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I hired a full time home maker when she was released from the hospital, but that still left her unattended at night and the weekends. Being right handed, Grandma struggled with daily functions using her left side. Since both of us lived alone, I committed to take care of her because she raised me since I was 8. That was the least I could do.


My parents both died when their car was t-boned by a truck racing through a red light. My Grandma took me in to keep each other company since Grandpa died from cancer the year before. Losing her husband and then her daughter one after the other completely devastated her. I remembered Grandma rarely smiled for years, unlike the Grandma I knew before. But we at least had each other.

My father was the youngest of 4 from his parents. My mother and her mother didn’t seem to get along very well with their in-laws. After my parents died, they became more distant because they were kept busy taking care of their other grandchildren. Being the smallest of the bunch, my older cousins often picked on me. So I only saw them a few times a years during the Grandparents birthday parties, etc.

Grandma was kind of formal and strict raising me. Looking back I now know she was focused on my future. She supervised my homework and kept firm schedules during the week. I enjoyed movie nights in the weekends when I got to choose from interesting titles. The movies progressed from cartoons to Disney and on. We always cuddled and I loved her soft body holding me during the movies.

She bathed this little guy until the end of primary school. One day she took me to a physical examination. I remembered she asked if my growth would be hindered. I had no idea but she arranged to cut the foreskin. She took care of me after surgery until it healed and she was pleased. Again I had no idea what that was all about.


We visited a physician one day. After I was finished I stood around in the room when Grandma lifted her t-shirt and her bra to be examined. That was the first time I saw this amazing pair and I couldn’t stopped staring. I was so happy that they didn’t send me to the waiting room prior. At that time I just began noticing females but I really didn’t know why. Eventually I found out she used C and D cups. At 53, her breasts were firm without sag. She gave birth at 19. My mother also married early.

Ever since that day I really looked forward to our movie nights when we cuddled and I purposely rested my head on her soft pillows. She never reacted nor stopped me but I didn’t dare anything else. The movies eventually progressed to include some love stories with tame love scenes and my erection became obvious. Still Grandma just ignored me and said nothing. She knew I was getting my sex education in school and maybe she was not comfortable teaching me.

I found my high school sweetheart in Grade 11 and enjoyed life with her. She was a new Asian immigrant that knew nothing about sex. We started exploring each other during Grade 12. Grandma liked my sweetheart also so she visited often and ‘studied’ with me in my room. Grandma likely knew what was going on but said nothing and made great meals for the 3 of us. (I have previously written my real life with my Virgin Sweetheart in a true story ‘My Virgin Highschool Sweetheart’ ).

UNIVERSITY and beyond

I attended the local University and stayed at home to minimize costs since Grandma had to support my education. I worked part time weeknights weekends and full time summer to supplement. After graduation with distinction at the top of class, I received a scholarship to grad studies far away from home. Grandma urged me to broaden my horizons and fly as high as I can. So at 22, I was on my own, far far away from Grandma. We of course kept in touch and I always went home for Christmas and couple of weeks in the summer since graduate study was full time all year.

At 26 I was a young Ph.D. with a teaching post. Grandma came to my graduation and she was so proud. She almost couldn’t stop crying. She missed me and I missed her too so I applied to posts near home and eventually got an instructor position. Grandma was so happy but insisted I live on my own so I found a place near campus.


After dinner I said; ‘Grandma, would you like to have a movie night for old time sake? But now you get to pick the title.’ She smiled, ‘yes of course Kiddo!’ So I set her down with a glass of wine and started the movie she picked. We cuddled again but now she leaned on me instead. After a while, ‘Grandma, let me know when you need me to adjust to make you more comfortable, just like the way you let me leaned on you during the movie nights when I was young.’ She looked into my eyes, ‘That really brings back those fond memories. I truly enjoyed raising you and you kept me company. We were a great team. I might not have survived if you were not around.’ ‘Grandma, you are the one that gave me everything I have. I will always be with you.’ I kissed her on her left cheek. She turned and our lips touched. I was about to pull back but she didn’t move so time stood still for a minute. I wasn’t sure if her impaired sensitivity was the reason. I slowly licked her lips and they parted. I slipped my tongue in a little and gently sucked her lips. To my surprise she responded with her tongue.

After a few minutes we paused for air. She looked into my eyes. ‘I really missed the love with your Grandpa, but at 48 I just couldn’t see myself going out anymore, especially when I had to raise you properly. You tempted me during your high school years all the time with your erections and resting on my breasts watching movies but how could I ruin the life that was in front of you. I knew I was tempting you too after I found your semen in my bra and panties in the wash basket but I didn’t know what I could do. So I was very happy to see you found your high school sweetheart. Every time I heard you two petting and eventually making love in your room, my mind was filled with the sweet memories with my husband. Sometimes I became too aroused I had to help myself. Otherwise my love life ended with my husband’s departure.’

I felt my face burning. ‘I am so sorry, I didn’t know. Grandma, ever since I saw your beautiful breasts in the physician’s office, you became my fantasy. I’ve never seen a pair as beautiful as yours.’ ‘Really? Impossible. I was already well over 50 at that time. You just saying that to make me happy.’ ‘No Grandma, even today, I can see your body still looks perfect. I will help you recover with daily workouts.’ She smiled sweetly, ‘Thanks kiddo, I need all the encouragement I can get.’ I started massaging her right shoulder and down her arm, asking her to confirm any sensations. Then I started on her right thigh down to her toes, again checking for sensations. ‘Grandma, looks like we need to set a schedule for you just like the kind you set up for me.’ She smiled again.

