Cheerleader for Hire 1.
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Kathy Dawson had an attractive figure, and she knew it. The
teeb sophomore’s body was budding into a young woman. Her 5’7″
frame was beginning to become more shapely, and she looked in the
school bathroom mirror, admiring herself in her new cheerleading
Kathy was excited about making the Madison High J.V. squad for
the second year, and this afternoon’s football game would be the
first opportunity for her to show off her new outfit.
She wore a long-sleeved sweater, white on the top half and
bright red on the bottom half, with two thin horizontal red stripes
just above the color change on both the torso and sleeves. The red
letters “MHS” adorned her chest, just above the stripes, and the
sweater had a V-neck with a white collar.
Her skirt was scarlet red, with eight inverted white pleats.
Kathy had ordered it with a shorter length than most of the other
girls, because she liked it that way. It hung sweetly on her
darling teen tush, barely covering those sweet ass cheeks and
showing off her lovely, firm thighs.
Kathy’s calves were encased in matching red kneesocks, with
three thin white stripes ringing the top of them. Red and white
saddle shoes finished the delightful ensemble.
The young cheerleader smiled sweetly to herself. Her
peaches-and-cream complexion and girl-next-door looks made her the
object of desire. Her long brown hair was pulled back to the sides
by two red and white-checkered hair ribbons.
Kathy reached under the hem of her little cheerleading skirt and
pulled her tight, red cheer panties into position. Unlike the
other girls she cheered with, Kathy would never wear her cheer
panties over her regular panties. She felt it was too bulky, so
she simply wore the cheer panties alone.
Kathy was a virgin, but she yearned for love. For some strange
reason, she felt herself attracted to adult men more than the boys
at school.
Her mother, divorced ten years before, had brought men home
frequently, and Kathy had secretly watched as these men would make
love to her mom. She would imagine what it would be like to feel
a man’s penis in her body or in her mouth. What would it taste
She quickly left the washroom and headed for her last class of
the day. It was sex education, and her teacher, Mrs. Johnson, was
one of the most popular at school. She was in her early 40’s, but
she had an attractive figure and related to the kids very well.
It was one class that Kathy found very entertaining. On this
particular day, she noticed that Mrs. Johnson made eye contact with
her more than usual. When the bell rang, Kathy gathered her books
and stood up to leave the classroom.
“Kathy, may I see you for a minute?” asked Mrs. Johnson.
“Sure, Mrs. Johnson,” she answered, walking toward her desk.
The other students filtered out the door, leaving the two of
them alone.
“Kathy,” Mrs. Johnson began, “you were very good at the pep
rally earlier today.”
“Thank you, ma’am.”
Mrs. Johnson smiled.
“You were trying to get the guys to notice you, weren’t you,
Kathy?” she inquired.
“Why?” Kathy asked.
“Because you exaggerated your dance movements. You were showing
off your panties for the guys.”
Kathy blushed, because she knew the teacher was right.
“Well, maybe…” she admitted.
“It’s okay, Kathy. You’re just looking for some sexual
attention. It’s perfectly normal,” Mrs. Johnson told her.
“It is?” the young cheerleader asked.
“Sure. Kathy, are you a virgin?”
Kathy sheepishly nodded.
“Do you want to be a virgin?”
“Not really, ma’am. A lot of my friends are having sex
“I see…”
Mrs. Johnson looked Kathy in the eyes.
“How would you like to have a guy make love to you, Kathy?”
“It would be nice, I think,” Kathy answered, smiling.
“I see. Hey, today’s my husband’s birthday, and I was wondering
what to get him. If I paid you fifty dollars, would you come to
our house and do some of your dance routines for him? I know he’d
like it, and you can make a little cash for yourself, too.”
Kathy’s eyes bulged.
“For your husband?” she asked.
“Yeah, it’s all right. We experiment and have fun all the time.
He’s a fun guy.”
“Yeah, I could really use the money. But it would have to be
after the game, and you’d have to give me a ride,” Kathy added.
“No problem, Kathy. I’ll meet you after the game, and I’ll get
you back home by eight o’clock. Okay?”
Kathy nodded her agreement, then turned and walked toward the
door, her tiny skirt flipping about on her tight little ass.
Mrs. Johnson smiled. Somehow she knew her husband would be
popping young Kathy’s sweet cherry that night…

The J.V. football game ended in a 14-point Madison victory, and
Mrs. Johnson met Kathy in front of the bleachers. They jumped into
the teacher’s car and drove across town to her house.
They entered the house through the garage. Doug Johnson was
sitting in the living room, reading the newspaper as he waited for
his wife to arrive.
“Doug?” she called out from the kitchen.
“Yeah, I’m in here,” he answered.
