Making a Sextape
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“Mmm, how does that feel? You like it?” I mumbled around the oversized phallus. “Mmm. Cum for me, fill my mouth up with your cum.” I looked up pretending. Yup, pretending. I had no boyfriend to speak of, but my friends were none the wiser and they wanted proof. Not only that, they wanted a video. So what did I do? I bought the most realistic looking dildo, shoved it into a pair of jeans I borrowed from my dad’s drawer and went for it.

I stuffed the jeans and laid them on the bed in an attempt to deceive the viewers. I even rummaged through his underwear drawer to find a pair of boxers. I have to say, I was a bit shocked to find a few pairs of g-strings and quite a few skimpy briefs. Almost looked like panties save for the pouch that each one had. I remember holding them up and even wondering if his penis filled that pouch. Actually wondered if any penis could fill that pouch.

This was my fifth take and my jaw was getting a bit tired of having to mouth this dildo. It was kind of sexy at first, but after take three, it was becoming more of a chore. I had to find the right angle for the camera. One that made it look real enough to show my friends. The second part was to find something to secure it so it wouldn’t move and expose the lack of a torso to my make shift boyfriend.

But this one was it. I even made a slimy white mixture that I would put into my mouth after he came.

“Mmm, I can tell you’re close.” I stroked him, sucked him into my mouth and made him cum. A few last strokes, some noises and then . . . it happened. My dad walked in.


“Shit.” The dildo popped out of my mouth with a sound that I swear shook the room.

“What the . . . “ My dad stopped, scanned the room and then looked right at me.

“Dad, let me explain.” Damage control was in high gear. But I too scanned the room and the stuffed jeans with a dildo sticking straight up was something I had no response for.

“Are those my jeans?” He stepped close to the bed. “And my boxers?”

It wasn’t until he was within arms length that I realized I was only wearing panties. “Dad, um.”

He looked at me, I mean really looked at me, half stunned half amazed. I knew the look. A few months back, at my friend’s party, I was thrown into the pool. A normal looking bikini with string ties going into the water, but when I surfaced and climbed out of the water, I was only wearing one piece. My top had fallen off during the struggle to free myself. But the look on the boys faces matched the one my dad had.

“Um, ok.” He stepped back, positioned himself behind me, enough to give me at least frontal privacy. “Go ahead, explain.” I sensed the seriousness in his voice, but there was also a slight sound of uneasiness.

“Well, um.” I pulled a pillow up to my chest and began to explain. I really wasn’t sure what I should say so I just started to blurt out the truth. How it all started when I lied about having a boyfriend. One detail led to another and pretty soon I was boasting about his size, how good he was and how he loved it when I gave him a blowjob. My friends laughed, called me a priss and then asked me to prove it. When all was said and done, it became a group dare, one where all the girls had to video themselves giving a boy a blowjob.

“Okay then.” He said fidgeting, his hands in his pockets adjusting himself. I could tell the sordid details excited him. “But that doesn’t explain your creation there.”

“Geesh dad.” I pointed to the bed. “That is my boyfriend.” I had to smirk a little at the thought.

“You know, I knew teenage girls were different from when I was younger, but this takes the cake. My own daughter rigging up all this just to save face. I guess I should be happy it isn’t real.” He turned to leave the room. “I’ll admit, it does look pretty real.”

He left the room. That was it. No punishment, nothing.

One more take and I had my video.


“So, I have to know. Did your friends buy it?”

“What?” It had been two weeks since the incident and I had no idea what he was talking about.

“The blowjob video.” I couldn’t believe he just said it.

“No, not really.” I stuffed my mouth with food in hopes of ending the conversation.

“Really? Why not?” I thought wrong, but the worst part came next. “Mind if I see it?”

I nearly spit out my food.

“Sorry.” There was a wry smile on his face. “You do know I have some video editing experience right?”

“Dad! Serious?” Call it shock. But a part of me wondered if he really could help me out with this one. I had bought myself some time by saying my boyfriend had to work and I wouldn’t see him for two weeks. Well, this was the second week and I was desperate for something.

“After dinner. I promise to be objective.”

