Tracie applies for an escort job
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I got up from my desk, poured myself a drink and sat on
the long, comfortable couch that I have in my office. I
leaned back, loosened my tie, prepared to relax a
little. This was the part of my job that I enjoyed the

Tracie, a luscious brunette, uncrossed her legs and
stood from where she was sitting, across from where I
had been working at my desk. I admired her very sexy
walk as she crossed the room to stand in front of me.

I managed not to whistle although I considered it. As I
might have said, she was a luscious little package.
Tracie was small, maybe 5 ft. 2. Hers was a cute face,
perfect skin, well made-up, but not slutty. She had on
wet-looking, glossy pink lip gloss. She had flowing,
shiny hair brushing her shoulders. Her silky see-
through blouse allowed me to see a frilly, black bra
that was holding what appeared to be a pair of real

Her breasts weren’t large, maybe 34C, my expert eyes
told me, but I could see that they were spilling out of
the sexy looking bra and they looked creamy and smooth.
Even though they weren’t monster knockers, her tit-
mounds looked pretty spectacular on her small frame.
She had a narrow waist and as my eyes wandered lower I
could see she widened out at the hips because she had
one lovely, honey of an ass. It remained to be seen how
well she could shake it.

Tracie was applying for a job and it was time for her
to prove to me she was qualified.

My name is Pete and I work for a major escort service.
A no bull-shit escort service. Some of the services in
town, believe it or not, provided only escorting
services and the girls did not provide sex. Other
services did provide sex at the end of the night but
the client was required to haggle with the girls, first
about whether she was going to lay him or not and then
about the price.

Our operation did away with all the guess work and
games. We paid off certain members of vice and we
operated with virtual impunity. Our customers were
generally among the elite in town and knew up-front
what they were getting. High-class girls, first-class

When Tracie had been escorted into my office by my
secretary, I could feel stirrings in my prick because I
could see immediately that she had what it took to work
for me. On the surface at least. She was a hottie! But
being one of ‘our girls’ took more than that.
Physically, she had the package, all right. But I was
just as impressed, as she stood across from me, letting
me admire the view, that she looked me straight in the

She exuded sex! It was dripping from her! I could tell,
besides her physical assets, she had that certain look
of complete sexual self-confidence and assurance that
in itself was very sexy. A dynamite body was necessary
for this business, obviously, but almost as important
was the attitude. Tracie seemed to have it.

“Good afternoon, Tracie,” I said. “My name is Pete
Decker. Mmmmm, not a bad shape, doll. So you want to
join my organization? Sit. Tell me a little about
yourself, and why you want to work for me.”

Tracie had on a tight leather skirt and she turned
slightly to pull out the chair making sure I got a good
view of her well-formed, jiggly ass-globes. The skirt
was short and I felt my prick swell more as I glimpsed
the garter that was holding up the nylons she was
wearing. She made a production of fitting that luscious
ass into the chair, watching me, watch her, the whole

“Well, Mr. Decker,” she started. I noted she had a low,
throaty, sexy voice. So far, so good.

“I’m 19, married right out of high school and I have
been a stay-at-home wife ’til now. So I have no work
experience for a resume. I know I’m pretty and I’m good
company so I figured I’d make a good escort.”

She was meeting my gaze evenly, making no effort to
adjust her clothes to cover where my eyes were staring.
The short skirt allowed me to see most of her smooth-
looking, exquisitely-shaped, nylon-covered legs and her
see-through blouse and frilly bra exposed a lot of her
dynamite-looking tits!

“What is your husband going to think of you doing

Tracy crossed her silky-looking legs, causing her skirt
to rise up even more and she leaned forward slightly.
“Frankly, Mr. Decker, I don’t give a damn anymore what
he thinks. He works too much and I’m lonely. And he
never gives me enough money. I want to earn some of my
own. Escorting sounded like fun.”

I wasn’t sure whether Tracie was na�ve about what we
did here or was just shy to talk about it. Whatever, it
was time. I usually hit them with it right about now.
When I told them what they were hiring on to do, some
women got indignant and would twist their tails right
out of my office. After telling me what they thought of
me, of course. But no use wasting my valuable time.

“Tracie, we don’t really escort anyone here, except to
bed! Suppose you tell me why you want to fuck for a

She never blinked an eye. “Fucking?” she queried in an
amused voice, feigning shock, “You mean this job
involves sleeping with strange men?”

I laughed. “Nope, staying awake with them. And fucking
the hell out of them. The job doesn’t just involve
fucking. That is the job! Pure and simple. Do you like
to fuck, Tracie?”

