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Without hesitation, Lisa stood up, breast mounds jiggling
with the movement, and knelt on the floor, facing her friend. Their
hands went to each others’ breasts and I watched as their eager
fingers pulled at each pink and erect nipple as mine had done, smiles
of pleasure spreading over their faces. Busy little hands circled and
caressed each other, creating pleasure and making them horny.

I watched for a few minutes as the two young girls, barely in
their teens, delighted in girl sex. My cock was pulsing, rock hard
inside my pants as I watched them. Soon they were kissing each other,
deeply, passionately, tongues playing back and forth from wet mouth
to wet mouth. I decided to get more involved.

I moved up next to them. Because they were up on their knees
there was plenty of space between their young thighs. I put a hand on
each of their naked backs as they faced each other, lost in mutual
girl-sex play, kissing, sucking and caressing each other, and I let
my hands slide down over the gentle curve of their firm, round behinds
and underneath between their legs.

Immediately I applied pressure up into each girl’s crotch,
pushing my fingers up into their pussies and feeling the warm wetness
already there. They didn’t protest at all, so I sat back a little,
making it easier to run my hands back and forth between their legs
from behind as they knelt facing each other.

I could feel Lisa push her body down slightly against the
insistent pressure of my caressing hand, trying to make the contact
better, harder. Her shorts were pulled tightly up between her legs
and I could feel the roundness of the mound of her pussy and her girl
slit through the material of her shorts. The oily wetness of her pussy
juice was already beginning to soak through.

The heavier denim material of Sarah’s cut-off jeans made it
more difficult to stimulate her cunt, but I knew she was feeling
something by the way her ass began to wriggle on my probing, pushing
hand. The girls turned to me and we kissed, one at a time, my hands
continuing to run back and forth, pressing up between their legs from
behind. They finally turned enough so that I could shift my hands
around to the front, and I brought my hands around and cupped the
front of their pussy mounds through their shorts, firmly rubbing
back and forth between their separated thighs while my fingers pushed
up into their moistening slits. Their hands continued to play with
each others’ nipples, pulling and pinching at the hard little pink
shafts sticking out from the tips of their teenage breasts.

“Not only great tits, but great pussies, too,” I commented,
hands moving constantly back and forth, probing up between their legs.
They smiled, faces flushed with sexual excitement.

“It feels so good,” said Sarah, “don’t stop doing it to me.
God, I’m so wet down there…”

“See the front of my pants? Doin’ this to you makes my cock
so hard. Why don’t you do me like I’m doin’ to you?”

My prick was one hard, long shaft pushing straight up the
front of my jeans. Lisa put her hand lightly on the shaft.

“Mmm…that feels nice,” I said encouragingly.

She applied a little more pressure and began to run her hand
up and down the length of my cock. Sarah’s hand joined her, curious
to feel her first cock.

“It seems so big…so long..”

“Of course it’s hard and long…the better to fuck you with,”
I laughed.

Sarah looked at me.

“Is that what you’re gonna do, fuck us?” she asked quietly.

“If you want me to, I will.”

Lisa didn’t look to sure, but Sarah was hot and ready. I moved
closer to her. Lisa moved back, out of the way. I unsnapped Sarah’s
shorts and slowly, teasingly, pulled the zipper down. She laid back
on the carpet, lifting her ass up as I pulled at her shorts and
grabbed the waistband of her panties as I pulled them down and off
her feet.

The fourteen-year-old girl lay naked on her back before me,
breathing fast in her excitement and anticipation, knees raised
slightly and held together. A small, light brown triangle of curly
hair extend from between her thighs up just a little onto her lower

I stood up and spoke to Lisa, wanting her to get in on the
act, too. “Take my pants off.”

Still a little unsure, she stood in front of me, reached
down and unsnapped my jeans. As she pulled down the zipper they
immediately fell open, revealing my cock. I wasn’t wearing any
underwear and my jeans fell to the floor. I stepped out of them
and moved to Sarah, my cock throbbing as it stood out from between
my legs.