Later that night he knocked on my door. “Hey sweetie.”

“Dad.” I was fiddling with my phone and had cued up the video.

“So, can I see it?”

“Sure.” I tossed him the phone and prepared myself for the most embarrassing moment of my life to play out. I could hear the sounds, the sucking, my attempt at being sexy and a few minutes later the obvious gulping of the finale.

“Well, what did your friends say?”

“They said it was fake, that nobody leaves their pants on and no guy can be that quiet. Then something about when a guy cums, it’s a bit more violent and not so calm.” I grabbed the phone back and navigated to my friend Amy’s video. “Here.”

Just listening to it sounded different. I could definitely hear the guy enjoying it.

“Wow. Here, take a look.” He tilted the phone and waved me over. “See how the skin moves over the shaft. There is no way this is fake. And then his hand on her head.”

I could not believe I was watching this with my dad. I guess he could be objective. At least it sounded that way. Unfortunately, the huge tent in his shorts said otherwise.

“Now watch, he is about to cum.” How could he tell? But he also used this as a distraction as he reached into his shorts and adjusted himself. For a brief moment, using peripheral vision, I saw the dark tip of his penis as he used the waistband of his shorts to keep it from sticking out. And then it disappeared under his shirt. “Pay attention Kimi, this is what your friends were talking about.

The boy in the video began to tense up. You could see the muscles in his arms and his abs flexing. Then with a grunt, he thrust his hips into Amy’s mouth. He shook and thrust again. Continuing to shake, he grunted, moaned, called her name and thrust a few more times before relaxing. It was then that Amy pulled away, letting the now limp penis slip from her mouth, a string of saliva and cum stretching between them. She used a finger to swipe it up. Amy looked at the camera with her mouth open and then swallowed.

“Mmm, now that was good.” Amy smiled just as the video went blank.

“Wow, that was intense.” He handed the phone back to me.

“I bet you wish you could get one, huh?” I took the phone and cued up Nita’s video. “Want to see another one?”

“Sweetie. I don’t think I need to see another one of your friends. And I don’t think you should be asking that question.”


“Listen, there’s no substitute for the real thing. Especially when shooting a point of view video.” He exhaled. Without thinking he rubbed his erection through his shorts.

“Hey, I have an idea.” I paused for a moment. He rubbed it a few more times before looking up.

“Oh, sorry Kimi. Um, that was not really appropriate. Just kind of.” He was stumbling for words. “Listen, you have my critique. I think I should go now.” He shook his head and began to turn.

“Wait, what about my idea?”

“For what?” He turned his head towards me.

“No substitute for a real one right? And well, what about you?” I said it, not sure why, but I said it.

“Kimi? You can’t be serious.”

“Look, I have to get this done by Monday. That leaves me today and tomorrow. I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t think you want me asking any old Joe out on the street.” I walked towards him and gave him a hug. Part of it was to convince him, the other part was to feel his erection against my belly.

“Look sweetie. I do appreciate that you find me tolerable enough.” I moved my hand down and pressed against the front of his shorts. He gasped.

“Not just tolerable, but preferable.” I slid my hand along his length. “C’mon dad. I thought all guys liked blowjobs. Don’t tell me you don’t like them.” I couldn’t believe I was trying to seduce him.

“Oh god Kimi. Stop.” His body moved away. But not enough to make me stop. I grabbed onto his shaft, amazed at the thickness.

“Please? You always said if I had questions about sex I could come to the expert.” I was using his own words to get my way. Truth be told, I was not sure I could do it even if he agreed.

“Kimi, it’s not right.” I felt his body trembling as I slid my hand under the waist band of his shorts and to his bare skin. When I finally wrapped my fingers around his shaft, I was surprised at how warm it was, how soft and yet, so solid.

“Here, take my phone.” I tapped the video app and started to record.

“But . . . “He didn’t resist as soon as I pulled his shorts down and released his cock. It looked so much more amazing than the dildo and to be honest, just as big. But there was something about it, like it had a life of its own. I only knew my vagina and to see this bouncing, throbbing life in front of me was almost too much.