If the girl hasn’t left by now, she is probably

It seemed Tracie might be. Leastways, her sexy ass
remained in the chair. A lot of women walked out at
this point. “How much money could I earn?”

“Plenty, doll.” I told her, still admiring her form,
“You’ve got a good look. We take our cut, of course,
for administration and protection but you’ll make out
O.K. And any tips the client gives you, over and above
our basic fee, are yours to keep. Interested, Tracie?”

“When would I start?”

“All our girls have to pass an initial test and then
are given a course in any areas found to be lacking.”

“A fucking test?” Tracie smiled. I guess she found that
the idea of being tested on her fucking, amusing. “And
who administers this test?”

“Me, of course, doll.” I said smoothly. “I rate you in
the sack. That way I can help you brush up on areas
where I think you can do better. And I’ll know better
which clients to set you up with. For instance, say you
are a super good cocksucker, I’ll pair you with guys
that like especially that. Simple.”

Tracie wasn’t liking me much right now. But she
remained sitting although her eyes, while still meeting
my gaze evenly, had narrowed as she considered. “Mr.
Decker, do you have to be so crude? And just to get it
straight, to be considered, I have to sleep with you?”

I chuckled. “I told you, doll. Stay awake with me.
Entertain me. Fuck my brains out. There’s no other way,
sweetie.” I told her cheerfully. “I run things here and
I run them the way I like. If you don’t like that,
Tracie, better you take lovely little form out of here,
right now.”

I’ve got to admit I was hoping she wouldn’t. As I might
have mentioned, Tracie had a gorgeous little body and
some of those tiny girls were real hell-cats in the
sack. My prick was hard and I was looking forward to
putting Tracie’s bedroom skills to the test.

“When would this happen, Mr. Decker?” Tracie asked,
inquisitively. Good. She was still interested.

“Right now, baby!” I was starting to get excited. It
was seeming to look like I might be soon throwing a
fuck into this hot little number. “Just say you want to
go to work for me and you’ll soon be pounding some
prick! Would you like that, Tracie? Do you think your
prick-sliding skills will measure up?”

Tracie’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not sure I like you or
your attitude, Mr. Decker.”

“That’s tough, doll. Because my word is law around
here. There may be lots of guys you don’t like, who I
may call on you to fuck them senseless anyway. You
don’t have to like it, but you have to be able to make
them believe you like it. The best girls make the john
believe he is a real special stud and under any other
circumstances she wouldn’t think of taking money for
such a good fucking.”

“And what if I don’t feel like fucking you, Mr.

“I already told you! You can shake your pretty tail
right the hell out of here. I’m a busy man! Right now
I’m going to pour myself a drink and go over to my
couch. Think for a few minutes, if you need to, but, if
you stay, I want you to wiggle your fanny on over and
show me a little strip, to get me hot!”

I was already hot but I wasn’t about to tell her that!
So I went and got a drink and relaxed on the couch and

I don’t mind telling you, guys, hot little Tracie had
my prick swelled up pretty good. And my cock lurched
and leaked as she didn’t make me wait long. She might
not like me much but I could tell she was intrigued.
She probably imagined different fucking adventures with
different studs when she took a fucking from her
husband. Tracie soon stood and wiggled her way in front
of me. Slowly she started to unbutton her blouse.

“Is this what you wanted, Mr. Decker?” Her voice was
icy now. “Will seeing my tits make you hot?” All the
throaty sexiness was gone from her voice as she looked
at me, dislike in her eyes and a very saccharine smile
on her face.

I reached up, grasped her wrist and slapped her!

She jumped back and rubbed her stinging cheek.

“Don’t waste my time, baby! Right now you’ve got all
the sex appeal of my mother-in-law. You’re selling
fantasy and sex, doll! Is that the best you’ve got?”

“It’s hard when I don’t like you, Mr. Decker.”

“Well, I’m hard,” I smiled, “and I’m not sure I like
you, doll. You don’t like me? I told you, baby, that’s
tough. Do you think you’ll ‘like’ all your johns? Come
on! Grow up! Get into it, baby! Now sit here beside me.
Pull your skirt up, cross your legs and undo your
stockings. Dangle your high heels on your toes as you
do that and then kick them off. Roll your stockings
slowly down your legs, one at a time. If your john is a
leg man he’ll go fucking nuts over that!”

Tracie sat and extended her luscious legs out in front
of her so I could enjoy the view. Then she followed
instructions and crossed her legs, dangled her strappy
shoes and teasingly undid her garters.