“I brought a birthday surprise home for you, honey,” she told
“What is it?” he asked as the two ladies turned the corner. His
eyes caught sight of little Kathy Dawson immediately.
“I brought you home a cheerleader from school, honey,” Mrs.
Johnson told him. “She’s going to do some dances for you.”
Mr. Johnson gulped.
“Wow!” was all he could say.
Mrs. Johnson turned on the stereo and put in a CD with some good
dance music.
“Okay, Kathy, show him what kind of moves you have,” she
Kathy felt very uneasy and extremely awkward, but she moved to
the front of the room, clutching her red-and-white pom pons. She
started moving to the beat, trying to ignore the husband and wife
watching her.
The young sophomore cheerleader’s dancing was stiff at first,
but she quickly loosened up. By the time the second song started,
she was sensuously grinding her tight little ass to the beat. Her
little skirt flipped about, flashing the eight white pleats and her
glove-tight red panties.
Kathy could see the bulge in Mr. Johnson’s pants, and so could
his wife. Mrs. Johnson was enjoying the show, as well.
“Show him more of your panties, Kathy,” she offered. “I think
you’re really getting him turned on.”
Kathy made her dance routine even sexier, at one point lowering
herself down to the floor and spreading her legs wide apart while
she clutched her skirt up against her tummy. He had a full view of
her panty-covered teenage crotch, and she smiled at him. She knew
her little pussy was getting wet, and she wondered if he could see
the juice through her cheer panties.
“Oh my God…” he gasped. He knew he had to have this sweet
young cheerleader.
Kathy stood back up and started wiggling her ass at him while
churning her pom pons furiously. Her little skirt danced wildly,
teasing him with quick panty peeks.
Mr. Johnson’s cock was nearly bursting through his zipper as his
wife ran out of the room for a camera. She came back with a
fully-loaded professional-looking camera and started snapping
pictures of Kathy.
Kathy smiled as she danced for her teacher and her husband, the
camera flash lighting the room every few seconds. She dropped her
pom pons and sensuously caressed her upper body, squeezing her
budding young tits through her cheerleading sweater.
“You want to fuck her, don’t you, honey?” Mrs. Johnson asked.
“Yeah, Sue, I wanna fuck her really bad,” he babbled, as his
wife laughed.
The song ended, and Kathy stopped her dancing.
Mrs. Johnson looked straight at her.
“Would you like him to fuck you, Kathy?” she asked.
Kathy’s mind raced. She thought he was cute, and she had wanted
a man for quite a while. But her teacher’s husband? Why not…
The 16-year-old cheerleader nodded.
“Good,” Mrs. Johnson answered. “How would you like to make some
really good money fucking older men?”
“What do you mean?” Kathy asked.
“We run a small business on the side,” Mrs. Johnson admitted.
“We employ women to entertain businessmen, you might say.”
“Really?” Kathy asked. “What do you mean by entertain’?”
Mrs. Johnson smiled. “I think you know…”
Kathy returned the smile.
“How would that work?” she asked. “Aren’t I too young?”
“Well, you’re under legal age, but then younger girls are in
high demand and short supply. I can pay you $100 an hour for
starters, and more if you’re good.”
Kathy’s eyes widened. “Wow! I’d like to try it? What would I
have to do?”
Mrs. Johnson explained her rules to the young cheerleader.
“Well, first of all, you can’t tell anybody. Nobody. If anyone
finds out, we’re all in a lot of trouble. I’ll give you a beeper,
and when it goes off, just call the phone number. You will be
given the time and place to be, the length of time you need to be
there, and any special instructions. When you get there, you need
to do what the man says, because he’s paying good money. Then,
every Monday morning, I’ll pay you at school for the previous
“What would the men want me to do?” asked the innocent young
“Well, you’ll probably dance for them and then have sex with
them. I’ll use a young theme with you, so the guys will expect you
to be dressed up as a cheerleader or in a school uniform. It’s not
that important for you to be really good at sex, since most of them
will get off on the idea of fucking or being sucked off by a young
virgin schoolgirl.”
“Okay,” Kathy replied. “I’m in.”
“But first,” Mrs. Johnson reminded her, “you’ve got to fuck my
Kathy looked over at Doug, who was waiting patiently for her,
his eyes devouring her sweet teen body. He stood up, took young
Kathy by the hand, and led her to the bedroom.
Mrs. Johnson followed them, sitting in a chair next to the bed,
ready to offer advice to Kathy.
She watched her husband embrace the young girl as they stood at
the foot of the bed, smiling as her hubby’s hand disappeared under
the back of Kathy’s little cheerleading skirt.