I knelt down at her feet and gently caressed her smooth,
slender legs with my hand, enjoying the feel of this young girl.
Her face was full of both anticipation and nervousness.

“Open your legs,” I said quietly, my hands on her knees
guiding them apart.

Her knees parted and spread out as she kept her feet together.
Her beautiful fourteen-year-old pussy mound was covered with light
brown hair, already matted and wet from our previous experience. I
could see the pinkish cleft of her slit in the center of the raised

“Before I fuck you, I’m going to do something that you’re
really going to like.”

Still on my knees I leaned forward, hooked my arms underneath
her young thighs, and bent forward, lowering my mouth onto her cunt.
Immediately I slipped my tongue deeply into her pussy, licking up
through the short length of her delicious little slit. The sweet,
pungent taste of her pussy juice and the thought of licking this
young girl seemed to make my cock even harder.

I felt her body jump a little at the initial contact, but
right away she relaxed, caught up in the sudden intense sexual
sensations shooting up from between her legs. Back and forth I
flicked my tongue up and down her slit, licking and sucking. She
instinctively tried to close her legs together with the first
explosion of pleasure, but my arms held her open, and soon I could
feel her pushing her knees back trying to push her cunt against my
mouth and increase the wonderful contact. After a moment I licked
around the outside of her mound, through the crease of her thighs,
tasting the saltiness of her soft teenage skin, then plunged back
into her slit, licking and sucking, tasting her wonderful juice.

She was incredibly wet now, and I knew she was ready.
Raising my head up, I got up on my knees and shifted my hips
forward, over her open pussy. Using my right hand, I placed
the head of my cock against her girl slot, pressing the tip
down into her cunt opening. Pushing my hips slowly, but firmly,
forward, I looked down between her legs and watched my thick,
swollen shaft enter her cunt and slowly disappear as, bit by
bit, it sank up into her warm tightness.

When I was a little way in, I put both my hands on the
floor and supported myself on my arms and knees over her. Sarah
lay below me, head turned to the side and knees wide open, my
cockhead in her pussy. Again, I pushed forward. She was tight,
but the wetness allowed me to slide in pretty easily. There was
no resistance as my length moved little by little further into
her cunt.

Looking down again, I could see I was about half-way in.
Pulling back a little, I shoved a little harder and slid in further.
Several more times I moved in and out, each time working my shaft a
little farther up into her tight little pussy until, with a final
long, deep stroke, I felt the base of my cock hit her pubic bone.
I knew she had taken me fully into her.

I looked down as she turned her face to me.

“How’s it feel?” I asked with a little grin.

“….feels so good..” she answered, her voice coming from
low in her throat, a dreamy, far-away look in her eyes.

“You like my cock in you?”


“Then you have to say it….say the words.”

“I…like your cock in me…”

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“..yeah..oh, yeah, fuck me…fuck me…”

As she spoke the sexy, dirty words, I pulled my shaft out
a little, then slide it back up to the hilt, fucking the pretty,
young fourteen-year-old girl. Rocking back and forth, I moved
slowly in and out of her several times, wanting to let her enjoy
the first sensations of sex. “Put your legs up around me…that’s

I felt the horny junior high school girl wrap her ankles
around my ass and pull me into her. Soon, I started to move a little
faster and shafted into her harder, the base of my cock colliding
with the top of her mound. Her incredible wetness made the movement
easy now, and I was pulling out almost the entire length of my cock
before stroking back up into her, letting the full length of my shaft
slip through the delicious grip of her tight little-girl opening. We
set up a slow, easy rhythm, and I could feel her legs pulling me
harder and harder as I pumped into her hot little pussy.

As I fucked the youngster, I saw Lisa come closer, right
next to us, watching with wide, lust-filled eyes. She knelt down
on the floor near us, naked from the waist up, the nipples on her
pale, firm, full teenage breasts large and erect. She could see
the look of ecstasy and hear the moans of pleasure coming from her
friend as I fucked her for the first time. The squishy, wet sound
and musky scent of sex was everywhere, and she was getting turned-
on, too.

