Karen getting spanked
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Karen’s father had left some years ago. She saw him occasionally for about six months after he left, then he stopped coming around. It had been hard, but she, her mother, and her younger brother had survived. Her mother had started dating a man and things were getting serious. Karen didn’t care either way, but he seemed to make her mother happy.

Her mother had been working a day job, but it didn’t pay well. Recently she had taken a new job that paid much better, but she had to work later and didn’t get out until 11 PM. In order to do that, her boyfriend, now fiance, came over some afternoons and every evening to watch Karen and her brother.

For the first week and into the second things went smoothly. It had been a week and a half when he called her into the living room and had her sit on a chair facing him as he sat on the couch. He seemed deep it thought. Finally Karen asked, What do you want? You called me in here.

I don’t like your attitude and I don’t like your doing nothing around here. I’m not your maid. There’s no reason you can’t start doing things to help out, he stated.

Karen was a little put out by his remark, but didn’t want to escalate the situation, so just answered, €œOK. May I go now?€

€œThings are going to change or you’re going to regret it! Go!€ he snapped.

Karen rushed up to her room. It was fair to say she was a little angry. He wasn’t her parent! Who did he think he was? She didn’t even agree with what he said. Still, she was a bit fearful and resolved to do a little more just to appease him.

For the next couple of days things seemed to go back to how they had been before. On this particular day, a Friday, her brother had gone over a friend’s house to spend the night, so it was just the two of them. Karen had made supper and she had it ready when he arrived.

She was pleased with herself when he commented she was doing better. They ate, but didn’t really talk. Her phone rang and it was one of her friends from school. Karen stood and walked into the living room for some privacy. She wasn’t paying much attention as she and her friend chatted away. Her call finally ended and she went to the bathroom, then walked into the kitchen, passing him sitting on the couch.

Karen was a little surprised to see the dishes already washed and in the drainer. Maybe it was his way of saying thanks to her? She walked back out of the kitchen and started up the stairs. €œCome here!€ he yelled.

She turned and walked back down the stairs. €œWhat?€ she asked as she walked up to him.

He reached out, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her over his lap. Before she could react his hand landed hard on her ass a few times, then he pushed her off. €œStand up!€ he snapped. Karen was in shock. Slowly she stood up. €œI warned you! I told you to start doing things around here and what did you do? Walked off to talk to your friends leaving me, your ‘maid’, to clean up after you.

€œI’m sorry! I…€ Karen started, but he interrupted her.

€œTake you pants off!€ he yelled.

No! she protested, but he reached out, grabbing the waist of her pants, and yanked them down to her ankles.

Step out of them, he commanded. Now afraid, Karen stepped out of her pants. €œPanties too!€ he added. Her jaw dropped and she froze. Again he reached out and pushed her panties down to her feet. Again she was told to step out of them.

Karen just stood there, naked from the waist down, in shock. When she realized he could see her bare pussy she moved her hand over to cover herself. He reached out, grabbed her hand, and pulled her forward so she ended up sitting on his leg as she straddled it. €œWe’re not done yet!€ he hissed.

He pulled her head down so she was sort of laying on her stomach and her head was under his arm. Again he began spanking her, this time on her exposed ass. He was striking her so hard that with each swat she slid up his leg. Karen struggled, but it was of no use.

Karen began to notice that it was starting to feel the same as when she touched herself, but with each spank the feeling got stronger and stronger. She continued struggling, begging him to stop, but he wouldn’t.

Suddenly her whole body began shaking and her legs stiffened. She knew the feeling; she was climaxing! She wasn’t pleasuring herself though. She was getting spanked. She had no pants on and a man was seeing her as he spanked her. Karen knew she wasn’t supposed to have an orgasm, but her body didn’t.

Her body was floating in ecstasy, but he continued swatting her now very sore ass. Her climax ebbed and finally began to pass, but the spanking continued. Once again she started begging him to stop. The sting on her ass was blinding.

Finally he stood her up. This time she didn’t try to cover her pussy. Both hands were trying to rub the sting from her ass. €œLook what you did! You made a mess on my pants!€ he yelled. Karen looked down and saw a wet spot on his pants. Had she peed on him? €œYou’re a mess too!€ Karen looked down. Her pussy was glistening and there was a small stream starting down her leg.

He stood up and seemed to be trying to wipe the wet spot off his pants. €œGo clean up,€ he snapped.

Karen turned and ran up the stairs and into the shower. The cool water hitting her freshly spanked ass both seemed to ease the burning, but also hurt her very tender skin. She finished her shower, picked up her top and bra, and walked into her room. Her ass was still sore, so she looked into her mirror and saw it was still red.

She grabbed a clean bra and top, putting it on. Karen then opened her underwear drawer, but then closed it. Her ass was far too sore to put tight panties on, so she pulled out a pair of loose shorts putting those on.

Karen flopped face down on her bed, finally resting after her ordeal. She wasn’t sure how long she lay there when she heard someone on the stairs. Looking over her shoulder she saw him at her doorway. He tossed her pants to her.

We will keep what happened between us. No one needs to know I had to spank you. If you brag about it next time will be ten times worse,€ he warned her, then left.

Karen stayed in her room the rest of the night. Her ass was still sore when she went to bed, so she stayed on her stomach. Her mind wandered back to her spanking. Karen had been shocked and embarrassed to have her pants taken off and her nakedness on display for him to see. She didn’t understand it, but part of her had enjoyed being exposed to him.

Her hand snaked down and into her shorts. Her fingers began to rub across her clit giving her the same feelings she experienced when her spanking had produced as she slid on his leg. She remembered the jolts she felt when his hand slapped her ass. How the spanks had almost vibrated her clit. She hated getting spanked, but her body loved it.

Karen gasped as her orgasm hit. In her mind his eyes almost burned her pussy as he looked at it. Unconsciously her legs parted as she thought about him looking at her with nothing covering her from the waist down. Everything she had always fought to keep private had been exposed to him. He had looked at her and it excited her.

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