Mature Denise
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Hilda was a terrific lay, an older woman with sexual desires long suppressed from having loving, but unadventurous partners. I still enjoyed the flirtatious attention of a few other women where I worked, what can I say, I love women and think the world would be a better place with more of them.

Denise was a pretty red head who worked with Hilda. Hilda and I kept our little affair well hidden, and since we both knew it was temporary, neither of us pried in the affairs of the other. As a result, Denise was a very active flirt, and every chance she had she joined me in the break room, or walking the stock rooms chatting, throwing around innuendos, and even back rubs. Hilda was often frustrated by Denise’s presence but I loved the tension it caused.

One evening Hilda was off and Denise was being particularly attentive. Like I said Denise was a red head, a deep burgundy, full and shiny, her breasts were a full D Cup, but her ass was a little on the big side, but she was partial to wearing skirts and dresses so that disguised her ass somewhat. While I was sitting in the break room having a late lunch, Denise walked in and found me alone so she walked up to the chair next to me and plopped down with a loud thump and sigh.

“Just shoot me now” she said as she threw her head back.

“Bad day” I asked?

“That’s an understatement” she replied, “the customers are pains in the asses today, it must be a full moon”.

I laughed and reached over to her and began rubbing her shoulders “Cheer up” I said, “Only four more hours”.

“Oh thanks” Denise moaned, and then she turned to give me a better angle on her shoulders. “This is one bright spot, though. Could you just follow me around rubbing my back”?

“Sure” I answered, “I’m sure the customers in my department won’t mind me doing that”.

Denise turned to me with a look of mock hurt and said “Yeah. I suppose they might get a little mad. Oh well, maybe later” and she gave me a mischievous smile.

“Play your cards right and you never know what might happen” and I gave her a sly smile right back.

“That sounds promising” Denise purred.

Denise was divorced with a daughter just a little younger than me, a pretty young thing that often stopped by to visit. Tracy got her mother’s good looks and I often hoped I could get to know her better in a few years after she turned eighteen, but for now Denise was on my radar.

Later that night I saw Denise again and she looked tense, “Scott, please take me away from this hell hole”.

I laughed again and said “Come on Denise, just another hour”.

“I can’t take it Scott, I need out” Denise groaned.

Thinking this might be an opportunity I quickly formed a plan and suggested to Denise “I know a hot tub place just over the freeway. I’ll rub your back and we can soak our cares away”.

Denise cocked her head to one side and with a slight smile said “Man that sounds good right now… and a back rub”?

“And a back rub” I replied.

Denise regarded me for a few moments then said “OK, I’m game, Scott, where is it”?

“Cross the freeway and the shopping center on the right, look for the sign” and I smiled as I walked away, shocked that that simple pitch worked.

That last hour really dragged as I wondered if I could get her naked, or if she was just pulling my leg. I waited in the parking lot for her to walk out, and when she saw me she smiled big and walked up to my window.

“Should I follow you” she asked.

“I thought it might be easier that way” and I started my car.

Denise got in her car and we drove over, my excitement building with each passing minute. When we arrived Denise joined me and we walked in together all the while Denise saying how good this was going to feel. We paid the man for the tub rental and wound our way back to where the tubs were. I followed Denise who was dressed in a knee length red and black plaid skirt and a fuzzy red sweater, while her feet clipped down the hall in sensible black flats.

“Here we are” I said cheerily as I opened the door for her.

Denise stepped in but quickly grabbed the handle and closed the door on me as I tried to walk in, saying with a smile “I’ll get in first and then you can come in”.

“Oh, umm OK” I said “You want a cold soda, I saw a machine out front, I’ll bring you one if you like”.

“Sure Scott sounds good” and she quietly closed the door.

I walked out front again and got a couple sodas and returned to our room. I knocked and Denise answered to come in so I entered and headed to the dressing area. Denise’s clothes were laid out on a bench, her skirt and sweater neatly set out to prevent wrinkles, while her panties and bra, black and lacy, were thrown on top of her panty hose. I was quickly naked and in the little shower they had for you to rinse off in before getting in the tub. I walked all wet to the tub, it was made of redwood, and the water was all steamy and bubbly. Denise’s hair was losing some if it’s curl, but it was still shiny, and her shoulders were poking up from the water, and a little cleavage was apparent as well. “Soda” I asked as I squatted next to her, exposing myself?

Denise’s face turned toward me and I saw her momentarily glance to my body, then quickly back to my face, but she had a wicked smile. I stood back up and slowly stepped into the tub and sat next to her. Denise flipped her hair so it wasn’t near the water, then she settled down and I felt her hand on my thigh, “So” she began “what do we do now”?

I put her arm around her shoulders and said softly, “I was going to give you that back rub, but you got into the water, soooo… we could….” And as I spoke I leaned closer to her face and brought my lips close to her luscious deep red lips and began kissing her. Denise tilted her head back and her lips parted slightly allowing my tongue to enter. Her mouth was soft and warm, and I felt her hand move up my thigh until she reached my upper thigh, then she hesitated, so I spread my legs slightly, and hope she would relieve my aching desire. Finally her hand inched even closer until she touched my cock, sending a thrill through my body like an electric shock. Her hand soon wrapped around my throbbing member and she began gently tugging on me. I ran my fingers through her thick hair, and palmed the back of her head, pulling her face gently to mine. Denise began to melt into me, she adjusted her position, and soon had her leg over my thigh, so I pulled her onto my lap, and looked at her smiling face.

Denise parted her smiling lips and then spoke with a sigh “I’ll take that back rub now Scott”.

I said “I have some massage oil in my things, just lie on the table”.