I was trying to hold back to give Sarah a good first fucking
so I slowed our pace for a minute, settling myself down so I didn’t
cum too soon. It was easy to shoot off quickly into these tight,
teenage pussies if you didn’t take your time. I even stopped for
a minute and sat back a little, looked down, and saw my cock
completely disappearing into the slit between Sarah’s legs. God,
it looked and felt so good, so sexy. I could feel her wonderful,
fleshy pussy lips gripping the base of my prick where it entered
her slit.

I looked over at Lisa kneeling next to me, watching the
torrid scene of young sex, her breathing rapid, her eyes glowing.

“She feels so good on my cock. Her pussy is so wet, so

I moved in and out slightly as I explained, the sensations
too nice for me to stay still very long. She felt so good that I had
to move, to fuck the sexy, young teenager.

As I moved my hips slowly back and forth slipping my shaft
in and out of Sarah, I reached over and ran the palm of my hand over
both of Lisa’s nipples, then pulled at their length with my finger
tips. She smiled and moaned a little at the sensual touch, pressing
her breasts against my hand as I played with her creamy breast mounds.
After a moment I ran my hand down over her soft, smooth belly and
between her thighs. I cupped her pubic mound with my hand, firmly
pulling my fingers back and forth over the front of her slit through
the material of her tight shorts as the palm of my hand pressed
against her cunt.

“It feels so good to fuck a young girl like this. I’d like
to fuck you, too. Would you like that?”

She smiled, leaned forward, and brought her mouth tightly
against mine, her little tongue shooting in and around my mouth as
my hand continued to rub back and forth between her legs. As I
swirled my tongue around her mouth I could feel the metal braces
on her teeth on my tongue and the warmth of her pussy in my hand.

We pulled our faces away.

“Take your shorts off.”

She didn’t hesitate at all. She just stood up, unbuttoned
her shorts, and let them fall to the floor. She lifted her feet out
and kicked them aside.

“Now, take your panties off…”

She hooked her fingers under the elastic waist band and her
pale yellow bikini panties rolled down her short, slender legs and
off her feet. She stood next to me, a small triangle of silky blond
hair sloping down between her legs.

“Kneel down here.” I indicated the spot next to me.

The naked, blond fourteen-year-old girl knelt down and sat
back on her heels, her knees apart. I put my hand out and dragged
my fingers along the smooth insides of her legs and inner thighs.
She moved her knees apart a little more, opening herself to my
touch. Again, I cupped the front of her mound with the heal of
my hand, the short curls of her soft, blond pussy hair tickling
my palm as the tip of my middle finger probed up into her slit
between the soft, rubbery outer lips of her pussy. She was tight
and already very wet, like a young girl’s pussy should be.

Not feeling any resistance, I slipped the full length of
my middle finger up into her. My hand rocked slowly back and forth
as I began to finger-fuck the youngster, the wetness from her slit
already coating my finger.

“Mmmm…God, you’ve got a nice pussy…so soft, so wet…”
I murmured to her as my finger slipped in and out of her cunt open-
ing. I heard a small moan from her as I ran the finger over her
clitoris, intensifying the sexual sensations radiating up from
between her thighs. With each in and out movement I rubbed over
her sensitive button at the front of her cleft, sexually stimulat-
ing this little girl to higher levels than she’d ever been before.

After a minute I plunged two fingers into her, making the
penetration more full, more thick, more arousing. I could feel the
opening of her pussy adjust to the added size and knew, when the
time came, she would take my cock easily and eagerly.

I was trying to get two horny, hungry junior high school
girls off at the same time while trying not to shoot my load too
soon, and it was difficult. Sarah’s legs kept pulling me harder
as I began to shaft into her again and I knew she wanted me to
fuck her hard and fast. But I wanted Lisa to have some fun, too.