With my hand wrapped around the base of the shaft I licked the tip just before giving it a soft kiss.

“Kimi.” He was not stopping me. Just a verbal protest, as if to make a statement that he at least tried to say no.

I slipped the head into my mouth and ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft up. I had seen plenty online and began to mimic all that I had learned. Caressing his balls, sucking him in as far as I could, using my tongue to lick his shaft, the underside of his puffy head, even the sensitive slit that leaked all sorts of pre-cum.

A few more minutes and I began to stroke him with both hands tightly wrapped around the base, bobbing my head, letting him slide in and out of my mouth. I was really enjoying his moans when his fingers started to run through my hair with more firmness, I figured he was close. That was when I released his shaft and wrapped my arms around his hips, groping his ass as I let his thrusts move his cock. Not sure how it happened, but on one thrust, I moved forward, slid my tongue down his shaft and suddenly, I felt the head of his cock enter my throat. I pulled at him, driving him further down my throat.

“Oh shit, oh my god.” My dad began to shake. “Kimi! I’m going to . . .” His voice trailed off as I felt his hips buck. I felt the first surge as he shot his cum down my throat. But I needed evidence, I had to pull back until just the tip was sealed between my lips. I couldn’t believe I didn’t gag or choke. He exploded again in my mouth. This time I felt the warm sticky heat pour onto my tongue. I had to brace myself with my hands to keep my distance as the strength of his hand and his hips tried to force his cock back into me. A few more thrusts and he finished, and just like Amy’s video, I felt his cock soften just a bit before it slipped from my lips.

I looked up with my tongue holding its reward for all to see. Amazingly, my dad kept the phone aimed at me. “Mmm, now that was awesome!” I took the phone and stopped the recording.

“Thanks dad.” I pulled up his shorts and tucked his softening cock back into the confines of his boxers and shorts.


My friends loved the video and couldn’t believe I actually deep throated the entire cock. Not sure how my dad did it, but he managed to move the phone and get a great angle of my entire face against his lower abs. Admittedly, I have already fingered myself watching the video. Sadly, my dad and I really haven’t spoken since then. In fact it was about a month before we really said more than good morning, hi, how are you and good night.

The girls wanted to up the stakes and do a sex video. Full on sex caught on tape. My first thought was how it would feel inside of me. Then I snapped free and realized that I was fantasizing about my dad. I had gone too far and all those days getting off to my dads cock in my mouth stirred a guilt in my gut that worried me. So when I finally did approach my dad, I was beyond nervous.

“Dad?” The A’s game was on and I waited until he had three beers in him. It was the 7th inning and the game was a blowout.

“Yes?” His answers were always short now.

“Can we talk?” I broke the silence and forced the issue. “I want to say I’m sorry for what I did.”

He looked up at me. “Kimi,” he downed the fourth beer, “No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not understanding, for not speaking to you and for avoiding talking about it. I let it happen and I have to be honest. A part of me feels bad, but a part of me really enjoyed it.” He hung his head. “I’m so ashamed. What kind of father am I?”

“Dad? It’s alright. And I was there too, it was me that started it all. Remember. I’m sorry.” I sat down next to him. “But this time I will ask instead of taking things into my own hands.”

“Ask? Grief. Another video?” He reached into the cooler he kept by the couch, popped open another beer and gulped half of it down.

“Yes.” I noticed his bulge growing. But this time, I reached in and adjusted it for him. When I touched his cock, it flashed all the feelings and sensations that I remembered. My pussy tingled and I felt the wetness start to flow. What took maybe a few seconds felt like minutes.

“Sweetie, you can’t be doing that.” He shifted a bit. “But thanks. It’s embarrassing that I cannot seem to control it.”

“It’s okay. You once told me that it’s a compliment to the girl if the guy cannot control his erection.” I rubbed his cock through his shorts, just to keep him in the mood.

“True, but, oh, sweetie, that feels so nice.” He leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

“Dad? About the video. Will you help me?” Laying my head on his chest I could hear his heart racing.

“Um, sure. I guess.” He downed the rest of the beer. “But we better do this now before my buzz wears off and I come to my senses.