I then massaged her left shoulder. ‘That felt good.’ I worked my way down her arm, then her left thigh to her toes. ‘Thank you, that is so relaxing. I need that. Now let’s finish the movie.’ I moved to her right side so I could massage her while watching the romance movie she picked. There were some love scenes with nudity. My hand moved to her back and my erection became obvious just like the good old days. ‘I do have some feeling when you massaged my back as you got closer to the middle and of course my left side.’ I sensed her breathing sped up as I worked below her waist. This time she kissed my cheek and I met her lips with mine. Clearly she appreciated my response by slipping her tongue inside my mouth. I gently sucked and our tongues massaged each other while exchanging fluids. We eventually broke for air. ‘Grandma, I like to massage your front also.’ ‘I’m sure you do!’ She said with a foxy smile.

Her white bra holding my dream pair appeared as I unbuttoned her blouse. I started from her neck down, avoiding the obvious. ‘Help me unhook this!’ Once again I was that little teenager that got his prize as my dream came true. They matched up with my sweet memory perfectly. Although in reality gravity had taken its toll very slightly so in fact they had just perfectly matured. I massaged her right, gently rubbing the pinkish brown nipple while she sighed. ‘That felt good but just not the same as the good old days. My nipples were so sensitive that your Grandpa was able to give me orgasm just from playing with them. In fact, when I was still sore after your mother was born, he nursed my overflowing milk jugs while I played with his manhood until we both climaxed together.’ I of course immediately started nursing her breast in place of Grandpa. My fingers brushed over her left nipple and she shivered. ‘Oh Oh! Thank God I still have my left!’ Her big nipple expanded to more than half an inch. Her dollar size areola started tightening and showed some ‘pimples’ and wrinkles while both turned deeper red.

I moved to the floor between her legs to adore her bosom, kissing and licking all around her ultra sensitive left, eventually to her hardened nipple and tightened areola. Her breathing fastened as she rubbed my back with her left hand. I rolled my tongue round and round my possession and she started moaning softly. I flicked my tongue and rubbed my lips against her big hard nipple and sucked and sucked while I kept massaging her right breast and nipple firmly. Soon she started panting, then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, straightened her entire body and tensed up for a whole minute. Eventually she let out her breath and opened her eyes smiling, ‘Thank you my dear, you let me relive my fond memory again. You are just as good!’

‘Now let me see what was tempting me all those years!’ She tried to lift me up so I stood up and she rubbed my erection. I was dying for relief so I unzipped and pulled everything down all at once. My throbbing manhood sprang out pointing straight at her face. ‘Oh my, I am so glad your growth was not hindered. You are thicker and longer than your Grandpa, if I remembered correctly. God, that was almost 23 years ago. When he got sick and started treatment, we did not make love ever since.’ ‘Oh, Grandma, I am so sorry that you had to endure all these years, and mostly for me. I will do my best from now on. Would you let me try?’ She smiled sweetly, with tears in her eyes.

She examined my rock hard manhood closely with her soft hand, ‘You handsome devil’, and placed my big purple glans on her tongue. Now my heart was throbbing together with my steel rod. She wrapped her mouth around my glans and rubbed her tongue all over, paying special attention to the ultra sensitive bottom. Her hand then moved to my sack and balls. I bend down to massage her soft yet firm breasts and hard nipples again as she sucked and sucked. ‘Yes you are definitely thicker and your balls are big like your Grandpa.’ I dared not thrust so I simply enjoyed the sensations, wishing it would last forever. But I’ve never been so excited that I felt my balls unfortunately tightening and rising fast. ‘Oh Grandma!’ She released me from her mouth. ‘Yes dear, I can feel your sack tightening. I want to see your semen first.’ She stroked my throbbing manhood hard and fast. I exploded as I yelled, my knees weakening. I held her huge breasts and nipples for my dear life. My cum sprayed directly onto her breasts, ropes after ropes that I didn’t know I had. The last drops were caught by her mouth as she sucked me in again. My cream flowed down to my palms so I started massaging my trophies all over, carefully rubbing her huge hard nipples and aerola in circles with my thumbs. Her moaning returned and soon the panting as well. She began shaking so I tried to pull out of her mouth but instead she locked my big purple glans in with her lips and sucked even harder. My manhood remained hard all this time and my balls were raising again. Her second orgasm was even more intense as I pumped everything left in my sack into her mouth. She was able to swallow most. The rest dripped from her mouth to her breasts. I spread them all over for quick adsorption.

After we finally calmed down, she opened her eyes to look into mine. ‘I think you still taste the same.’ My god, she must have tasted my cum regularly from her underwear back then!. ‘You are the best Grandma, I am so grateful to have you in my life.’ ‘Me too. I am also grateful for letting go of that hidden desire deep inside instead of taking it to my grave.’ I’ve heard that a stroke could change personalities and hers turned into such a blessing for me. I lifted her up and walked into her bedroom. We cuddled and fell into a deep sleep right away.

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