Mind Control Conditioning
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Despite being fully clothed, her heart was racing. She smiled, looking up at him as he laid down on the floor beside her. Fully twice her age, but handsome, strong. In control, above else, he was always that. He had weaponized his smiles, his frowns, and simple words. Her stomach spun in knots every time she was with him. He patted her exposed belly, rubbing it softly, smiling down at her young body.

“I want you to think about that first time you were molested. Fixate it in your mind, your feelings, your fears, your emotions. All of it, good and bad. Can you do that for me babygirl?” As he asked, he smoothly unbuttoned her jeans, sliding the zipper down. Then, ever so slowly he slid his hands down her pants, eyes never leaving hers.

“Don’t move, don’t talk. Just think of the first time. How you felt so small and weak. Powerless. You’ve told me that story so many times. The secret story you’ve only told me. How humiliated you felt after. How you blamed yourself. You still do don’t you?”

She nodded meekly, eyes closed, grunting softly. His fingers were experts, sliding along her folds, teasing her. Her panties were already soaked, she could smell herself in the air. Desire and shame all mixing together as he talked to her.

“It was probably your fault, but that’s ok. You responded to it, it’s natural. The craving that came later? Maybe not so much, but who knows. What matters is that was only the first step. Of many. The next time was at college wasn’t it. Drunk, at a frat house, celebrating your freedom from home. Just a blur, how many men do you think used your body that night?” he asked, hooking his finger in her, making her gasp, before he eased back to simply teasing her clit.

“I… I don’t know, ” she mewed softly as he teased her swelling bud. “Several, I was a mess. They peed on me. Wrote on me. My butt and vagina hurt…” she said before he interrupted her, pinching her clit hard.

“Cunt. You have a cunt. Don’t forget that, ” he said, before relaxing his grip on her.

“Uhnnn… yes.. my butt and cunt hurt. They had torn my clothes. I never found my panties. ” she said, blushing as he slid 2 fingers inside her deftly, easily.

“And then, despite them defiling you, you went back to another party. You dropped out of college after that one didn’t you. Had to get your stomach pumped from alcohol poisoning. And you did that all yourself. Didn’t you?” he asked. Three fingers inside her now, her hips writhing helplessly.

“Yes, ” she whimpered, biting her lip. “I wanted to feel. I needed to feel. I drank too much though, even after some had used me, I started vomiting, got cold, clammy. I don’t know who but one of them made sure I got to the hospital. ”

“Mmm, you could have killed yourself. That would have been such a waste but also, an expected way to go with someone like you, ” he said. Fingers rubbing her soaked cunt, his other hand sliding up her top, teasing her exposed nipples. He leaned down, tilting her head, hot breath on her neck, before biting it, hard. She fought back a scream as his teeth dug in briefly.

“Yes… I started spiraling bad after that. Drugs, bars…” She whimpered, eyes still closed, relieving those memories as he rubbed her, arching her hips up.

“Whoring, seeking out men to hurt you. Because, deep down, you know you’re not good enough. That this is your real value. From that first touch, a part of you always knew. ” he said, his fingers moving faster. Biting her breast, her nipples. She started to shudder, to buck against them.

“Yes… yes.. I always knew, ” she sobbed, shuddering, squirting in her jeans. Going limp, breathing hard as he slid over her, kissing her softly.

“It’s ok, I know your worth too. It’s ok to be worthless. There is value in that, ” He kissed her softly, then spit in her face, standing up over her. Her breathing was still ragged from her orgasm as he unzipped, pissing on her on the floor, mostly in her face. “Open your mouth, ” he told her.

She did, eyes shut tight, as most of it missed, golden heat in her hair, up her nose, coating her, but enough did eventually fill her mouth. She kept still, crying a bit, still shaking.

“Fixate on every time a man used you. Touched you. Made you cry. Made you cum. Made you feel alive. Fixate on all that and swallow. ”

She did, gulping the acrid salty piss down as she thought of her first touch through the feel of his fingers but minutes ago. He stepped away, bending down to pull her up. She was still shaking, reeking of piss, yet he kissed her gently. He brushed her wet hair out of her face, tilted her chin, stroked her cheek.

“My secretary will be back soon, cunt. Hands on the desk, ” her psychiatrist told her. She did and he walked up behind her, pressing against her. He jerked down her pants, then pulled her panties to one side.

“Focus on the first time you tasted shit on a cock, cunt. The first time a man hit you. The look in their eyes. Rub your cunt to it, ” he said as he kicked her legs apart wider. She was already shoving 3 fingers in her, which made him smile. He massaged her ass, slapping it a few times before spreading it wide. Then, with all his strength, he slammed in, shoving her against the desk flat, hard. He covered her mouth, but that barely muffled her scream.

“Don’t move, don’t push back, just rub that cunt as I use your ass to masturbate, ” he said. He held her waist tightly, pulling her up until her feet weren’t touching the floor, pulling her back and forth along his cock, soft grunts as she rubbed harder.

“Stop, don’t cum cunt, ” was all he said. She held on the desk as he fucked her ass, then shuddered in her bowels. He pulled back, letting her panties slip back and catch the dirty cum. Then he pulled up her pants, buttoning them. Then gently pressing on her head, she cleaned his cock. He made sure to smear against her lips as much as possible.

“Don’t lick your lips when you’re done. ” he said. When she was finished, he pulled her up, straightening her clothes for her, fixing her wet hair.

“You’re beautiful like this cunt. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. ” He then kissed her cheek and slapped her butt as she headed out before his secretary returned for lunch as he cleaned up the “spill” on the floor. She walked to the bus stop, ignoring glances from others. She sat down on the bus as it drove off, an older man sitting beside her. When his hand touched her thigh, her legs parted and they both smiled.

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