Tennis 30/Love
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Kim and I had been friends for a couple of years. Not
real close friends but we did play tennis 4 or 5 times
a summer. We had always kept it real friendly. We had
begun to make small bets before each game just to make
it more interesting. We usually played for the cost of
lunch at the club.

Last Tuesday though things changed a bit. We both
arrived at the courts just as we always did. I had worn
a new pink blouse and my white tennis skirt. I play
often and even though I have already passed my 35th
birthday I always get a few looks when I walk into the

Kim who is about ten years younger than me is a real
knock out. She is the blonde haired blue eyed woman men
day dream about. She is about 5′ 3″ and has truly
beautiful breasts. I have always noticed how nicely
they are formed and how they move under her blouse as
we play. I didn’t think I was being too overt about
noticing her. I had never imagened that my looks could
be taken in any sexual way. But I guess I was wrong.

As we were about to begin our game. We talked as usual
about general things. Then as we were about to go to
our respective sides to begin, Kim pulled me close to
her and whispered in my ear, “The winner gets her pussy
eaten by the loser!” Then she just smiled and walked
away. I noticed her ass seemed to wiggle even more than
usual under her short tennis skirt.

I was so flustered I just stood on my side with my
racket down. I didn’t even know she had served the ball
until I heard it hit by my feet. I swung but it was in
vain. Kim just laughed and said, “Your making this to
easy.” I tried to concentrate. I played pretty well
after I convinced myself she had only said that in
order to throw off my game.

I finished hard, and beat her 5 sets to 3. All during
the game she never mentioned our wager. I was pretty
sure she had just been giving me a hard time. I have to
admit though I couldn’t keep from looking at her in a
different way the whole time we were playing. The way
her breasts moved under her blouse. I know she was
wearing a bra but it allowed her them to move quite a

It also seemed that she turned around and bent over
away from me every time she picked up a ball. Her
panties were not the regular kind worn by tennis
players they were much more shear and were almost
always in the crack of her buns.

After the game we met at the net, shook hands and both
said it had been a good game. I turned and started
toward the locker room.

Kim started to speak but said, “Oh, I’ll tell you
later.” I turned for the locker room and didn’t look
back I knew it had just been an attempt on her part to
psyche me out. I laugh a little to myself as I walked
to the showers. I didn’t think I would have had the
nerve to try it on someone but I had to give her
credit for a good ploy. It had worked for a while but
I’d figured her out.

I was already down to my bra and panties and had just
sat down to take off my shoes when Kim came into the
locker room. I turned to tell her that her bluff had
almost worked, when she bent over and kissed me full
on the lips.

I was shocked. I’d never been kissed like that by a
woman before. I didn’t know what to do. It had felt
wonderful but I knew I had to stop her. I took her by
the arms and pushed her away from me.

She had a very wicked smile on her lips. She said,
“You may have pushed me away but your lips wanted
more.” I wanted to shout, “No they didn’t!” But it
was true and I didn’t know what to say.

I loosed my grip on her shoulders and she came towards
me. She kissed me on the neck and nibbled my ear. She
whispered as she nibbled, “I always pay my debts. With
that she slowly kissed her way down my neck to my
breasts. She cupped each one and kissed the nipples
though the material of my bra. Then she reached around
and with a very experienced hand she released the bra
clasp. She then lifted the cups from each breast and
kissed the nipples gently and then sucked each one
into her mouth and lightly bit them until they were
rock hard little tips surrounded by a bumpy areola.

I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt or that I was
allowing it to happen. I just knew there was no way I
would make her stop. And she didn’t. After a few
moments more on each breast she moved down to my
stomach. Pausing long enough to run her tongue around
and though my navel.

Then she reached the edge of my panties. She took hold
of the waist band and pulled them down. I was past any
resistance now, so I lifted my bottom off the bench and
allowed my now very wet panties to be removed.

Kim took them and breathed in deeply. She looked like
a kid with the first smell of a chocolate cake. She
licked her lips and slowly, ever so slowly bent over
and buried her nose into my very moist muff.

At first she just pressed against my mound and smelled,
then I felt her tongue begin to probe. At first only
lightly, then with more presser and a greater urgency.
Until finally she had my pussy lips swollen, my clit
hard and throbbing and the juice flowing from my cunt
completely covering her face. I was thrashing around
and moaning so loud I knew we had to be attracting a
attention. I didn’t care, my pussy had not been on
fire like this in a long time and I wasn’t about to

She found my clit and began to suck and lightly bite.
I grabbed her hair and pulled her face even deeper into
my pussy. I had completely given over control of my
body to her wonderful mouth.

I came so many time I lost count. But eventually Kim
came up for air and I calmed down a bit. By this time
I was laying on the bench, so Kim came up the length
of my body the same way she had gone down it. Once
again kissing each nipple as she passed. She ended up
on top of me looking down into my eyes. We kissed again
very gently. I could taste my juices on her lips. It
made me excited.

We kissed for a long time, then she said, “I think we
need a shower. I’ll wash your back if you’ll wash
mine.” And with that she jumped up and walked off
toward the showers. Her cute little butt swishing as
she walked.

I lay there for a moment reflecting on the events of
the day and thought to myself. I think I’ll lose next

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