Mrs. Johnson knew that she was going to make a lot of money with
Kathy Dawson…
Young Kathy Dawson kissed Mr. Johnson tentatively at first. She
felt the warmth of his hands as they caressed her tight little ass
cheeks through her bright red cheerleading panties. It felt good
to her, and she purred softly as his open lips coaxed hers open.
Their tongues met and slowly probed each other’s mouths. Kathy
could feel her heart racing as the middle-aged man placed his
fingertips under the legband of her panties, reaching for her
already-moist pussy.
Mrs. Johnson smiled as she watched her husband seduce her new
employee. She watched Doug’s hands rumple Kathy’s short red skirt,
the white inverted pleats fanning out on her little ass.
“Good, Kathy,” Sue coached. “Let the customer do whatever he
wants. Doug, remember, you’re busting her cherry tonight, so go
easy on her, honey.”
Kathy moaned as Mr. Johnson pushed a finger up slowly into her.
It felt so wonderful to her, so nasty, to have this man’s hands in
her panties like this. She felt new sensations rush through her
young body, and she trembled.
“Doug,” Mrs. Johnson said, “Why don’t you let her suck your
cock? She’ll have to learn how to do that, of course.”
Her husband loosened his grip on the young 16-year-old
cheerleader. Kathy stood before him, not knowing what to do.
“Okay, Kathy, just undo his pants,” Mrs. Johnson instructed.
Kathy smiled, a bit embarrassed, as she reached down, undid his
belt, then unzipped his pants.
“That’s it, Kathy,” her coach admonished. “Now pull his pants
down, take his cock and put it in your mouth.”
She pulled his trousers and underwear down to a pile around his
ankles. His cock wobbled obscenely before her, rock-hard and at
least eight inches long.

Little Kathy obediently dropped to her knees before Mr. Johnson.
She admired the stiff prick only inches from her face, then took it
in her right hand.
“Good, Kathy…Now put it in your mouth and suck on it,” Mrs.
Johnson coached.
Kathy opened her sweet young mouth and slid his swollen cock
into it. She clamped her bright red lips around his spear and
tasted a man’s meat for the first time. It was a different taste
for her, but she liked it. She started sucking her teacher’s
“Yeah, Kathy, just like that. Just remember, a guy gets excited
by pumping his cock in and out of your mouth or pussy. He loves
the in-and-out movement, so just slide it in and out while you suck
it. If you want to, you can pump the shaft with your hand while
you do that, but don’t do it too fast.”
Kathy obeyed her teacher, and started a good oral fuck-stroke on
Doug. Her hair bounced about as she mouth-fucked him, and her
hand’s firm grip on his cock-stalk added to the intensity.
Mr. Johnson moaned in delight, just as Kathy popped her lips
off, but kept up the hand jerk.
“Why don’t I want to do it too fast?” she asked the teacher.
“Cause he’ll cum too quick,” came the answer.
“Is that when he shoots stuff out?” Kathy asked.
“Yes, Kathy, his cock will shoot out white cream when he can’t
take any more excitement. But the customer should get his money’s
worth, so stretch it out and make it last, unless he wants you to
do it quicker.”
Kathy nodded and put Mr. Johnson’s cock back in her sucking
“Here’s a tip for you, Kathy,” Mrs. Johnson offered. “The most
sensitive part of his cock is the underside, just behind the tip.
If you rub it with your tongue while you suck it, it’ll drive a lot
of guys crazy. They’ll blow their load in a hurry that way.”
Kathy pulled his cock most of the way out, then put the tip of
her tongue on the spot that Mrs. Johnson suggested. She wiggled
the tip rapidly across his prick while she sucked and pumped with
her hand.
“Oh, God, Kathy, that’s great,” Doug told her. “You’ll make me
cum in no time if you keep that up, sweetheart!”
“Don’t suck him off, yet, Kathy dear,” Mrs. Johnson advised.
“Let him suck your clit and fuck you first.”
Kathy Dawson popped her lips off his spear and stood back up.
Mr. Johnson spun her around and lowered her onto the bed, while he
stepped out of his trousers and underwear.
He admired the 16-year-old cheerleader before him, looking so
hot in her uniform. He reached up under her little red skirt,
grasped the waistband of her tight red panties, then peeled them
off over her kneesocks and red-and-white saddle shoes.
Kathy put her knees up high in the air as the man pulled her
legs wide apart. He dove head-first between those red kneesocks
with the three thin white stripes and mashed his tongue against her
virgin clit.
“Ooohh!!” Kathy exclaimed as he dragged his tongue across her
love trigger. She had never felt anything like that in her life
Mr. Johnson lapped her hole with a frenzy. Loud slurping sounds
came from her crotch as her pussy juice mixed with his saliva.
The young J.V. cheerleader looked down at the top of his head,
barely visible above her rumpled skirt. She grasped the pleats and
pulled them high over her waist to see better, then squeezed her
tender tits through her red-and-white cheerleading sweater.
