Brutalized Assholes
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That one, exciting, erotic, wonderful, terrible,
excellent night. I never thought I’d get laid at 18.
I didn’t think I was ready. I thought I’d stop myself
before I went too far. But I didn’t.

It started out innocently enough. I was on a
date with my new girlfriend, Carrie. She was a year
older than me, a junior in high school. Being a
sophomore, I thought I was SO cool for having an older
girlfriend. Little did I know how cool I would
become… and how much I didn’t want to be that cool.

We went to a movie. Some comedy with a big name
actor, I don’t remember which anymore. I wasn’t really
paying attention, with my tongue inside Carrie’s mouth
and my hand up her shirt.

We were almost alone in the theater, but the
staff was probably watching. I could swear that Carrie
had an orgasm from me rubbing her tits (she was probab-
ly rubbing her clit), it was great! We were having fun.

After the movie, we got into my crummy old car
for the twenty-five minute ride to my house. My family
was away for the weekend. And I wanted to take advan-
tage of that situation.

I’d invited Carrie over for dessert. We’d eaten
at Hardies before the movie, but had skipped ice cream
because the movie was going to start, and we both
wanted to see how the other kissed on our first date.


Carrie sat on the couch while I got us some
Chocolate chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Carrie wanted
just the dough. So I’d eat the ice cream, sucking it
down as it melted. Then Carrie would kiss me and suck
the dough from between my lips. Lots of fun!

Soon, I’d gotten my hand up inside her shirt

“Why don’t I help you out?” she said, pulling
the black, form-fitting cotton shirt off, exposing her
soft, nice tits.

“I have an idea of my own,” I said, scooping ice
cream onto her exposed cleavage.

“Oh, GOD! That’s cold!” she screamed, giggling
with goosebumps. “What are you going to do with that?”

“I’m going to eat it,” I replied. “And the
melon will go nicely with it!”

I got no more protest. She melted quite a bit
of the ice cream before I could even eat it. Her tits
were almost red hot, even though she had ice cold cook-
ie dough all over her body.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt?” she asked.

“I think I will,” I said. “I think we can
loosen our pants, too.”

She readily agreed. Her vintage seventies bell-
bottoms were tight, showing her exquisite ass, but her
panties, an emerald green satin showed them even

“So what do we do now?” she asked me.

“Well, that depends on you,” I replied. Though
I wanted to slide my dick between her tits, I didn’t
want to suggest something she might not want to do.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” she invited.

“Okay,” I paused, “How would you feel about…”
I could hardly bring myself to say it, “…about… you
know… between your tits?” I pointed to the bulge in
my boxers.

“Between? You mean your dick? Between?”

“Yeah,” I said, “Unless you don’t want to.”

“Come and get me!” she giggled delightedly.

I lay on top of her, and got an “umph!” So I
turned around and invited her to lay on me. She did,
and found the sugar on the ice cream too sticky to
allow us to slide properly.

“I have some lotion in my purse,” she said.
She reached behind me and pulled out a bottle of hand
lotion. I smeared it all over her wonderful breasts
and extended tit-crack. I had to get two extra hand-
fuls to get the entire area.

“Let me do that,” Carrie asked me. Her hands
slid over my boner as if it were the smoothest glass
ever made.

“Ahhhhhh. You’ve done this before!”

“No, unless you mean spreading KY on my dildo.”

I was shocked.

Nothing can describe the feeling of my rock hard
cock pressed between her slick tits. It was wonderful,
and I started to set a rhythm that was bringing me
along just fine.

“I think we need to try something else, unless
you want to cum in my face!”

“If you want me to,” I grunted, my breath hard.
I was ready to cum the moment she said I could. I
wouldn’t really mind doing it on her face.

“Hmmm,” she thought, “that could be yummy.
I’ve never tasted cum before. I’ve really never even
seen it!”

“Well, here I go!” I managed to say, just be-
fore a huge spurt of cum exploded from my dick. I
caught her square in the eyes, then spurt all over her
face. The orgasm shook my entire body. Carrie was so
surprised she didn’t know what to do. I continued to
cum, my jism spraying all over her breasts and face,
into her hair, and on me as well.

After recovering I lay there watching Carrie
licked her lips, eating the cum that I’d sprayed at

“Mmmm, this tastes pretty good! A little salty,

She didn’t finish her sentence. She was already
licking the cum off my chest and body. “You want to
taste it?” she asked.

“Eat my own cum?!” I exclaimed. “I can’t do

“Sure you can. It’d be just like eating mine,
but it’d be yours.”

She took her finger, scooped up some of my
semen, and stuck it into my mouth. It was salty, like
she said, and surprisingly it didn’t gross me out.
Maybe because it was on her lovely finger.