The tub was outside, but the dressing area contained a massage table, that I am sure is used for more than just back rubs. I stood and got out of the tub, my cock long and erect for Denise to see, and see she did, a smile on her face as she watched me get some towels for us. Denise stood and quickly wrapped herself up hiding her body. Now I know she didn’t have the slimmest figure, but she didn’t need to fear that I wouldn’t want to sample her sweet treats.

Denise walked to the table, her hips swinging seductively, and then she hopped on and lay on her stomach pulling the towel lose and lowering it slightly so I could rub her back, but keeping her ass covered. I got out the massage oil and began to rub it in, feeling each muscle, determining how tense she was, and haw hard to knead and rub her body. I had some massage training and she was soon cooing contentedly. I stood next to her my cock erect with anticipation, as I stroked her smooth freckled skin. After about ten minutes I moved to her feet. I knew Denise hated the pointy shoes she wore at work and I was sure her feet were dog tired. I squirted some oil in my palm and began to firmly rub Denise’s feet, rubbing my thumb up her sole and spreading her toes. I put down her first foot and picked up the second, but then I felt I had been more than patient, so I grabbed her towel and quickly pulled it from her body and let it fall to the floor.

Denise opened her eyes and looked back at me and sarcastically said “You asked for it, now you get to look at my fat ass”.

I laughed and walked around to her face, pointing my erection at her face and said “Does this look like I think you’re too fat”?

Denise looked at my cock and smiled “I guess not, but doesn’t mean I’m not fat”.

“Maybe I like a nice big ass, did you ever think of that” I asked?

Laughing softly Denise reached out her hand and took hold of my cock, and was again gently tugging on me “It’s been a long time for me” she began “I’ve been divorced three years, and no one wants a tired old fat lady like me, so you have to forgive me if I don’t quite trust what’s going on”.

I stepped closer, putting my twitching cock right at her face and I said “If you think your fat, then diet. One thing I can say for sure is you are a very beautiful woman, and with a little confidence I’m sure you will find someone deserving of your affections”.

Denise gave me a big, wide grin and said “That’s so sweet of you to say Scott, but it still sounds like a line of bull shit”.

I threw my head back and laughed loud, “You are so not trusting Denise. How about this… If I make love to you here and now, will you believe me when I say I think you’re beautiful”?

“No” she replied smiling.

“Then how about we just have some fun, and you can work out your trust issues some other time” I said.

Absentmindedly tugging my cock she considered a moment and then said “Sounds good” and then she pulled my cock to her face with a firm but gentle grip then she took me into her mouth. I love the feeling of a woman’s mouth as she pleasures me, letting myself go as I just enjoy the sensation of her mouth and tongue. Denise was a skilled cock sucker, and I hoped I wouldn’t let her down, as she sure wasn’t disappointing me.

“God that feels good” I whispered.

“Denise stopped for a moment and said “It’s the least I could do for that wonderful back rub” she purred. Denise turned to her side and I finally got a good look at her magnificent breasts. They were firm and had little sag, her areolas were big and dark, but unfortunately she didn’t have very big nipples, but I still enjoyed the feeling of her womanly assets. Denise sighed often as she sucked, low moaning sounds filled the air from both of us. I saw her pubic hairs also a deep burgundy peeking out from below her belly, and I soon was overcome with my desire to explore her sex. I pulled out of her mouth and rolled her to her back. Denise lifted her knees and spread her legs, her bush was full, but trimmed to her panty line, and her pussy was deep reddish pink and with full moist lips spread open like a beautiful flower. I bent forward and began licking her womanhood. Her lips swollen and heavy were flavored with some of the sweetest juices I had ever experienced. My hands were soon exploring her body, up her belly soft and womanly, to her breasts large and firm. Denise was arching her back as she moaned in pleasure, her pussy pushing up to meet my tongue, then I felt her hands on my head as she pulled my face hard against her, I was in heaven!

“Oh god Scott” she groaned “that feels fucking fantastic”.

I felt a rush of pride, and excitement. I loved making a woman cum as much as I enjoyed cumming myself. I needed release quickly, and I felt Denise was close herself. I pulled my face away, and looked at Denise’s face filled with longing and lust. I scrambled up onto the table and between Denise’s legs, her face watching me intently then she reached up and pulled my face to hers, our lips locked, and our tongues began their lusty dance, curling around one another thrusting and darting into the warm welcoming embrace of the other. I lowered my hips and felt Denise take hold of me and gently guide me to her waiting pussy. I slipped inside, her wet slit parting easily in welcome, her swollen lips slipping past my erect shaft, coating me in her warm juices. Denise let out a whispered moan, her breath hot on my face. I began thrusting deep inside her, our bodies softly slapping together. Denise dug her nails into my back and tightly wrapped her legs around me, her soft feet rubbing the back of my legs. I felt her soft body cushion each and every thrust, her skin moving in waves as I pushed against her, pulse after pulse, turned into wave after wave, then without warning Denise smashed her lips to mine, her lips parted and she let out a squeal, she was cuming. Denise’s body jerked time and again as she was overcome by her orgasm, her breath coming in hitches, until finally she opened her eyes and gave me a big smile, but I wasn’t done. I was so close so I began to pick up my pace, my thrusts becoming more fevered, more intense and soon I was again slapping my body against hers, until I was also overcome by my lust and I exploded inside her beautiful pussy, sending pulse after pulse of my seed deep into Denise’s hot pussy, until I was spent and I slowly rolled off her, just in time for the rooms buzzer to go off telling us our time was up.

“Damn” I said.

“What’s wrong” Denise asked.

“It was over too soon” I said.

Denise smiled and said coyly “Who says it’s over”?

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