“That’s it, doll. Now, caress your legs as you roll
those stockings down. Slowly. Smile at me, babe!” I
sipped my drink and watched her. She seemed to be
getting more comfortable and into it. She rolled her
stockings down, one silky leg at a time and dropped
them in my lap.

“How do you like Tracie’s legs, Pete, dear?” she asked.
“What’ll they feel like wrapped around you?” I smiled.
That throaty sexiness was coming back in her voice.

“Mmmmm. They look smooth and silky, doll-face. Gimme a
feel.” I placed my hands on her thighs, massaged
lightly and ran them the length of her legs, down to
her ankle and back. Just as they looked, Tracie’s legs
were very smooth and silky to my touch and Tracie

“O.K., sweet-ums, be slow and sexy and show me your

I kept massaging Tracie’s legs and she kept shivering
as her thighs seemed to heat up under my touch. Her
breaths were becoming a little sharper now. Was she
starting to pant for it? Smiling at me and scrunching
her face slightly as I rubbed and tickled her legs, she
slowly undid the buttons of her blouse and shrugged it
off. Her titties were cuddled in a silky black bra and
she cupped her mounds and offered them to my horny eyes
for inspection.

“Wow, baby-doll! Nice rack. Get that bra off and let
Pete have a real good look.” I don’t mind telling you
guys, I’ve seen and handled a lot of tits in my day.
Didn’t matter. I was fucking anxious to get my hands on
Tracie’s hot-looking knockers. My palms were itching
and my mouth was watering.

“What’s your hurry, Pete?” Tracie cooed at me. Was she
really getting into this interview now? I hoped so.
“Don’t you want to kiss me?”

I shrugged. I dearly wanted to taste those glossy,
scrumptious lips but, ‘be professional, Pete’, I told
myself. To her I said, “Kissing is up to you, babe.
Most of the girls prefer not to kiss their johns. Most
whores don’t. Your johns won’t expect it but there
might be some big tips for you if you don’t mind a
little kissing.”

“There you go, being crude again, Mr. Decker. So I’m
going to be a whore. Do you have to keep reminding me?
I sure as fuck am not going to kiss you, sir! I only
kiss men I like!” Tracie for sure wasn’t liking me much
better yet. But her arms went behind her to undo her
bra. Her tits poked out at me, big time. My eyes were

“Yes, you are going to be a whore, Tracie. The quicker
you get used to the idea and put it out of your mind
the better for everyone! What the fuck is there to be
ashamed about?”

“I’m not ashamed. I just don’t like having you throw it
in my face.”

Once the lacy bra was undone she held it over her
breasts to tease me. Good instincts. She wasn’t going
to let me see her puppies all at once. She was working
me up and I was sure her john would be going nuts by

She shivered as she rubbed the silky material of the
bra all over her tits, making them jiggle and wobble,
letting the glorious-looking nipples peek-a-boo out
once in awhile. I was anxious to see the whole rack,
bare. She licked her glossy lips and watched my eyes.

Then she flung the bra and those delectable titties
were poking out for me! Tracie had a pair of real
honeys! Like I said, they weren’t all that large but
they sure were creamy and had a magnificent shape. They
were firm and stood up proud with just a slight jiggle
to them and were capped by huge dark aureoles covering
the whole end of each boob! A long, pink nipple poked
out of the center. If we had both been standing, I
could see that those nipples would angle right at a
man’s eyes!

Her voice was sexy and seductive. “How ’bout these
tits, Pete? Pretty fucking nice, wouldn’t you say?
Would you like a taste?”

Tracie took my hands from her thighs and arching her
back to poke her boobies out further, my cock pulsed as
she placed her knockers in my eager hands.

I groaned and shoved Tracie onto her back. I lay atop
her and went at her firm, luscious babies like there
was no tomorrow. Let me tell you. I stuck my face
between the hills and licked all around. Her tits rode
high but I shoved those babies higher. I cupped and
squeezed and cuddled. I licked and kissed and sucked.
Tracie lay back and moaned and her sugary nipples
stretched and poked out further. She might not have the
biggest tits I’ve ever seen but her nipples had
excellent reach and I was bringing them out, full

I was enthralled by kissing her boobs and my prick was
dancing and drooling in my pants. I liked her moans. I
got the feeling she was acting but, what the hell, she
was good.

You know, man, I could have spent hours just kissing
those tits but my prick was throbbing and demanding to
be free. I did have other things to do this afternoon
besides this job interview.

So, I left Tracie sprawled, mostly naked, on the couch
and stood to remove my clothes. Her tits were sparkling
in the fluorescent lighting, with my drool.