“Thanks dad, you’re the best.” Here, let me help you.” I grabbed at his shorts and began to tug at them. I think he figured it out and stood up. Since I was still on the couch, my face was right there, just inches from his cock drooling with excitement. It was my turn, I shed my shirt, no bra and then went to the floor. It was then that it hit me, right when I started to slide my own shorts and panties off: I was about to have sex. For some reason I was nervous and had about a thousand butterflies in my stomach.

“Wow. You really are beautiful.” He managed his shirt over his head and stood there completely naked. “Now what?” Something about his physique was so enticing. Maybe it was his semi toned body, or the fact that he looked like he shaved, no nasty bushes of hair under his arms or around his cock. His legs were smooth and muscular. Aside from his tanless skin, he looked good.

“Thanks dad, you look good too.” I patted the ground between my legs. When he kneeled down, I think he figured it out.

“Sweetie. No, we can’t do this.” His hands grabbed my knees and pressed them together.

“It’s okay dad. Remember, last time I tried to fake it? Well . . .” I tapped the phone to cast the image to the TV. With a small tripod I mounted the phone and positioned it to the side. Checked the image on the TV and made a few adjustments. I spread my legs and scooted closer to him. “See, my legs hide most of you.”

“Ahh, so I’m not going to put it in you?” I sensed his disappointment. “Good, I just might be able to do this.” He reached for a pillow, wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up.

“Dad?” I felt his cock touch my belly, his balls lightly caressing my pussy. His strength was amazing, he lifted my waist off the ground and slid the pillow underneath me and then gently rested me back down. When he backed up, I felt the warm sticky pre-cum on my belly and saw a string of it dangling from his cock.

“It normally helps with the angle. But . . . well, we’re just pretending right? Might as make it look good.” He pressed his pelvis against mine and looked at the TV.

“Oh god.” His cock pressed against my clit. I couldn’t help it. My clit exploded like a tiny firecracker..

“I think this will work.” But just then he moved away. He had gone back to the cooler, opened another beer and chugged it down. “Sorry, I’m a bit nervous about this. It’s kind of close to crossing that line. You know?” His speech was slurred. I knew his buzz was also getting close to crossing the line to being drunk.

“Ready?” I reached for the phone and waited for him to settle back between my legs.

“No, but this will be the performance of a lifetime if we can pull it off.” His smile looked unsure, but he managed to take a breath and find some calm. “Ready.”

I tapped the red button and looked at my dad. Actually, I was staring at his cock which he held. He took a breadth and inched forward. My heart raced as I watched it get closer. When it finally touched my pussy, I gasped. My dad moaned and slid the tip through my folds.

“Oh Kimi, this feels so good.” He continued to rub his cock up and down, hitting my clit and then sliding through my folds to my quivering hole where he would press ever so slightly in before sliding back up. “Ready?” I felt him place the tip at my entrance as he said this.

“Yes, but please be gentle.” I wasn’t sure if he would slide it into me or not. I wanted him to, but our plan was to pretend.

“Okay, slowly then.” He adjusted and pressed the shaft against my wetness and slid through my pussy lips, not entering me.

“Oh god.” I wanted to call him dad, but bit my lip. He was pressing against me as he moved his hips and rubbed against my clit. I glanced at the TV his body between my legs, his back arching as he moved. I looked between us and saw his cock peek out between us before disappearing. Grinding against me, stimulating my clit, it wasn’t long before my legs were shaking from a heart stopping orgasm.

“Oh Kimi. I can feel you coming around my cock. Oh so tight.” He slowed his thrusts and let me come down a bit.

“Mmm.” Was all I could say before I felt him pull away and grab my hips up and rotate them, essentially flipping me over onto my belly. He held me close to him with my bum in the air, nudging my legs to their knees. He was going to fuck me doggie style. His cock was between my legs for a moment before I felt it leave and find my hole. I looked at the TV and saw his cock sticking out from him, positioned to enter me. But just before he thrust, he let it slide low and through my soaked pussy.