I could feel Lisa begin to move up and down on her knees
slightly each time I pushed my fingers up into her, almost as if
she was fucking herself. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated
on the incredible waves of pleasure sweeping over her young body.
Using my thumb, I was able to stimulate her clit continually while
my two other fingers moved in and out of her slit, and she gasped
and moaned with each slight movement in her pussy. I could tell
she liked being finger-fucked, and I was enjoying arousing the
youngster, but she was going to have to wait. Sarah was just too

Almost reluctantly, I pulled my wet, musky-smelling
fingers out of Lisa’s delightful little slit and put my arms
under Sarah’s slender legs, unlocking them from around me and
sliding them up onto my shoulders. I was going to show the
horny little girl what fucking was really like. I could feel
the smoothness of the skin of her calves against my neck as I
put my hands down and supported myself on the floor over her.
Sarah’s legs angled back and her pussy tilted up as I started
slamming my cock into the young girl again. In this position
I was fucking almost straight down into the youngster and my
cock rubbed hard over her clit arousing her even more quickly.
I practically bounced up and down on her and with each hard
inward thrust of my cock the breath hissed from her.

Harder and harder I fucked her, each time throwing the
weight of my body into the young girl, the base of my cock
almost smashing against her pleasure button with each stroke
of my shaft. Her head was turned to the side, eyes closed, as
the constant barrage of pleasure built between her legs and
spread throughout her body, finally exploding in her head.

I could feel her body begin to tense as her orgasm built,
and knew she was going to cum. So was I. I watched her mouth open
in a silent scream as her fingers grabbed at the carpet on the
floor. The contraction in my balls told me I was going to shoot
into her. Her legs squeezed together, her body went rigid, and
she groaned as the climax overwhelmed the fourteen-year-old girl,
sending her to a height of sexual pleasure she’d never before

As she came, I pushed deeply down into her a final time,
grunted, and threw my head back as the first shock of my orgasm
jolted my head. I could feel every contraction and spasm of my
cock as I shot cum repeatedly into her tight little cunt, fill-
ing her insides with my cream. We seemed frozen together, Sarah’s
body bent nearly in half as we enjoyed the tremendously intense
wave of sexual pleasure that surged through our connected bodies.

As our orgasms began to subside, I moved backwards and
felt Sarah’s legs begin to relax and unfold from around my neck,
finally falling to the floor on either side of my body, laying
open and exposed. My softening cock was still held firmly inside
with her tight pussy lips. “That was fucking great,” I sighed to
no one in particular.

Sarah hadn’t moved much. She seemed completely overcome
by her first orgasm. I gently backed away from her, my softened
cock pulling out of her, releasing a small stream of white cream
from her pussy. She lay still, her breathing deep and even, eyes
closed and legs laying open.

I sat back against the front of the couch and Lisa came
over, settling down next to me. She pulled my mouth to hers and
we kissed. I ran my hands over her soft, naked young body, enjoy-
ing the feel of her smooth, unblemished skin. Young girls like
this have a special feel about them that’s hard to describe.
Young, smooth, innocent and, at the same time, charged with
sexual energy.

We broke our kiss as we heard Sarah begin to stir. She
pulled her legs together and opened her eyes, that far-away ‘just
fucked’ look in her eyes. She smiled as she looked at us.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before,” she purred.

“You’ve had your first sexual orgasm,” I said “and you got
it from fucking a guy. That’s not the only way. The two of you can
give each other orgasms by finger-fucking each other, or doing other
things, too.

You can also masturbate and do yourself. Some time you
should experiment a little,” I suggested.

I explained all this while I caressed Lisa’s full, young
breasts, pulling at her nipples with my fingers, and running my
other hand over her round behind.

“I can tell Lisa wants to fuck, too, but most guys have
to wait a little while to recharge their balls before they can
fuck again. Besides, it’s time the two of you got home. Why don’t
you come over tomorrow afternoon and we can have some more fun?”

The girls eagerly agreed and, reluctantly, began to get
dressed. I sat and watched them, admiring their full, young bodies
in the dim light, my cock already beginning to stir as I thought
about the next day.

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