As I shucked my clothes, I spoke encouragingly to
Tracie who was lying quietly watching me. “Are you hot
for cock, babe? Wiggle your ass out of that skirt! You
should be telling the john you’re creaming for his
prick, by now. And don’t try telling me that you didn’t
like me playing with your titties. Remember to make
sure you tell the john you loved it. They all want to
hear what big studs they are!”

“What the hell,” she said, disposing of her skirt.
“Sure thing, Decker. My boobies have always loved being
played with and sucked. And yeah, even a shit like you
sucking my nipples felt good. And don’t worry. I can
throw a hot fuck and I’ll hot-fuck you. And I’ll
pretend to like it. But you can be sure I won’t. I told
you, Mr. Decker, I don’t like you. I think your
attitude stinks.”

I chuckled. “Well, honey-bunch, tough-titty. We’ll
worry about my attitude some other day. Right now we
need to work a little more on your attitude. We’re
going to fuck now and I’d advise you to make me believe
that you’re loving it. You don’t have to enjoy it, I
could care less. Your job is to make sure the john
enjoys it. I’m the john. Make me believe it!” I grabbed
my pecker and stroked it. “How about a warm-up suck-job
on this prick? How are you at sucking dick? Most johns
are going to want those lips on his pecker!”

“O.K., Decker. I like your pecker.” Tracie laughed at
her rhyme. “I admit that is a pretty nice prick. And I
do like those low-hanging balls. I’m a pretty fair
dick-licker, so I’ve been told. Come on over here and
I’ll munch on it for you.”

I grinned and stepped forward giving Tracie my cock.
She might not like me but damn, she wasn’t lying. She
was one hell of a cocksucker. Maybe she sucked her way
through high school to be virgin lady for hubby. I
don’t know. She started by licking my ball-sack and
then kissed up and down my shaft. Hot, wet, sucking
kisses. My prick began glistening with her spit and
those warm, soft lips were causing my knob to drool
with clear fuck-fluid for Tracie to lick up. Her mouth
was hot and wet. When she opened her lips I poked my
cock right in!

I noticed that one of Tracie’s hands was playing with
her pussy and that her cunt-lips were becoming wet. I
guess some cocksucking was getting her more into the

I moved Tracie’s hand. Her crack was neatly shaven and
I bent to give it a few good licks. Tracie squealed as
I cunt-lapped up and down and tickled her clitty with
the point of my tongue.

Her body began to wiggle and shake and her moans around
my pole became deeper and louder. Rivers of cream
started pouring out of her. Mmmmm, nummy! The johns
were in for a tasty treat if they took the time to go
down on Tracie! I made a mental note to point that out
to any johns I sent her to.

I hated to do it but I managed to drag my cock out of
Tracie’s sucking mouth. Before this interview was over
I needed to blast some cum in there. Most johns loved
that and I had to be sure Tracie knew what to do with a
mouthful of cock-spunk, but first things first. She
might not like me, but I had her snatch pulsing and
creaming and crying for cock!

“Are you going to fuck me now, Decker? Well, then sling
me some prick, stud!” Tracie was still giving me some
attitude. It was a little better now but, hopefully it
was just me she didn’t like because she put out a nice
suck-job and so far I was sure she could put a smile on
any john’s face.

I took my throbbing prick in hand and rubbed the knob
all over Tracie’s gash causing her to gasp. Her spit
had my pecker-head pretty well lubed but I added to it
with hot, oily cunt-cream. She seemed tight but I
spread her wet, fat cunt-lips and lodged the head of my
prick in her cunny.

That sure made her wiggle her ass and whine! I gave her
a few short, teasing, slippery prick-pokes and Tracy
hugged my back and whined, “Oh, Decker, quit fucking
around. If you’re going to bang me, bang me good, you

Good sign. She was either panting for it now or was
being a very good actress because, at this point, I
really believed Tracie was hot for cock! My cock! And
she didn’t even like me. I slid my hands under her and
cuddled her smooth, lush ass-cheeks. I popped a tasty
nipple in my mouth. Then I pulled her ass hard up to me
at the same time as I prick-stabbed down. My hard nine-
incher sank fully into Tracie and she yelped and
wriggled all over. My cock thought it was on an out-of-
control merry-go-round as Tracie began to throw her
cunt all over the place.

Oh, buddy, all of a sudden, what a fuck we were having!
I would give a solid prick-stab down into Tracie and
she would bounce her ass on the couch and sling her
cunt right back up at me. Her pussy was runny and
clingy and as I would do an outstroke her cunt-walls
would suck and kiss at my prick. My cock has been
cuddled by a lot of cunts but none that were as alive
as Tracie’s. She was going to be a hell of a whore!