My shoulders were pinned to the floor when his body pressed into me. He leaned forward, searched for my hand, grabbed it and shoved it under me, pressing it against his cock, sandwiching it against my belly.

“Mmm, just like that.” He sat up and began to pull and push my bum into him. I could feel his cock sliding through my fingers, massaging my clit. He was moving faster, pounding my bum with his body, but keeping me in place with the power of his arms. I felt another orgasm growing, climaxing and then crashing into me. I couldn’t believe it, two orgasms and my dad was still hard as a rock.

“Shit.” My legs were trembling as he released me to the floor.

This time he flopped down next to me. His cock, slick with my wetness laying on his belly. It took me awhile to move, but I didn’t need to be told what to do and swung my leg over his waist and immediately lowered my pussy onto his shaft. Pressed against me, against my clit, I knew I would cum at least one more time. But he grabbed my hips and raised me just a bit, held me up and grabbed his cock. I watched as he rubbed my pussy before placing the tip just inside. He looked up at me, smiled and released his cock.

He gave me control. I looked between us, his cock unwavering as my pussy held it in securely. My weight was actually shifted to one side. I had the perfect view. Looking up at the TV, the camera had the same view, only zoomed in a bit more. There was no way to fake this one. My hunger to have him inside of me grew. This was my chance.

“Well?” I guess I had paused longer than I thought and my dad was waiting for the next move.

“Sorry, it just looks so big this way.” I mean, it looked like it was as long as my thigh. My knee was off the ground and almost resting on his side with his cock barely inside of me, just enough so it would stay in place. I wavered, swayed a bit and watched as his cock moved with me, followed me. It knew where it wanted to go and was not about to let me move away. I looked at my dad, looked at the TV screen and looked between us. Both of us watched as I slowly slid down.

“Kimi!” He pressed ever so gently against me.

“Shhh.” I kissed him on the lips as my hips relaxed and sank further down his shaft. My knee touched the ground, releasing the tension, allowing gravity to bring the rest of my body down as his cock entered me, sliding in deeper, parting my internal muscles as the head pierced my virginity. I wasn’t sure when it would stop, it felt like a pole that never ended. It took my breath away as I felt him finally bottom out inside of me. I had to look. I couldn’t feel his skin against me and sure enough there was still more of him. I eased up and back down, again and again, pressing harder each time until at last I felt his pelvis pressed against me. His cock, buried in me, in my belly. I started to shake a bit at the feeling and at the thought. All of my weight on him and all of him buried within me.

“Oh shit. You are so tight.” Ironically, he was so big it made me feel tight. His cock swelled inside of me. Amazing, I could feel the little movements it made. The little pulses, the little flexing it did every now and then. I moved up and down slowly, looking between us, watching his cock appear and disappear into me. I didn’t realize it, but I had propped myself up on one foot, giving the camera the same view I had. Up and down, my pussy devouring every inch of him.

“Oh god. I’m going to cum again.” That’s when I felt his hips push up. He literally pushed me up, off the ground. A bit uncomfortable, but he drove himself even deeper. My mind imagined that even birth control pills couldn’t protect me from this beast as it bored into me.

“Almost there.” He grabbed my hips, thrust into me, bouncing me on top of him. I was not in control as my body shook with each thrust, my boobs flailing, my hair going all over the place as his body feverishly slammed into mine. As crazy as it was, I felt my orgasm building, bigger than I could have imagined. I braced myself, pressing my hands into his chest. “Kimi!”

He pulled me into him and held me there as he exploded inside of me. He buried himself into me. Small little thrusts, but all deep inside. I lost it and came by the fourth thrust. I was shaking on top of him, my pussy clenching down on his convulsing cock. Like nature wanting to procreate, my pussy milked the cum from him. I felt it leaking. So much, so full. I lost my strength and collapsed on his chest. His cock still twitching in me, softer, not as hard, not as full. I felt my pussy massage what cum was left in him. He stayed in me, stretched and puffy, but still in me. It felt nice.

“Mmm.” My dad’s heart was strong and fast.

“Oh Kimi.” He wrapped his arms around me.

I think my friends will enjoy this video. I know I will. At least until we need to make another one.

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