“You like?” she asked, her eyes reading my ex-

“It’s okay.” With that, I grabbed her and
sucked the white, sticky liquid from her nipple, slid-
ing my tongue around to get the most I could.

“Hey! Save some for me!”

“No,” I said, licking up the last, my reply
muffled with my mouth full of cum and nipple.

“Why not?” With that, I pulled her face to mine
and kissed her. She sucked some of the cum out of my
mouth before I released her. Some of the cum that had
still been on her face rubbed off on me. We swallowed
what we had left and began to lick the white stuff off
each other’s lips.

By this time I was hard again. This whole thing
was kind of like a fantasy, it was hard to believe that
we had come home and started fucking like this. It all
felt so good, I was excited beyond anything I’d ever
felt before.

Carrie still had her panties on. Apparently, we
had the same idea, and she turned around; her ass in my
face as she slid the soft cloth that covered her
beautiful cheeks, down her legs and onto the floor.
She leaned over the coffee table, spread her legs wide,
and said, “Fuck it.”

For a moment I was grossed out. I didn’t really
want my first fuck to be someone’s butt. But what a
butt! As I stared at her behind I realized that she had
a gorgeous body, I mean her ass was so prefect… I
took my dick into my hand, semen lubricant, and pushed
up against her tiny puckered ass hole.

“Hurt me,” she commanded. “Push hard, but slow.”
With that, she tightened her ass. I could feel the
cheeks form around my dick. I had no choice but to do
what she told me.

Slowly, my dick pushed her ass open a little
wider. She tightened up more and pushed down hard on
my cock.

“Oh my GOD!” she cried as she fell onto the
couch under me. As we landed and pushed in as far as
I could go, all the way to the hilt. She turned around,
nearly making me cum from the sensation of ass-flesh
rubbing against my cock. Her belly still had cum
smeared on it. The sight was so erotic I nearly came
right there in her ass. I could feel her juices drip-
ping down my crotch.

We began to kiss; our body’s twisted halfway
around, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Her
tits rested heavily against my bare chest, her ass try-
ing to pump cum out of my quivering boner.

I began to get up, my dick slowly pulling out of
her ass, but still inside. I walked her out of the
room, ass still firmly attached to my dick, and moved
to my folks bathroom.

Walking into the shower, I knew I was ready to
cum, and she was too. She set her feet on the floor,
body shaking from a sudden explosion of pussy juice.
My orgasm followed a second later, cum pouring into her
ass. We fell against the side wall and slid to the
floor. She ended up sitting on my pulsing dick and I
emptied myself into her.

“That was the best sex I’ll ever have.” I said.

“It’s not over yet,” she said, looking at me
with eyes of pure lust. When her hand fell to my
penis, I knew she was going to give me a blow job.

“But I was just in your ass!” I was shocked.

She looked into my eyes and held me mesmerized.
Then I jumped as water showered don on me. She’d turned
on the water.

As I looked Carrie soaped my equipment and then
rinsed me off. As the water was shut off, she said as
she kneeled in front of me, “I want as much cum as I
can squeeze from your balls.” She giggled.

My dick was hard again. She slid my cock into
her mouth before I could think or act. The feel of her
probing tongue, wanting to know what a boy’s dick
tasted like, even after being in her own ass, was
better than anything yet in my limited experience.

It hadn’t been hard for her to get my full dick
in when it was soft, but as it grew harder, she began
to strain to keep the whole thing inside. Then, an
amazing thing happened. As if by magic, her throat
opened up and she swallowed the rest of my teenage-
sized cock. It was more than I could bear. I came in
the most earth-shattering orgasm ever.

But Carrie didn’t pull off, she just began to
swallow. I filled her with cum. I hadn’t realized I
had so much left in me. There was so much it started
to dribble out of her nose as she giggled at my expres-
sion, yet it still didn’t seem to bother her.

After a few more minutes of Carries wonderful
mouth-work I had another orgasm, more cum spilling out
of my balls, but she wasn’t phased a bit. As if she’d
been doing it her entire life, she pulled off my cock,
not letting any spill out, and we kissed.

She tried to share half of the cum, but there
was so much I couldn’t handle it. I swallowed and
sucked a little more out of her mouth. She counted to
three and we swallowed the last of it together.

After a few minutes of recovery time, I rolled
over and said in my most ernest tone. “We’ve gotta do
this again.” I said. I noticed that my cum still
dribbling out of her nose.

“We can do it again tomorrow,” she replied.
“And whenever else we’re free. Your car is big and
there are lots of parks all over the place here.”

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