had subsided, Calanthe fell upon her human
lover, her breasts crushed between her body and his,
her wings angled upon her back. Her voice was very
weak as she spoke, “Thank you.” And, with Michael
stroking her hair, she fell asleep straddling his

And she woke up the next morning, still straddling her
lover, with his cock still hard and deep inside her.

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