I didn’t have any idea if Tracie was liking me,
personally, any better but her yelps and squeals and
love-bites on my shoulders told me she was loving the

I hunched my hips, grinding my cock deeper and longer
into Tracie. She was whining and grinding right back,
giving as good as she got. She panted into my ear,
urging me to fuck her harder!

Hot, hot thrills were running up and down my spine as
Tracie’s snapper cuddled my prick and jacked at it. She
was pissing out cunt-honey as I prick-poked her to
another cum. Familiar tingles told me I was getting set
to get my nuts off myself. I saw no reason to hold

Tracie tangled those luscious legs around me as I sent
my cock as deep into her as it could go. My body
stiffened and the thrills increased as I hosed down her
twat with squirt after squirt of warm cock-cream.

Tracie’s nails were making tracks on my back as she
shuddered with her cums and whimpered into my ear. “Oh,
Pete Decker, you cocker you! Oh, God! Oh, fuck! Hit me
again, Pete!”

I chuckled. “Why Miss Tracie,” Her cunt was
contracting, squeezing around my cock, keeping it hard.
“May I presume that you like the way old Pete fucks

She gave a throaty laugh. “Shut up and keep fucking,

I gave her a few more prick stabs then she yelled, “No-
o-o-o-o-o!” as I pulled my prick from her snatch. I
stood up and rubbed my cock-head on her lips. She
licked the head.

Tracie hadn’t wanted me to pull my prick from her warm
and pulsing snapper but she changed her tune when she
tasted my dripping pole. She liked gobbling my dick!
“Oh, yes, Mmmmmm,” Tracy moaned as she sucked my pecker
into her mouth and licked all around, tasting our
combined juices.

I played with her hair and her boobs as she kissed and
licked and sucked my rod, gurgling all the time how
much she had loved the fuck. The johns would really
like this! I extracted my cock from her mouth and let
her lick my ball-bag and hum a tune on my nuts.

“Are you a cum-guzzler, Tracie? When a man shoots his
cream do you like to lick it up for him? Most johns
will expect that! Well, here’s a sackful for that
beautiful mouth!”

I lodged my cock-head back in her mouth, shivered with
thrills as she licked it and squirted Tracie a mouthful
of cum she wouldn’t soon forget!

Tracie kept my knob right where it was and let me fill
her mouth with my ropey spurts of cum. She only
swallowed when her mouth was full to make room for more
cock-juice because, despite the fact I had blasted her
a pussyful just a few minutes earlier, her talented
mouth had me pumping out another solid load.

I knew most guys would go fucking nuts with Tracie as,
when I was done shooting, she played with my mouthful
of cum, watching me and letting me know how much she
loved having her mouth full of my cock-juice.

She pushed me down on the couch and her head went down
to my crotch. She dribbled her mouthful of cum back
onto my cock and licked it all around, bathing my nuts
in the warm cream. It was extremely sexy watching her
lick the cum back off my prick and balls and then �
slurp � she sucked it all down into that delectable

Man, oh, man she was going to be a hell of a whore! I
already had her first 10 appointments lined up in my

Tracie cuddled up beside me on the couch and kissed my

“What about it, Pete? How did I do? Did I pass your

Her voice was smoky and warm again. She had started out
not liking me and faking her reactions but somewhere in
the middle of our hot fuck her attitude had changed.
Some broads were like that. You just had to fuck some
sense into them.

“Don’t get a swelled head, baby, but I have to be
honest. That’s the best piece of tail I’ve had this

She laughed. “And how many pieces of tail have you had
this week, Mr. Decker?” Then Tracie paid me quite a
compliment. She pulled my head down and her warm, soft
lips snuggled up against mine. I could taste the
remnants of her lip-gloss, most of it was on my cock,
and she gave me tender, but hot kisses, lots of tongue
action that had my prick soon standing up tall again.

Her little hand grasped my prick and pumped it, her
thumb rubbing around the head as new, clear fuck-fluid
starting drooling out of my piss-slot.

I slung her back down on the couch, lined up with her
creamy bulls-eye and groaned as I sank nuts-deep into
Tracie again!

Her arms went around my neck and pulled my mouth to
hers for a hot, slobbery kiss.

“Give me another cock-ride, Petey-boy!” she moaned into
my lips. She thrust her hips up off the couch while I
horsed my cock home.

Tracie grunted and groaned, hunched her cunt for a cum
and smiled up at me. “You’ve got one hell of a job for
yourself, don’t you, lover?”

I started humping her faster and grinned.

I guess you could say she was hired.

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