Kathy’s nipples were rock-hard in seconds, and she moaned in
delight as Mr. Johnson ate her pussy. She looked over at his wife,
who nodded approvingly.
“Feels good, doesn’t it, Kathy?” she asked.
Kathy nodded, barely able to speak with her rapidly-shortening
“Yeah…really good…”
Kathy’s thighs trembled with intensity. She felt a strange
sensation sweep her young body.
“You’re gonna have an orgasm, Kathy,” Mrs. Johnson explained,
watching the young cheerleader’s legs quiver. “He’s gonna make you
“Oooohhhhh!!! Gggggooooodddddd! Oh my God! Oh, shit!!!”
Kathy screamed.
Yeah, keep sucking, sir! I’m getting it! Oh, God, I’m getting
Mr. Johnson kept up his sucking and tongue-work on her clit for
a little while longer, until Kathy’s moans decreased. He pulled
his head out and looked at her, with the girl’s juices running from
his chin.
“Now, I’m gonna fuck you, sweet little girl,” he told her as he
climbed over her.
Mrs. Johnson handed Kathy a condom.
“Here, Kathy, put this on his cock before he fucks you,” she
told her. “It keeps you from getting pregnant or getting any
diseases, so it’s important.”
Kathy unwrapped it and put it against his cock-tip, then
unrolled it onto him.
“That’s right, Kathy. Make sure it’s on all the way…there.
Now you guys can fuck.”
Mr. Johnson fisted his prick-head between her swollen pussy
lips. Kathy smiled as he slowly drove it into her, sinking only an
inch at first.
“So fucking tight, Kathy,” he told her. “The guys are gonna
love this…”
He pumped into her slowly at first, sinking a little more of it
into her virgin pussy with each push. Soon, he was slugging a good
six inches into the cheerleader’s twat.
“Ooofff!” Kathy exclaimed, as he fucked her slow and steady.
“Does that hurt?” he asked.
“No, sir,” she answered. “It feels good. Fuck me, sir.”
She looked over at Mrs. Johnson, who was enjoying this, as well.
She liked the sight of this young girl, dressed in her cheerleading
uniform, getting hammered by her husband.
“Is he gonna cum in me, Mrs. Johnson?” Kathy asked.
“No, not tonight. I want him to cum in your mouth, so you can
used to the taste of it. A lot of guys like to cum in a lady’s
mouth, but some like to do it in your pussy. Some of em like to
cum on your face or tits, too.”
Kathy nodded as Mr. Johnson slowed his fuckstroke, then pulled
himself out of the cheerleader. He crawled up next to her, on his
knees, as she sat up.
“Okay, Kathy, now I’m gonna cum in your mouth, okay?”
“Okay, sir,” she replied.
Kathy pulled the condom off his cock and slipped his meat into
her hungry mouth.
“Just do what you were doing before, cause you’re good at it,
sweetheart,” he told her.
Kathy started her suck, tongue-flick and hand-pump on him as he
knelt on the bed next to her.
“Yeah… that’s it, darling…”
Kathy could sense that he was getting close, and she readied
herself, not really knowing what to expect.
“Oh yeah, Kathy, suck it just like that. You’re gonna make me
He groaned and thrust himself deep into her mouth. Kathy felt
his cock spasm and felt a stream of warm cum shoot down the length
of her tongue to the back of her throat. She swallowed it, just in
time for another squirt of milky-white jizz.
Kathy couldn’t keep swallowing fast enough. The man quickly
filled her sweet mouth with his cream. Trickles of white semen
oozed out the sides of her mouth and ran down to her chin.
She slowed the hand-pump to a stop as the spasms of his cock
subsided. She pulled his cock from her mouth and swallowed a
mouthful of cum.
Mrs. Johnson enjoyed the sight, as did her husband. Kathy sat
there, dressed in her darling cheerleading uniform with the
kneesocks and saddle shoes, with strings of cum drooling from both
sides of her mouth.
Kathy could feel the leftover cum hanging from her chin, and she
scooped it up with her finger. She looked down at the creamy
texture, and, having enjoyed the taste of it, licked it off her
Spotting a few beads left on his piss-slit, she licked it off as
well, to the approval of the couple.
“Yeah! Way to go!” they applauded. As Mrs. Johnson’s car stopped in front of Kathy’s house, her
teacher handed her a beeper and a package of condoms. Kathy tucked
them into her purse.
“Kathy, I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun and make a lot of
money,” she told her.
“Remember, not a word of this to anyone,” she added.
“I understand,” Kathy responded and got out of the car.
Mrs. Johnson watched her walk into her house and smiled to
herself. Kathy was going to be a popular girl.

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